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I. The upright meaning of Reine de Deniers

upright meaning of Reine de Deniers

She was looking at a large coin in her hand and at eye level. Is that a mirror hanging on the wall? Or a deep reflection? Queen of Pentacles is faithful to her money, status, health, and property. She can summon a huge amount of energy to keep everything, but she can also breakthrough with unexpected projects. We can say that she is the one who has the courage to look directly at her face. She is easily tempted by greed. She can represent a long-term effort to ensure material safety, to build a house, etc. The danger in her is the lack of foresight, her insistence on material preservation without thinking about investing in it, refusing to go ahead, or considering other aspects of reality.

Reine de Deniers is a very maternal card that expresses rational energy. It is the original mother, the Earth. She shows her love for others by cooking, cleaning, keeping the home cozy, welcoming others, and providing a decent income to financially support the family. She is also able to work full time, take care of children, keep the house clean while taking the time to read her favorite magazine. She probably has a secret bank account or stock portfolio that no one else knows. She strives to create a warm and fulfilling environment for her family and loved ones, and thus, she gives out unconditional love and support.

She can be a protective person who can provide a loving and supportive solution to help you to shed the burden of the past. That person can be a teacher, a counselor, a mentor or someone you are very close to. Alternatively, it can be a part of yourself, especially if you like to encourage others, take care of them and provide them with a reassuring and comfortable lifestyle. This card means that it is important to be able to live independently, with a stable income and enough time and space to feed your family and loved ones.

You may be trying to create a better balance between your work and personal life, doing the best you can in both areas and trying not to favor one over the other. At the same time, you are also able to find the time to take care of yourself and all your other commitments. Reine de Deniers represents prosperity and security. It means that you have worked hard to ensure a level of financial or physical security that, in turn, gives you the ability to be generous and share your wealth and prosperity with those you love.

You have used your financial prosperity to build a comfortable family environment and focus as much on the growth of your family as on your personal wealth. This Queen asks you to maintain a compassionate, stimulating, practical and down-to-earth attitude when it comes to balancing your personal relationships with your current situation. You must focus on creating a calm and stable lifestyle. You have to be resourceful and pragmatic and find realistic but simple solutions to problems with a minimum of hassle.

II. The reversed meaning of Reine de Deniers

The reversed Reine de Deniers means that you are getting more and more involved in the work. You can put your career ahead of your family or relationships, but it will inevitably have a negative impact. Of course, it is acceptable temporarily, but you should be wary of the long-term impact. To rebalance your life, you may return to your favorite corner of nature (a forest, a beach or a mountain) to rejuvenate with this fresh and natural energy.

Similarly, this reversed card may mean that you care about whether you can be financially independent while maintaining a strong family bond or not. You may be afraid to invest in your career to gain financial comfort at the expense of family happiness. Sometimes, it is simply impossible to do everything, and you will have to decide. You may also become a homebody or even isolated from others. If that is the case, you should give up this habit and keep in touch with your friends and family because they are the one who will help and support you.

Sometimes, reversed Reine de Deniers means that your mother’s instincts are making people close to you become stifling. Your intentions are good which you love to cook, clean and take care of those around you, but it would also be good to let others be responsible for themselves. You can not always do laundry or prepare dinner. You have to take care of yourself and let others take over. Again, take a step back and stop taking on all of the daily chores.

III. When Reine de Deniers speaks up

“I, Queen of Pentacles, taking my desires moving nowhere further but here, in the heart of the matter. I reached out with all my strength to a certain point, I gathered inside the golden circle symbolizing me. I did not hold a single sign, even though it was the faintest thing to overcome myself. I am everything to what I desire. You can assume that I am greedy, narrow, stubborn and egotistical. I can say that I present everywhere.

Who can distract me? Who can control me? Who can make me deviate from my interests? I protect my territory with endless power. If the past exists, it is right here. And right here is also my future. Country, destiny, fortune, realistic mind: if I am not there, who will bind the kingdom? I am the treasure protector; I am the dog who will protect the sun buried in its heart at all cost”.

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