The Chariot – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Chariot Mermaid Tarot

There are many stories and fairy tales from different cultures about horses that live in the water. It could be a sea monster, a seahorse, or as the Greeks called it a walrus, all of which refer to a very speedy and powerful creature. For mermaids, horses that live under the water are real and an important part of their daily lives. They transport goods, construction materials and carry mermaids from one place to another.

Image description on The Chariot Mermaid Tarot

These horses are trained to rescue those lost at sea and to deliver messages to those living in the sea as well as those onshore. Only those who have a special connection with their ancestors can hear the sound of walruses, and only those with a free and liberal character like horses from the blood can train them. For others, water horses are strong, stubborn, and unpredictable.

II. The message of The Chariot Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot has an image of the character Julius Caesar – a former Roman dictator who played an important role in the events leading to the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire in a glorious chariot heading into Rome. He defeated the enemy and obtained many trophies and lands. And he is also the soul of The Chariot. The card numbered 7 represents the glory gained through strong desire and highly individual actions.

The military image is perfectly suited to The Chariot Mermaid Tarot, as this card is associated with the power of conquest, discipline, iron determination, and assertiveness. The Chariot symbolizes the positive side of the strong and self-confident ego in each of us. It helps each person know what they want and how to get it. Maybe we don’t like to be around people with big egos. But certainly, when it comes to solving difficult problems, these types of people are the ones we can trust completely because they have a lot of assertiveness.

In a spread, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot often appears when there are entities or problems that are difficult to control that we can easily recognize. On the positive side, the ego is not the source of brutality, but it helps to bring clarity and solidity. Behind it must be extremely strong desires accompanied by strong determination and perfect confidence. The Chariot can also refer to self-control or refer to controlling your surroundings. This card also symbolizes victory. There are many types of victory, and The Chariot is either a “swim or sink” type. Success comes from beating others and being the leader. Those moments are the real glory in real cases.

III. The Chariot Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

Fasten your seat belts – things are getting interesting. The walruses are being prepared for a journey. Their saddles have been carefully secured and fastened in place. It is almost ready to get you where you need to go. Journeys can be exciting because they rarely get you where you want to go, only take you where they know you need to go. Whether you feel comfortable or annoyed with their way of doing it, it will depend on how attached you are to your destination. Either way, you are on an unforgettable trip.

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot represents conquest, victory, and overcoming the opponent through your own confidence and control. Any success is the result of applying these factors to the situation. You will only need to use your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges on the journey. You may even find that by strengthening the opposing forces around you at this time, you can use them to your advantage. You have to be resolute, self-restraint, and diligent. If you do, you will overcome any difficulty or anyone trying to pull you back. This fight will make you stronger.

You will be successful in pursuing your goals, as long as you remain focused, determined, and confident in your own abilities. You need to focus on completing the upcoming task, go ahead and confront it and conquer it. You have to overwhelm and defeat the opponent. You must cultivate the capacity to withstand the rigors of the work required. In fact, putting in the best effort for a goal can bring about as much satisfaction as achieving it. This is the time to be strong and keep things under control. You also need willpower and the ability to control your desires. You may wonder if you should pursue a plan or continue with a project, but you will be oriented to keep doing it in the end, and the odds are in your favor. The complex dilemma you are facing will be resolved over time.

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot requires you to always be assertive and bold. You may need to take care of yourself at this point and confidently express your needs and desires or you will not be able to make it to the end of your journey. You need to have faith in yourself and need to have a basic understanding of who you are and what you live for (from which the building of personal belief systems and values ​​will be established through The Lovers).

Sometimes, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot also implies that you should accept your own impulsive or quick tempers. Impulsivity is part of human nature and part of your innate existence. Impulsive personality will not be easily suppressed; the more you try to suppress it, the more it will only deepen your anger, so let it come out in the form of a “physical problem”. Impulsivity can be very negative, but it is also a powerful source of energy that can be creatively unleashed. This is the time when you need to be excellent at controlling your emotions, all your impulses, or anger. You need to show yourself as the boss and in control of the situation, but this also requires you to be in control of yourself.

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot radiates a lot of energy, but it is not the type of energy that is thrown around. It comes from being direct, in control, and completely on purpose. When this card appears, you may be very clear about your wishes and dreams. At the same time, you also know how to achieve them. This is a card that symbolizes maturity, when the weak inner self is transformed, becoming hard and sparkling like a diamond. The Chariot also refers to determination and ambition. The ultimate goal is to get things done, test, and prove what you have. And it is also a sign that advises you to move forward with whatever is in your mind and heart, and just do your best to make things happen. However, remember that you need to use all your courage and enthusiasm to achieve real success!

