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I. Overview of the Temperance – Tempérance Tarot

Temperance – Tempérance Tarot, number 14, depicting an angel. This card appears after the work of Major card XIII scans out useless things, creating the needed space to reset the inner circle. The period of peace and health has come. We should note that “Temperance” has neither an article nor gender. We can talk about it with the meaning of both sexes: male when it comes to angels, and women when it comes to Temperance.

la tempérance tarot

Like the Emperor in the first decimal sequence, Temperance – Tempérance Tarot is number 4, the number of stability. This angel anchored to the heart of the Earth and did not fly, light blue wings represented that ability. Temperance overcomes mundane, and he/she can soar into subtle areas. The golden pupils in his/her eyes glowed with clear consciousness, evoking a verse of Rilke, “All angels are scary.” This supernatural gaze may be the only capable angel of seeing God: Gabriel. Temperance’s eyes and hair were filled with divine light, and the red five-pointed flower that opened on the top of his/her head showed that he/she was carrying the essence. His/her thoughts manifest in the form of a wonderful fragrance that goes far beyond words.

II. Keywords of the Temperance – Tempérance Tarot

Guardian Angel – Discernment – Blending – Circulation – Harmony – Healing – Protection – Mercy – Caution – Abstinence – Healthy – Calm.

However, we have seen this angel anchored to the heart of the Earth. Two snakes are entwined under his/her feet with caress. Temperance – Tempérance Tarot, therefore, has all the energy of the earth and dominates the life force of his/her. Two snakes are two extremes of sex, male and female of Tantra or of Nadis, Ida and Pingala, they are intertwined, along the spine up to blue wings. This image refers to the symbol of two snakes of Hermes, as well as of Quetzalcoatl, the winged snake in the Indian tradition before Columbus found America. This angel grew beyond the power of his/her gender; once again, we see the power of the animal that is guided towards heaven and into the spiritual energy in his/her blond hair.

The four yellow triangles on Temperance’s chest (Tempérance Tarot) imply four human focal points: intellect, emotion, sex, and material. These four focal points are not connected, but close together, and have their own rules. There is a yellow circle above, symbolizing perfection, an engraved triangle which allows each element to fit in appropriately. This is the fifth element, which is one of our core elements, interacting with each of the four elements and allowing the establishment of harmony among human beings.

Similarly, we can see a hand, symbol of luck and peace, on a bright red cloth in the chest of an angel’s outfit: the benevolent heart of his/her is shining.

Temperance – Tempérance Tarot ensures these energies and fluids can be connected. We can say that he/she is mixing water and wine together. His/her actions have made the energies no longer contradictory, there are no competitors, but only the supplementary ones. This is the secret of balance. Temperance refers to the return of health, mental and emotional balance, control of passions, not by suppression but by scouting. Temperance brings a message of peace: “Find your focus; Your lively pendulum needs to avoid extremes; Let’s follow the neutral path”.

Under the hem of his/her outfit, we can see a shoe tip, one of the purple patches that rarely seen in Tarot. This angel’s foot was also soothed. This is a blend of dynamic red and blue that easily absorbs on the body of Temperance. Then, we deduce that inside his/her mantle, the angel’s body is purple. He/she has noticed the unity between the positive and negative, active and passive. This is a secret revealed through that foot.

III. Interpretation of the Temperance – Tempérance Tarot

Temperance – Tempérance Tarot often a sign of healing and reconciliation. We are being protected. There is an urge to find a balance between things that seem opposite to each other. People often live with internal conflicts, such as for a very athletic person, it is a conflict between the intellect and the rest of himself, or vice versa, between the body and the rest of personalities; for those who are performers, it is a conflict between the onstage and offstage; or it may be a conflict between the concept of rising spirits and the desire for sex, etc. In any case, Temperance urges us to choose the middle path, create unity, then start from this point to deal with the rest of the world.

