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I. Image description on The Moon Mermaid Tarot

Maybe you think you know everything about Siren and her singing. You might even think you know all you need to know about her life, but you could be wrong, too. Only a few special species are endowed with such singing such as the healing Sirens, the dreamy Siren, the warning Siren, and the nightmare Siren, just to name a few. The healing Sirens sing only in the light of the full moon, when they sing across the ocean and fly to the sky, they vocalize a healing hymn and emit a wave of high healing frequency.

Image description on The Moon Mermaid Tarot

Those frequencies help ease the stress of this world, restore balance, and send help to those who are suffering. The Siren who appears on the night of the full moon dóe another unique thing that the other Sirens do not do, which is to call the lost souls back home. All those who get lost at sea and wander on the waves are called home by her with the vibration of her tune. All of this happens on one night, the only full moon night of the month.

II. The message of The Moon Mermaid Tarot in a reading

If you look around your room now, after it has been neatly arranged, you will probably feel that everything is almost satisfied because it is placed in its proper and familiar place. Everything is in the right frame as you want. And you know if you close your eyes and then open them, the room will still be the same. However, have you ever encountered a situation in which a space is inherently very close to you, and suddenly, one day, it makes you lose your sense of familiarity. It is like it has become another world to the point where you don’t realize and understand what really happened. That is the experience of The Moon card. Almost at any time, our human souls want to live peacefully in a normal world. And because of the feeling that they are so small and weak, most people tend to ignore or even not accept the existence of “unusual” things. This reaction is really just a self-protection mechanism of the human body, helping our soul to wear solid armor.

And when we do that, we are turning our backs on the mysterious things that are waiting for us in the vast universe. Sometimes, we can also take risks with those illusions by diving into our imagination or using expanded perception. In addition, we can also be exposed to those delusions through other negative means such as using drugs, maintaining bad living habits, or overcoming harsh experiences such as war. 

The Moon Mermaid Tarot helps to light up the dark night. Although this light is so wonderful, it still hides invisible fears. In the right circumstances, The Moon will inspire and fascinate us with creativity. It helps to open the door to promises in the direction of what you imagine can come true. The magical light of the Moon will lead you to the occult or it can also allow the unusual into your life.

It is quite unfortunate that most of us are often afraid of things brought about by The Moon Mermaid Tarot. In a reading, this card often represents fears or bewilderment caused by things that come from the dark side of the night (devils, sin, evil).

This card also represents illusions. It is very easy to lose your way when walking under the moonlight. Be careful. Don’t let evil things (false opinions, messages from lies, crimes) lead and influence you astray. Sometimes, The Moon is also a sign that you are in a state of being lost and walking around without a clear direction. You need to determine the direction to return to the right path (clear purpose) yourself.

III. The Moon Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

Have you ever walked along the coast under the full moon and watched the moons dance and sway in each rolling wave and only disappear when the wave has reached the shore? It is like watching a magical underwater light show. If you look at it from a certain angle, the waves look really alive. The truth is that they are not simply responding to Siren’s song, but they are spreading her energy and frequency everywhere. Under the full moon, the waves look beautiful, but what was going on beneath the night sky looks nothing like what happens in daylight. In the dark, we find more space to let our imaginations loose, allow ourselves to forget all senses and perceptions, and look at the invisible things seen under the intense rays of the sun.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot shows that there are many things in life that are confusing you. You seem to be having a hard time figuring out what you really are, let alone what other people think of you. You need to adapt and accept the existence of those uncertainties inside of you, instead of trying to force yourself to do things that have been well planned but are not right for you or still are not really suitable for you. 

In the Tarot deck, the Zodiac sign of The Moon Mermaid Tarot is “Pisces”. When this card appears, surely your consciousness is closer to the border of spirituality and intuition than ever before. So, the most important thing right now is that you need to firmly believe what your instincts and feelings are telling you, even if you really don’t know where they come from. Similarly, the purpose of the card’s messages is not the doubt, but to help you realize that everything is really hidden deep inside things, things don’t always look what they appear to be.

If you feel like you have the feeling you cannot trust someone, chances are that they really are not the person you should trust. Trust your instincts. If you are expecting an answer from someone, The Moon Mermaid Tarot implies that it may take you a long time to receive, so please be patient. 

