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I. Queen of Swords Rider Waite image description

The Queen of Swords sat on her thorn with a steadfast gaze on her face, implying that no one could fool her. Her right hand held a sword pointing to the sky while her left hand is given out as if she was offering something for everyone. There is a clear spring sky behind her, expressing clarity in her mind as she examines intellectual matters. The bird in the sky symbolizes the ability to find appropriate solutions.

Queen of Swords Rider Waite image description

The personality of the Queen of Swords combines the positive energy of the Air element of the Swords suit with the inner focus of a Queen. You can always rely on her to know exactly what will happen. Above all, she is passionate about sincerity and lives on her commitment to authenticity. Lies and jokes are not her concern because she is not easily deceived. She experienced many things in the world, both good and bad.

Queen can judge the situation quickly. She understands human foolishness but does not blame them. She knows when to avoid trouble and simply find a way to deftly overcome it. She likes honesty and frankness. Her observations are impartial but never hurt anyone. In fact, this Queen character has a sense of humor. She likes to laugh and is always witty. She knows that life does not need to be serious at all times. The Queen of Swords is always fresh with a straightforward personality, moreover, she never pretends.

This Queen card also represents a man or woman who is just like her or an honest and frank communication atmosphere. She tells you that her special energy source will be very helpful to you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this Queen in whatever form she appears in your life.

II. Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Honest, Profound, Downright, Funny, Experienced.


  • Face the truth, even if you don’t like it;
  • Be honest with people;
  • Want everything to be carefully discussed;
  • Obey the law;
  • Avoid lies and deception.


  • Judge the situation quickly;
  • Understand the motives and desires hidden;
  • Hard to be deceived or mislead;
  • Understand the laws and rules that do not need anyone to say;
  • Understand the problem quickly.


  • Straightforward and open in all relationships;
  • Go straight to the focus of the matter;
  • Act without pretending or tricking;
  • Honest and unreasonable;
  • Maybe carefree when necessary.


  • There is a sense of humor;
  • Dispel difficult circumstances by tạo attention in a fun way;
  • Never take the problem too seriously;
  • Laugh in every situation.


  • Have seen or done everything;
  • Be strong even though life is difficult;
  • Comfortable with your own ethical standards;
  • There are realistic expectations.

III. Queen of Swords Upright Card Keywords

fast thinker, organized, profound, independent

Words and Keywords

Strong will, sharp mind, sarcasm, autonomy, ambition, analytical ability, aloof attitude, reason dominates emotions, cognitive ability, profound insight, fair assessment, right decision, communication, teaching, expert advice, independence, common sense, determination, focus on career, good advice, ingenuity communication, skill, helpful support, fighting for yourself, a widow, alone.


This Queen card can refer to a woman in your life. This is a person you should take seriously. She may have black hair and black eyes. If this card does not imply a human being, it may tell that you need to be strong and honest in some situations to meet your needs. You may need to push yourself stronger.


In general, the Queen of Swords may imply that your instincts are working very well. You already know what you want and need, now you just have to pursue them. However, you should be aware of other people’s limitations. This Queen card carries a strong energy flow that makes some people feel disturbed.


Even if you know very well what you want to do in the workplace, this is still not the time to convey your views to everyone. You should not act excessively with any disregard or disrespect. If you are looking for a job, you are currently in a good time to express yourself. You can rely on the women in your life to point you in the right direction.


In terms of love, the only note about this card is to be careful with strong impulses. We are all taught that we will receive better things if we are well-behaved, and that view is absolutely correct in this case. Your mother or someone like your mother may disapprove your relationship, whether she wants it or not. You should find out where your limit is in this regard and let that woman know.


In terms of finance, the Queen of Swords can show that a woman will play an important role in your financial matter. There will be many things you can learn from her if you can open up to what she says.


You may be controlling your feelings and then as a consequence, this will negatively affect your body. You still need to be careful with the way, the time and the place where you can express your emotional reactions. Anything that can reduce your stress is helpful for you, even walking for 5 minutes a day. You should stop for a moment, calm down and make a reasonable choice.


The Queen of Swords may imply that your emotions are the gate to open up your spiritual life. You should think about what you are feeling and why. Writing a dream diary can be a particularly wise decision at this time. Be open to spiritual messages in daily life.

Situation and advice

This is the card of being single-handed. Autonomy, distant attitudes and independence are the main themes of this card.