In terms of work, if you are starting a business, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot implies that at first, you may have difficulties. But there will be someone in a higher position who appears to help you. However, this help is only one wheel of the cart, and your own efforts are the other one. Without one of the two wheels, the carriage would certainly not be able to move forward. If you have a job, the important thing right now is not to let the little things influence your decisions.

Maybe you are about to encounter some lurking dissidents or troublemakers! Don’t let these demoralize you! The advice from this card is to focus on your work and do not waste time. Success is the sweetest revenge! If you have just started a new project, the card signals that work will be quite messy, but rest assured, everything will still be under your control! Maybe by now, you have noticed the jitters burning inside of you and are ready to move forward. And absolutely don’t waste time paying attention to see what other people think of you or what their comments are about your efforts. If you are on the right track (and most likely you are), of course, they will see the results too.

In terms of money and finance, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot foretells that your financial troubles will be resolved smoothly. However, you still need to control and balance your financial resources to avoid overspending. In general, when it comes to finances, everything seems to be quite fine. Maybe you are thinking about buying a means of transport (such as a car, a train or plane ticket) to go where you have always wanted to go for a long time.

You may not be able to travel right now, but you will in the future if you try to maintain a disciplined lifestyle for yourself! If you are looking to take out a loan to start your own business, now seems like a perfect time. However, you should prioritize the repayment of debts (if any) first. And if your friends want to borrow money, remember to try to control the loan amount to a moderate enough level for the other person to be able to pay! On the other hand, the card also encourages you, instead of squandering your money, you should save and reward yourself with a trip abroad or in the country later. The wild natural scenery will help you easily re-balance yourself in the endless cycle of life.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot warns you about your own oversized ego. It can cause you to encounter unnecessary problems in your friendship. You are a very caring person, but sometimes, your stubbornness and nature of not knowing how to express your feelings will hurt your friends. The advice for you is to avoid things related to arguments when you are angry and do not be afraid to apologize if you are wrong.

Regarding co-workers, it seems that there are many things that are beyond your control. And you don’t have to worry about such trifles. If the wrong person is a colleague, choose your words wisely to advise them. Criticizing too bluntly will easily hurt others, and the advice you give them will also be ineffective. However, if you have tried, but this feedback still does not help your coworker to change, you should let your superiors get involved!

In terms of family and loved ones, if you are having trouble, don’t be afraid to share it with your family as they will help or give you useful advice. This card also refers to moving or going far, it could be a friend or a family member who is about to change jobs or move to a faraway place. In case you are a person who is living separately and far from family, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot reminds you that you will have many places to go in this world, but only one place to return to, your home. They are the ones who accept and protect you no matter what. Maybe your folks cannot fully understand you, but they always love you with all their heart.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are still lonely, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot implies that there is a new relationship coming to you. And if you have just started a relationship, this card warns that it is possible that you or someone else is trying to instigate and push things to go further and faster. Either way, it is a good idea to discuss things with your partner as candidly as possible about your limitations and desires. Be honest with yourself about the possibilities.

And if someone has asked you out, but you don’t want anything to happen, just make things simple by honestly telling him/her that you have absolutely no interest in it! In case you are in a long-term committed relationship, this card shows that bigotry and lack of sympathy are making things tense. The solution to this is that you should take the initiative to step back and excite your lover with romantic action to warm up your connection.

And if you are a married person, the card tells that everything is under your control and the difficulties will soon pass. However, if you already have children, this card implies that sometimes, you unintentionally impose too many things on your child, causing them to be pressured and feel extremely tired. The main advice is to balance the demands you make with your kids’ leisure time!

In terms of health, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot calls for you to go outside to exercise and breathe fresh air. Going jogging early in the morning instead of sleeping in will help you feel better and be productive all day. If you are in the process of treatment, you will soon recover. In general, your vitality is very good and you can be ready to jump up to rush away anytime you want. This is the perfect time to start or ramp up your personal fitness plans. In fact, you have the ability to do a lot better than you expect. And if you are stressed because you have to work too much, give yourself a break to relax and regain your spirit! On the other hand, the card advises you to eliminate unhealthy habits such as abusing stimulants, addictive substances, or nocturnal activity!

In terms of duties and superiors, this is a good opportunity to affirm your prestige, experience, and reputation to your superiors or partners. You will have the opportunity to meet many great people. Focus on building relationships because it will help you later. Remember to lower your ego as sometimes your anger can have a bad influence and cause unnecessary conflicts at work.

In terms of accidents and loss, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot reminds you to be careful with traffic-related issues such as trains and cars. Maybe you will encounter dangerous accidents due to uncontrolled speed or alcohol use. If you are going to travel to unspoiled places, you should not go alone, but choose to go with a group. At the same time, you should carefully prepare things for first aid, medicine, and means of communication to be ready to seek help before the worst-case scenario can happen. And if you are looking to participate in a new extreme sports game, you should consider the issues related to your health and stamina before making such a decision!