The Moon Mermaid Tarot represents the hidden “dark side”. The shadow is a spiritual term introduced by Carl G. Jung and is a part of the subconscious mood of weaknesses, shortcomings, and suppressed instincts. Jung wrote in In Psychology and Religion: “Everyone carries a shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is”. According to Jung, the dark side that appears instinctive and irrational is more likely to emerge, and when it does, it transforms someone’s personal lowliness into a discernible mental deficiency in another person. Therefore, The Moon invites you to pay attention to the dark side of yourself, to become aware of the tendencies that indicate fear and anxiety about your surroundings, to turn it into a more positive and more constructive energy source.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot is a spiritual card, implying expressing your fears in the present and in the future based on past experiences. Images, thoughts, and feelings that you have suppressed so far will cause inner disturbances that will become more and more frequent. Therefore, at this moment, there are many negative problems, causing you fear and anxiety. To fix it, you need to go through a process of purification to release the memories that lie in the depths of your soul. This is the time when you need to go deeper inside and let go of feelings of anxiety, fear, or feelings of being weighed down in your mind and personality disturbances. Many invisible things are gradually appearing on the surface such as secret acts, hidden information, and hidden truths from time immemorial. The newly discovered sources of academic information can be a little confusing for you, but once you start to become aware of them, they will never “haunt” you again.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot is a card of illusion and lies, so it often indicates a time when something will not happen as expected. Vigilance and discernment are essential to finding out what is being hidden before it is too late. If the other cards in the spread all carry negative meanings, then the Moon will imply that not everything is as great as you would like and that there are forces that have not yet appeared that will be able to stop you from achieving success. You may be daydreaming about the current situation, at the same time ignoring the fact that in every success there will always be a risk of failure. If the other cards in the spread have positive meanings, then the Moon will mean that you should free your imagination and manifest them into real life. Either way, you have to pay close attention and see what happens. Protect yourself from delusions that only cause you problems in judging yourself.

Usually, The Moon Mermaid Tarot appears in a reading at a time when you are uncertain about your future direction or even do not know where the path you are walking on leads to even though you are still walking on it. Maybe you have lost your way and now have to walk alone in the darkness of nothingness with your inner light and intuition as your only guide. You have to move forward without realizing where you are, where you are going, or where you have come. The Moon is a card that symbolizes the powers of intuition and spirit, so release the mentally suppressed feelings in your subconscious, and let your intuition guide you forward. Dreams, intuitions, and inner reminders will lead you to higher powers of understanding if you listen carefully and use your judgment to analyze relevant messages to the currently hidden subconscious. Not only can you open a mysterious path ahead, but in many cases, you can also learn many lessons about yourself. It will be valuable luggage for you on other journeys in the future.

In terms of work, The Moon Mermaid Tarot is a good card. If you are preparing to find a job, you need to clearly define what kind of job you want and what your own capacity is. Delusional fantasies about yourself can be the main cause of your deep self-disappointment. In case you have a job but have problems with your boss or colleagues, this is the time to stay calm and control your anger. Talking gently will help everyone understand each other better, and also help things become more progressive.

If your job is still stable, prepare yourself for the upcoming troubles that you may face. If you are about to embark on a new job, be careful as The Moon refers to hidden things that you yourself have not seen, or are still blinded to. Sometimes, this card also implies the boundary of important changes, so you need to keep your mind calm as the outcome of this “change” entirely depends on how we respond and deal with it.

In terms of money and finance, unlike The Devil or The Tower, The Moon Mermaid Tarot refers to things that happen slowly but gently, similar to the water level gradually rising from the feet. Therefore, by the time you realize it, the water level is already up to your neck and there is no way to escape. If you are still financially dependent on your family and want to increase your income from this source, you will probably be quite disappointed. You cannot depend on your family’s support forever, so face it and let go of the illusion that everything is going to be exactly the way you want it to be. If you are waiting for financial decisions from others, you may have to wait longer.

The advice for you is to make money with your own labor. The purpose of growing up is to be able to live independently, not for people to take care of you more than before. If you are still young, you should learn how to control and use money sensibly now. In case you are thinking about starting a business or developing your own business, this card shows that now is not the right time to make business decisions, especially when you are not well prepared and have concrete and solid plans. This is also not the time to borrow or lend to others either. And if you have to make a decision to borrow or lend, you also need to look at many different angles of things, not let other people influence your thinking.

In terms of friends and colleagues, maybe the friend you put your trust in is the one who hurts you the most. You can know a person’s face and figure, but it will be difficult to see through their inner nature. Jealousy is the main cause of stirring up their dark side. Sometimes just the smallest act can cause a big break for a relationship that you always thought would be forever. And never think that ranking your friends and taking precautions against them will help you avoid great hurt. The people who sold you out once never deserve to be called “friends” again. 

