Death Tarot Card Meanings

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In the card, the Death is riding on a white horse, holding a flag with two main colors, white and black. He appears as a skeleton because it is the rest of the body after death. The armor he wore symbolizes invincible and indomitable. Indeed, no one has conquered him. The riding horse is white, the color of purity. Therefore, he is the ultimate cleanser. Everything is reborn to become pure, fresh and new. Let’s notice even the chaplain is paying homage to him. All elements of humanity illustrated in this card, including men, women, and children, it shows the Death does not distinguish among age, race, and gender.

The flag that he brought with the black background is the implication of the lack of light. While white roses represent beauty, purity, and immortality. The sun rises on the backdrop of the card is the symbol of immortality. The sun appears to ‘end’ the darkness and regenerates a fresh new day every morning. The two pillars are guarding the gate to the sun, symbolizing the source of knowledge required to attain that immortality. The boat on the water is a ferry carrying souls across the Styx River. The card’s background is neutral gray, which is also an illustration of the justice of The Death.

Death Tarot card is influenced by the Scorpio (the zodiac of sexuality, death, and taxation) and is numbered thirteen which is the divine figure for the Goddess because there are thirteen moons in a year.

The detailed description of the Death Tarot card

This card carries a very powerful source of energy. Who can look at the deadly image of the skeleton on card number 13 without feeling frightened? Here we face our greatest fear – the greatest mystery we never know. We jerked ourselves before Death because we see it as annihilation. In Tarot (and in real life too), Death is not the end, but the transition to the next stage. The nature of life is eternal, one way or the other. Grow, move, and live – we have to “finish” the old to give way to the new.

The obvious fact of tarot is that this card number 13 has nothing to do with physical death. A tarot reader is likely to never look this way, it’s too narrow. Death does not happen only once with the body. It always happens, at many levels, not just physically. Every moment we “die” to open the future.

Keywords related to the Death Tarot card: End, Change, Remove, Absolute Impact

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Death Tarot card


  • Close a door to open another one;
  • Take something to the end;
  • Complete a stage;
  • Complete unfinished work;
  • Leave the past behind;
  • Choose your own path.

Experience the change

  • Change status;
  • From ‘known’ to ‘unknown’;
  • Hesitant, uncertain;
  • Waiting in the halfway state, the constraints;
  • Stuck in the middle.

Remove the limit

  • Remove unnecessary things;
  • Give up the old attitude;
  • Simplify;
  • Focus on the essential;
  • Go back to the basic.

Experience the absolute impact

  • The constant and sudden change;
  • Can not be avoided
  • Experienced things that can not be ignored;
  • Steer your fate;
  • Accept the inevitable.

A few opposite cards to the Death Tarot card

  • Fool – start;
  • Empress – proliferate;
  • Judgment – reborn, fresh start.

A few support cards for the Death Tarot card

  • Tower – a sudden, powerful impact;
  • 8 of Wands – finish, end;
  • 5 of Cups – loss, farewell;
  • 8 of Cups – forward, end.

Upright meaning of the Death Tarot card: end, start, change, transform, forward

Words and Keywords

The necessary and extensive change, the liberation, the dawn of a new era, leave the past behind, the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, a new way of life, the death of the old, empowerment, resurgence, innovation, change inevitably and surprisingly, transformation, purification.

Rebirth, eliminating the worthless issues, the liberation through the baptism, the sadness of losing an old lifestyle, the inevitable end, change of state, marriage, divorce, start or to leave a job, leaving home, resettle, end a relationship, lose virginity, restore the spirit, to leave the old point of view, reincarnation.


The Death Tarot card in the upright does not necessarily imply physical death. Actually, in general, those who read the book in that direction will be considered superficial, because we are creatures of freedom, no one has the right to decide such things. A simple card aimed at transforming and changing. This is definitely the time to change in depth, both inside and out. The circumstances, things, people you are familiar with and trust may not be there anymore or remain there but not as before, this change can be quite difficult for some people.


