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I. The upright meaning of 8 D’épée Tarot

Wisdom reaches perfection: empty. This card implies that the mind has stopped to be consistent with its concept. It is a strong concentration, a state of ecstasy or deep contemplation in which the two sides of the dissipated sides are eradicated into praise of the times. The solution to the problem becomes clear, beyond the power of reasoning. In the state of unconsciousness, all revelations are possible (everything can be discovered).

upright meaning of 8 D'épée Tarot

8 D’épée Tarot reflects the fact that you feel trapped by your own thoughts and perspectives. It means assessing a difficult situation from a new angle. You should use your intellect and emotional intelligence to determine the best path to follow. This card is often a sign that it is better not to make important decisions at this stage because your thinking has been constrained and obscured by the limitations you have imposed on yourself.

There are many available options for you but you must be in the right frame of mind to know which one to choose. This means to open your eyes and assess the situation from a different and less imposing angle. It is also possible that the proliferation of ideas leads to an effervescence which is difficult to manage. It is better to wait until you are calmer before making important decisions and taking action. If you feel helpless for ongoing events, you must bring everything back on track, take responsibility for yourself with your eyes wide open to the real choices you face. The fact is that you have options, even if they do not satisfy you.

8 D’épée Tarot portrays a dilemma in which you are faced with the difficulty of a painful decision. You are then in a dead end, uncertain of the direction to take. However, what you may not realize yet is that the decision of the eighth card is the result of our own actions. Despite the fact that you have been marginalized, there is still a way out. The solution is simply to deal with the situation in a direct but tactful way and, you can take advantage of great inner strength to face your choice.

This is the time, to be honest with yourself and others to get rid of the burden of fear and guilt which this card implies. It may also indicate that your benefits will have to fight with others, which can create obstacles for your ambition. Let’s get back your power and realize that you always have options, whether others are opposed to you or not. You do not have to suffer either their way of thinking or their rules.

II. The reversed meaning of 8 D’épée Tarot

When we want to read the negative side of this card, we should consider it as a knowledge barrier, all the diseases that affect cognition from a coma to dementia or language disorder; fear of nothingness or fear of emptiness, drowsiness.

When 8 D’épée Tarot appears in reverse, it means you are going to destroy the barriers of a powerful self-limiting belief. Old fears that once had a great hold on your life are now losing their influence. It means that the veil is rising and allows you to see with lucidity.

You can choose to see it all, rather than just seeing the worries, fears or limitations that surround a small part of you. This card also represents the escape.

Like a magician, you overcome the traps that bind you and blind you. You become more skilled, deeper and you can easily guess the available opportunities to you. You can start to see what makes you really happy in this life.

Once getting out of the fog, you can revisit the light and appreciate your own value. You can see that you are worth so much more than you ever imagined. What different roles do you play in life? Are you an artist? An actor? A lover? A mother? A writer? A musician? A teacher? A wise? An expert?

Your roles change depending on whom you interact with. Moreover, each role is only one element of all of those you are able to embody. Do not feel trapped by limiting yourself to only one role, worrying exclusively about one aspect of your life that fails to summarize your whole personality. You can try to find out all the complex roles you play in this life, write them down, remember everything you are. Let’s take off the blindfold and cut the links. The reversed 8 D’épée Tarot tells you to become aware of your true worth with your eyes wide open. You will realize then that your fears are tiny in relation to the greatness of what you can accomplish.

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