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I. Page of Wands Rider Waite image description

Page of Wands is a dashing young man, standing alone in the midst of a barren wilderness, and shouting out his dreams and desires. This shows that the creative potential of this card is very huge or only an idea at the most appropriate time. He raised his stick and looked at it with confidence. His garb is characterized by salamanders which are mythical creatures created by fire and transformation.

Page of Wands Rider Waite image description

The Page of Wands may represent a child or young person with a youthful heart that interacts with you regarding self-control, high energy, risky behaviors or passionate sharing. Sometimes, this card implies that your whole situation is overwhelmed by feelings of excitement and adventure. At times like this, you should allow yourself to feel free to express your ego and energy.

This card is like the Fool in that he has a free spirit and is the one who represents the change and the new beginning. He has a real passion for life, although his understanding of the world is still underdeveloped. Besides, he has not been burdened by the weight of the material world, so he can easily come and go, and often encourage change wherever he goes. He is like a catalyst, inspiring changes that seem unlikely in any situation.

The Page of Wands says that you are embracing a lot of creative inspiration and just waiting for the opportunity to show, or, you are about to step into a new phase of life. It represents the spark of creativity that arises unexpectedly inside of you, and you begin to approach a new creative vision. Therefore, he encourages you to gently express yourself and your personality. Listen to your unconscious mind and follow what the creativity tells you, even if you are very worried about being alone in a strange place. With perseverance and a balanced perspective, immature desires of this card can become a beautiful creative vision, contributing to change the world.

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II. Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Creation, Enthusiasm, Confident, Brave.


  • Make a new method;
  • Original;
  • Invent;
  • Find a new field to express yourself;
  • Use your artistic ability;
  • Discover a solution;
  • Go in the new direction.


  • Excited;
  • Take part in wholeheartedly;
  • Optimistic;
  • First volunteer;
  • Exalted;
  • Energetic.


  • Confront the challenge;
  • Say that “I can”;
  • Believe in yourself;
  • Downright;
  • Overcome the doubt;
  • Focus on success;
  • Where there is a will, there is a way.


  • Take risks;
  • Dare to do;
  • Join an adventure;
  • Avoid the certain thing;
  • Self-Assert action;
  • Be the leader;
  • Overcome fear.

III. Page of Wands Upright Card Keywords

enthusiasm, discovery, detection, the spirit of freedom

Words and Keywords

An important and exciting message, courage, daring, recklessness, optimism, leadership, initiative, extrovert, keep strong attraction, do something energetic, full of energy and determined, enthusiastic, competitive, self-motivated, resourcefulness, creative potential, inspiration, loyalty/fidelity, encouragement.

State of excitement, fast response, passion, feeling horny, unexpected events, new ideas, time to start a project or a job related to creation, the message of the hired /job, message from a friend or relative, a letter or important call, opportunity for new development, career change, new work, creative writing, stirring up creativity, a message that brings cheerful news, physical exercise, good sex life, spread the news, this can be the start of something big, evoke the emotional flame inside of you.


Those cards of identity like the Page of Wands often refers to a normal person in our lives. This person may be a younger woman than the querent. Those human beings in the Wands set are usually warm, ambitious and have great achievements. If the card does not refer to a real person, it can evoke the power of distraction. So, you should stay in focus.


In general, this card demonstrates that what you have started doing before is progressing to success. It can also indicate a need for something new, such as a venture, a new solution or a new idea. Likewise, it brings us positive energy. But we also need to pursue to the end and be determined to do those things.


In the field of work, Page of Wands can show a woman who is willing to help you. The woman may younger than you (maybe younger than a few days or weeks). If you are waiting for a decision on a job that you have applied for, then this card appears to be a good one. Work can be better and more interesting than you expect.


If your question is about the relationship, wait for a burning and passionate one. Your love messages and feelings of being loved may be coming to you. The sexual experience will make you excited and happy. Now it is the time to start a new exciting journey. A new friendship or new love can come. You will benefit from physical activity at this time.