The more you learn to accept and control your desires, the easier it will be for you. The things you need to give up are often the beliefs and attitudes that limit yourself. Sometimes you do not know how much your angle hurt you, and if so, then this is the alarm bell. The mainstream power is not just change or destruction, but it is a revival. Even if a door closes, another one will open, but do you have the courage to walk by?


If you hate your job or doing an unworthy job but you do not want to quit because of a steady income, then you may eventually be forced to quit. Of course, this will lead you to “better things,” but why don’t you choose to leave yourself? You can get the most out of radical change. Be decisive. Just dance. You can do it.


The Death Tarot card in the upright implies if you are clinging to a relationship in which you are not happy, just because you do not want to lose the feeling of being familiar, or because you hate being alone, it means you are not helping yourself or others at all. Let’s talk honestly, if the partner does not want to be able to change and so do you, then it’s probably time to leave it. If you have the courage to leave the safety loop of this relationship, you will find a better relationship. But first of all, you have to face the problem and try to solve it. Not all relationships can be “corrected.” Do not hit your head to the wall for too long. You will feel it when it is enough.


You will probably have to sacrifice a bit to face the next financial hardship. You can do it. Do not hesitate to ask for help if needed. You do not have to be stuck and suffer alone, and you won’t need to go that way, although you will likely to suffer financial loss due to job losses, stock losses, etc. Also do not hide away from the reality when it comes, identify exactly what you are facing and then face it, do what needs to be done. Finally, you will get more from this lesson. You’ll be fine in the long run.


Stress management is a way to stay healthy during this period. Try to solve all physical problems, do not hide away. Get plenty of rest, do not poison yourself with alcohol and the like. If you need to recover, pay attention both physically and mentally. Especially if you are still single, look for “touching”, massage, hug from close friends. These things will help you a lot.


The Death Tarot card tells you to develop positive attitudes. Understand that even if you are lost in the “fog of the soul”, then everything will be fine. Do not resist change. Allow yourself to feel what it really feels, but do not indulge in despair. If you need help pulling yourself out of any pain or loss, step out. There is always someone out there willing to share with you, even if you feel lonely, the fact that there are more people interested in you than you think.

Situation and advice

This is a Major card numbered 13, the number related to death since the use of the lunar calendar in which the 13th month is the time of death and resurrection. A big change and transition are about to happen. The Death Tarot card often appears when you are facing major life events such as marriage, divorce, leaving home, moving, changing jobs, parenting. A big change is coming in the structure of your life. A situation is about to end and a new era opens.

Now it is the time to give up the attitudes and circumstances that you have formed and built to move on to a new page of life. A loss may occur. All the useless and outdated things need to be eliminated. This is the time of the end and the time of the new beginning. As the New Testament had written, “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains by itself”. You need to eliminate ineffective and outdated ways. Sometimes, this card literally refers to the death of someone you know.


People undergo major changes in life, the cause of change, funeral service workers.

Meaning of the Death reversed: resist the change, can not move forward

Reversed meaning of the Death

Words and Keywords

Adversity, stubbornness, stagnation, obsession, immobility, fear of change, fear of abandoning status or backwardness, persevere to embrace the backwardness, get the position back completely, deny the change, decline, turning away from the future, sorrowing,in a indefinite state, forced to give up what you are not willing to, lose friendship, reproduction


Like the upright card, the appearance of the Death reversed does not necessarily lead to physical death. If the readers understand the card this way then it means they are really irresponsible, because we are free creatures and there are no powerful forces that can decide this. This card, whether upright or reverse, simply directed to change and transform.


The changes in the lives of the respondents will be milder and less severe than the upright meaning. Again, it must be emphasized that the energy of the moment is not merely a change and a break-out, it comes with the revival. In almost every circumstance of life, when a door closes, another one will open, only you have the courage to walk by or not.


