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I. The upright meaning of 3 de Deniers

upright meaning of 3 de Deniers

This card may represent a physical investment that has brought the first revenue or the first loss. It is also fertilization when a male cell and a female cell have created a third life. It is the company that launched its first product without knowing whether they will meet customer’s needs or not. It is accepting economic risks or hitting a big gamble in a game of chance. It may be the absorption of a substance whose effect is not yet known, a cosmetic surgery that is uncertain about the results, or even a decision to live abroad.

3 de Deniers, like all cards number 3, represents the initial completion of a goal or plan. Here, the three involves the realization and manifestation of a creative enterprise or a construction project. Your inspiration begins to materialize in the material world, and decisions have been made successfully. Satisfaction is highly appreciated and the project is right on track. You have all the needed skills to reach your goals in life, so you are able to succeed in all of your endeavors. You want to improve the quality of your life or work.

The message of this card is an encouragement. If you continue to work towards the realization of your dreams and if you never let disillusions shower your enthusiasm, you will finally experience prosperity and achieve your ambition. You must do a job that satisfies you and that you can really be proud of. What are the new departures you would like in the hardware field? Is there a project or creative company that you have postponed for fear of failure?

3 de Deniers means that dreams can be realized in exchange for perseverance, determination, and effort. This card can also mean that you need help to complete your work and that you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. It may be beneficial to share your work with a partner, but only if he/she is as conscientious as you are. This card also announces developments that will occur in a tangible way. It can be your money, your job, your training, your physical health, a house or a project that will produce real results. You will be rewarded for doing a consistent job and for using your skills, knowledge, and talents.

You have made a good start, and you could be recognized as an expert in your field. You will have the opportunity to earn money professionally for what you can do. You want the status, recognition or approval of others, and you feel a sense of accomplishment for a well-done job. Promotion can take place. You can apply your talents to your house or property improvement service, which may involve painting or redecorating. If you are a student, you will get good grades or will graduate. On the sentimental level, this card reveals too little emotional involvement and too much consideration of materialism, status, social considerations, and family pressures.

II. The reversed meaning of 3 de Deniers

The negative aspect of this card includes a hasty investment in an inadequate prognosis, a problem related to fertility (false spasms, ectopic pregnancy), hyperactivity that causes physical fatigue, merging two companies that created monopolies, or GMO that creates a monster.

3 de Deniers can indicate a lack of teamwork when people compete with each other and try to be as the most competent. You may be trying to work collaboratively with others, but there is a growing level of tension as each person tries to exercise their power or control over the group, which negatively impacts the harmony of involved people. If you rely on the cooperation of others, it may be time to leave your current group or network and partner with others. The lack of harmony and teamwork leading to a negative impact on your performance and may rub off common purpose. It might be better to move on at this point.

This card in reverse means that you are looking for more respect in the workplace. You had to be polite and listen to the opinions and comments of your superiors, but now you seem to be more and more annoyed to always listen rather than give advice. You want to work in an environment where you will have the opportunity to express your own opinion and to be heard, where you will be considered the expert or the leader. You can also look for new colleagues who bring new insights with them to create a more dynamic teamwork environment. The reversed 3 de Deniers can also indicate that your work is quite commonplace, in which your contributions and your experience are not really appreciated or valued. There are not many opportunities for growth and advancement, and you feel that your skills and abilities are not being used effectively. It may be the right time to make a new career choice and find a place where your skills will be valued.

This card also reveals good planning and an impeccable organization, the inversion of this card means that it is necessary for you to bring more energy to your work. If you do not have a clear vision of how you will achieve your goals, it would be beneficial to stop for a while to work and plan your next steps carefully. You need to learn more, work more and learn new skills to carry out an important project. Be careful not to miss out on valuable opportunities because you are afraid of taking a risk.

Others may blame you for not knowing what you are doing and producing poor results. Even if you work hard, you may feel undervalued or dissatisfied and weary. You may focus more on obtaining approval and recognition than doing well. Excessive concern about improving your social status can hinder authentic relationships with others.

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