Father Of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot

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Image description on Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: steady, entrepreneurial, competent, director.

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is a steady and gentleman. From the first time we meet him, he almost seems somewhat foolish due to his laid-back temperament. But underneath there is a particularly passionate man who prioritizes stability in his work, family, and home. He is a businessman and diligent in his work. A real fun thing to discover. An adult male deer looks out at his surroundings. It is hard not to immediately recognize his rainbow-colored antlers. When the entire color spectrum shows up in the Wild Unknown card, it is not a coincidence. The Father of Pentacles is complete, present, and multifaceted.

Image description on Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Black lines emanate, drawing toward (or emanating from) the black pentagram between the father’s antlers. These oscillators show more dynamic energy. While the Mother of Pentacles mainly directs her energy inward (towards solving and understanding the root of the problem), Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot directs his energy outward (he is more concerned with solutions than reason). He is one of those rare characters who seem to be completely secure in his self-worth. He holds his head high and has a sense of pride that seems to emanate from within. He will never try to hide his antlers. He has a positive self-image (not to be confused with an overblown ego). 

He has no qualms about who he is or what he stands for. And he has this healthy self-esteem. He works hard to produce results. He is a capable leader, not someone who just watches from afar, he wants to make a real impact in the world. He has a natural aptitude for business. He supports the outside world, directing others to pursue their goals. But he continued his talk and steadily worked toward his own goals. Like Mother, he is trustworthy and straightforward.

The message of Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot orients business and financial matters. When this card appears, your financial situation will improve. The card can represent wealth and prosperity in terms of money. Most decks call this card the King of Pentacles. As a Court card, this card can draw your attention to an aspect of your personality or another person’s approach to your life. 

As the pinnacle of his Court, Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is well versed in the energy of his suit. He is a master of the material realm. Sometimes, he is described as a metaphorical CEO – someone who has a solid grounding in all aspects of life. He is an expert at strategizing and planning and cares about real-world results.

During a reading, Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to consider how his personality traits are playing out in your situation. Consider how you and others demonstrate consistency and reliability. If you are facing challenges, consider what competencies you have developed that could be helpful. Focus on solutions and self-fulfillment. Emphasize what you can do and own your abilities!

Meaning of Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot reminds you to control your energy to pursue bigger goals. The card implies that you will have success in work. However, you may be subject to judgment and criticism from others. This will make you feel lonely. In addition, during this period, your financial situation is quite stable, you can even create stability for others thanks to your financial strength. The Father of Pentacles represents material wealth, financial abundance, and success in the world. This Father is a loyal supplier as he uses his ambition and confidence to create wealth for himself and others and creates self-worth from what he has accumulated and can share with others. He is also a father figure who offers others advice, guidance, and wisdom, especially in matters related to finances and work.

When Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot appears in a Tarot reading, you are confident and successful in attracting and managing wealth. Not only do you identify opportunities for growth and success, but you also rely on self-discipline and control to manage your wealth and invest it wisely for the long term. The arrival of the Father of Pentacles shows that you can transform your vision into something tangible, practical, and often very lucrative. You are the ultimate business owner. You don’t just come up with ideas and hope for the best – you work hard to plan your attack, gather resources, and manifest your goals, often with resounding success. 

You are like King Midas: everything you touch turns to gold. When you apply yourself to your vision, you create tremendous success, especially on a financial level. Money flows to you easily and in abundance, and when you sit at the peak of your economic power and influence, you can be assured of your continued prosperity. You no longer struggle to get what you want, like Daughters and Sons, just as you have no need to prove yourself.

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot often signifies the final completion of a creative task, a business, or an investment project. Through diligence, responsibility, and attention to detail, you have achieved great things and can finally say that you have completed your task or achieved your goal. Now you can enjoy all that you have accomplished and the successes you have created. You have created a rich life, not only financially but also spiritually, which will help you get good things for the future.

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot knows that a methodical approach, planning, and thinking will lead you to success. In the past, you have tested what worked best and have adopted your own methods and practices that you know will continue to work for you in the future. Continue down this path instead of trying new ways of doing things. You don’t need to take any more risks. This card usually represents tradition. You are inclined to follow the direction of the family. You can make your family members proud of you in the future. In addition, the card represents stability in money matters. In some other situations, the card appears negative. You or a loved one are so focused on money matters that they forget about emotional values. You are not willing to let go of the past to look to the future without knowing that there are things you must let go of in order to be happy.

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot represents abundance, security, ambition, strength, stability, discipline, trust, and control. He is a father who enjoys taking care of others through advice, guidance, as well as financial support. He creates a lot of value for himself from what he has accumulated and shared with others. The Father of Pentacles is very similar to King Midas. He is a shining example of financial stability. Wealth and experience came to him easily. This is a man who has reached the pinnacle of financial power and can be assured of his prosperity.

Now you can enjoy the success you have made, not only financially but also mentally. Whenever you need day-to-day management skills, Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is the one you need. He is also business-oriented and very intrepid. He is ready to engage in any activity that can generate profit. You can find business opportunities anywhere! He is a born business manager (while the leader is the Father of Wands). He shows that meticulous work methods and thoughtful planning will lead you to success.

Many people think that Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is nonsensical and lacks imagination but that is because of his motto “you will not know if you don’t try”. In the past, you had to go through a lot of failures to find an optimal method. So keep walking your way, and don’t try to experiment with unknown solutions. You have reached the pinnacle of success and there is no need to take any risks. The Father of Pentacles advises you to be pragmatic and to stay informed on practical matters.

