The Fool – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Fool Mermaid Tarot

As if born from the sea of ​​sponges, a young mermaid strides for the first time on the sandy shores along the beach. Waiting for her on the shore now is a cane and a small bag carrying all the baggage she will need for this journey. Everything on earth is new to her. She is, and will completely leave her familiar environment once she steps out of the water.

Image description on The Fool Mermaid Tarot

Her tail is also gradually transforming into a pair of legs, from now on she will have to depend on those legs to move instead of the tail that has been useless since she left the water. But despite the circumstances and the things she is forced to learn and also the things she has to leave behind. The young mermaid is happy, curious, and ready to explore a new world in the same universe with her world. The only thing is that she will study well because the new world she discovers will always bring her challenges and threats.

II. The message of The Fool Mermaid Tarot in a reading

Everything that happens to us will be uncertain or follow any rules! The Fool Mermaid Tarot helps emphasize the new and different in every situation and is also a testament to a person who completely believes that life is only full of good and believable things! Some think that The Fool is too naive, but in fact, it is thanks to her that she has had the pleasure to exist. In a reading, the Fool can signal a new beginning or a turning point, which will help guide you to new adventures of self-discovery and personal growth. She also reminds us to always keep our faith in nature’s response.

If you are facing a decision or a stage that you do not really believe in yourself, The Fool Mermaid Tarot implies: Believe in yourself and listen to the instructions from heart, no matter how crazy that may seem. This is a card of opportunity, new beginnings, and innocence. The young mermaid represents the highest opportunity in your life, entering a state of renewal or new beginnings, where every day is an adventure and every moment is lived to the fullest. She symbolizes all creative abilities and the desire to complete new goals (or at least start the working process towards these goals). Besides, the card implies anything that can happen and opportunities are waiting for the right moment.

In a Tarot spread, The Fool Mermaid Tarot expresses the desire to embark on a new journey, which is completely unknown and will take you to uncharted lands. The card stands for new experiences, personal growth, and adventure, so it requires you to have strong faith and absolute trust in the Supernatural, where you will find success if you start a new journey there. The Fool lives a carefree life, free of worries and troubles under the water. She does not seem to care what lies ahead.

The Fool Mermaid Tarot can describe a choice that needs to be decided – one of vital importance. However, there are always many other options available, and choosing should be wise. If you are faced with a cynical decision or a moment of hesitation, The Fool will make you believe in yourself and follow your heart whether it pushes you in the direction of madness or stupidity. This is the time when you need to really believe and have faith in what the Supernatural is telling you.

The Fool Mermaid Tarot is a great card to reflect on if you are experiencing too much fear in your life. The Fool helps foster the courage, risk-taking, and creativity needed to open up new areas of your life. The Fool always implies wholeness, health, and fearlessness. She is the spiritual embodiment of each of us, the spirit expressed and experienced as wonder, fear, curiosity, and expectation. We never know what will happen in the future, but like The Fool, we have to close our eyes and move forward. You need to believe that you are a spirit born to enjoy life and grow in experience. Take the opportunity and see what happens.

III. The Fool Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The upright meaning of The Fool Mermaid Tarot is that hold firmly onto your fishtail as a new adventure is coming. Now is your time to discover new places, people, and things. Make a plan to go somewhere you have never been or start learning a skill you did not know anything about. It is time to be adventurous and to let you know what you have to do to get what you need for the start of a journey into nowhere.

The Fool is always someone who has just started everything, her pure soul and open energy are similar to a child. This is considered a positive card with an important warning that we should all take the time to know for sure where we are going.

The Fool Mermaid Tarot often refers to a state of indifference, indecision, easily shaken consciousness, and changes all decisions. It also includes departures without direction and purpose, negligent and potentially dangerous actions. Sometimes, it is both proof of passion when it is at its peak and hysteria in the way of thinking. This card also represents new beginnings with profound spiritual meaning. For instance, starting a meditative experience or embarking on a new relationship. It just comes down to the joys of experiencing something completely different than buying a new pair of shoes/clothes. The appearance of The Fool can foretell something important is about to begin.

In terms of work, if you are starting a new project or job, The Fool Mermaid Tarot corresponds to a state of disorientation and potential risks in business. And if the project is underway, this card describes a state of saturation or incompetence with management or an extremely authoritarian and extreme type of management. When you draw this card, you should review how to run things for the company and yourself to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself without a clear direction. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the introduction of policies that are spread out but have no specific spearhead. Others may not understand or support your new idea/suggestion, but as long as you know for yourself that you are doing the right thing, then go ahead. Be patient, the good results of your efforts will help them understand your true intentions. In addition to representing new experiences, sometimes this card also shows that there will even be a time when you have to go somewhere/start all by yourself, according to your own choice.

