Nine of Wands – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot

In a cave full of fire pearls look so peaceful and wonderful, things can change very quickly. The flaming pearl harvester knows very well about the surroundings of this cave. He knows because he has never taken the conditions of his workplace for granted. He must always be ready and able to respond to any and all eruptions. But if we get a good look at him, he looks very composed as he places flaming pearls on top of each of the sticks that are waiting for him. Part of walking the path of awareness is keeping your body and mind calm and being very careful with the conditions of each movement around you.

 Image description on Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot is a card that represents endurance, perseverance, and defense against adverse situations. The card has many messages that Tarot readers need to pay attention to when drawing this card. In a Tarot reading, this card is related to the element of Fire, expressing the desire, determination, and strength to overcome all storms.

When the card appears, you may have some trouble in the upcoming time. Through the Nine of Wands, the universe advises you to take precautions and stay mentally strong against approaching challenges. You are the only person who has the ability to solve problems thoroughly, so positivity and a persistent fighting spirit are what you need to equip right now.

In addition, the card also indicates certainty and consistency, you need to continue the journey and prove to everyone that you are strong and patient enough to handle everything. This Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot is a reminder that although there are times to compromise, you should not hesitate. Determination will get you through this challenging time – if you are up for it.

The lessons you learn on your personal growth journey will torment your soul, nearly severing hope before they allow you to be reborn and become a better version of yourself. Of course, you will have a defensive mindset, however, you should not sink deep into the pit of despair and give up. Everything happens for a reason, the wounds that have tormented you will help you become stronger than ever.

Besides, the Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot also exploits the aspect of human strength, depicting the resilient nature and the perseverance of humanity in the face of disasters. Even if the world turns its back on you, you still have yourself and the hidden resources inside your soul to break through.

III. Nine of Wands Mermaid upright meanings

Learn how to harvest creative energies that take power and strength. You must know how to control it when the energy is flowing and how to tune into the vibration when it is in a calm and silent state. There is a slight balance that appears in this card, which is not always obvious, but we just need to know that it is something you need to be aware of because either way, it can help you.

Contrary to most of the cards in the Wands suit, which have a positive meaning, the Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot contains many complex and quite negative messages. It talks about the anxiety and tension that is pent up in the mind of the querent. You should stay calm and accept the message openly. Don’t let worry haunt your mind and make you more tired.

In a general context, the Nine of Wands tells you that you are halfway through the battle. Recent events have drained your energy and you feel like you cannot go on, but you are close to getting what you want. You just have to put in your last strength and push forward and you will succeed. It represents ongoing battles, tired fights, and depleted energy. At the same time, it signifies courage, endurance, the strength of will, having a backbone, endurance, and perseverance.

The Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot in the upright position gathers your strength, learns from past failures, fights your corner, and stands in the end. You may be injured, unprotected, or in trouble when it appears in your Tarot cards. It may indicate that things have not turned out the way you had planned and that there have been challenges and setbacks along the way.

In terms of work and finance, your work situation is becoming stressful, it seems that you have to endure pressure from superiors and colleagues. In fact, you cannot control everything and solve every problem fully, so allow yourself to rest and relax when necessary.

The Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot indicates that you are in the middle of a battle. The work you have done in the past can leave you exhausted and wondering if you have enough energy to complete the task at hand. This card tells you to fight because you will find success.

For the financial aspect, you need to look at your spending habits carefully and find ways to increase your income level. Those are ways that you can take to deal with the current situation. Recently, you may have had a lot of unexpected expenses that left you a little short of cash. If you have savings, you might want to consider using them to take a look. If you don’t have any savings, look at ways you can make a little extra money until things improve. The upright Nine of Wands can also signify the protection of your money, so you may need to be a bit security-conscious about cash and valuables when this comes up.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a relationship, the Nine of Wands shows that you and your partner have been going through a difficult time. Whether it is the way you relate to each other or just life in general, recent events have drained you of all your energy. You may feel like giving up, but this Nine card tells you to keep going and hang in there.

You are going through the worst phase, so you just need to focus your energy and work on moving forward and you will get where you want to be. This card can also indicate that you or your partner have been hurt in previous relationships and this can have a negative effect on your current situation.

