The Sun – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot

The golden stream poured down the water softly, the sun slowly walked up to the above, like the shining stars of the day, the faint and fragile light within the darkness of the night was broken by the brilliant of the sunset. The king of the birds woke up from a deep sleep when the mist shone with the fog spreading across the wet ground. The dazzling set of feathers shone the typical rose gold of dawn light.

Description of the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot

Spreading their wings, they traveled through the land of their kingdoms together, gliding through the valleys, listening to the chants of the laborers in the fields. They soared, up to the highest peaks in the region, spread their wings across each tower. Residents in the area outline their long day by traveling to the surrounding areas on the backs of birds. They spread evenly throughout the sky and behind the sun in an arc in their journey towards the western horizon.

  • From the wilderness,
  • From the valley’s green fields,
  • From the coast, full of sunshine like a diamond,
  • From the long trail of blood vessels
  • Through mountains and rivers, through to the end
  • In the sky, there is only the illusionary curtain
  • To come to the afterlife …
  • I summon you
  • All families with wings on their backs
  • From this fragile boundary
  • Soaring jump to dreams!
  • Humming forbidden song
  • Spinning, spinning,
  • Then fall where we belong.

II. The meaning of the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot

The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot refers to enlightenment, understanding, glory, prominence, constant renewal in life, vitality, full of radiant joy and abundant energy, enthusiasm, ideal beauty and good health, full of confidence, clarity in vision, thought, method and purpose in action.

From ancient civilizations to the present day, the sun has always been a symbol of life and divine power through time – youth and glory, brilliant, full of life and splendor. The magnificence and power of the gods poured into nourishing the sun.

Keywords related to the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot: vitality, ambition, self-confidence, optimism, agility, achievement, affirmation, empowerment, enlightenment, warmth, satisfaction, enrichment, self-control, blessing, spiritual success, rejoicing, expression, opportunity, energy, spontaneity, celebration, masculinity, happiness, prosperity, rationality, invention, marriage.

III. The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot is a card of happiness, this card brings light and enjoyment to life and future plans. The Sun forecasts a good result for your work and relationships, you can be assured of what you are doing because they will soon achieve the expected success.

The Sun, of course, represents the sun, you always try to do everything with all of your power and efforts. You aspire to achieve success, though the final reward is not too great. Like the sun that always appears early in the morning, you are a hard worker. All of your labor will bear sweet fruits, therefore, be ready to wait for worthy results.

The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot often appears with a positive meaning but sometimes, it also appears as a negative one. You are not satisfied with what you have. You may only see the good sides in relationships and ignore the bad sides.

In terms of love, the Sun card predicts a happy outcome in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, the card predicts that you can go further and even to marriage. Your partner is very caring, sharing and respecting you. Let’s try to be open to that enthusiasm, there are few signs that you are indifferent to the sincerity of your significant other. If you are single, there is no need to worry, you will soon meet your perfect match.

The meaning of the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot card about love is quite simply, this is the sublimation stage of love if both of you understand and receive each other with all your hearts.

This is the period when you have career advancements. The difficulties in your career are gradually being removed, you will enjoy the results you create. Every decision at work can be favorable because you have prepared quite considerately. Even your own business or starting a new project at this point will be quite successful.

Although you will have a lot of luck at work when the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot card appears, that does not mean that you do not need to try hard. Being effective is what you need to remember very carefully.

The money during this time is quite plentiful, you will receive many financial resources from different sources. The Sun card implies positive financial statements. However, you need to be very wary of your spending, a lot of money means a lot of payments. You should balance your spending, preferably invest in business projects to earn profits and limit extravagant spending.

Though the financial situation seems so good when you pull out of the card, that does not mean you have the right to lose focus on the list of important things in your life, and the money does not rank high on that list. This is a good time to socialize, meet new people and friends.

The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot card represents the sun that brings good luck to your health condition. In this stage, you are always full of energy and enthusiasm, so let’s spend more time on extracurricular activities or short trips to bring a sense of optimism. If you are in the process of healing, the Sun forecasts that the situation will turn out well. You just need to maintain your physical strength and current spirit in order to have enough energy to fulfill all of your desires.

The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot means light after the dark night. The sun is a positive source of life and energy, it signals the luck and happiness that are reaching you. Your positive energy also spreads to those around you. You gradually get closer to the goals you have set. In general, the Sun has a message of satisfaction and happiness.

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