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I. The upright meaning of 3 D’épée Tarot

upright meaning of 3 D'épée Tarot

This Major Arcana card refers to the explosion of basic ideas and the most important point of view. It is a sign that intellectual enthusiasm can easily be combined with a passion for learning and reading. This immature wisdom operates purely naturally and cannot recognize the difference between understanding and belief. We can also see the intellectual desire in this card – for example, a student who wants to pass the exam.

The 3 D’épée Tarot represents rejection, sadness, loneliness, sorrow, betrayal, separation, and suffering. Such feelings are more painful when they occur unexpectedly. Fortunately, this card often acts as a warning before it happens. When carefully prepared for a difficult event, an emotional explosion can be minimized and sometimes even completely avoided. However, suffering and sadness are often essential in life. Without pain, there will be no trials and lessons learned. It can be a great source of motivation because it encourages people to overcome obstacles and learn from their mistakes. Every problem you encounter creates an initial worry, or even a pain, that is inevitably transformed into an opportunity to become stronger and change the direction of life through lessons learned. When pain can blur your vision for a while, it will suddenly allow you to see clearly and forget about the past. Although life seems ridiculous in this period, the healing will happen. It needs faith, pride, pampering and time. You will enjoy your luck.

3 D’épée Tarot reminds you that if you can start learning from pain, life will suddenly be less painful. The problems are still there but once they are no longer considered negative or bad, they will lose a lot of impacts. This card encourages you to develop the ability to overcome all the sufferings that appear in front of your eyes. Understanding pain can help you grow. If someone has betrayed you and you think you are not able to love anyone again, let’s overcome that thought. Do not be surprised when your heart escapes from the darkness so you can love more than before.

Likewise, this upright card means loss, difficulty, sacrifice, and broken relationships. In this card, a choice has been made, and you now suffer the consequences of your action. But also, after making your decision, you still have the pain of losing the option you have not chosen. However, the pain of losing something you have already appreciated (such as a comfortable relationship in which you are no longer fulfilling) is necessary to a more rewarding experience in the future.

This is why 3 D’épée Tarot also announces the release. When you suffer a major setback or loss, it is time to cry out loud, this is part of the cleansing process. Expressing your sadness once and for all will help you move on to better times. The risk is to feel overwhelmed by the loss, the surrounding emotions and forget the need to let go and move on. It is time to accept the loss and face reality.

II. The reversed meaning of 3 D’épée Tarot

The negative meaning of this card belongs to every fanatic, stubborn nature, refusing more effort and dissolution. It can also show a lack of consistency with one’s ideas.

In reverse, 3 D’épée Tarot means that you have recently gone through a difficult time. Maybe, a relationship ends, a loved one has disappeared or you have been hurt by a situation that has deeply affected you. Fortunately, this period is over and you are on the road to healing, knowing that behind every cloud, there is a ray of hope! And there are indeed many other things in your life that you can rejoice.

You have reached a point where you are able to accept grief and pain and from where you are ready to move forward. On the other hand, the three swords can also mean that you are having a hard time getting past recent grief. This card means that you still suffer emotionally inside and that you have to go through a process of emotional cleansing to forget the past. You are doing your best to leave that behind and rebuild a new life, but the road is still ahead. Be careful not to get trapped in a time of sadness, and instead, focus on leaving the past behind and embracing new opportunities.

It is always difficult to bear the pain of separation. You should learn to accept your situation to accompany the healing process. Letting go of the pain, giving yourself the right to cry and releasing your sorrow. Once the pain and tears are gone, open the door to new experiences.

If you encounter difficulties in your relationships, this card advises you to take the role of peacemaker, never be afraid to say that you are sorry. Let’s think twice before you open your mouth so you do not regret later. When you see reversed 3 D’épée Tarot, ask yourself, “In which ways am I suffering? By what am I the most afflicted? What can I do to alleviate this pain and learn from it?”

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