If you are still single, the upright Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot indicates that this is not the right time for you to look for a new relationship. Don’t be in a hurry, take care of yourself first. The card implies that you are still traumatized by a string of relationships that are not going the way you wanted and these wounds are preventing you from finding the happy and healthy relationship you deserve. It may feel like you will never get through this, but you are already so close. Just make sure that the next person you allow into your life is worthy of your love.

In terms of health and spirit, the Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot in the upright position shows that you are bewildered and negatively affected by stress and anxiety. The advice that the universe gives you is to take good care of your health by conducting a healthy lifestyle.

Mentally, you have not lived as disciplined as you would like and this prevents you from achieving the goals you have set. The Nine of Wands reveals that you have been going through a difficult time and you are feeling drained and exhausted. However, things are in search and you have learned your karmic lessons so you should be able to move forward on your spiritual path.

IV. Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Without a doubt, this is the dark side of this card, the bored and dissatisfied side with the conditions is finding where it belongs. The problem is that creative energy is unpredictable. It is always changing and it is never rational. You may not like your current situation, but you are the one who created it. This must be good news because at least now you can change the things you need to change, but only if you can stop being so moody and stop blaming the world for just 5 seconds.

Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

The reversed Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot implies that we should show kindness and treat everyone around us kindly. When this card appears in your reading, the universe is encouraging you with positive and sweet messages.

In a general context, the reversed Nine of Wands represents an unwillingness to compromise or give in, being stubborn, rigid, or obstinate. It can signify being the last person standing or having a chip on your shoulder. Alternatively, this reversed card can indicate a stalemate, retreat, retreat, give up, no longer fight, or no backbone.

The Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot in reverse can also show the weakness of will, chronic fatigue, and a lack of courage, endurance, or perseverance. It can represent not learning from past mistakes or falling to the last hurdle. This card can also point out your lack of vigilance or unexpected trouble.

In terms of work and finance, the reversed Nine of Wands can represent no more fighting or obstinately refusing to compromise or change. You may feel like you are getting nowhere at work or with a current project and you have put everything into it but to no avail.

This card can suggest that burnout is affecting your perspective. Work/life balance is not only important to you in your personal life, but it is also essential to good productivity. Maybe you have pushed yourself too far at work. Try taking a step back to gather yourself together, take time to rest, and regain normal energy levels. Then decide if it is worth continuing with what you are doing.

Alternatively, the Nine of Wands can indicate that you are constantly pushing in terms of business or career when in reality, you are riding a dead horse. Again, you need to take some time to consider whether what you are doing is worth pursuing.

In a financial Tarot reading, the reversed card means that you may be avoiding your financial responsibilities. The card can also signify that your money is not protected, so you may see cash and valuables lost as it appears.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a relationship, the reversed Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot tells that you and your partner may have argued before and are now at an impasse when both are trying to make amends and refuse to compromise. Alternatively, this Nine of Wands card may suggest that you are no longer fighting and want to withdraw from the relationship altogether.

If you are in a new relationship, the reversed Nine of Wands implies that your new partner may be a little worried about how much they have been hurt in the past. You can be compassionate but remember that you are not the one to blame for their past relationship failures, so don’t tolerate them belittling you.

If you are single, the card shows that you may begin to feel ready to drop your guard when it comes to love. This is a great development! You have learned from past relationships, grieve, regain your strength, and are ready to move on.

Alternatively, it can mean that past relationship hurts have caused you so much pain that you have completely given up on love. You need to give yourself space to recharge, but don’t close yourself off from the possibility of meeting new people. Not everyone out there will hurt you.

In terms of health and spirit, the reversed Nine of Wands Mermaid Tarot can indicate that you are unable to continue fighting an illness or cannot continue to pretend that you are not in pain. It is also a stronger sign of a chronic illness or the recurrence of old wounds that are causing you problems.

Spiritually, the card once again shows that you have been going through a difficult time. You are feeling exhausted but there is an element of rigidity in this card that shows that you are uncompromising and refuse to accept the lessons that the universe is trying to send you. You cannot change the past but you can learn from it. If you reject the lesson, the universe will send it back to you in a massive and emphasized way. Try to embrace it and be gentle with yourself.

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