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I. The upright meaning of 6 De Baton

upright meaning of 6 De Baton

Wands reaches his basic expression – it is a pleasure. We have surrendered to temptation and entered into the pleasure, the ultimate sensual desire, the joy of creation. Sex and creativity are experienced, and we are happy to be ourselves and to do what we do. For an artist, this is the time when he/she finds a way to express his/her unique personality. Labor is a joy. For boxers or energy workers, this is an expression of Air – a threshold of divine energy.

6 De Baton announces success, victory, and social recognition. Not only have you achieved your goals, but also your efforts and results are publicly recognized. You may have recently won, or you will soon receive an award, an enthusiastic welcome from the public, or recognition from your peers for the work you have done. It can also be just a pat on the back or a compliment on the quality of your work but it instills a high level of self-confidence and gives you the strength to continue your efforts.

This card reveals that you have used your strengths and talents to achieve a positive result. You have managed to dodge doubt and confusion by minimizing distractions and focusing on the task at hand. You have overcome the obstacles along the way, and now you are mobilizing all of your efforts on the one goal that will lead you to success. It is your time of glory and notoriety.

6 De Baton is ​​an extraordinarily positive encouragement to believe in yourself and your success. Thus, you should faith in what you have personally accomplished and how it will be perceived by others. Do not let fear or doubt prevents you from success. You can be proud of what you have accomplished, and you are worthy of the recognition of others. This card also bodes mainly for the success and construction of your personal reputation and contact. You want to succeed in what you do, and at the same time, you want to make sure others learn it and give you the recognition you deserve.

You may end up doing your own promotion more frequently by sharing your methods with others to succeed and encouraging them to follow a similar path. If you do not already, you will soon have beautiful stories to tell in your personal networks. You may even be eligible to apply for prizes or scholarships to build your name and receive public recognition.

The disadvantage of 6 De Baton is that it can also produce self-sufficiency, arrogance and selfish behavior. Because of success, you may think that no one will stop you, and you may end up with a huge ego. If you keep this attitude, it is likely that someone will denigrate and criticize you, with the risk eventually generating disappointment and public discredit. If you are occupied by the energy of this card, imagine how you would feel if someone made you feel inferior or disappointed.

II. The reversed meaning of 6 De Baton

The negative aspects of this card, as well as in all card number 6, reflect excessive self-esteem. The artist begins to be complacent and does the same work repeatedly; people sink into selfishness, short-sightedness, or think too much about sex or creativity. We may also be lacking in joy or being hindered by the rejection of pleasure.

The reversed 6 De Baton means that you are likely to doubt your abilities and your potential for success. You may harbor negative feelings about yourself and feel as if you have failed personally. You lack confidence and need the support and recognition of others to regain your strength. This card can also mean that you have fallen out of favor and that you have not received the public recognition you sought. You have not received any feedback for your efforts other than negative comments. You may have expected things to work well but instead, you are punished in some way, or you have been scorned despite all the efforts made so far.

If a particular project has not had the desired success, you would better change the environment to rebuild your reputation. This reversed card shows that you may be trying to do too many things at a time and then fail to meet all the commitments. It may be better to focus on a few small tasks and perform them correctly. This will help you feel effective and stay engaged with the activities you undertake.

The 6 De Baton in reverse can also reflect the ephemeral nature of success. Just for a moment, you have reached the top because you have accomplished great things, and you expect to persevere at this level. Unfortunately, if the pace suddenly no longer follows, you will be dethroned and criticized. Victory and triumph are endearing sensations, but keep in mind that they are only temporary, and you will have to keep fighting for recognition.

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