The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

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The Chariot Tarot card is a card associated with Cancer. The character in the card sits in a print screen featuring many of the six-winged stars, representing the army of heaven in this Tarot card. The symbol of crescent moon on the characters shoulders is pointing outward, symbolizing the image of the world is formed. The symbols on his armor are alchemical symbols, representing the spiritual transformation of humankind. The square represents land, a symbol of willpower. Laurel wreath and crown of stars imply the culmination of human knowledge in the process of spiritual development.

This card represents the inspiration and the Hindu symbol of the yin-yang concept. The two black and white sphinxes also have the same meaning. Chariot’s character does not hold the reins but the magical stick that also appears in the Magician card. He manipulates the Chariot with the power of his will in the same way that the Magician did. The city behind him is an illustration of how he turned his back on civilization and materialism to seek spiritual aspects.

The detailed description of the Chariot Tarot card

The Chariot carries a picture of Julius Caesar the magnificent combat vehicle in the battlefield into Rome. He defeated the enemy and collected many spoils and lands. This is Chariot’s soul. This 7th card symbolizes the glory achieved through intense desire and personal highness. The image of the military is perfectly suited it because this card is associated with the power of conquest – discipline, iron determination and assertiveness.

This card represents the positive side of the self, strong and self-confident. It means you know what you want and how to achieve it. Maybe we do not like people with the big ego. But when it comes to solving problems, we will find them to help us overcome the difficulties, because we know they have enough assertion.

Keywords related to The Chariot Tarot card: Victory, Wish, Self-affirmation, Hard to control

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Chariot Tarot card

Achieve victory

  • Complete goal;
  • Success;
  • Become the leader;
  • Win the opponent.

Use personal desire

  • Endeavor to be successful;
  • Focus the attention;
  • Overcome the temptation;
  • Do not let anything stop you;
  • Persistently persevere;
  • Totally focus energy on the target.


  • Focus on the self;
  • Identification of personal identity;
  • Know who you are;
  • Feel confident;
  • Believe in yourself;
  • Find what you care about.

Difficult to control

  • Control emotions;
  • Control the impulse;
  • Maintain discipline;
  • Maintain anger inside;
  • Set the direction;
  • Take control;
  • Show power.

A few opposite cards to the Chariot

  • Strength – soft control;
  • Hanged Man – accept the will of heaven, put others before you;
  • Tower – defeat, experience to get wisdom;
  • 8 of Swords – suspicions, self-doubt;
  • 10 of Swords – no power, trap, put others before you.

A few support cards for the Chariot

  • Magician – use personal desire, focus;
  • 2 of Wands – take control, take the lead;
  • 6 of Wands – victory, confidence;
  • 4 of Pentacles – control;
  • 9 of Pentacles – self-control, discipline.

Upright meaning of the Chariot: have control, willpower, victory, assertiveness, persistence

Words and Keywords

Clear purpose, determination, capable of carrying, the beginning, assertiveness, willpower, control, conquest, success, domination, consider yourself in the center of attention, peace of the soul, progress of victory, independent thinking, ambitious, clever, courageous, skilled, energy to fight to reach the goal, great efforts, achievements, motivation to succeed, self control, the purpose of life, journey, news, victory, victory comes from personal effort, honor, recognition, control of hostile forces, internal struggle.

Self-discipline, conflict of interest, leadership, responsibility, the balance of conflicting emotions, overcome obstacles, rising through struggle and conflict, gain first place, strength of will, go with the flow, teleport, communicating, transporting, a new car, I control my destiny, I am the master of my soul.


The Chariot Tarot card radiates a lot of energy, but it is not a “free-for-all” energy, it is face-to-face, it is under control and has a purpose. When this card appears, you may be very clear about your desires as well as your dreams and you know how to achieve them.


This card aims at assertiveness, ambition, completing things, testing, and proving what you have. This is a sign that you should move forward with whatever you have in mind and heart, and do your best. You just have to remember that you need to use both your brains and your heart to be truly successful.