It seems like you have to silently endure the dissatisfaction at work. The Death in reverse does not mean that you should ignore these feelings, it means you should seriously consider exactly how you are feeling, the reason why and what you can do about it. Do not try to blame others. Just right the upright meaning, it is the best to change the field of work. If that’s what you want, then bravely jump and believe that you can do it.


Just like the upright, if you are in a relationship where you are extremely unhappy simply because you are not used to feeling alone, or do not want to give up something familiar, then you do not bring any benefit for both yourself and your partner. However, the Death reversed card shows that the problem does not seem to be as big as the upright.

Even so, if the relationship is difficult, then you need to talk frankly to solve it, and if the significant other can not change (and you too), then it seems to be the time to let go. If you have the courage to give up a safe relationship, then it is likely that you will have a better one. But first, you have to face to find a solution. Not all relationships can be “corrected”. You will know when it is “enough”. If you are alone and looking for love. You need to change your self-esteem as well as being more confident to be able to receive love. Think about it.


Some problems gradually appear. Do not be afraid, just make sure how, when and where you use your money. If the finance is falling, it will not last forever. Just bear your own work, everything will be fine. But just remember: money doesn’t grow on trees.


In order to have good health, you need to control your stress level. If you are having problems and trying to cure yourself, it will soon be the time for you to seek medical help. Do not hesitate. The problem is not big, sometimes you even wonder “Why don’t you go to the doctor earlier?”


You must pay special attention to cultivating positive attitudes. Even if you are lost in the middle of negative emotions, tell yourself that everything will be alright. It will be quick and less hurt if you allow yourself to seek help from outside. Do not try to resist the change. Allow yourself to feel but do not indulge in pain and regret. If you need support to pull yourself out of the mess, step outside. We are not sent to this life to endure forever. Even though it seems like we really do not own anything but this body, there is always a step ahead. Let’s walk away and help other people to go their own ways. You have more to give than you think.

Situation and advice

When the Death card appears in reverse, you are trying to hold a situation, relationship, or an outdated view that really needs to be eliminated. Your fear of change ties you to the past and hinders your growth. What are you afraid of? Your resistance to the necessary change will make the experience more painful when things happen. It will be better to face the problem courageously and adjustably rather than to go through the changes involuntarily.


Those who cling to the past because they are afraid of change and transformation.

In a Tarot spread, the Death Tarot card often symbolizes the important end to open up big changes. It signals the end of an era, the moment the door closes. At that time, sadness and reluctance are hard to avoid, however, relief and a definitive feeling will also exist. Death also advised you to return to the platform. Quitting is the way to focus on what really matters.

This article reminds you to quit unnecessary things. Death can also think you have to accept the absolute impact. Death is inevitable, and sometimes things are inevitable too. When this happens, the best way is to be flexible in driving your destiny and see where it will lead you.

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2. The Death – La Mort Tarot De Marseille

la mort marseille

Death – La Mort Tarot de Marseille requires a subtlety of interpretation. Negative predictions will be harmful and useless: there is no need to read this card in the sense of death, crippling or disease. 

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3. The Death Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The Death Shadowscapes Tarot mentions closing the door of the past and opening a new door, transcending the path of transformation, changing the state, removing old and redundant things, bowing to the unshakable power and widespread changes.

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4. The Transformation Osho Zen Tarot Deck

Transformation Osho Zen

The central character of the Transformation Osho Zen sits on a large flower of nothingness, and holding those transformation items – the illusionary cross-sword, the serpent to rejuvenate itself

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5. The Journey Wildwood Tarot Deck

The Journey Wildwood Tarot is located on Samhain day, the holy November 1st after Halloween. The card is intimately linked to the crescent moon, belongs to the Water and Earth elements.

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6. The Death Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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The Death Deviant Moon Tarot card is not about the literal death of anyone. It could represent the death of something else, like a project, plan, or relationship.

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7. The Death Linestrider Tarot Deck

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