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I. The Explanation of Nine of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot

Nine of Clouds Osho zen – Sorrow describes an image of Ananda – a cousin and disciple of Gautam Buddha. He was with Buddha continuously, helping when he needed it for forty-two years. When Buddha died, stories were told that Ananda was still by his side and crying. Other disciples punished him for misunderstanding: Buddha died as a mission, he should have been happy. But Ananda said, “You misunderstood. I cry not because of Him but because I cry for myself, because for many years I have been with Him but still have not achieved enlightenment. ” Ananda stayed up all night, meditating deeply with his feelings of pain and sadness. The next morning, it was said that he was enlightened.

A time of great sadness is likely to be a great transformation. But for transformation to take place, we have to go deep into the root of our pain and experience it without blame or self-pity.

Explanation of Nine of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot
Nine of Clouds – Sorrow

II. The Energy of Nine of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot Based on Osho’s Teachings

This pain is not to make you sad, remember. That’s where people go on missing… This pain is just to make you more alert – because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their hearts and wounds them. Otherwise, they don’t become alert. When life is easy, comfortable, convenient, who cares? Who bothers to become alert? When a friend dies, there is a possibility. When your woman leaves you alone – those dark nights, you are lonely.

You have loved that woman so much and you have staked all, and then suddenly one day she is gone. Crying in your loneliness, those are the occasions when, if you use them, you can become aware. The arrow is hurting: it can be used. The pain is not to make you miserable, the pain is to make you more aware! And when you are aware, misery disappears.                     

Source: Osho Take it Easy, Volume 2 Chapter 12.

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