If you are alone, a risky adventurous friend can appear in your world. Take that opportunity, but only when you are ready. If you have a promising bond of a relationship without feeling happy, it is time to start deciding whether the relationship can be saved or not, and how long you have to work it out? Both sides must be ready to cooperate in the same relationship. If your lover does not do this, this may be the time to give up.


Your money situation tends to improve in a better way as the card appears in a financial question. Profit with interest from what you have invested (in the form of good energy) is likely to come to you. This is a great time to start planning for the long term, even if you are only twenty. What do you want to achieve financially at the age of 30? How will you make that goal happen?


In the field of health, the Page of Wands implies a need for action. You will have to make some effort to improve your health. Let’s see whether you need to exercise more and whether you need knowledge about nutrition to ensure you eat better or not. Remember that you have useful reference sources which are always available. Nothing can change if you just sit there and make a wish for everything would change in a direction of better. You should take control of your life. It will not be easy at first, but then you will be able to do it.


This can be a time of creativity for you as well as a good time to get back to your childhood – the day that your dreams, playing and creativity full fill your world. You will never know what your creativity at this moment will lead to, but anyway, you will also enjoy the fun. At the same time, this will enrich your life as well.

Situation and advice

This card says you need to be positive and spontaneous, but do not be too impulsive. Your enthusiasm impresses other people, but if you become impatient or angry or lose interest, you will skip it all and waste time on your creative projects.

With the Page of Wands in the upright, you seem to always give everything a chance. If you have enough enthusiasm and passion, you will take every opportunity to start a journey and wait for results. You do not have to have a stable plan and no matter where you are, just know that you are happy and excited, and that is enough. You enjoy being busy and always participate in various activities and projects and you like to choose what you will do today, and hope it will be different from what you did the day before.

Typically, this is a messenger that gives you inspiration or news of surprise. Extremely good news or new opportunities are coming. It could be the birth of a child, a new idea or inspiration, or an opportunity in which you can participate and change the world, such as a community project. The content of the Page of Wands is almost always positive and being welcomed as it is often associated with change and creativity.
The competition is about to begin. If you are waiting for the call for a job interview, it will come soon. You are more energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic. You can start a learning process. Changing jobs or occupations can also happen.

The card can also represent a person you know or who is about to enter your life. He/she is a trusted person, loved by you and will do everything as possible to help you. He/she comes to your life to create change, help you to see the world with a new perspective and guide you towards a new approach. Maybe, you think this Page is an immature or childish person, but he actually has a lot to teach you if you open your heart and listen to what he shares.


The person who brings the good news, the optimist and motivator, the cheerleader, the energetic and courageous young man; a go-getter, in deep water; a bright and hyperactive child, adolescent, informer, passionate young person, creative author, the creator or inspirational, who responds quickly and enthusiastically, exciting and stimulating partners, friendly and energetic people, teachers, traders, actors, politicians, preachers, inspirational speakers, trainers, athletes, performers.

IV. Page of Wands Reversed Keywords

have no idea, pessimistic, lack of direction

Words and Keywords

Disturbing news, news reporting in a hurry, a refusal letter, brief and cursory responses, quick discussion, objection, impulsive decision, letter of rejection, broken heart, unexpected information, job loss.
Feel angry because someone treats you rudely, seek negative attention, exaggerated the importance of the self, act impulsively, lack of energy, frustration, obstacles, lack of assertiveness, random thoughts, boredom of relationship, unrequited love, distrust, boastfully bragging, rumors, aggressive, troubles in sex life, illness, the majority of people do not approve.


The Page of Wands reversed represents disorder and hesitation. You might consider asking someone to help you decide some important things.


Sometimes, this reversed card may be a message about unpleasant news which are about to come to you. Often, this news is not going to be terrible or scary, but just one or two little things you do not want to happen. This card also implies that you need to be more focused and determined.


