Four Of Cups – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

On Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot, there is a young woman confining herself on a balcony in solitude in the moonlight. She is feeling dissatisfied with what life has to offer and indifferently throws a gold cup into the sea. Behind her are three other cups. Compared to the standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck, there is a similarity in giving up something in life – loss. The difference here comes from the problem approach. With the man in Rider-Waite, he sits in a highly contemplative and defensive position with his eyes closed, crossed legs and arms under the tree. Not only does he ignore a cup coming from an invisible hand given him as new opportunities, but he also does not care about what he is having from his efforts – three cups in front of him.

Description of Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

As for the woman in the Deviant Moon Tarot, the initiative and awareness of this woman are very high. She knows what she has and what she is leaving. She is aware of what she is doing even though it sometimes leads to disappointment and sadness in her life. Looking out at the big sea, maybe four cups that she had been trying so hard to achieve didn’t make any sense. Maybe the querent of this spread is not satisfied with what achieved, a little greedy and delusional here.

II. The general meaning of Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Unhappiness despite the success, Apathy, Life disappointment, Depression, Meditation, Contemplation, Indifference, Re-evaluation, Depression, Tire, Withdraw, Isolation from society, Refuse the invitation to gather, Reconsider, Separation, Lost in thought, Silence, Distraction, Distance, Feeling down, Lack of something, An empty feeling inside, Feeling depressed and sad, Resentment, Sorrow, Boredom, Introversion, Look inside, Lack of motivation, The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

The Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot often appears when you are bored or dissatisfied with the status quo. You may feel empty, apathetic, or unmotivated. Life is tasteless and plain and there is nothing to stimulate your will. To overcome this, it shows you need to reassess the situation and look deeply into your own soul to find the meaning of life. Focus your mind and stay away from distractions so you can concentrate on finding the truth you want.

Likewise, Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot presents the frustration of someone or a particular situation. You may feel tired or bored with a hardship that has lasted for so long. As a result, you slowly retreat and give in in search of peace and tranquility. If you are becoming depressed and hopeless, Four of Cups is a call to action. This is the time to wake up, stay alert, and open to new experiences to achieve a more positive result.

The worst meaning of the Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot is to be an ungrateful and stubborn person. Whether you are huddling in your small world, depressed, selfish, or nurturing the wounds of a previously broken relationship, the isolation is self-imposed on yourself. You only care about your own problems and ignore the needs of others. Be awake. Remember, there is always an opportunity for you to connect with the world around you.

Usually, the Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot implies that an offer has been presented to you but that you are deferring a decision or comment on that opportunity until there is enough time to think about it. Three cups still remain there and await the woman’s decision at any moment. Now is the time to meditate, think, and consider, so there is no need to hastily decide.

Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot is a reminder not to lose a life. Arithmetically, the number four represents a strong foundation for yourself and a great sense of stability and safety. However, sometimes this can be a disadvantage. It warns you that there is a lot of love in your life but if you do not continue to nurture and cherish, you will lose everything. Most of the time, people do not realize they have got too much. They are always interested in what they want, not having time to look at life to see how much they have. A lot of frustration in life stems from endless greed when you have all you need. The key to overcoming this disappointment is simply to appreciate the good things in life and be grateful every day.

III. The reversed meaning of Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Bright prospects, New hopes and dreams, Missed opportunity, Reserved lifestyle, Relationships with others are renewed, Expect something, Accept an invitation to gather, Motivation, Initiative, Get on well with society, Enthusiasm, Ready for new challenge and motivation, Re-energize, Feel energetic, Extroversion, Out of the shell, Lower the wall separating yourself from others, Satisfaction, No longer feel bored, Self-pity, Belief in destiny, Redundant, Indifference, Despair, Exhausted, Not interested.

The reversed Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot suggests that a perfect opportunity is appearing, but you have to work hard to grasp it. It is in front of your eyes, don’t miss it! You are so focused on your own problems that you miss the opportunity or you do not even know it exists. Open the door to every possibility, and focus on your ability to seize them.

The reversed Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot indicates that you may not be able to give any reluctant reason you feel obvious to yourself or the other person. Some of your parts are against the flow of events, but you are not admitting their involvement. It can manifest as a kind of slack or lack of motivation and passive positivity. See this mood as a symptom of deeper dissatisfaction and recognize your true feelings. There is something to be learned.

The reversed Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot also reflects a time when you refuse to open up to someone or express your true feelings, instead, you withdraw and isolate yourself from others. Be aware that this can affect those close to you. Therefore, pay attention to their needs as well as your own.

On a more positive note, if you have gone through a period of stagnation, depression, or fear, you will begin to feel insecure and want to exit this trail. Get rid of any negative thoughts or disappointments. Take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to you. Reconnect with other people and let them know how much you appreciate them.

IV. The guideline of Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

The Cups suit represents the emotional and spiritual aspects of life – imagination, imagination, emotions, love. Number four in this suit refers to uncomfortable times where a person might become dissatisfied with life and feel miserable and stagnant.

Four of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot wants you to have a clear view of how you have become inactive or distracted. You may have been bogged down by negativity, hopelessness, or a feeling of being limited. However, seeing the world through such a narrow scope is not in your favor. Cut off certain forces that weaken you, making you feel ineffective. Sometimes, you have to define who you are by defining what you are against. Decide that you are not as heavy as a cup of earth, not as smooth as a cup of water, not as chaotic as a cup of air. Rather, now might be the time to be aroused as a cup of fire. This stimulation can create liberation from the situation that may have brought you here.

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