At work, the Chariot implies that it is important not to let the little stuff full fill your mind. There will probably be a person protesting against you (accidentally or intentionally). Do not let those things bother you. Do the best you can, and do not waste your time thinking what others think or comment on your efforts. If you are right (and probably will be) then they will know that. You may be feeling the rush in your heart and ready to move forward.


In love, maybe you are being tempted to go away and go fast or someone is pressing you to do so. Anyway, you should talk as frankly as possible about your limits and desires, be honest with yourself about the possibilities that may occur. If there is someone who you do not have interest in asking you out, simply tell them no. A civil denial is better than a rude grant.


In general, the Chariot in reverse means that everything related to the financial aspects is quite alright. Maybe you are considering shopping for transportation such as buying a car, buying a plane ticket to get to where you want to go. You should give priority to paying your debts if any. You can do it now if you continue to maintain a disciplined lifestyle.


Generally, your vitality is very good and you are ready to get up to go away at any moment. This is the perfect time to start or strengthen your body training plan. You actually can do better than you expect.


Sometimes, the Chariot in the upright implies that you should accept your impulses or anger. Impulsivity is a part of human nature, a part of your innate personality. Impulsive personality cannot be suppressed easily. The more you try to hold back, the more it deeply entrenched in yourself, so just let it out in the form of a “physical problem”. Impulsivity can be very negative but it is also a powerful source of energy that can be developed in a creative way. This is when you need to be excellent in controlling your emotions, controlling your impulses or anger. You need to show yourself as the owner and take control of the situation, but this also requires you to be in control of yourself.

You may be going somewhere (it can be close by) to help yourself to increase your awareness of the spiritual world, and you are in a state where you can learn very quickly on the subject of Spirit. You should attend workshops that talk about mental issues which are unfamiliar to you and beyond your knowledge range. You will get more than you can imagine if you try these new things, this may be the time you need to ponder much more than you usually do.

Situation and advice

The Chariot represents the conquest, the victory and the surpassing opponents by your confidence and control. Any success is the result of applying these factors to the situation. You will just use your willpower to overcome all obstacles or challenges on the journey. You can even notice that by enhancing the forces which are hindering you around at this moment, you can take advantage of them to benefit you. You have to be resolute, self-restrained, and industrious. If you are, you will overcome any difficulty or anyone who tries to pull you back. This fight will make you stronger.

It shows the need to occupy central positions and control the competitive forces. You have the ability to calmly dominate, as long as you balance the thoughts, emotions and these desires which contradict each other.

At the same time, you may feel you can not get that result quickly, so the best action is to follow the power that you have set. You may be struggling to prove yourself because you need to handle a series of conflicting interests. You will be able to continue to pursue the plan once you have made that decision. Your tactics should go forward with clear determination and purpose. You have to conquer the difficulty and win.

The Chariot Tarot card requires that you always have assertiveness and daring. You may need to take care of yourself at this point and be confident of expressing your needs and desires, otherwise, you will not be able to finish your journey. You need to have faith in yourself and understand who you basically are and what you have been living for (from which, the building of systems and the value of personal trust will be established through the Lovers tarot card)

In general, no matter what you are asking about any situations, they will deal with the way you want them to be. Your willpower and purpose will make you able to rise to the top. Chariot can literally be a trip, buying a car, or rewarding yourself with a new vehicle.


The military, the one who spreads a message, the professional driver, the motorcyclist, the driver, the travelers, those who related to transportation, the winners, the ones who feel peaceful.

Meaning of The Chariot reversed: lack of control and direction, aggression 

Reversed meaning of The Chariot

Words and Keywords

Reckless action, exciting feeling, failure, high ambition, wrong direction of purpose, imbalance, unfairness, lack of direction, scattered energy, plan collapsed, limited focus, go too fast, impatience, trouble, fight, conflict.

The use of energy in the wrong way, pressure, waste, weak, lack of judgment, resentment, unnecessary power, overbearingness, autocratic attitude, incomplete relationship, insecure, suspicious, anxious.

