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I. The Description of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot

As a possessor of great talent, The Magician always does everything with a high level of skill. Although he is only just beginning to cultivate his dexterity, his talent is already available. There is a little bit of magic when it comes to this card. While in the first card when it is just the beginning, the foolishness of a newcomer, this second card is Magician. A card whose name also speaks for mastery, skill, talent, and the complete opposite of the first card.

Description of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot

This man in The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot is wearing an opposite outfit to The Fool. It is still plaid but has a blue-black shade. Black is the color of mystery and darkness. The dimness of the night attracts curiosity and crime also evokes from the darkness.

The Greeks believed that blue could control the eyes of the demon and it was also the color of money. Magician’s outfit is no longer the same and repetitive as The Fool’s. The difference and more stylized in his costume help people see and recognize the flexibility of the Magician. He is no ordinary person because this figure has four arms. Four arms hold four typical symbols of the Tarot: Pentacle, Cup, Sword, Wand.

The box placed at the feet of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot is likened to Pandora’s box. Greek legend has it that, Zeus gave a box to the Pandora woman on his wedding day and had told her not to open the box under any circumstances. But questioning and curiosity drove her to have to see with its contents. From that moment on, all sickness, catastrophe, death, and war came from there, and one could only find a little hope that the name Pandora brings to mankind to continue existing. It is unclear if this hope remains since the cup of blood is already placed above the box and it is unknown when the box will be opened. The crime was freed as four shadows on the wall behind The Magician.

That is why the four symbols in Magician’s hand have a hint of darkness. Sword as an expression of aggression and carnage. The wand is for hatred, like aggression. Money represents greed and fall. The cup of blood represents bloodthirst and ambition. These four crimes are all on hand, but seemingly do not belong to The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot. With just a little mistake, the “talent” combined with “crime” is too much of an imagination.

II. The general meaning of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Apply Creativity, Discover someone’s hidden talents, Dexterity, Quickness, Talent revealed, The ability to achieve goals, Willpower, Discipline, Confidence, Holiness, Autonomy, Learning from trial and mistake, Opportunity, the ability to solve the problem, Adaptation to the change, Solidness, The center of attention, Self-promotion, Independence, Ingenuity.

Traditionally, The Magician is a person who can perform practical magic – like in healing, rituals of transformation, alchemical transmutations, enchantments, and the like. A modern Magician is any person who completes the circuit between heaven and earth; someone who seeks to bring the sacred gold inside within her or himself.

When Tarot was born, even a talented healer who was not an ordained cleric was considered allied with The Devil. For obvious reasons, the line between deceiving the eye with the skill of hand and charging the world with magical will was not clearly distinguished in the first Tarot cards.

Older Tarot cards never make it clear what The Magician is doing. It is best to expand your imagination with this Deviant Moon Tarot card. Let’s visualize yourself demonstrating something unique, guided by the forces of evolution that spontaneously emerge from within your soul.

III. The reversed meaning of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Misuse of someone’s talent, Lack of imagination, Confused, Uncoordinated efforts, Unable to learn new skills, Weakness, Lack of decision, Selfish behavior, Depression, Helplessness, Hesitant to seize the opportunity, Waste of energy or resources, Unrealistic goals, Fail to learn from previous mistakes, Overconfidence, Lack of ingenuity, Arrogance, Lack of self-confidence or willpower.

The reversed Magician Deviant Moon Tarot shows you may be working against your own creation. Perhaps you feel that your ideas are too scandalous or violate precedent. Perhaps you feel it should be someone else imparting these insights or challenges. Or perhaps you are uncomfortable taking a leadership position, even if it is only temporary.

Just ask yourself what you should let go of and be courageous for your beliefs and tell your truth.

IV. The guideline of The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot

Let’s have faith in your innate creativity. The Magician Deviant Moon Tarot recommends giving your questioning nature and the freely linked mind plenty of space to explore the subject at hand. Act as if you are an open and curious scientist. Through this process, you can bring freshness and insight into situations that are both stimulating and catalyst.

You don’t have to understand it all intellectually. Also, intuition is your trump card. React naturally to what is right in front of you. There is no reason to hold yourself back. Your natural impulse is exactly what is needed, and the right timing and your elegant style will help solve any problem.

You have many solid relationships in your life, your personality is naturally confident, agile but stubborn, and sometimes late. You are multi-talented by nature, but that is why there are always dangers lurking around. With just a slight rise in the “ego”, you will easily lose yourself and fall into the temptation of money, fame, or love.

You do not have a specific role model in love, but once you fall in love, you are really faithful. Your love is passionate and filled with emotions. You are quite generous and well-behaved to the person you love and the love that comes to you is quite the right time.

Your itinerary is full of desire and also has a specific plan to get to your destination, but the so-called fickle nature makes it a rare opportunity to adventure.

If you are involved with law or any religion, someone you know will be the main factor involved in you. But with your acumen, you can use the emotional side to slowly negotiate and settle.

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