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I. The upright meaning of 8 De Baton

upright meaning of 8 De Baton

The perfection in this center will be manifested by extreme concentration, everything is minimized to the essential nature, expressed by two cut flowers. Creativity has reached its peak: this is perfect when one knows how to draw a circle with a single line. In terms of sex, we achieve sublimation, pure creative energy, orgasm. The power becomes non-violent, the ideal realm of martial arts: fighting without fighting. Power radiates from one person and forces people to submit to it without action. In this highly contemplative state, there is no presence of what is so-called the effort, and we are unaware of fatigue.

8 De Baton announces that differences and tensions will definitely be behind you, and you will finally have freedom and space to advance your projects and activities. This card augurs a high level of energy and movement that propels you brilliantly to achieve your goals at a much faster pace than before. You may be overwhelmed by work, but it is an excellent time to be enthusiastic and vigorous about the progress you will make. It also represents a very thoughtful shift and activity.

Number 8 concerns the structure whereas the wands diffuse raw energy. Thus, the structure of it creates a channel through which raw energy can flow. You are so sure of your goal that all the distractions have been put aside, and you can devote yourself to your task with unmoved concentration, determination, and will. This experience can be very productive and allow you to accomplish many things in a short time.

With this card, you can expect a fast realization of an ongoing project and also the appearance of something new and even more exciting and interesting. There is really nothing that can stop you now because you are overflowing with energy and ideas, and because you can not stand waiting for the end of one project to start another. To maximize this energy, it is important to ensure that your business focuses on ambitious goals and invest in the right things at the right time. You should do your best to finish one task before moving on to the other next. 8 De Baton means you have to strike while the iron is hot. This is definitely an action-oriented card that encourages you to act quickly to find the best available opportunities. There is no waiting when this card appears, so let’s determine where to direct your energy and go for it!

Often, this card also suggests air transport. It is more likely to be a short-term trip, such as a business trip or a short vacation. You may enjoy a tour that visits about ten countries in as many days! On the other hand, it warns about the hurried and frenzied progress of a situation that can lead to erroneous decisions. It will be important to have all of your resources to take advance of them according to your interests. Be careful not to go headlong without a clear idea of ​​direction.

II. The reversed meaning of 8 De Baton

If this card is in a negative sense, it will be paralysis, stop all movements, extreme perfectionism to a level of suffocation.

This reversed card can reveal significant delays, particularly with regard to short-term trips or strategies. Despite a lot of energy and enthusiasm to get things done, you are now faced with multiple obstacles along the way. It is incredibly frustrating and you are more and more impatient every day. Let’s keep looking for ways to get around these unexpected obstacles. This is the only way to succeed in your projects. This card in reverse also means that you are turning a good idea into reality or you are studying an interesting strategy in advance, but you will have to slow down and reevaluate each of the next steps before continuing. You may miss something in your haste and inevitably make mistakes.

Similarly, 8 De Baton in reverse maybe a warning to delay your activities for a short time until the situation becomes stable and predictable. You may also be inclined to have many ideas at a time and not know which one to choose in priority or how to use it. Barely a choice begins to materialize in your mind that another idea appears and you instantly lose the course. The problem is that with this approach, you will not accomplish anything because you jump from the rooster to the donkey.

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