Sadness, tough, repression, personality defects due to incompatible conflicting emotions, difficulty in traveling or moving, delayed or canceled trips, car accidents, vehicle problem, can not fight back.


In spite of being reversed, The Chariot is still a card of change. This transformation can be literally from one place to another, or more abstractly than this: the change of you or your beloved in mind and heart.


This card symbolizes that you should take a closer look at where you are going and why. Do not go just because you want to go. At this point, the purpose and direction are very important.


The Chariot reversed signifies that you seem to be going too far and too fast. Even though your idea is good as well as you have reason to be extremely excited about it, you can not require others to be the same as you. You should be cautious and be wise to arrange your ideas so that others can “listen to you”.


When the Chariot appears in reverse, you may have met someone you believe he (or she) is your significant other and you have to push things to go fast, or you are tired of a relationship and want to get out of it as soon as possible. It shows a sign that you should not try to push too hard, especially in a new relationship. There is a reason when people say “good things come to those who wait”. Do not be afraid of waiting!


Maybe you are feeling full of the energy when you finish everything and improve your financial situation a lot. There is nothing wrong with this, however, the Chariot in reverse implies that you should slow down and consider adding alternatives to the action plan. Remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Be careful!


You are very determined to improve your physical condition. But excessive exercise can sometimes be counterproductive. You can not and should not run from zero to 120 miles an hour in one night, do not take the risk to get injured or even not accomplish your goal. Let’s improve gradually.


The Chariot reversed may also imply that you are going down under pressure and losing control. Your impulses are swirled in the wrong direction, “indiscriminate” targeting others, into fate, and into external circumstances. This is a waste of energy and resources. You should redefine your impulses and urgency so that they are manifested in the form of assertiveness and willpower, stop clinging weakly to the ideas, habits or projects that are not worth your time and moving forward instead.

So far you may be feeling that you completely listen to the demands of others and are forced to face their problems instead of yours. You lose the ability to control yourself as if life is just like that. As a result, you lose some of your self-confidence and personal strength, and you probably feel as if you are disoriented. You seek to control your life more strongly and you are determined not to let others control you as much as they did in the past. You want the mind to be your own and you want to direct your life into the path that you want, not due to the desire of the other person.

You are convinced that you have found the answer to your concern about “mental” all this time. There is certainly a right part in it, however, when this card is reversed, there is some warning here. You should think carefully when approaching a new spiritual direction, at least a dozen times before putting your spiritual beliefs on someone or an organization for the rest of your life. Believe in yourself first!

Situation and advice

The Chariot reversed means that you are feeling as if you have no control over your life. You can lose the power to dominate opposing forces and you are now giving up on the situation. Time after time, you can feel every direction you go is leading to stagnation.

If you are the kind of person who wants to control your destiny and want to know where you are headed, then it is time to revive yourself, live more disciplined and focus on what you are doing. Although the feeling of powerlessness can make you dull, let’s take a look at what you can control and what you can not. Do not allow yourself to worry about things which are out of your control as if you can not do anything. Instead, focus your strength and energy on things within your reach.

Let’s look at what you can do to change the situation. In this step, you need to be able to feel as if you have many different directions because now you are being lured and pushed into the massive world of fate.

You are feeling uncomfortable, unfocused and can not control your fate. You may be separated from the path you have set yourself for a while. You need to solve a situation involving conflicting forces. You feel being pulled in two directions and need to find a solution in between.

Maybe you are taking too many tasks and can not balance the requirements at the same time. Literally, the Chariot in reverse can be troublesome in traveling or transporting, or the need to repair a car.


People involved in the conflict, those who are not assertive, careless driver, the driver is in a difficult situation, impetuous racers, Machiavelli.

In one Tarot spread, the Chariot Tarot card usually appears when the entity is difficult to control and can easily be identified. In the best case, the ego is not cruel, but steady and clear, behind it, there are a strong desire and absolute self-confidence. He can be self-control or take control of the surrounding environment. This card also represents victory. There are many types of victories, it is the type of “to sink or to swim”. Success comes from defeating others and becoming the leader. Those moments are the true glory in the right circumstances.

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