The Fool – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The commentary of the Fool Osho Zen Tarot

Every passing moment and step, The Fool leaves his past behind to carry his pure heart, innocence and full of faith. It is symbolized by holding the white roses in his hand. The textures on his tunics include four colors of the Tarot, showing that he is seemingly compatible with surrounding things and his intuition is at a high rate. Meanwhile, The Fool is about to jump into the void by the universal support. This adventure is going to be a wonderful experience, which awaits as the flow of his life.

The Fool Osho Zen Tarot indicates that if you believe in your intuition at this moment and your “right” feeling about everything, you will not be able to step on the wrong way. Perhaps, other people judge your actions as ” dump “and surely yourself feel the same while you analyze them without influenced by emotions. However, the “infinite” place where The Fool possesses, including uncountable infinite numbers. It is where the belief and innocence will guide your path instead of the skeptical and past experience.

II. The meaning of the fool Osho Zen Tarot

The Fool osho zen tarot will always believe in others profoundly in spite of any challenges. You had tricked him once, he trusted you; and you tricked him twice, he still believed in you. Even though you keep cheating on him continuously, he certainly will choose to trust you as he did. It is said that he is the fool, cannot be changed and not know how to gain experience. Therefore, his belief is extraordinary and no one could simply stop it.

Let it be The Fool of Taoism, The Fool of Zen Buddhism; and do not try to build up a wall of knowledge around you. When any experience appears, you should accept it and finally, let it go. You eventually can clean your mind; leave the past to live in the present. Right here – right now, as if I were just reborn, just a baby, everything could be started as the first step that counted. The world will begin to take advantage of you, you truly can ignore it because they are all fools.

Besides, when you are deceived or lied and robbed, you can just leave it. Since what truly belongs to you will always be yours. Whenever you do not give up on any circumstances, you have already given yourself a new opportunity to foster inner harmony. Therefore, your pure soul will always be purified.

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