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I. The upright meaning of 3 De Baton

upright meaning of 3 De Baton

The first energy break, for example, at the time of puberty or first sex. The energy flowed out with a passionate taste of spring. It may also be the creative enthusiasm that is completely spontaneous and intense without any predetermined purpose. Despite taking any work, energetic impulse motivates us to embark on very enthusiastic work and accompany it with the desire to create full of joy.

3 De Baton means that your projects are now well-advanced and you are starting to consider complementary strategies to reap even more benefits in the future. Everything is on time and as planned due to a solid organization and a relentless motivation. This card bodes well for opportunities to broaden your horizons through studies, travel, creative business, and learning. You must quickly seize the surrounding opportunities because there may be many more than you imagine. To better identify and benefit from them, you need to focus, collaborate with competent people, and keep an open mind. You may find that the best opportunities are outside your current environment. It is time to see things in a big way and think about what you can do to open some doors and create more opportunities for personal development and exploration.

This card also announces upcoming changes and challenges as a result of broadening your horizons and exploring unknown terrain. You are probably already aware of imminent changes and challenges and can prepare for them in advance. In the same way, it also realizes the acceptance of the change and the adoption of a vision in the long term. This means that you are in a strong position because you are in control of everything going on around. It is, therefore, a perspective and foresight card, looking for opportunities. It advises you to become a visionary and to take advantage of unlimited imagination. The moment has come to definitely accept your clairvoyance. Let’s explore without fear of new territories.

3 De Baton also reveals a trip. It encourages you to think about the destinations that make you dream about and what you will discover along the way. It makes you travel by waterway to a fa distant area where you will have the opportunity to fully flourish and learn many new things. It can be said that this card is a wonderful opportunity that encourages you to be bold and accomplish this act of faith to truly reveal who you are.

II. The reversed meaning of 3 De Baton

In a more negative sense, this card mentions absurdity and a tendency to not complete things that have begun. Physically, it could be premature ejaculation, excessive sexual desire, the overly seductive posture of hysteria. It can make a person feel like the center of the world to take advantage of that person’s power. In terms of creativity, it can lead to unfair work (not getting paid).

The reversed 3 De Baton means that you have tried to follow your own personal development path but have been unable to achieve the desired goals. There may have been unexpected delays and obstacles along the way. You feel disappointed and frustrated, and the general feeling is that you have wasted your time before you even begin this journey. What you may not realize, however, is that these setbacks make your life more meaningful and contribute significantly to your personal development.

You may also have trouble getting things done, and you have the uncomfortable feeling of being overwhelmed by overloaded tasks. You may have lacked foresight and you were unable to identify problems as they arose, or you have been too negligent for issues related to your project. Let’s divide your project into minor tasks to make them easier to manage and achieve. At the same time, make a risk prediction plan to understand the challenges you may encounter, then create a solution to avoid or minimize those risks.

In regard to your career, 3 De Baton in reverse can predict a lack of cooperation, unnecessary efforts, delays, bad luck or external obstacles. You may be dealing with a shameless business partner and, as such, you may be betrayed in your activities. You may also experience delays in delivery or manufacturing, especially if you are working with a foreign subcontractor at your company. You know that you must be ready to ask for help, but beware that other people are trying to exploit you in this case.

In terms of love and relationships, this reversed card can indicate that a fundamental problem prevents you from pursuing your long-term goals together. Your partner may want to travel or expand his/her horizons by moving to another region or going abroad despite your reluctance. This hinders his/her ambitions and becomes a major problem in your relationship. In the long term, you need to discuss together and reach a compromise.

Similarly, 3 De Baton in reverse can be an indicator of your disinterest in long-distance relationships. You may have experienced this kind of relationship in the past and now realize that it is something that does not really work for you. You are wary of all the inconveniences and negative consequences of such a relationship, and you feel that you are more suited to a person who is truly available and located nearby. You also know that you do not want someone who travels a lot, especially for work, because again, this means that this person will not be fully accessible or available.

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