Five of Swords – Mermaid Tarot

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Image description on Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot

“It is all a game until one gets hurt.”

And it must be admitted that that statement is extremely suitable for the case of the Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot.

Image description on Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot

Innocent mermaids and merman find the weapons of humanity and excitedly toy with the newfound objects, and accidentally someone gets injured. The problem with those pointed and sharp objects is that they have the potential to cause injury and pain. As the little merman looks at the blood flowing from his hands with horror, the reason his guardian penguin gently pats him on the head is that the penguin is so aware of the pain and suffering that human objects can bring to aquatic creatures. The other kids stop playing and do not know what to do. The first thing they instinctively do is to stop the bleeding because if the blood flows into the water, it will bring a lot of trouble and possibly danger.

The message of Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot in a reading

In a Tarot reading, the Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot carries the meaning of inconsistent behavior and stress. Sometimes, it is also about an impending change in the future or resentment from the past. The message mainly revolves around the issue of conflict, change, challenge, or fight. This card can also be associated with failure, making matters more difficult.

There may be conflict and setbacks, and this is the most uncomfortable time of your life. However, remember that you have only lost one battle, so stay strong. If you stumble, you always have the opportunity to step back, learn from experience, and then come up with a more appropriate direction. Therefore, look for constructive advice and suggestions when reading information about this card.

The Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot is a card about personal and social interests, urging us to think about others, but currently, we are against that thought. So how do we ignore the above concerns while we are still living and existing? The dilemma supposedly comes from the definition of self. If you consider the ego to be the body or the personality, then the benefits become the factors involved. For example, do you have food? Are you happy? Can you extend the relationship?

In a tarot spread where the Five of Swords appears, it means that the querent is ignoring a big perspective and self-reflection. Currently, you are defining your interests too narrowly. If you keep going or act alone, you will encounter obsessions again.

Sometimes, the card means the need to put your own concerns first. In case you are taken advantage of or abused, the best way is to find a way to free yourself and take good care of your body and mind. And when it is your turn to act, step up confidently and demand fairness. However, you also need to be equipped with the clear awareness that if you hurt someone in the process, that victory will not really be perfect.

On the other hand, the Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot represents opposition such as quarrels or wars. The link between you and the individual or group is broken, which causes the relationship to encounter great discord. You may be the one to suffer or do things like fraud, crimes, or lies. Anyway, you still need to keep your vision broader and consider who you are to come up with the best solution for yourself and those around you.

Meaning of Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot in the upright position

The Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot is a reminder that everything has a price. Sometimes the cost is painful, and sometimes it is a good idea but done the wrong way. The trick for this card is how you deal with that price. Like those kids, how you respond to cuts and bruises will determine if the price you pay for what you want is worth it.

The upright Five of Swords appears to signal confusion in your life or some people’s. You should not shy away from this nor do you feel like you have to say what is on your mind. Because, when you say it, it can ruin your relationship with your loved ones. The most sincere advice for the querent, before chatting or confiding in anyone, is to think carefully.

In the general context, the Five of Swords Mermaid Taro is not always a good omen as it can represent defeat, change of surrender, and walking away. It is a Minor Arcana card about self-destructive behavior, allusion, deception, and lack of communication. It can also represent serious conflict and stress.

The Five of Swords comes with a warning as it can signify hostility, aggression, intimidation, and violence, and as such, it can represent situations that we hope will never encounter in our life. On the other hand, it may simply represent the action one must take to overcome another’s challenge, such as standing up for oneself and fighting back. So it can be a sign of victory.

In terms of work and finance, the upright Five of Swords Mermaid Taro indicates that there is conflict in the workplace. You can expect tension, arguments, and hostility due to poor communication or a complete lack of communication when this Minor Arcana card appears during your career reading. This can make you feel like a failure or you should leave or change your career path.

On the negative side, the Five of Swords could point to bullying, intimidation, or harassment and there could be some deception or insinuation going on. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to fight back or stand up for yourself. Be calm and rational in your approach. Make sure that whatever action you take is the one that really works for you and is not done out of compulsion, but also does not allow yourself to become a victim. At the same time, this is a card of self-destructive behavior, so you need to consider your own contribution to the situation and make sure you are not part of the problem.

Financially, the Five of Swords reveals that there can be some deception or ill-advised dealings. Be careful who you trust and make sure you are dealing with money fairly and legally. Any current financial difficulty can make you feel like a failure, but you need to consider your current situation. Have you sabotaged yourself? If so, you do not need to dwell on your mistakes, just admit and learn from them and start making better choices. You may just need to sacrifice some luxuries until your finances improve.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a relationship, then the upright Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot is not a great omen as it can indicate serious arguments, hostility, and conflicts arising from a lack of communication. It is also a Minor Arcana card about self-destruction so this card can represent infidelity and deception. It can also signify divorce or separation as it can denote failure and leave.

