Eight of Pentacles – Mermaid Tarot

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Image description on Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot

Have you ever wondered how the world would change if we all knew that love was everywhere when we were all taken care of by our community? That is what the forest elves and mermaids know. Everyone has a gift and plays an important part in their world, and no one will go without carrying that gift and role with them.

Image description on Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot

In the Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot, the smallest and tallest species have to line up to give what they have to receive in return for an amount corresponding to what they have given. This is a lesson in value – when we value ourselves, and those around us should too. It does not matter whether you are a toad, fairy, or wild fox because you are important and you are worthy.

The message of Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot represents an extremely busy time with a huge amount of work. This is not a card with a negative connotation, it just simply speaks of hard work, meticulousness, and diligence. The upcoming time will probably be excessively difficult but do not forget the worthy results are waiting ahead.

In a Tarot reading, the card means that your workload is still huge and you need to complete it as soon as possible. Although it is tough, it is necessary for you to reap results in the future, so you should try to persevere to the end. It also implies that you need to put in a lot more effort than other people in any area. This is a bit overwhelming at first but you will feel the great joy the results bring when you overcome it. 

In terms of learning, the Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot wants to imply that in order to become more perfect and outstanding, it is necessary to expand the amount of knowledge of oneself, continue to cultivate and nurture it through other areas, from external sources rather than in the curriculum and in school books.

The card also speaks of meticulous detail and that perhaps you will encounter some obstacles due to your carelessness and indifference. In any case, it is essential to have a re-examination to defeat your drawbacks and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Meaning of Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot in the upright position

You may be seeing a good sign of a job appearing all around you, but now is not the time for you to be conceited. You have more work to do; People are looking forward to seeing more of your work. You’ve begun to draw attention to yourself and the things you do, and now is the time to capitalize on that attention.

The upright Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot heralds a period of hard work for you due to a large amount of work. However, it is not a bad or negative thing but a necessary process to success. At the same time, you also need to maintain balance and plan in detail or it will most likely backfire.

One interesting thing about the Pentacles suit is that while the Seven of Pentacles card refers to reward, the Eight denotes hard work. In a way, it seems that these two things should turn the tables. Completing an achievement is just the beginning of another dream. The Eight of Pentacles supports this conclusion and sends a different message – mediocrity kills and gives, even after the reward has been given, not only is it beneficial but it is imperative.

In a general context, the upright Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot signifies a period of hard work, commitment, diligence, and dedication. The effort you put in will pay off and lead to satisfied results, rewards, or the accomplishment of your goals. 

When this Minor Arcana Mermaid Tarot appears in your Tarot reading, it tells that you are working methodically to get what you want. It may seem boring and severe at the moment, but you are at least leading somewhere and something promising, so do not give up. The skills you are learning now will last with you in life and you will draw on this experience not only with the inner wisdom you have gained but also with a sense of pride and confidence when achieving your ambitions.

In terms of work and finance, if you are looking for a job, the upright Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot is a great omen because it signals a new job. Likewise, if you are starting a business, it signifies self-employment, business building, commerce, and success. Even if you have no plans to change your career, the card still refers to fulfillment and attainment of goals, so everything will go well when it comes. You may find yourself gaining a level of proficiency in your work or becoming an expert in your field. If you are still in school, it may indicate that you are awarded a scholarship or obtained a degree.

If you are already in business, the quality or ingenuity of your work and attention to detail will earn you a great reputation and your transaction will flow smoothly. This will be achieved through hard work, dedication, and diligence. Financially, the Eight of Pentacles is also a good omen as it denotes rewards for hard work, success, and achievement. All the hard work you have put in before in financial planning will now pay off and you will be quite comfortable. This card also tells you to use some of your financial success to help those unfortunate. 

In terms of romantic relationships, the upright Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot shows that you are putting a lot of work, dedication, and commitment into your relationship, which will lead to the desired result. This Minor Arcana implies that you and your partner are on the way to achieving your common goals. It can also talk about working hard to secure your future financially. You just need to make sure to balance this workload with family life and personal life. If you are lonely and want to find a long-term relationship, this is probably not the time because you are still immersed in a large number of tasks and workloads.