This card also sends warnings to people who abuse alcohol and stimulants, to those who know they are unbalanced by their own actions. The work of Temperance –  Tempérance Tarot does not include cutting away but adding values to moderate the pleasures that cause harm to us: add faith in jealousy, add calmness to greed. There is a red flower on the angel’s forehead that scents for his/her thoughts.

  • Figure 1: Four points and a circle: four elements and the core;
  • Figure 2: The flow between two water bottles;
  • Figure 3: Angel’s purple shoes: point of contact with the ground.

IV. When the Temperance – Tempérance Tarot speaks up

“I am forever with you. I do not leave you for a moment because my true nature was a guardian. You cannot imagine the numerous dangers and diseases that I have saved you from them. I am there, I look after you. When you dream, I watch your dream. I chase nightmares away. “I love you forever. Believe in me, because when you do not trust me anymore, I will get smaller and smaller and become invisible. I will lose some ability. But once you start seeing me again, I will work more and more effectively, both within you and outside the world. Just like a mother who gives a child to a trusted person to look after, you can entrust yourself to me as a child. I will protect you. How many of you suddenly realized my existence when I pulled you back as soon as a car was about to hit you? Or when I intervened so that you do not get on the plane, which then exploded in flight? Or when I stop your footsteps when it is only a short distance to the abyss? I am a balance and prosperity. I am the inner voice inside screaming: “Watch out!” And make you avoid deadly mistakes, accidents, irreversible actions. “I am in a constant state of alarm for your benefit. I am the mercy of the universe. I communicate with nature and with all entities that control the world, ensuring that every favor is on your side. I stopped the dangers, I instructed the exchanges. I am present in East, West, South, North, at the four corners of the world, so you can live in this life with all confidence”.

“I am called “guardian angel”, which is the image the Church envisioned me, in the form of a child. I am like that, but more than that. I am part of your subconscious mind, the kindness, the part that helps and cares for you even when you sleep. I am here to urge you to act when that action is good for you. Believe me: I am here to balance you. Those who suffer and torture themselves do not know me, but I am still there for them. I just wait for them to see me and call me”.

I only ask you one thing: that you have to realize that you are not alone. But then you ask: how to reach me? I will answer you: you have to start by imagining me. Firstly, You can invoke my childish image as a guardian angel; that is a good start. Let’s play with me like a child talking to his angel. Let’s act as if I were present. Let’s imagine me, right there, right next to you all the time, and my only purpose is to help you. Most importantly, like a child who is full of trust, you must accept my help”.

“Let’s give up your defensive weapons. When I need something, ask me, “My guardian angel, help me, intervene to help me in this trouble, in this difficulty”. I will respond to all your requests, whether it is practical or spiritual. Let’s ask me to protect you; I like to protect you. Let’s tell me, “My patron saint, watch for my health, help me find a job that really brings me happiness, make me realize the full potential of people and ensure that make sure my family does not lack anything”.

Or tell me: “My patron God, help me stay calm in difficult situations, help me develop awareness, give me strength, improve my health, and make sure I make myself useful for everyone around every day. I have faith in you”.

“Even if you do not believe me, keep imitating that belief, and little by little, I will begin to appear“.

“Time is my ally because time always brings wisdom to you. I have always been with you since you were born until you left, and that is another birth”.

V. Traditional interpretations of the Temperance – Tempérance Tarot

Healing – Health – Protection – Motivation balance – Exchange – Reconciliation – Circulation of Fluid (Blood, Water) – Energy flow – Movement – Dreams alert – Harmony – Peace – Calm – Mix – Balance – Mix water into someone’s wine – Balance the vital forces – Nature of the Angel (Non-Gender Angel) – From excess to moderate trends – Self-Contemplation – Self-dialogue – Messenger of grace – Spiritual healing – Guardian angel – Reminiscent of the deceased (Memorial of funerals) – Reincarnation of souls – Reincarnation – Winged snake.

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