The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

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The Moon Tarot is a card intended for intuition, dreams, and subconscious. In this card, there is a human face hanging above. As we all know, the moon provides light due to the sun’s reflection, but its light is very blurry and unclear, and only illuminates the path we take on the journey to higher awareness in a weak way.

The lake at the bottom of the card represents the subconscious and the image of the crawfish crawls out of the lake symbolizing the first stage of the consciousness. This creature also represents the complex ideas that come from our inner depths, just as the dog and wolf image at the beginning of the road represents the aspects that have been mastered and the wild aspects of our minds. The path between the two towers leads to the mountain in the distance, implying that it is the path leading to the unconscious state.

Pisces is the Zodiac sign which is associated with the Moon Tarot – a model of spirituality, full of listening and mysterious.

The detailed description of the Moon Tarot card

If you look around the room now, you may find people and objects that are comfortable with their familiar location. Everything is right within the discipline you want. You know that if you close your eyes and open these again, the room will remain that way. But have you ever felt a place where you lost your familiarity, instead there is a world so unusual that you could not understand? That is the experience of the Moon Tarot card.

Most of us always live in a small normal world where we wrap ourselves around like a protective blanket. We turn away from the mysterious universe waiting outside. Sometimes, we can submerge ourselves with our imagination, or venture out with illusions or through expanded perceptions. We can be pushed out without any preparation such as entangled in stimulants, madness or harsh experiences such as war.

The Moon is the light in this world – the world of shadow and darkness. Although this place is so great, it is not scary at all. In the right context, this card inspires and seduces us. It opens the door to the promise that what we imagine can come true and guides us to mysteries so we can let other things come to our lives.

Sometimes, it is a sign that you are straying and wandering around without a clear goal. You must find your way back to your clear path and purpose.

Keywords related to the Moon Tarot card: Fear, Illusion, Imagination, Bewilderment.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Moon Tarot card

Fear – Feel scared

  • Free the anxiety in the heart;
  • Feel the fear that can not be named;
  • Being obsessed;
  • Accept the weak ego;
  • Lack of courage;
  • Invaded by anxiety.

Illusion – Believe in the illusion

  • Believe in things that are not real;
  • Deceive yourself;
  • Have unrealistic ideas;
  • Misunderstand the truth;
  • Experience psychological change;
  • Chase an illusion.

 Imagination – Pursuit of imagination

  • Have dreams or clear vision;
  • Open up to the illusion;
  • Nurture unusual thoughts;
  • Being weird.

Bewilderment – Feeling puzzled

  • Loss of direction and purpose;
  • Have problems when thinking clearly;
  • Being confused;
  • Easy to lose focus
  • Feel awkward
  • Wander around without target.

A few opposite cards to the Moon Tarot card

  • Star – peaceful, carefree, quiescent;
  • Sun –assurance, clarity, enlightenment.

A few support cards for the Moon Tarot card

  • 7 of Cups – illusions, unrealistic ideas, delusions;
  • 2 of Swords – self-deception, do not see the truth;
  • 8 of Swords – confusion, lack of clarity.

Upright meaning of the Moon Tarot card: the strong power of instinct, self-deception

Words and Keywords

(+) The lunar attraction, derived from our animals, the adjustments in the past affect current behavior, the period of passivity and reception, intuition, strong emotion, the truth secret, spiritual awareness, requiem, extraordinary, dream, imagination, imaginative ability, the realms, mother. female prototype, change, mystery, confusion

Feeling endless, the creative potential of the unconscious mind, fiction, creative writing, acting, work involves illusion, the entertainment industry, wildlife, deserted area, travel. “Don’t swear by the moon. It is always changing. Every month its position in the sky shifts. I don’t want you to turn out to be that inconsistent too.” (Shakespeare).