In terms of health and spirit, the upright Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot means that you have worked hard to achieve recovery or fitness. You are paying attention to your health and what your body needs and showing a lot of self-discipline. This will pay off, leaving you feeling healthier and stronger than before.

Spiritually, the Eight of Pentacles demonstrates that you are gaining inner wisdom through dedication to your spiritual path. If you are working to develop your spiritual gifts, you should find that the past effort you have put into growing your spirit is beginning to pay off as you achieve a new level of mastery of your gifts.

Meaning of Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position

So everyone knows your name… that is the big deal. If you think you have finally made it, sadly, you are wrong! Sitting down and basking in the half-baked aura of your work can make your ego feel good, but it will only be temporary because you will miss out on real opportunities this card offers. The value of this card is all you give. If you miss this lesson now, you will be forced to repeat this over and over again.

Meaning of Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot is similar to the upright card in that it talks about recent busyness at work, but it is also a necessary process for you to get your hands on success. The upcoming journey can be quite difficult for you because no success, joy, and “sweet fruit” are born without trade-offs and sacrifices, so even though it is challenging, just persevere until the end. 

In a general context, the reversed Eight of Pentacles Tarot can indicate laziness, carelessness, lack of effort, or poor concentration. Alternatively, it can refer to being so focused on one area that you neglect other areas of your life such as living submissively and materially and neglecting your emotional life, family life, or soul.

When this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot reading, it shows that you are not focused on what you want to achieve or are not putting in the work necessary to achieve your goals, or that you are spreading yourself too thin, leading to failure. Try to set yourself goals, prioritize what you really want to achieve, and take each task one at a time. A lack of ambition, respect, or confidence can all be indicated by this Minor Arcana in reverse.

In terms of work and finance, the reversed Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot is not a great omen as it signals a repetitive or boring job, lack of success/commitment/ambition, being an incompetent person, or being at a dead end. Things probably will not go so well when it comes up. If you have applied for a new job or promotion, it may suggest an unsuccessful application and that you may lack the qualifications needed to get the job. Laziness and lack of concentration are also mentioned in this reversed card.

If you are in business, it can be a warning not to let your standards slip as it represents poor workmanship, poor quality, failed work, or rushed work and can cause a bad reputation or loss of trade due to mediocrity. If you are still in school, it warns you to concentrate because you may fail the exam if you do not put in effort. Alternatively, the Eight of Pentacles in the reversed position can imply that you are going to the other extreme by becoming a workaholic or biting more than you can chew. If that is the case, try to keep your balance. Work hard when you need to but also take time to enjoy your life.

In terms of romantic relationships, the reversed Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot shows that you do not put in effort when it comes to your relationship and may be lacking in commitment or just lazy in building your connection. It also tells that workaholic tendencies are having an adverse effect on your relationship. When this card appears, depression and complacency can occur. When it comes to relationships, you will only get what you put in, so try to make your partner feel appreciated if you want to work through your problems. 

If you are single, the reversed Eight of Pentacles points out that you may lack confidence when meeting new people. It also indicates that you are not making enough effort and trying to build an unnecessary and impenetrable boundary, which can leave you feeling bored and listless. Again, it can also be a sign that you are focusing too much on work that you neglect your romantic side. If you want to meet someone special, you need to put some time and endeavor into your love life and get yourself out there.

In terms of health and spirit, the reversed Eight of Pentacles Mermaid Tarot can swing between two extremes. It could be a sign that you are focusing too much on your body in a harmful way to your health and life, such as starving yourself with extreme diets or over-exercising. Alternatively, you may be going the other way and completely neglecting your health and fitness with a poor diet, lack of exercise, or abuse of alcohol, drugs, or overeating. Either way, the reversed Eight of Pentacles is a sign that you need to find a healthy balance to support your long-term health.

Spiritually, the Eight of Pentacles in reverse points out that you are ignoring your inner wisdom or holding back your spiritual side. It may suggest that you are becoming too materialistic or mean to those around you and even yourself. The card, therefore, reminds you to refocus on the spiritual side to bring yourself back to balance. Work harder until you feel an intimate connection with your inner child and soul. The inner peace is a strong spiritual support for you to overcome any obstacles on the road ahead.

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