In terms of money and finance, The Fool Mermaid Tarot represents a situation of extravagant and unreasonable spending or emotional spending without a clear purpose. Negativity can be lessened if you have a burning passion and decide to spend money on it, regardless of the outcome. In that case, this card implies that you are spending money on your passions. However, if you do not carefully calculate and let passion overwhelm reason, things may gradually get worse. It is best to be moderate and review your spending limits according to your own purposes. The Fool is also a positive sign in finance. You can expect growth and even more. You will find within yourself the message: No matter what happens in the economy, you are fine, and will be the “winner in the end”. As long as you believe in yourself and work hard, the results will definitely be better than you think.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The Fool Mermaid Tarot implies a group or yourself that is gradually becoming too indifferent to everyone around. While this may just happen unconsciously, it can affect your other relationships. The card also warns you about the potential risks of betrayal that these relationships can affect, such as money, status, emotions, etc. It also emphasizes your over-priority with a certain object, and this causes negative emotions such as jealousy or self-pity for others. Recognizing and re-adjusting your attitudes as well as your concern for those who really deserve it will definitely be a wise choice for you.

In terms of family and loved ones, The Fool Mermaid Tarot warns of your indifference in relationships between family members, or vice versa. This can also stem from your own behavior. It also warns that your negligent actions can damage your beloved ones’ feelings. You need to look at things very carefully in order to get everything back on track. A sincere apology is completely enough to destroy all the disadvantages that this card is talking about. If you are more alert, then you should be careful with every word and action to avoid any risks arising that can ruin your relationships.

In terms of romantic relationships, The Fool Mermaid Tarot warns of the risk that one of the two people is passionate about pursuing some other goal that neglects to build up feelings for the current relationship. In the worst-case scenario, this card also speaks of the possibility of betrayal. And if you or your partner is simply pursuing and spending too much time on other goals, you should control them, otherwise, you may lose your own opportunities or happiness. Take a close look at your own time budget to see if you are spending too few opportunities to communicate with your partner. Just skillfully adjust, you can completely minimize the risk of betrayal in the message that the card mentioned. 

In addition, when The Fool Mermaid Tarot appears, it is possible that you are still not really ready for a commitment. Meanwhile, in reality, others are deliberately forcing you to do so. But this is also a positive sign for your romantic relationship. A lot of good things seem to be waiting, just don’t let your temporary desires lead you to inadvertently overlook the really good things that come from sincere, true, and deep love.

In terms of health, The Fool Mermaid Tarot warns of negative health effects from stimulants (alcohol and drugs) to excessively risky physical activities. The context in the card shows that you may be swept away by your own passions, causing you to gradually lose your sanity. Limiting participation in such extreme activities will help your health problems be significantly improved. In particular, you should be careful to reduce or avoid risky games during this period. 

Although you may encounter a few minor accidents when The Fool Mermaid Tarot appears, just stay awake, keep your spirit “in the present” and don’t do stupid things. In addition, if you have health problems, the card says that everything seems to be gradually recovering. Chances are you will find the person or method you need to help you recover quickly. At this point, positive thoughts are very important, and they can come to you so easily!

In terms of missions and superiors, The Fool Mermaid Tarot describes confusion in the performance of your assigned tasks. Maybe because you are complacent because the task is too simple or because your superiors are quite indifferent, not checking or urging the progress. Always remember that every task, whether big or small, if not done well, will still cause great harm. Therefore, you should be more self-disciplined and focused on your assignments, regardless of whether or not your superiors urge you. 

In addition, The Fool Mermaid Tarot also refers to the arrogance of the person who is carrying out the work. Human psychology is easy to become contemptuous of simple tasks and appears arrogant because they think their ability is more than enough to perform it. But always remember one thing: It is not done yet, and you still need to work on it to get the best results. An opposite situation that the card is talking about is that you are falling into a state of overzealousness, and this can lead to stress. If that is the case, then you just need to moderate your work intensity to accomplish everything at a more suitable schedule.

In terms of accident and loss, The Fool Mermaid Tarot clearly warns of an accident that can happen due to negligence, easily leading you to a precarious situation. It also implies that everything stems from a state of loss of consciousness, possibly caused by stimulants. The best thing that you can do when you come across this card is to refrain from participating in all activities related to stimulants as it will lead to great loss. When receiving this card, you should also be careful and humble because arrogance is also one of the factors that lead to your self-destruction.