As for colleagues, this is probably the time to keep harmony with them. Avoid expressing your opinion or just saying innocuous words. Just mind your own business and don’t meddle in other people’s things, otherwise, people can even rely on them to catch your mistakes. Unfortunately, things may not be so clear-cut. Practice proactively asking questions and listening at all times to ensure that you and your co-worker are fully empathizing with each other. Again, patience is key at this point. Stay calm, even if you are in a situation where almost everyone attacks you. The truth may not be as bad as you think.

In terms of family and relatives, this is the time when you should spend more time taking care of your family and loved ones or vice versa. However, if there is a conflict, you should avoid interacting with each other while still angry. In another aspect, it is possible that your family members and relatives are the factors that make you become a completely different person from your own nature. And this is the reason why you always feel restless, impatient, feeling trapped, distracted, or even losing your temper when you are with your family. The Moon Mermaid Tarot’s advice to you is to release yourself slowly and gently as possible little by little so that your loved ones can gradually get used to your true color and accept you as who you are. 

In terms of romantic relationships, this seems to be a sensitive time in love. If you want to start a new relationship, consider it and let your heart guide you. The Moon Mermaid Tarot indicates that this is the time when the emotions that have been deposited inside you are wanting to rise. Any problem, whether big or small, can quickly flare up into a big disagreement. Relax if you feel you need to. Don’t try to infer everything. And if you are forced to argue, do it fairly and ensure that you are treating your partner equally as a friend. Don’t be in a hurry to end or start a new relationship as with The Moon, this period is probably not the right time for both of these things. 

The card tells you not to fall in love with the wrong person just because you feel a need of being with someone right now. Be calm and keep your mind clear. At that time, you will be able to see if that person really is your other half or it is just the moonlight reflected in the bottom of the water. Once again, do not rush to start or give up to end a relationship when The Moon card appears.

For married couples, putting too much hope in the past can lead to a deep disappointment in reality. It is important that you know how to balance yourself, then this uncomfortable period will pass quickly. In another aspect, The Moon also reminds you that this is an extremely sensitive time, so any act of slight discomfort can easily cause your relationship to become strained, even leading to a state of the cold war. Stay calm, and at the same time discuss frankly with your partner the problems that you are carrying. Let’s just love each other with the most innocent and sincere feelings.

In terms of health, The Moon Mermaid Tarot advises you to take time to relax, helping your mind and body to be at peace. Invisible pressures in your mind can be the cause of your disorder and anxiety, even sometimes making you do extremely crazy things. On the other hand, if you go to the hospital and receive a medical report, this card also advises you to let your intuition guide you. If you feel right, go for it, if you are in doubt, try checking the results elsewhere. At this time, the results the hospital gives you may not be accurate. Machines broke, so it is not too strange that people make mistakes. So don’t panic and worry. For people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, this is definitely the easiest time to give up. You can still use them if you cannot control yourself, but you need to pay attention to moderation.

In particular, The Moon also suggests that you should pay attention to your dreams because they are messages about health problems that the subconscious wants to send to you while your conscious mind may be ignoring them. If you have the same dreams over and over again or similar dreams about you having health problems, death, or rebirth, then you should go to the hospital for a check-up. These are absolutely not superfluous things at all, so be careful.

In terms of duties and superiors, when The Moon Mermaid Tarot appears, be careful when taking on all assigned tasks. You should focus on your current job and avoid being distracted by tangled thoughts that go nowhere. Don’t just think about what you want, but make an effort to do well at the work you are currently doing, even if it may be just a very small thing. Few bosses care about what you want, but they only care about what value you are bringing to them. In case you are holding a leadership position, then beware of lucrative offers out of the blue. All terms of the agreement should be clearly stated on black and white paper. 

In terms of accidents and loss, The Moon Mermaid Tarot does not refer to events that occur suddenly or intensely, but it describes things that are happening slowly, protracted and persistent. This card warns that you may be deceived in work or love. The worst-case scenario is that you are taken advantage of emotionally leading to an unwanted situation or the loss of a great deal of money. Be calm while dealing with everything. On the other hand, you can also get in big trouble because of gossip and rumors related to love affairs. 

In terms of spirit, The Moon Mermaid Tarot says that this is a very spiritual time, and it is also a great time for you to experience reading your favorite books or conduct mental recovery therapy with useful methods of support from activities related to the mental field. You seem to be leaning more towards spirituality than usual. Pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings right now, along with flashes of information that you don’t even know where they come from. This is also a great time to browse through books on popular spiritual topics around the world. At this point, you will probably learn more than usual.