Now, it is the time to fight for yourself as well as clarify your wishes and needs. You have learned to be independent through solitary stages. Your sharp mind and fair consideration give you a good position. You care more about career and ambition than emotional issues. Your sharp perception and judgement help you distinguish between the good and the bad. You may have a relationship with a woman who experiences unhappiness. If you ask about the relationship, the prospect is not very positive at the moment. This card warns that your focus on cold and rational thoughts has overwhelmed your ability to express your emotions.


A parent who is far away and does not care about the children; a woman who has experienced unhappiness and is now unable to regain her faith in life; a cold, calm and picky person; the person who has suffered loss or difficulty, the woman who is able to analyze wisely and intelligently, female experts, who can fight on your behalf, a female mentor (doctor, lawyer, etc.).

A female professor, women related to engineering, educators, journalists, judges; a woman who is divorced, widowed, or separated; the childless woman, the woman who has suffered so much but still strong and courageous, a woman of wisdom and seclusion who took the advantage of the situation and turned it into her strength; a woman with a strong, ambitious but cold will; a woman who is ideal, progressive and humane; who appreciates the prestige and success, the woman attaches great importance to her career without paying attention to develop her love.

IV. Queen of Swords Reversed Keywords

too emotional, bad temper, cold.

Words and Keywords

Abuse of words or wisdom, disregard of rules, misinformation, satire, bullying, bigotry, blind faith, complaints, betrayal, retaliation, seduction/manipulation, resentment, emotional blackmail, unreliability, rigorous, unscrupulous, petty, lack of vision, too rational, short-sighted/narrow-minded, gossip, evil lie, prejudice, deceitful, cunning, rumors, bad news, hatred, bitter, lost, cold, suffering, misery, moaning, loneliness, unfortunate person often want others to be like them, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”.


This Queen card in reverse can often refer to a woman in your life. She may not be a good person, usually, this woman has black hair and black eyes. You will want to link to the good side of this woman if possible. She may (sometimes accidentally or unintentionally) prevent important things from being completed.


In general, the Queen of Swords reversed may refer to unexpected hindrances which are most often caused by people around you (or sometimes by yourself). You should consider whether you are behaving in a way that makes others feel bothered or whether you are making a rod for your own back without realizing it. If you do not know, ask someone you trust to be honest with you.


This card in reverse implies problems with communication at work. Sometimes, there is information that is misunderstood or misinterpreted between people and even things like computers. You should take the time to think thoroughly and make sure that you understand the guidelines and the best information as possible. These assumptions can be very vague now even in the case of either you are working or you are you looking for a job.


In terms of love, a keynote with the Queen of Swords reversed is that your memories of what happened or what was said in a romantic relationship may not true. You should be open to listening to your partner’s point of view. If you are looking for love, you will have to show a more positive way than usual to understand where your potential partner might come from. Do not assume, just ask.


In terms of finance, this card may indicate that errors in communication and data can affect your financial aspect at the moment. You need to check your invoices and financial statements carefully. The bank or store (or your business unit) can make mistakes accidentally and detecting this error early can save you a significant amount of money.


You need to pay attention to timely treatment and this will be a good time to make sure that the women in your life who you care about are doing the same. If you have concerns about your health or afraid of not remembering to go to the doctor or take medicine on time, this is an important time to process medical care measures. You should be honest with those who provide medical services even with the smallest details.


The Queen of Swords reversed may imply that a strong woman can enrich your spiritual life at the moment, however, what she does can be too difficult to receive or too negative. Sometimes, people teach by showing us what we do not want to be. But with an open mind, we can learn from others even if they hurt us accidentally or intentionally.

Situation and advice

A repressive and hateful woman can silently try to disparage and prevent you from gaining the position you want. You should not let a hard time make you feel bitter and lose your kindness. Someone who has little respect for your rights or emotions may try to force you to do something his/her way. You may be feeling the wrath of a woman who you despise or treat unfairly.


An angry woman who felt she was treated unfairly, vicious rumors; a sly woman who is fulfilled with hatred, deceives and manipulates others; people who (often silently) against you, someone unfriendly and often hostile due to emotional difficulties or loss, a woman who is biased and tends to spread rumors and reveal secrets, someone who despises others and is unreliable, someone who turns reality into his/her advantage, someone who despises the law; enemy who is wise, a good talker and keep secret.

In a Tarot spread, the Queen of Swords requires you to think and feel like her. For example, are you completely sincere? (Consider this firstly) Do you have a sense of humor in a certain situation? Do you focus on the core of the matter? Do you understand what is going on? Would you let yourself be deceived?

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