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I. The upright meaning of 5 de Deniers

upright meaning of 5 de Deniers

In the focus of stability (four pentacles are located at the four corners of the card), a concern is opening up to the spiritual, planetary or cosmic aspects. This may be an industrial capitalist who invests in good “clean” energy for the planet, a big store that launches a new organic product line, or even construction of a temple or spiritual center. On the body, it may be the beginning of exercise that goes beyond simple exercise, diet changes, or alternative healing methods.

5 de Deniers generally announces a period of financial conflicts, poverty, and adversity. It also indicates that you have suffered a significant financial loss or failure. This card shows many faces of physical misery and deprivation, including losing money, poverty, illness, unemployment, and loneliness. If you have suffered a loss, there are still surrounding people who are ready to help you. There is always a solution for any issue, so just close your eyes and let your inner light guide you.

Often, the cause of these financial problems depends on your own emotions: greed leads to loss, anxiety leads to error and possessiveness leads to loneliness. By focusing on the material, you lose sight of your spiritual development. You can be rich for a while, but everything will be lost if you do not learn anything.

On a psychological level, this card can indicate difficulty in your relationship with money and material things. If money becomes the main driving force of life and the unit of measure by which you judge your value, lack of money can produce anxiety and a feeling of exclusion. For example, if you, unfortunately, encounter financial difficulties such as losing a job or an investment, you risk falling into the trap of losing confidence in your ability to recreate a positive financial situation. Therefore, you should not only consider your actual financial situation but also your attitude towards the money.

What are your fears about money and wealth? Are you worried that you never have enough, or do you have faith in your ability to create what you need to live a prosperous and fulfilling life, regardless of circumstances? Frequently, wealth is based as much on your psychological state as on your actual financial condition. In a world that often equates success with financial wealth, the loss announced by 5 de Deniers can be a setback to humility for self-esteem.

This loss can occur in many ways, but even though an external event may seem to be causing it, this card often reflects that the loss comes from no one but you. A spiritual loss precedes or often accompanies the loss of material wealth. This card can also indicate a moment when one feels lonely, abandoned, ignored and unwanted. You can be left out of the holidays and bullied by others. Thus, you desperately need support and comfort from those around you.

II. The reversed meaning of 5 de Deniers

The negative side of Five of Pentacles could be a destiny reversal, a bad doctor, a man immersed in drugs or alcohol, a brutal financial advisor, a fraud, an unscrupulous capitalist, stock crisis or nervous breakdown.

5 De Deniers in reverse means the end of hard times, especially if you have recently suffered a significant financial loss or job loss. You can find new sources of income, a new job, or someone has helped you while you get back on your feet. You may begin to feel that life is worth living again and regaining your self-esteem. Finally, you can see a way out of your financial difficulties, and your hope is renewed.

However, the reversed 5 De Deniers can sometimes indicate the persistence of inner and spiritual poverty. It reflects a time when you feel isolated and alone, even if you are surrounded by many people. You may feel that there is something out of place and you have trouble defining what it is. You may find that you have focused too much on your material wealth and neglected your spiritual well-being.

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