IV. The Moon Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Are you afraid of the Dark? Many people refuse to look into the dark, they are frightened by what they can see, the sounds they hear. The operating noises are different at night and can make you believe things that are not real, which could be why you are hiding in a shell waiting for the light to return. The problem is that night falls every day, so eventually you will have to look around and see exactly what makes you feel scared.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

In particular, when The Moon Mermaid Tarot is in reverse, the important message it brings is that everything that happens in life right now seems to be causing trouble for you and the things around you. Instead of trying to force everything/everyone to comply with something (that you want) while they are not really ready, you should find a way to adapt yourself to it all. 

Surely your spirit and intuition are going through a stronger phase than ever right now. Therefore, the most important thing is that you should trust the things that your instincts and feelings bring to apply in all things, even though you may not know where they come from. However, when you draw The Moon Mermaid Tarot in reverse, your hunches may seem less clear to interpret than the upright card. Even so, don’t ignore the messages you are receiving. Try to dig deep into their hidden meanings. Just like when The Moon is in the upright direction if you are expecting an answer from someone, it is likely that it will take you longer to receive. Try to be patient.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot in reverse will mean that you have just gone through a period of self-deception, delusions, fear and anxiety, but those negative feelings are starting to subside. It is also possible that you are dealing with some more serious emotional problem that has remained hidden until now. While this issue creates feelings of discomfort and uncertainty, you are also starting to feel lighter and less fearful and anxious about the state of your life. You are working to overcome your inner fears and anxieties, gain a clear understanding of the influences in your life, and finally somehow liberate yourself from your limiting beliefs. This can be an experience of significant liberation and change.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot in reverse not only indicates the major bad luck you are currently facing but also creates a feeling of uncertainty about what you can do and what you really want to do. Do you believe that what you really want to do with your life is unrealistic, or have your past life experiences convinced you that you are stuck with what you are and where you are? This is too late to change it. Emotional problems are holding you back from moving forward. To overcome this, it is essential to face your deepest fears and see for yourself that you have gained confidence and found the direction that works best for you. You need to believe in yourself and need to know how to create balance in your life. You may also find that dreams give you important clues about what you need to accomplish. Pay attention to the vague, subconscious messages you see in your dreams.

The Moon Mermaid Tarot in reverse emphasizes that you are in a more spiritual and intuitive stage than usual. However, the feeling you are receiving can be confusing and easily misunderstood. This situation can appear in case you draw the Tarot cards yourself and figure out the interpretation, then you add another spread, only to find completely different results. However, do not ignore the messages you receive. Keep them in mind and maybe come back to them once you feel more clear about your condition.

In terms of work, when The Moon Mermaid Tarot appears in reverse, things may not be clear right now. What hurts the most is this when you feel like you have a clear grasp of everything about a certain thing/event, it is not at all. The most important thing at this time is that you know how to question yourself in all matters, especially towards your boss/superior. You should learn to listen more to ensure that you and your colleagues are fully understanding and empathizing with each other. Be patient and calm at this time. Especially when you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you are being “under attack,” trust your co-workers or supervisors. The truth may not be as bad as you think. Don’t ask for big changes from the job at hand as now is not the time, unless you are looking for a new position.

In terms of money and finance, when The Moon Mermaid Tarot appears in reverse, it is clear that you do not have all the necessary information related to this matter. If you are facing financial difficulties or are looking to sign a contract, seek professional advice first or make major changes in financial matters. You are not alone in the lack of clarity. When this card appears, it is possible that the people around you are also lost.

In terms of romantic relationships, The Moon Mermaid Tarot in reverse means you should express your repressed feelings, but in a gentle and ingenious way. This can be a sensitive time in your relationship, so seemingly small things can lead to huge arguments. Be generous, fair, and subtle in how you communicate with your partner. If you want to start a relationship or end it, do your research.

In terms of health, this is an extremely important time to follow your own intuition about health problems, as long as they do not contradict the advice of your doctor or therapist. The Moon advises you to take a close look at the diagnostic results (whether positive or negative). If you feel something is not right or are not comfortable with your current health care service, choose a different solution or a different service. Again, when The Moon is reversed, always be extremely careful when using stimulants.

In terms of spirit, when drawing The Moon Mermaid Tarot in reverse, it shows you that this is a very spiritual time, and also a great time for you to experience all kinds of methods and approaches. You seem to be leaning more towards spirituality than usual. Pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings right now. This is also a great time to browse through textbooks on popular spiritual topics around the world. At this point, you will probably learn more about your spiritual path and enlightenment.

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