In terms of spirit, you should go around somewhere to help yourself increase awareness of the spiritual world. And now, it seems that you are in a state where you can learn very quickly everything related to the topic of spirit. You can consider attending spiritual seminars. Surely there are many strange things, even beyond the scope of your understanding until now. You will surely get more in return if you try these new things. This may be a time when you need to ruminate.

IV. The Chariot Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

There are times when a part of our lives feels like we are being controlled by an aggressive beast that does not really seem to have any concept of where it is going and why it needs to take us there. Instead, we find ourselves thrown onto the back of the beast and completely dependent on its powerful moves. We feel the upheavals in our lives are out of control; there seems to be no logic here. The carriage has started to run. However, the truth is that we would not be able to ride the beast in the first place if we did not have an attraction to it. Like the water horses of legend, you have a connection to these upheavals and chaos. If you trust your ability to control your life, you will be able to control it.

Although in the reversed form, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot is still a card of change. This transformation can be coming literally (going from place to place) or more abstractly as a change taking place in yourself or someone you hold dearly (in your mind or heart). The reversed Chariot symbolizes that you should consider carefully where you are going and why you are going there. Don’t go simply because you want to go. Because at this moment, your purpose and direction are playing a very important role.

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot in reverse means that you are feeling as if you are not in control of your life. You may have lost your dominion to opposing forces and now you are at the mercy of the situation. Over time, you may feel that every direction you take is leading to stagnation. If you are someone who wants to take control of your destiny and wants to know where you are going, then this is the time to tighten your belt, be more disciplined, and focus on what you are doing. While feeling powerless can be daunting, consider what you can and cannot control. Don’t allow yourself to worry about things beyond your control as if you could not do anything about them. Instead, focus your energy and energy on things that are within your control. Consider what you can do to change the situation. In this step, you need to be able to feel as if you have different directions because you are currently feeling pulled and pushed into the vast world of fate.

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot in reverse can also mean that you are breaking down due to pressure and loss of self-control. Your impulses are being swirled in the wrong direction, in the “indiscriminate” direction aimed at other people, at fate, and at external circumstances. This is a complete waste of your energy and resources. Redefine your impulsiveness so that it manifests itself in the form of determination and willpower, stop feebly clinging to ideas, habits, or people that are not worth your time and attention, and move forward.

By now you are probably feeling it. You are completely obedient to the requests of others and are forced to face their problems instead of your own. You lose control of yourself as if life is just that. As a result, you lose some sense of your self-confidence and personal strength, and you may feel as though you have lost your way. You seek more control over your life and you are determined not to let others dominate you as much as they have done in the past. You want your mind to be your own, and you want to direct your life in the direction you desire, not someone else’s.

The Chariot Mermaid Tarot in reverse can also show that you need to be more comfortable with situations that are not always under your control. There will be moments in the future when you feel as if aspects of your life are out of your hands. Open your mind to spontaneity, impulsivity, and new experiences, even if these don’t go in the same direction as you originally planned. Don’t be afraid to have someone guide you and guide you on new journeys.

In terms of work, The Chariot Mermaid Tarot in reverse indicates that it seems that you are going too far and too fast. Your ideas are very great, and of course, you have every reason to explain your high mood. However, you cannot expect others to be like you. Be careful and wise in arranging your ideas in a logical place to make others be persuaded.

In terms of money and finance, maybe you are feeling a burst of energy after completing everything that has greatly improved your financial situation. There is nothing wrong with that. However, this card implies that you should slow down and consider other options before starting to act on this plan. Remember that if something is so good, so great that everyone cannot believe it is true, there is a good chance it is too good to be true. Be careful!

In terms of romantic relationships, when The Chariot Mermaid Tarot appears in the reversed form, you may have met someone who makes you believe that it is the one you are looking for. And you need to push things fast or you will lose that person. Or vice versa, you are feeling too tired of a certain relationship and want to quickly get out of it. The card is a signal that you should not try to push everything to your preference, especially a new relationship. The reward will only come to those who know the value of waiting. So don’t be afraid of the wait!

In terms of health, you are very determined in improving your physical condition. But do not exercise too hard and then encounter side effects. You cannot and absolutely should not increase your running speed from zero to 120 mph in just 1 day of training. Don’t take risks and get injured or be unable to complete your goals because of overwork. Let’s improve things slowly and steadily!

In terms of spirit, you are believing that you have found the answers to your longstanding questions about spirituality. There is definitely still some truth to it. However, when this card is in reverse, it is acting as a warning here. Think twice before taking a new approach to learning about the spiritual aspects. At the very least, you should test yourself a dozen times before deciding to put your faith in your spiritual path in the hands of someone or an organization for the rest of your life. Believe in yourself first!

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