You need to use your problem-solving abilities to find a solution. At the same time, use your different skills and resources to create success. In politics, Father is very comfortable with everyone and does not discriminate against anyone. Identify the things that make your life more interesting. The Father of Pentacles values ​​quality over quantity, and always enjoys a full and joyful life. He is not afraid to spend money when needed to have more fun and benefit from life.

In terms of love, Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position affirms that if you are expecting true love, this is the right time. Your significant other will support you with financial matters and push your emotions to the top. However, if you are in a relationship already, the card warns that your partner’s ambition will make both of you financially better but inadvertently creates tension and friction. The advice is to make progress, study, and work together based on the spirit of mutual respect and empathy. Don’t put pressure on your partner and don’t put pressure on yourself either.

In terms of work, Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings a positive signal in business. You will achieve high performance at work, you are building an effective work plan and roadmap. However, the card warns that greed for everything will make you drained. Instead of doing everything yourself and enjoying all the achievements, you should know how to ask for help and share the work with colleagues. This helps you reduce your workload and build relationships with colleagues.

In terms of money, your financial situation is quite stable due to your wit in investing. If you intend to invest or pursue a certain project, make sure everything has been carefully calculated. Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position also suggests that some financial problems may arise suddenly, but don’t worry you should focus on long-term financial goals. The immediate failures will be valuable lessons, don’t make the wrong choice.

In terms of health, with a fairly stable financial situation, you should invest more in taking care of yourself. Reward yourself with moments of enjoyment and relaxation. Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises you to limit overworking, not to let your ambitions make you fatigued. Limit staying up late and have meals and rest scientifically to have the most resilient health. If you are undergoing treatment, this is the time to focus on regaining your spirits and seeking support from loved ones.

Meaning of Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot warns of imposition and excessive ambition that makes you always lonely and unable to find support. Find motivation from your family members. On the other hand, the card warns you that you are placing too much emphasis on money matters. You look happy, but in reality, you feel insecure. At this time, do not hesitate to cultivate feelings and find true love. In addition, the Father of Pentacles in reverse warns that you may suffer a loss of reputation and receive criticism from others. Be very vigilant.

reversed father of pentacles wild unknown tarot

The reversed Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to consider your relationship with money and wealth. On the one hand, you may not be managing your assets well. You may attract large sums of money through flourishing businesses or careers. But as soon as the money enters your bank account, it will continue to flow out as you splurge on other expensive items or invest in high-risk opportunities. You are not respecting your money, instead, you need to practice self-discipline and control so that you can save for your future and still enjoy the fruits of your labor.

On the other hand, Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position says that you may put money before anything else, negatively affecting your relationships and happiness. You can be a workaholic, over-invested in wealth creation, and neglect your loved ones. You can do anything to make extra money, even if it means selling your soul and wholeness. You can be so impressed by the status and social standing of others that you have to flatter whoever is ‘above’ you while dismissing anyone ‘below’ you. You can constantly wear your mask and try to prove yourself by bragging about the people you know. If this works, take a step back and consider the larger impact of your money obsession. Is it serving you in this state or do you need a change?

Sometimes, the reversed Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot represents someone who is very stubborn and rigid in his/her approach. When this Father appears in a reading, reflect on your current life. Are you feeling ‘stuck in a race’? Has life become so predictable and routine that it is completely dull and senseless? It is good to be grounded, but give yourself permission to be free from time to time and do something different. You don’t have to be so serious all the time.

Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can speak of a number of disadvantages. He is overly concerned with material things, including good food, wine, or sex. This enjoyment can become extreme. He is also very stubborn and conventional about something, which upsets him if he gets it wrong. The reversed Father of Pentacles is a man who will do anything just for the money.

He is very fond of social status and is willing to use the money to buy and trade everything he could. At the same time, he does not care about those who are not in the same position and can consider them invisible. He tries to prove himself by bragging about the people he knows. He may even marry for money and quickly divorce after draining his spouse’s assets. Moreover, he has a tendency to trample others and push them down a pit if he senses from the outset that they have the potential to threaten his position or interests. Be careful not to be like him or fall victim to him.

The reversed Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position shows fear of making a commitment or a desire not to commit to anyone. You may think you have met your soulmate or future husband/wife, but you will quickly realize he/she is not what you are looking for. The Father in reverse is not as reliable as you might initially think, and instead, he is tightly controlled and extremely patriarchal in your relationship with him. 

Similarly, your partner, who normally has to provide for you and protect you, may have been going through a difficult period recently and the situation is currently turning around. Until now, you still find him in your favor, a talented, strong, resilient, proud and successful person. Now, however, you must be a “benefit” and a solid foundation, supporting your partner while you wait for him/her to regain his/her strength and courage. There may be volatile and uncertain growth in the coming months.

In a family relationship, the reversed Father of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot can indicate the possibility of family abuse, especially through abuse of power, authority, and control. The Father in reverse can be highly disciplined, rigid, and inflexible, not expressing his love through positive means and only mentally repressing others. This puts pressure on his members and damages them mentally and physically in the long run. It is not a good idea to yield or appear weak to him as it only fuels his negative side to explode. Handle this man by being tough, rational yet emotional, and leave when the worst case happens.

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