(-) Imagination is far from reality, escape, confusion, deception, tricks, dishonesty, slander, lies, betrayal, lurking, adultery, deceit, fear, uncertainty, loss of security, Insane actions, suspicions, hesitation, nightmares, unpredictable or unpredictable danger, neuroticism, overwhelming emotions, imagination trouble, negative mood, sorrow, hidden enemies, self destructive, gynecological problems, everything is not what it seems.


The Moon Tarot card shows that life may confuse you. You seem to be having trouble finding out where you came from, not to mention what others think of you. You need to adapt to those uncertainties rather than trying to force things or people to do something before they are ready. This card is the “Pisces” of the Tarot deck.


You are definitely in a spiritual and intuitive state than ever, so it’s important that you believe in your instincts and feelings, even if you do not know where they come from. Also, when the Moon card appears in the upright, it does not give you any doubts but helps you realize that things are not always like its appearance. If you feel you can not trust someone, it’s likely that they are not trustworthy. Believe in your instincts. If you are waiting for someone’s answer, it may take you a long time to get it, try to be patient.


Unfortunately, things may not always be clear at all. That’s why you should be proactive to ask and listen, to make sure you and your colleagues understand each other completely. Once again, patience is needed. Be calm, and specifically when you feel like being attacked, trust your colleague or supervisor. The truth may not be as bad as you think it is.


The Moon Tarot card refers to an emotional period of a relationship. Things can quickly become fierce or uncomfortable. Take a break if you need. Do not try to infer and argue in a fair way if you are forced to. Choose to treat your lover as a friend. Do not rush to end or start a new relationship. This is probably not the right time for both of these things.


If you are waiting for financial decisions made by others, the appearance of the Moon Tarot card in the upright may imply that you will have to wait longer. This is not the time to make business decisions unless there are concrete and certain proofs.


Always listen to your intuition about health issues. If a diagnosis (whether positive or negative) that you do not feel right, or if you feel uncomfortable with your current healthcare service, choose another option or service. For those who drink or are addicted to stimulants, this is probably the easiest time for you to give up. You can still use them if you need them, but moderately.


This is a great and spiritual time to read a book, perform a healing therapy or other helpful methods of spiritual activity. You are more inclined toward spirituality than normal. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and with the lightning information that you do not know where they come from. It’s also a great time to find the world’s most famous spiritual books – you’ll learn more than you normally do.

Situation and advice

Traditionally, the Moon Tarot card warns of lies, dishonesty, confusion, dangerous situations, self-deceit and fantasies away from reality (what we perceive are in the imagination often different from reality). Some of these meanings have already existed in the astrological relationship of this card with the Pisces and the twelfth house of the horoscope, the house of confinement and destruction, these meanings mention spiritual awareness and the concern for the poor people.

The Moon shows that you are entering a period of oscillation and mood disturbance, during this time you have to confront the unconscious to continue to step forward. Intangible or secret things will soon be revealed. You can make good use of your creative talents in composition, art, drama, acting, psychology or psychotherapy. Traveling especially by waterway is likely to occur. You notice discipline that has been ingrained from the past are influencing your current behavior.

You should pay attention to your dreams, feelings, and intuition right now. It is important to be aware of what is mysterious in the past.

Your intuition can be much more reliable than logical analysis. The perception of the psychological aspects of human existence now plays an important role in your life. The Moon Tarot asks us to reflect on our origins in the animal world and in the collective unconscious. If your question is about being cheated, this card shows you are a victim of false information and two-faced. Something in the dark will finally be exposed. It can also indicate that your mother or person playing mother-role is about to be involved in your events.


(+) Mothers, women, travelers, artist, psychic, creative writers, oceanographer, veterinarians, actor/ actress, poets, unlucky couples, psychotherapist, psychologist, visionary people who have contact with the unconscious mind, animal lovers.

(-) Liar, the faithful, impostor, the profiteers, someone makes you believe in the untrue things, the dreamers who lack the reality.