In the field of work, this card may be a warning that a woman is about to cause a nuisance to your work due to her hesitation. You may be trapped in some difficulty in making a decision. If you are looking for a job, do not just focus on one place. You should be prepared that the employment decisions regarding you may be delayed a little longer.


When the Page of Wands in reverse appears in a question related to the relationship, you should focus on getting to know each other better or chatting to each other instead of making a serious commitment right away. You are advised not to force the relationship to go too far if you are currently dating someone who you have not bonded or promised something about the future. This may not be the right time. If you are looking for love, maybe someone will give you the warning to stay away from new concerns, but you just need to make your own decision. Remember that small talks and warnings are not always right but do not completely ignore them.


As the meaning of the upright card, your money is likely to improve when this reversed card appears. Someone with knowledge such as a financial expert can come to you and give you great financial advice. You can also get positive financial news that you never expected. When you become more abundant in money, consider what you can do to share your prosperity, instead of just keeping that for yourself.


The Page of Wands reversed implies that someone near you is willing and able to help you pretty much in terms of health. He/she may be a medical professional, or simply a group of passionate athletes. Do not try to do everything by yourself. This card shows you are more likely to open your heart and mind to new insights, positive influences, and proficiency in other fields.


The card represents for the call that you should respect and listen to your own intuition. Creativity can enrich your spiritual experience at this time. Someone you know will probably share important spiritual reflections with you. Even if you often keep your private and personal perspectives on things like this, consider talking to some of your friends about receiving or experiencing their spirits. This can really inspire you.

Situation and advice

This card in reverse shows you tried a few new projects but failed. You have a new vision and begin a new hobby or project with the belief that everything will be fine, but soon you will realize that you have approached the wrong way and the results are not as expected. You may have already begun to realize that you are not really focused on your goals and that is why you do not get the results you want. Fortunately, you have not gone too far and can easily withdraw from projects which have limited results. Sometimes, the failures can be helpful in experiencing new areas and discovering what suits you.

The Page of Wands reversed means bad news or failures in communication. Someone is maybe making a bad comment about you. Hasty decision or rush can make you shocked. You or someone around you may be acting like a thoughtless or aggressive child. You may be feeling uncomfortable or annoyed by the perfunctory and fast discussion on which you want to discuss deeper. You may feel that you are not being respected seriously.

There is the possibility of stagnation and downturn in your job or career, and your lack of self-determination or lack of energy can be the cause. Certain obstacles can deplete your energy supply. Be careful with the people you trust right now because someone can cause loss of confidence and infringement of the privacy of your feelings.

The eagerness to start a new thing has been negatively affected by the complexity, the obstacles, and the opposition, leaving you lacking motivation and insecurity about the way forward. You are scared and wonder whether you can actually do your project or not, or just ask for more burden.

The Page of Wands reversed can depict an immature person who has a problem with him/herself. This person a pessimist, helpless and always a victim. He/she never had any good things to talk about and always makes others disappointed. This person extinguishes your enthusiasm and confidence. Often, this is a superficial, lazy, arrogant, or unwilling effort, uncooperative and impatient kind of person.


An angry person, someone who hurts you, a person who yearn for the attention, someone who say bad things to you, an impulsive and lacking in sophistication person, someone who makes a hasty decision, someone who tries to overwhelm you, braggart, an opportunist and untrustworthy person, someone who is in a rush, the talkative who is unbelievable and superficial, someone who is unreliable, someone who is conflicting in love, a goof-off.

The Page of Wands Tarot card is a message that gives you opportunities for passion. The character in the card offers real opportunities to experience creativity, courage, passion, and inspiration – wonderful features from the Wands set. In a Tarot spread, this card suggests that a change may happen and that will give you excitement, foster your talents, or challenge you to achieve greater goals. When you see that opportunity, catch it!

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