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I. The upright meaning of 9 De Baton

upright meaning of 9 De Baton

On this level, the Wand is faced with the choice between life and death. In this card, which has completely been deprived, the foliage is no longer growing, the factor that reaches self-imposed is not controlled. It is the experience of a true or symbolic end of the ego. For the artist, it is the acceptance that someone will use his/her work. For boxers, it is a risk of being killed. In terms of sex, it is an essential reunion.

9 De Baton means that you are about to complete a particular project or task, but at the last minute, you face an inconvenient obstacle or setback. You should know that you have the necessary inner resources to overcome all the difficulties you encounter, even if they seem overwhelming to you. You are so close to finally succeed, do not give up! This card is a sign of hope and encouragement: if you are strong and firm in the face of difficulties, you will reach your goal. These will be the last challenges you face before you see the end of the tunnel. This is like the last test or the last annoyance before the arrival at the top.

You feel exhausted but your skill and determination have grown and will help you to win this last challenge. You have the advantages and by appealing to all of your courage and abilities, you will win. You are certain to succeed because the most difficult obstacles are now behind you. This card encourages you to resilience. You will still continue to be challenged by invisible enemies, and your interests will be questioned. Even in the face of such adversity, when you feel criticized and bruised, you will have to remain patient and vigilant.

You may also have had setbacks that leave you feeling mistrustful of others or even of yourself. The turning point will come when you are able to leave the past behind and keep your mind open in the future. Although you have had troubles in the past, this does not mean that you will have to deal with new ones. Let’s turn the page and go forward.

Sometimes, 9 De Baton encourages you to take no more risk. You must expect the worst and take extra precautions to avoid any negative consequences regarding your projects. You must be on your guard and beware of any hidden obstacles or adversaries that could harm you.

II. The reversed meaning of 9 De Baton

The negative aspects of this card refer to the fear of death, refusing to go through the turning point of life, stepping back in art, powerlessness, and infertility.

The reversed 9 De Baton means you might be reluctant to make a long-term commitment. You may feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities or lack of support from others. You may also lack the necessary resources, such as finances, skills or time, to deal with the issues. As a result, you are reluctant to make commitments for fear that your responsibilities become too heavy, and you may also be more inclined to be defensive. The protections you had built become your cage and condemn you to wander with your old habits and your outdated behaviors. Be careful not to encounter the frustrations and grievances of the past. Just try to let go.

The reversed 9 De Baton also advises you not to make assumptions or hasty judgments. Let’s calm down and accept things as they come and stay flexible and free yourself from the pressures. A holiday or a break can help you to relax. Sometimes, this card can reveal extreme paranoia or even schizophrenia. You may feel that you are constantly being assaulted or monitored. Often, this indicates an inner fear rather than a real external threat. Counseling or psychological help is then highly advised.

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