Meaning of the Moon reversed: clear up everything

Reversed meaning of the Moon

Words and Keywords:

(+) Beneficial changes, clear thinking, seeing things as they really are, clarifying the matter, ending the clutter, ambiguous issues exposed.

(-) Meaning of foolishness, misunderstanding, escapism, ambiguity, unclear thinking, living in the dark, deceiving, victims, unreal things, misunderstanding, daydreaming, virtual pictures, confusion, vague fears, health concerns, women-related problems, primordial reactions, unconsciousness, disturbing emotions, self-doubt, hidden fears, dark secrets, a dangerous warning, a test of faith.


Especially in this reversed position, the Moon reversed shows that things are going to be embarrassing for you and the things around you. Adapting to those issues is very important, rather than trying to force things or people to do something before they are ready, likely to the upright meaning.


This card tells that you should believe in your intuition. However, when you draw the reversed card, your feelings are less clear and difficult to explain. Even so, do not ignore the messages you are receiving. Try to dig deeper into their meaning. Just as the meaning of the upright card, you have to be patient and wait for a long time to get answers from someone.


When the Moon Tarot appears in reverse, things may not be clear at all. The most hurtful thing is that when you feel like you are clearly holding on to something, it turns out to be not. It is important to ask questions, especially to your boss or supervisor, and start listening to make sure you and your colleagues understand each other completely. Be patient and calm, and especially when you feel like being “attacked,” trust your colleagues or supervisors, since the truth may not be as bad as you think. Do not ask for big changes from current work. This is probably not the right time unless you are looking for a new position.


Like the meaning of the upright card, the Moon reversed can point to a period of emotion. Things can quickly become negative. Stay apart from your partner for a while when in need and argue fairly if you have to. However, do not skip over your intuition. If you ignore it, you will be more upset, angry, and perhaps confused. Make sure that you are treating your lover as a friend. Do not rush to the end or start a new relationship. This is probably not the time for both of these things.


When the Moon Tarot appears in the reversed position, it is clear that you do not have all the necessary information related to financial questions, no matter what you think you have. If you are experiencing financial difficulties or are about to sign a contract, seek advice from an expert before signing or making major financial changes. Not only you but also people around you are missing out on clarity too.


This is an extremely important time for you to listen to your intuition about health issues, as long as you do not resist the advice of a physician. As the meaning of the upright card, consider carefully a diagnosis that you feel uncertain or change your healthcare service if you are not satisfied. When the reversed card appears, be careful when using “stimulants” (cigarettes and alcohol) or use them in moderation.


When you draw the Moon reversed, this is still a highly spiritual time and a good time to read, take recovery therapy, or other useful ways of spiritual activity. You are more inclined towards spirituality than normal (even if this card is in the reversed position, the message you are receiving may be harder to explain). Like the meaning of the upright card, the reversed Moon tells you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and to the lightning information, you do not know where they come from.

Situation and advice:

This is the time to clarify everything. Do not make any important decisions until the chaos end. You will soon be able to clearly see the facts. In this process, you may need to confront your own obstacles. Some confusing problems have now become apparent. You start to recognize a secret enemy or a silent threat to destroy your happiness. With a negative turn, you will have to work hard to protect against theft, vandalism, fraud, misunderstandings, and excessive use of alcohol or drugs.


(+) People who face embarrassment and now understand the truth.

(-) People who have emotional or mental problems, cunning and deceptive people, scammers, secret adversaries, saboteurs, deceivers, liars.

In a Tarot spread, the Moon Tarot card usually represents fear and panic which are things that come from the dark side of the night. This card also represents the illusion. It is easy to lose direction under the moonlight. Be careful not to let these deceptive and misleading ideas distract you.

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2. The Moon – La Lune Tarot De Marseille

la lune tarot

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4. The Past Lives Osho Zen Tarot Deck

Past Lives Osho Zen

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5. The Moon On Water Wildwood Tarot Deck

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6. The Moon Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

the moon deviant moon tarot

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7. The Moon Linestrider Tarot Deck

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