On the negative side, the Five of Swords can forecast bullying, intimidation, abuse, violence, assault, rape, and murder. You should not be afraid of your partner and if it is the case, this tells you that something is seriously wrong. If your partner is abusive, you need to recognize the danger you are in and seek the support of family and friends or organizations that can help you gain the strength to step up and prove your rights. The one who really loves you will never treat you that way.

If you are single, the Five of Swords suggests that you may be looking for relationships with people who have a dark and potentially dangerous or deceptive side. The extremely negative point of this card implies the kinds of situations you would never want to see yourself in, so make sure you are taking the proper precautions when dating people you do not know, such as meeting in public and letting a family member or friend know your location and information related to the meeting. 

In terms of health and spirit, the Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot indicates that you may be feeling tired of fighting at the moment. Whether it is stress, anxiety, or a recent illness, the challenges you have been through or are currently going through take a toll on your energy. Be kind to yourself and do not put too much pressure on yourself. This card also warns against engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Therefore, if you are struggling to cope with things, the card carries a serious warning that alcohol or drugs should not be used as a coping mechanism at this time because it can cause bad consequences for you.

Spiritually, the Five of Swords indicates that the challenges you overcome have given you the wisdom, strength, and empathy to heal others. This card also signifies changes so you may find yourself pursuing a new spiritual path when it appears.

Meaning of Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position

Can you tell who hurt the child just by looking at this card? Did the child injure himself or did other children injure him? You can point that out by looking at the picture, and that is the tough aspect of this card: who is to blame when things go wrong? But on the flip side of this card, you realize that everything that happens to you at any level is 100% your fault. To move forward and get used to things, you need to accept your part of the blame. Maybe you will take responsibility for the sake of the team, or maybe you will take the blame to make sure things do not go completely out of control. Either way, it is your decision. Allow that truth to set you free and move forward.

Meaning of Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position

When the Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot appears reversed, the querent may be tempted to prove to someone that he or she is right. However, this is also a serious waste of time and energy, save for other lucrative things. The card indicates that you are hurting yourself, it is better to consider and filter the information to receive. You should also know that not everything is worth arguing or fighting, prioritization is the most important thing right now.

In a general context, the reversed Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot can be a good omen as it can signify a peaceful resolution of a situation, ending the conflict and moving on. It is a Minor Arcana card about communication, compromise, overcoming challenges, and relieving stress. However, this reversed card can signal an escalation of violence and serious revenge. It can point to risking things, being restless, not heeding warning signs, and giving in to challenges. It can also represent someone being held accountable for their actions, crimes uncovered, arrests, remorse, remorse, public shame, and humiliation.

In terms of work and finance, the reversed Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot shows that a workplace conflict may be coming to an end. Tensions can be relieved, compromises made, and a peaceful resolution possible now as lines of communication open up when this Minor Arcana card appears in your career reading. This card reveals that you are making great sacrifices to overcome challenges.

Alternatively, it could indicate an escalating conflict because someone might be trying to sabotage you. Look at the other cards to confirm this. If there is deception or ill-advised business dealings in the play, the reversed Five of Swords will see the perpetrator held accountable, publicly humiliated, or even fired.

Financially the Five of Swords in reverse once again sees any improper financial transactions are exposed and the person responsible is held accountable so make sure you are acting with integrity or it will come back to bite you. It can also show relief from stress related to financial woes, so if you are having trouble managing your finances, this card will help you find solutions to your problems.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a relationship, the reversed Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot tells you that you and your partner may be ending some of the conflicts, learning how to compromise, and overcoming challenges. You may be putting things aside for any argument or problem you are having and learning to communicate with each other. But be aware that this peace requires hard work to maintain in the long run. If you go back to the previous patterns, you will sabotage the progress you have made.

On the other hand, the card can be a sign of a complete breakdown in communication and an inability to cope with challenges. If either party is unfaithful or lacks closeness in the relationship, this card implies that that person will be exposed quite openly as it shows shame, public revenge, and remorse. If you are in an abusive relationship, this card tells you to heed the warning that you are in danger! Get out before it escalates into serious violence.

If you are single, the Five of Swords in reverse reveals that you may have realized that you have been too critical or belittled your potential partner and may now be willing to give them a chance. Alternatively, it means that you have decided that a potential partner is completely unsuitable for you and are letting them go. 

In terms of health and spirit, the reversed Five of Swords Mermaid Tarot indicates that you will find a way to solve an ongoing or recurring health problem you are having. It means that compromises or sacrifices are needed to achieve this, for example, you may find that you are allergic to a food you love and have to give it up or you may find that you have to adjust your fitness regimen to compensate for an injury.

Spiritually the Five of Swords in reverse shows that you have overcome a major barrier regarding your spiritual path and this may require a great sacrifice on your part, such as parting with an old belief system and letting go of some traditions you are used to. You are now in a position to move in a spiritual direction that works for you.

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