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I. Three of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The three of pentacles describes a mechanic working in a church. He was discussing his progress with a monk and a nun. Although the monks are quite young and have humble statuses, they listen to what the mechanic says carefully because they appreciate his opinions and expertise.

Three of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

In the first part of the movie Mission Impossible, there is a team of specialists who are carrying out a dangerous task. Team members take up tactics, gather resources and use the skills and qualifications of the members to complete the mission.

That is the spirit of this card: teamwork, planning, and accomplishing goals.

The Three of Pentacles is one of the cards that focus on teamwork or community (similar cards are the Three of Cups and the Hierophant). Images of coins are firmly linked to the ground and used to symbolize a group of people doing a certain task (people working together towards a common goal).

Many jobs are not completed by a certain individual. We need the support and help of others to achieve our goals. Sometimes, it is a sign that you will achieve higher productivity if you know how to work well with others. You do not have to do everything yourself.

Another feature of this card is the ability to achieve achievements (excellence) and the ability to complete tasks. This card tells you that you have all the skills and knowledge you need. You can attract talented people and create a successful environment. Even if the time is (or will be) favorable, you need to make sure you keep your focus on accomplishing your work well. You can be proud of what you do and how you do it, then you will accomplish your own “Mission Impossible”.

II. Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Teamwork, Planning, Achievement/ Excellence.


  • Cooperate with others;
  • Find the necessary elements;
  • Operates as a unit;
  • Complete work together;
  • Contribute to the group;
  • Collaboration;
  • Combine efforts.


  • Organize resources;
  • Follow the schedule;
  • Secret/special operation;
  • Find out details;
  • Learn before doing;
  • Overcome hidden difficulties;
  • Be prepared.


  • Finish the task;
  • Perform a task/exercise well;
  • Achieve the goal;
  • Devote possibilities;
  • Gain more than expected;
  • Understand what to do and know how to do;
  • Suitable for the job.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 3 of Pentacles

Opposite cards

  • 5 of Wands – lack the spirit of teamwork, lack of cooperation;
  • 7 of Wands – opposition, disagreement;
  • 8 of swords – not interested in work, lack of orientation;
  • 9 of Pentacles – do by yourself, do not focus on teamwork.

Support cards

  • Hierophant – work in groups or teams;
  • Temperance – connect resources;
  • 3 of Wands – plan, prepare for the future;
  • 3 of Cups – work in a group.

IV. 3 of Pentacles Upright Card Keywords

teamwork, meet demands, cooperation, learning

Words and Keywords

Early stages of achievements, first bonuses, recruitment, jobs related to status, a chance to make money, professional development, competitiveness, capacity, real effort, high standards, skilled, hard work, attention to details, improved working conditions.

Progress, recognition, approval, enhancement of social status, honor, high scores at school, certification, confidence, get a salary or get a job, requires social status or recognition from others, diplomas, assistance from others, housing and property improvements, a good start.


The Three of Pentacles is a very positive card especially when it appears in the spreading about work and career; and overall, what you are doing is very favorable.


This card tells you that the surrounding people highly appreciate you and your efforts, as well as realize the quality of the work you have done even if you did not get paid for those jobs. It reminds you to continue maintaining and promoting what you are doing because you are on the right track (although there are still possibilities for further progress).


In terms of work/career, this card is a very good sign. The card tells you that in general, your effort is being appreciated and noticed. That is a great feature for you to promote yourself. Similarly, if you are looking for a job, this card hints that you absolutely can expect the success in the near future.


In terms of relationship, the Three of Pentacles is also a hopeful sign. Especially if you already have someone to love and care about, that person sees in you a very positive light and that you are the one who meets all the standards he/she is looking for, even though love has not yet developed. So, you should be patient. If you do not have a lover but are looking for one, this card indicates that you are more likely to meet that person through work (yours or his/her work).


This is a good sign when considering the financial aspect. This card may imply that your chance is coming. This is not a card that implies that you will receive a “manna from heaven”, instead, fair remuneration and rewards for your quality and workload. You should keep a positive attitude and always make an effort then the reward will come. Everything will go well.


Three of Pentacles tells that your health tends to improve positively, not as a miracle, but as a result of what you have put the effort in. Therefore, this card is a sign that you are on the right track, keep up the good work.


You should try to look into the ancient organizations, communities, and traditions, you will be able to experience many things. You do not have to be involved in certain organizations or communities unless you really want to. In fact, this knowledge and contemplation can be seen by reading and reflecting on the belief systems of those places. You can learn about previous rituals which will help you deepen your spiritual knowledge and experience.

Situation and advice

The Three of Pentacles is a card of material development. This situation involves money, occupation, education, physicality, property or project that brings tangible results. You will be rewarded for working proficiently and using skills, knowledge, and talents. You can have a good start and be recognized as an expert in the field you pursue.

You will have the opportunity to earn money for what you know. You yearn for status, recognition and approval from others, and the feeling of enjoying achievements when completing the job well. Promotion is possible. You can use your talent to improve your accommodation by repainting or refurbishing it. If you are a student, you will get high scores and a degree. In terms of love, this card rarely mentions emotions, instead, it emphasizes materialism, status, social judgment, and family pressure.


Hard workers, talented individuals, craftsmen; capable, careful and hardworking workers, perfectionists.

V. 3 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

lack of teamwork, unskilled.

Words and Keywords

The trouble with work/at the workplace.


The Three of Pentacles is generally a positive card, especially in terms of work/career. At the same time, it also carries the message that this is not the time when you allow yourself to be distracted.


Work is the most focused aspect of this reversed card. This is an important time to do your best instead of finding the simplest solutions. Once you do so, you will have many opportunities to achieve great success.


You will soon see more success in your work unless you work poorly. Do not allow yourself to be immersed in jealous or selfish feelings. Let’s think big.


In terms of love, the Three of Pentacles reversed is a good sign. If you want to have a baby, this is a time when fertility is higher than normal. If you are still looking for love, this is a good time to meet people (especially through work); however, be mindful of not being too passive or lowering your standards. Remember, always hold your head high!


Your financial situation is (or will be) going well when getting this card in reverse. However, you should not expect that money will grow on the tree. Whether your financial situation is stable or not depends on how hard you have worked and tried.


You should pay attention to the risk of overwork. The adjustment is the key for you when the reversed Three of Pentacles appears, trust in instincts. If you do not feel well, take a break. Do not hesitate to go to a doctor.


This reversed card indicates that you are actually ready to make a big jump in terms of spirit; however, you also need to pay attention to where and who will receive your information. From deep down, you have already many answers you need. Perhaps, you are in the stage of being persuaded by some spiritual hermit/researcher claiming to understand your inner self, but in fact, he is only interested in your pocket. You should always be wary of the leader of a cult, the new worship place and carefully consider what organizations you are donating your money to. Remember that mental development is completely free.

Situation and advice

The Three of Pentacles reversed shows the need to learn more, work harder and demand new skills to complete important projects. You should be careful not to miss the priceless opportunity because of risk concerns. Other people may reprimand you for not knowing what you are doing or for producing poor results.

Even if you work hard, you still feel disregarded, unsatisfied or bored. Perhaps, you focus too much on gaining approval and recognition rather than doing good work. Excessive attention to improving social status will impede relationships with others.


The lazy person, the unskilled worker, who is new in the job but arrogant, the poor workers, the social climber.

In a Tarot spread, Three of Pentacles is also a sign of a need for planning and preparation. This is not the time to rush things up or start a project while you are quite vague about it. You need to think thoroughly about everything, consider all possibilities and make sure you pay attention to every little detail. You will reap the rewards for what you do if you are prepared.

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