In terms of spirit, when The Fool Mermaid Tarot appears, you seem to be eager to try different experiences and approaches in the spiritual world to see how they “fit” for you. There is nothing wrong with a love of exploring and learning about things. However, don’t let anything take you too far while your “experiences” are just beginning in the preliminary stage. This card can also represent a strong need of your own in life. Purpose requires deeper knowledge of the spiritual realm. Either way, only you can do what is best for yourself. Meanwhile, friends and your family probably will not understand whether it is real or not and its origin, remember that discovery is not the same as a contractual bond.

IV. The Fool Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

It is very difficult to leave the comfort of the things you know to venture into mysterious and dangerous places, even if you really want to. It is probably easier to come up with an excuse for why you never take a risk than it is to take a risk. But give it a try, the thrill that comes from this adventure – a strange and new experience – simply does not want to leave you alone. This pull and charm will eventually win out.

The Fool Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

The Fool Mermaid Tarot, when in the reversed position, will warn you about the possibility of being taken advantage of or entering into an agreement where you do not fully anticipate the consequences of the decisions you make. If you are facing an opportunity that is too good to be true, then perhaps that is the problem the card is talking about. You need to be very careful about the opportunities that come your way to be sure that you will be able to make the right decision yourself. Don’t simply go along with the most attractive offers at the time. Be prepared for the challenges ahead so you will not be shocked. Do your due diligence and make sure you are well prepared for important upcoming events, such as a job interview, a job application, a presentation, or a seminar.

In general, this card also represents new beginnings with profound spiritual meaning. But when in reverse, it can mean that the querent is having some resistance to this new beginning. Sometimes, in this case, it means a “fresh start” is coming, whether you like it or not.

In terms of work, you may have brilliant ideas and plans for your work. However, you seem to be a little hesitant about whether to say it or not. Believe in yourself and let your ideas speak for themselves. That can be much more effective than you can imagine. In addition, The Fool Mermaid Tarot in reverse also shows that you may be feeling anxious to start a new position, or even it is time for you to leave your current job to launch a business campaign. At least think about the steps you need to take to plan before proceeding with the intentions that are latent in your mind.

In a career Tarot reading, The Fool in reverse implies that you do not want to be put in a work situation where you are completely unprofessional and you have no concept of awareness of what you are doing. You want to feel like you at least know what you are doing, and of course, you don’t want to be seen as an idiot or a novice in the field. Even if you have been on a certain team for a long time, you will want your experience to be valued and don’t want to have to start all over again.

In terms of money and finance, The Fool Mermaid Tarot in reverse may sound like a warning: You will find an opportunity so valuable that it can turn your current financial situation around. However, before signing any contract, it is best to calculate the loss and make sure that you have fully and correctly analyzed all issues. Things may not look as they appear on the surface.

In terms of romantic relationships, The Fool Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position indicates that you are in conflict with your partner because your need for freedom and independence is too high. And if you are not in a serious relationship yet, it means that you will continue to do so. If you want to love, don’t close your heart like that, just open it instead. In a relationship Tarot spread, The Fool in reverse can imply that the nature of the relationship is potentially prone to change or unclear, with spontaneity taken to a whole new level. You may not be sure where this relationship is headed or if you can count on your partner. You may also be risking your little self-perception about the long-term consequences of your actions. This can bring excitement and suspense but also leads to feelings of uncertainty and insecurity.

In terms of health, with The Fool Mermaid Tarot in reverse, there is a chance that your health will suddenly be slightly weakened. Pay attention to the present and don’t do anything stupid. If you are having health problems, this is a sign to consider switching to a different treatment regimen or even changing to a different doctor. Positive thinking is very important, so always be careful with your own thoughts because our attitudes and beliefs can greatly affect the state of our health.

In terms of spirit, The Fool Mermaid Tarot in the upright refers to turning to another new religious or spiritual belief, however, the reversed card emphasizes the tendency to go in the wrong direction and not have a clear goal or a consistent personal belief system. Perhaps you did not calculate carefully and did not research thoroughly about the field you are going to pursue. Therefore, your own strong need to acquire deeper knowledge of the spiritual realm is being pushed quite far and deviated from the original plans. Take a step back from the start to see where the problem lies and what you can do to put things and yourself back on the right track. In contrast to the card in the upright position, you can ask for the help of a trusted friend or a mentor with extensive knowledge in this area.

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