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Image description on Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot

This ski trip is not exactly smooth. Let’s face it, the seal does not move gracefully on land. The fact that the merman’s craft can move is not a big win (in the eyes of the world), but he does everything to achieve it. The desire to figure out how to get the vehicle to work is more important than the end result. While it may seem like a long way from the perfect threshold, that manual sled may save the life of a merman in the future.

Image description on Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot

The message of Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot in a reading

When the Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot appears in a Tarot reading, it means that this is a period of transition and change. Sometimes, the card also has the meaning of stagnation, perhaps the querent needs to take a more serious look at his life. The most significant meaning of this card lies in the raft, which represents the trip and journey. Iron swords implicitly indicate burdens, which bring change in life.

However, it is the iron swords that represent the assurance of life. Some negative things will change your lifestyle, but things will soon settle down again. The baggage that you carry is not permanent on the journey of development, you need to find a way to leave each thing behind. Look at the advice and instructions on the card to find your own direction.

The Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot also represents a vague, listless state of reality and future. Nothing is too wrong but nothing is entirely correct, you are overcoming that feeling but not too strongly. On the positive side, the card has a meaning of recovery. This is important for those who have just gone through a difficult time and are psychologically affected by previous events.

Recently, you feel disconnected and indifferent to the world around you, nothing matters to you. Fortunately, you are now entering the healing and recovery phase of your life. Seen from a more practical perspective, this card also means travel or movement. A journey may be taking place within you, moving from old thoughts to new thoughts, for example. The Six of Swords does not carry a message of great joy, but it also does not refer to disappointment or extreme pain. When you draw this card in your spread, even though the situation is not ideal, you are still moving towards positivity, new things, and full of hope.

Meaning of Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot in the upright position

Sometimes you should take a small victory. Sometimes getting up and moving on is more important than waiting for something to be perfect. You will get a chance to change course later, so now allow yourself to enjoy your not-so-perfect seal ride on the ice.

The upright Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot metaphorically tells that this is a good time to travel or move, for example, a new perspective or change within the body. Usually, this move will have a good meaning, so think about where you want to go. Besides, it also shows tension and chauvinism. Things may not be perfect right now, but they are slowly changing for the better. You should spend a lot of time keeping hope and deciding where you will go to rest or work.

In the general context, the Six of Swords represents progress, entering more peaceful waters, keeping going on, and moving forward. It is a Minor Arcana card about overcoming difficulties, healing, relief, and stability so you can expect problems in your life to subside and things will be much easier. The card can also represent fleeing, journeying, touring, traveling abroad, and going on vacation. It can signify feeling lethargic and deflating after going through a rough time or the calm after a storm. It is also a Tarot card of intuition, inner direction, and spiritual guidance.

The upright Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot indicates that now is the time to leave your troubled or tumultuous past behind and move towards a whole new existence. While it may have been painful for you to leave these people in the past, you must do so to protect yourself and your inner peace. Leaving can be difficult, but sometimes it is the only sensible choice. Are there people, places, or things in your life that are toxic and must be left behind? Are you clinging to the past? The card is a gentle hand, ready to guide you forward if you are willing.

In terms of work and finance, the upright Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot signifies that things are slowly settling down. You may be transitioning to an easier phase in your work life when everything is under control. You are accomplishing goals and completing tasks with ease, or you may have moved on to a much better new job. This card may also indicate traveling abroad for business purposes or moving premises.

In a financial reading, if you are having financial difficulties, the card can denote overcoming difficulties and clearing financial problems. You should move to a financially calmer time, but it comes with a caveat. You cannot run away from financial problems, if you want lasting peace of mind, you have to deal with your money problems and not run away from them. However, do not get too complacent and start throwing your money around. Look at the position and support cards to be sure whether the storm is ahead or behind you in terms of money.

In terms of romantic relationships, the upright Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot represents a transition to an easier time after a tumultuous period in your relationship. Perhaps you and your partner have been arguing more recently than usual, or you may feel stuck in a cycle of repeated arguments. The Six of Swords is here to tell you that all that is coming to an end. 

