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I. The upright meaning of 7 De Coupe Tarot

upright meaning of 7 De Coupe Tarot

In this card, love begins to step completely into the real world. It is adorned by humanity and generosity. It is the discovery of the power of kindness, the power of happy and conscious love for the existence of another. We can give away without informing people about it, doing charitable and humanitarian jobs. Being associated with the love of all things but not neglecting daily life, we follow the motto: “there is nothing of me that is not someone else’s”.

7 De Coupe Tarot means that the images in your mind must be regulated not only in your dreams but also in reality. Let’s be wary of wishful thinking or illusions in the options provided to you. This card is a dreamer who is able to see the beauty as well as the hardships and the formidable difficulties in the future. If you are constantly stuck in your own dreams, fantasies and/or fears, you will never be able to move forward, turn these dreams into reality or overcome your fears.

Therefore, it indicates that even though dreaming is a beautiful thing that can inspire action, at some point, you will have to give up on your chimeras and start building tangible projects in real life. A choice must be made even if the apparent multiplicity of options seems to paralyze you out of fear or over-anticipation.

If you are unable to decide because of too many options out there, it is time to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option and make a thoughtful choice. You must also be clear and cautious about your intentions in order to make the best decision. Great opportunities can turn out to be major problems later while less attractive options may ultimately turn out to be golden ones.

With the 7 De Coupe Tarot, there is a big risk of illusion. You must separate real things from illusion and protect yourself from confusing thoughts, fantasies, and ordinary phantasms. Often, this card denounces choices and strategies that have little or no foundation in reality. If you try to implement these ideas in the real world, you will expose yourself to an inevitable disappointment when you realize that they just simply do not work.

This is also a wish card. Each cup is filled with wishes such as wealth, beauty, success and a beautiful house. However, each cup contains a mixed result. Some cups contain a snake or a demon and so, seven cups can all be poisoned gifts. Let’s pay attention to what you want because you may get it with the price. The temptation is associated with this card. With so many possibilities right there, it is easy to be shaken by a cup sheltering the snake of jealousy and cunning.

The temptation will probably have a sexual or emotional nature (a one-night stand, an affair and all the other things that seem innocent and pleasurable). Most of the time, short-term pleasure will be largely counterbalanced by the unfortunate consequences that will last, in most cases, a lifetime.

The reversed meaning of 7 De Coupe Tarot

On the negative side, this card may include grief over the bad points of the world, aggressiveness, a tendency to force others to help even if those people do not ask for anything. This card may also refer to a self-interested person (who only cares about his/her interests) or someone who is cranky and does not like others.

The reversed 7 De Coupe Tarot is a card of illusions, temptations, and diversionary tactics. It turns out your point of view about life is a bit of an illusion and cannot be realized in the real world. There is a reluctance to face the reality of everyday life and a need to get out of the clouds. You may feel uncomfortable about what you are really looking for. You can also hide a part of yourself. These illusions and diversions must be radically suppressed or seen for what they really are.

You have to refocus and find balance. A more intimate place, such as home or the place where you grew up, can have a reassuring effect. This reversed card can mean that you have trouble with introspection while it might point you to what really satisfies you. Instead of taking yourself a moment to think and meditate, you use every hour of the day to burn your energy in things without interest. You must stop and give yourself time to carefully order your dearest and most realistic wishes.

On a more positive note, the reversed 7 De Coupe Tarot can also indicate an episode during which you will cross a fog of confusion and illusion and then concentrate all your strength on the goal you have chosen. Let’s define your intentions and you will find solutions.

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