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I. The upright meaning of 10 De Deniers

upright meaning of 10 De Deniers

The material cycle has been completed, as shown by the change of color of the two orange pentagrams and especially the white axis connecting them vertically. The road to prosperity has closed. In the material field, this is the time when creativity turns into practice. Money and material will turn into a sense of purity and other pure energy. This card refers to all questions beyond the body, reincarnation, miracles, and eternity. Ten of Pentacles signaled the emergence of Ace of Wands: the next stage will take place on the path of creative and sexual energy.

10 De Deniers embodies happiness, joy, satisfaction and emotional fulfillment, especially in the area of personal ​​relationships and family. It is almost an idyllic state of peace, harmony, and love where all of your dreams and wishes are fulfilled, and you are looking forward to your luck. Since this is number 10, this card forecasts the realization of this pleasant state, so you should stop for a moment to appreciate all you have already accomplished, and you should be thankful for what life is offering you right now.

Just like a happy family living in a cozy home, this card perfectly illustrates a harmonious family life. All members of the family get on well, there is a lot of happiness and shared love. Nobody argues or causes tension. It is an environment of peace and happiness that lends itself to affectionate and caring relationships. The presence of this card can even reflect a family vacation where you can rest and relax together, and keep cheerful memories. A family reunion can take place. It is a wonderful time to strengthen ties and extend an enjoyable future.

10 De Deniers is also a very positive card in terms of romantic relationships and can indicate either the bright beginning of a new relationship or the ultimate satisfaction of a long-term relationship. Commitment and love are the conditions for such satisfaction, and this card promises that with a little effort, lasting love can be strengthened. It is a time of pleasure that must be shared with the person you love.

Beside relationships and family, this card also reflects your system of personal values ​​and aspirations that will bring long-awaited satisfaction and happiness into your life. It represents a period of lucidity regarding your beliefs and your personal values, ​​and you have managed to create a life in line with these values. It can also reflect a spiritual or religious person who lives in peace and harmony as strong family values ​​that were instilled early in his/her life.

10 De Deniers encourages you to listen to your heart and to seize the opportunities that your intuition shows. As an intuitive person, you know that you can trust your instinct because when you really inspired by something, you know that is the way to go. Let’s try to find opportunities that will satisfy you and match your personal values rather than simply following the path that others are tracing for you. You must do what seems right to you.

II. The reversed meaning of 10 De Deniers

The negative side of this card refers to the rejection of the body due to sexual characteristics, inability to forget the past, the feeling of living a wasteful life, or a person who someone who owns a huge fortune but never feels happy in life.

In the upright, 10 De Deniers represents or announces a happy family, deep love and respect from everyone involved. But in reverse, there is something hinders that perfect image and the emotional connection is blocked. You might be hoping for a special time with a loved one, but it seems like everything is falling apart. You may be arguing, not spending enough time together or not respecting each other. Your hopes for a harmonious relationship are thwarted for the moment. Therefore, you should try to treat each other with respect and love in order to restore harmony and peace in your relationship. At the same time, you can make the first move by showing compassion and respect so that others can eventually follow your example and reward you for it.

The reversed 10 De Deniers can also highlight an inconsistency between personal values ​​and events. You do not live according to your personal values, ​​and you are not being true to yourself. You allow others to determine what will make you happy rather than searching within yourself for that source of fulfillment. As a result, you wonder if you really believe in what you are doing. At the same time as your initiatives to try to get things done, it is also very important to review the coherence between your values ​​and your actions, otherwise, it may become an obstacle for the future.

10 De Deniers in reverse can also mean that you neglect your family and prioritize material goals such as your career or personal enrichment. Your work/life balance is reduced, and you spend less and less time with your family. You must clearly define where your personal values ​​are and what is really achievable. If you continue to sacrifice those around you, you will find that the relationships will suffer, and you will probably not be able to achieve the family fulfillment which you were aiming for.

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