Ten of Wands – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot

From deep within the hot, bubbling volcanic cavern, a mermaid struggles to carry her sticks out to the flaming pearl harvester. This stream of water is now filled with smoke and ashes, even if you cannot see the road, let alone breathe. The weight of the sticks plus the need to live more than usual are weighing heavily on the mermaid’s shoulder. She needs stamina along with an extraordinary amount of strength to be able to complete tasks like this day in and day out. But she has to finish it, for it will not be done until she has to finish what she starts herself.

Image description on Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot is a card that represents the shouldering and enduring attitude in the face of difficulties. Carrying many interesting meanings, this card allows Tarot readers to shape the future by predicting possible situations in the upcoming events. Therefore, when the card appears, it is highly likely that you are busy with work and feel stuck or you have invested time and effort in a relationship but the results are not as desired.

Personal circumstances make you want to give up, but stay calm because your burden is not the endpoint. The Ten of Wands tells you the current situation and wants you to choose a more suitable path. The card emphasizes that you are the only one who can solve the problem you are facing.

In a Tarot spread, the Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot shows that you are pushing yourself on a growth journey. You fiddle with countless tasks every day, ignoring your personal need to fulfill responsibilities. This is the right time for you to rethink all aspects of your life, relax and heal the pain that has tormented you for so long. Don’t try to pretend that you are okay and stick with it to the end.

The Ten of Wands also implies that your life will be more difficult in the coming time. Be kind to your body and mind because you have fought hard to achieve success. You can seek the support of people you trust to ease the burden on your shoulder. Everyone will be happy to help to ensure the work process is not delayed.

III. Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

It is hard to tell if our mermaid is feeling stuck with a long week of hard work, or if this is just one day in her seemingly endless series. That is often the feeling of someone coming to the end of a creative project. The weight of that project begins with the hurt and when you suddenly realize how exhausted you really are. While it is true that you feel as if you are trying to get yourself out of the smoke and ash of a volcano, you still have to look straight at the finish line.

The upright Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot is a warning about overexertion and gradually draining the energy of a Tarot reading querent. You have come a long way on the road to career growth or building relationships with others. Even if the desire to work is still burning inside of your soul, you should not rush forward regardless of the daily fatigue.

In the general context, the upright Ten of Wands represents a situation that was initially a good idea but has now become a burden. It denotes problems, responsibilities, overload, and stress. It indicates that you have a lot of weight on your shoulders and that you feel constrained, strapped, and restricted. 

This card can also signify taking for granted, struggle, great challenge, hardship, and obligation. It shows that you have taken in too much and may be on the verge of burning out. However, this card also shows that the end is understanding and if you continue, you will succeed. It can also signal delays, loss, distraction, and difficulty. It may indicate that joy or spontaneity has disappeared from your life.

In terms of work and finance, the amount of work that you are shouldering makes you no longer have time to enjoy many pleasures in life. Don’t be afraid to contact your colleagues for help, you can support them on the following projects.

Besides, the unstable financial situation makes you feel pressured and stressed. The advice that the universe gives you is to calmly plan your spending. Solve problems based on your ability, don’t be too hasty.

In terms of romantic relationships, your relationship is having many problems, specifically, your lover has to go through a difficult period and you have not timely supported them. This shows that both should reconsider the potential of this connection and come up with the most realistic and appropriate solution.

If you are still single, the upright Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot recommends that you do not continue to struggle to find love, but take a break and relax for a while. Your soulmate will come to your life at the most reasonable time.

In terms of health and spirit, stress and fatigue seriously affect your body, the Ten of Wands in the upright position indicates that you should live a healthy life and stay away from things that drain your energy. The card indicates that stress or burden is having a negative impact on your health and you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. You cannot take care of anyone else if your own physical condition is not fine, so make yourself a priority. It can also represent your body’s refusal to fight disease.

Spiritually, you should not be afraid to seek support. People are not obligated to take care of you, though, so you should rely on others too much. You may feel you have strayed from your spiritual path or that the pressures and burdens of your life have pulled you out of your way. Know that your path is always there and you are always guided back to it. If you feel you have been out of the track, simply change direction and the universe will guide you back.

IV. Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

So close but also so far away. This is where a lot of people give up and lie down with their tired bodies and let it all go. Maybe you are questioning yourself in hindsight right now wondering how you ever allow yourself to start in this state. But you just have to remember that this is not the beginning – everything is ending, but how you can stop this energy flow is up to you. Will it be a failure or will you continue to suffer to get the job done?

Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

When the reversed Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot appears in a Tarot reading, you need to learn to be honest with yourself and those around you. If you think someone is cheating on you, you should seriously research before criticizing others.

Similar to the upright Ten of Wands, the reversed Ten of Wands brings about the fatigue of procrastination and stress. You can overcome this situation in many ways, especially by making friends with people who radiate positive energy.

In a general context, the upright Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot represents having too much responsibility and stress or a cross that is too heavy to bear. When reversed, this Ten of Wands can signify insurmountable problems, letting loose dead horses and working hard but getting nowhere. It shows that you are pushing yourself so far that you are on the verge of collapse or breakdown.

It can also show that you are bound by obligations and resigned to your fate or have no stamina and are not strong enough to face the challenges you are facing. Alternatively, it can represent letting go, learning to say no, offloading, dumping, and avoiding obligations or responsibilities.

In terms of work and finance, if you are not satisfied with your current working environment, consider changing your position or looking for a new job. You have no obligation to continue giving when you cannot find joy or self-pride in your work. Perhaps you have delegated some of your work to co-workers or employees. Perhaps you have found a more efficient way of doing things. Either way, this change has brought balance to your work-life and will result in much better health and efficiency for you and your career in the long run.

If your financial situation is in trouble, you should not waste money on unnecessary needs. You also should accumulate money and have a reasonable spending plan to ensure financial stability. The upright Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot can show that you have somehow brought your financial responsibilities back to a manageable level.

Perhaps you cut off your spending on credit or arranged an easier repayment plan with your lender. Whatever it is, this is a good move as it will help reduce anxiety and bring balance to your life. Alternatively, this reversed Ten of Wands can indicate that your financial burdens are getting so out of control that you are starting to feel the pressure of it all.

In terms of romantic relationships, the Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot in reverse implies a difficult period in a romantic relationship. Maybe this is the right time for you to start looking seriously into this relationship and have a frank conversation. The card in reverse can indicate that you are letting go of some of your stress and responsibilities, so leave room for fun and nature to return. Your partner can take on more tasks and share the burden, making you closer and more connected. It can also indicate one or both of you completely shirking your responsibilities.

On the other hand, it implies that you are so overwhelmed with tasks and stressed that the relationship will be on the brink if it breaks down. The card can be a bad omen as it means that you are riding a dead horse by boosting your relationship and putting in a lot of work but getting nowhere.

In terms of health and spirit, the reversed Ten of Wands Mermaid Tarot shows that your health is in trouble, you are concerned about this and feel mentally tormented every day. If you worry too much, go to the doctor to check your body’s condition closely.

When the Ten of Wands in reverse appears, you should take care of your spiritual life carefully. In case you are being treated badly by someone for a long time, then deal with this immediately. The Ten of Wands tells you that you have to take time for yourself. You may think you are helping others by giving them every little bit of energy you have, but you are headed for serious burnout. You have to put yourself first or else you will not be of any use to anyone.

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