If you are single, this card symbolizes moving on from past relationships or betrayals and entering the loving arms of a new person. You may be scared to move into this new space, especially if you have been hurt in the past, but now is a great time to move forward. Remember that you deserve to feel happy and loved. Avoid letting your past get in the way of what brings you joy.

In terms of health and spirit, the card foretells overcoming an illness. You have been fighting long enough, and it is finally time to start feeling normal again. You are probably just entering the early stages of your recovery, so it is normal to feel drained of energy. Your strength will return in time, as things are definitely going in the right direction for you.

Mentally, you will also head to a new aspect. While this can be intimidating, try not to rock the boat. The lessons you learn will be very important for your future. 

Spiritually, the Six of Swords tells you that your spirit guides are all around you, guiding you to the wisdom you are seeking. Pay attention to your intuitions, visions, and dreams at this time because they are telling you something important.

Meaning of Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position

You are giving yourself a good chance when you are doing this fun dance. Instead of thinking about the difficulties and obstacles you have to face during your adventure, try focusing on the fact that you are no longer stuck or entangled. This life needs circulation, and energy needs a flow, even if it is on the back of the merman’s craft sled to get through heavy snow. The road ahead has been cleared, the vehicle has moved, and stopping is not a good option.

Meaning of Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot shows that you are ready to say what you are feeling, but communication is still a big problem at the moment. Advice for querents is to think before expressing an opinion, to ensure the information that you give or are storing.

In a general context, the reversed Six of Swords represents moving into troubled waters, lacking progress, and jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. In a reversed position, it is a Minor Arcana card that feels trapped, entangled, overwhelmed, restricted, and with nowhere to run or choose to stand. This card represents instability, boating, trouble, and turbulent relationships, so you may encounter life to be a little rough when it appears in your Tarot reading. This card also represents slow healing.

The Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot in reverse can also represent returning from travel or vacation, travel being interrupted or canceled, changing or abandoning plans, and running away. It can signal a flood or an accident in the water. You may find it difficult to end an unhealthy relationship you are in, no matter how badly your partner treats you. Remind yourself that you deserve all the love and happiness a positive relationship can bring. You feel stagnant right now, but that does not have to last forever. Now is the time to make the right decision and move on, despite hesitation or fear. You deserve to find new relationships and friendships in which you can be satisfied and thrive.

In terms of work and finance, the reversed Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot forecasts that things are in turmoil. Someone may be trying to trouble you at work, or you may feel trapped in a job you do not like. Plans may be canceled or changed, or you may experience delays in projects or in completing tasks. This card can also indicate that any travel abroad for work may be interrupted or canceled.

Financially, the Six of Swords reversed suggests that you may be running away from financial troubles. You may feel like you do not know what to do with the situation but if you put in a little effort and seek some expert advice, you can get your finances under control.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a relationship, the reversed Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot shows that your connection is in turmoil at the moment and you are going through a difficult or troubled period. You may be feeling overwhelmed and stuck, or the relationship may not be moving as quickly as you would like. It could also indicate that a third party may be causing trouble in your relationship.

If you are getting married, this reversed Minor Arcana can indicate that you are having cold feet. If you are single, the card could mean a period of disruption in your love life or simply a time when nothing much happened or progress was lacking. The wounds of your previous relationship are slowly healed leading to you feeling overwhelmed.

When this Minor Arcana card appears reversed in your Tarot reading, it warns you that you need to allow yourself time to heal, even if healing takes longer than you would like. If you enter a new relationship before you process the effects of the last relationship, you may realize that you have jumped out of the fire.

In terms of health and spirit, the reversed Six of Swords Mermaid Tarot heralds that recovery from illness or injury will take longer than you hoped or anticipated. There may be a delay in healing or failure and you may feel that you are not in good health at the moment. Try not to let the turmoil you feel overpower you, it will pass, you just need to find some balance and allow the healing to take place.

Spiritually, the card indicates that you may be having problems sensing your spirit guides or experiencing a delay in progress on the spiritual path, causing you to feel stuck or frustrated. Try to relax and know that your abilities will improve at the rate they want. There will be times when you will make rapid progress and other times less, all part of a larger plan for the future.

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