Seven of Cups – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot

It is easy to get distracted and fall into anything flashy or new. Even the treasures under the sea are irresistible. In fact, just looking for shiny things is a job that takes you all day to do. It can take up so much time that you forget to focus on everything else in life, and before you even know that all you have in life is like ships filled with fragile, useless, and worthless fragments.

II. The message of Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot is often a card that refers to important decisions in life. In addition, when the number seven appears in the deck, it is often synonymous with temptation, fantasies, and illusions for the mind. The card evokes a messy, unbalanced, even chaotic, uncertain life. It seems that everything is getting out of control, making you confused and gradually losing your calm attitude and confidence in your abilities.

In addition, this card also shows that you are still weak in fully grasping the direction of your life’s development, leading to forever struggling with choices and turns in life. In some other cases, the Seven of Cups also implies that you are a dreamer, have an optimistic view of the future, and are confident and overly positive. On the other hand, this is also a reminder and criticism of the laziness in the way of thinking and acting of the querent.

In a spread, when combined with other cards, the omens that the Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot mentions are also diverse. In particular, it often predicts the appearance of an individual who shares a particular association with your selections. At the same time, based on whether the card combined comes from the Kings, Queens, Knights, or Pages suit, readers can make judgments about the role and how much influence that person has on your serendipity. 

In addition, the Ace of Swords when coupled with the Seven of Cups often predicts that things will gradually settle down and get loosened or maybe the querents’ predicament will soon turn in their favor.

III. Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

Distraction is a part of everyday life. It is easy to allow them to control and bind the phases of your daily life. However, avoiding distractions and keeping your emotions and mind clear and focused requires mental strength and commitment. Keeping yourself busy year-round all month long does not mean you are actually achieving anything but a disturbance of your spirit, emotion, and vibrations. So from now on leave the flashy things where you found them and make space for the things you really want to experience.

The upright Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot indicates that the images in your mind need to be processed, not only in dreams but also in the real world. Carefully consider the illusions underlying the choices you are faced with. The mermaid in the Seven of Cups is a dreamer and can see beauty and excitement as well as difficulties and fears in the future. If you are constantly caught up in your dreams and your imagination or are afraid, you will never be able to move forward, make your dreams come true, or overcome your fears.

Therefore, according to the card, although dreams are beautiful and they inspire you to take action, you must know when to stop at the right time and return to the real world to build your life. A choice must be made even though they make you feel numb or fearful. If you cannot make a decision because there are too many options, it is time to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each and make the right choice. You also need to know your purpose so that you can make the right choice. Things that look flashy often bring trouble later on, and trivial things are sometimes rare golden opportunities.

With the Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot in the upright position, there is a risk that what lies ahead is an illusion. You need to be aware of what is reality and what is an illusion. Usually, this card shows choices and plans that have little or no basis in fact. Things like that are prime examples of fantasy and the price you pay when you are stuck in that world. However, when you try to turn your ideas into reality, you are stepping one foot into the door of disappointment, and this is inevitable when you realize that your vision is too narrow.

In terms of work and finance, the Seven of Cups makes predictions about plans that tend to be somewhat delusional. You need to stay awake and discern what are the right and appropriate hopes and dreams. As for the fanciful and unrealistic things, they must be resolutely dismissed. If your mind is affected, you will be lost in your choices. 

The card also warns of dangers affecting your economy. The desire in the prophecy of the upright Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot is the cause of your confusion between choices. You need to be sensible with yourself and your career advancements. You need to make a clear distinction between what you can do and what is just a dream. Putting illusions into work only creates conditions for others to take advantage of. The fact that you are too delusional and put your faith in the wrong place is what the card emphasizes. That will cost you financially or in the direction of your future work.

In terms of romantic relationships, the Seven of Cups favorably looks for lonely souls as an indication that their love line will quickly flourish and progress unexpectedly. However, because of that, you should not rush to accept confessions from anyone, instead, you should carefully consider all aspects related to that person and most importantly, listen to the voice of your heart.

On the contrary, for the couple, the upright Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot is interpreted as a warning that in the upcoming time, you will encounter many troubles and difficulties in finding a common voice between the two sides. In some other cases, this will be an opportunity for you to realize the potential problems in the way you love and show your affection for your other half. 

In terms of health and spirit, the upright card is a reminder that you should pay more attention to self-love and avoid falling into a state of overwork due to shouldering too many responsibilities at the same time. In addition, in some cases, the card hints that you think you are suffering from psychological or mental illnesses.

Spiritually, the Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot shows that you are discovering your spiritual side and that there are many forms of spiritual practices that interest you when you are not putting work into developing them. If this is the case, try to choose some of the spiritual practices that appeal to you the most and take them one at a time. You will find it easy to meditate with this Minor Arcana card in your Tarot reading.

IV. Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Congratulations! One of those flashy things that led you to something interesting and exciting. The real lesson here is that you have to take action, not simply follow one shiny after another all the way. Instead, you have found something from the very beginning of the journey so far.

Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

The reversed Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot is a card of illusion, temptation, and diversion. Your view of life at this point is a bit illusory, and your fantasies are not possible in the real world. You do not want to face the day-to-day realities of life. You cannot define what you are really looking for to make it happen. Illusions and change need to be erased and seen for what you really are. You may find that returning to the energy of the Six of Cups is sensible advice. You can then find yourself in familiar places, such as your home or the areas you grew up in, to soothe your spirits.

The reversed Seven of Cups says that you are avoiding looking at yourself as well as what will truly satisfy you. Instead of enjoying a few quiet moments, you waste your time pursuing things that do not really make you happy. You need to stop and spare yourself some time to think carefully about these issues. On a more positive note, the reversed card tells you that you are finally able to clear the fog of confusion and delusion, focus on your chosen goal, and find the best method to achieve problem-solving.

In terms of work and finance, the appearance of the reversed Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot usually means that you are feeling stuck or are being harmed or hindered by others in advancing to a position worthy of your talents, efforts, and abilities. Besides, this can also be seen as an omen representing your regret when you miss a valuable work opportunity due to lack of concentration or not giving your best. This incident makes you feel sad and blame yourself.

In terms of romantic relationships, for couples who love each other, the card in reverse is considered a symbol of a more mature and serious stage in the relationship. Accordingly, the love story of the two of you will have to go through many challenges and thorns from harsh reality. If it is possible to smoothly pass this time, your connection will be more and more sublimated, trustful, and empathetic. On the contrary, for the single, the reversed card shows that they are limiting their chances in love by becoming too cold, rational, and setting too high standards for the ideal partner.

In terms of health and spirit, the reversed Seven of Cups Mermaid Tarot is a symbol that you are gradually sinking into depraved and negative pleasures, thereby causing a serious impact on your health status. Therefore, you should correct yourself, completely stop the toxic lifestyle, and gradually find a balance in life. Besides, do not hesitate to seek the help of friends and relatives to get through this difficult time together.

Spiritually, the reversed card indicates that you are neglecting your spiritual side and focusing too much on the superficial or material aspects of your life. Material pursuits will not bring you real satisfaction. Try to develop your spiritual aspect to find contentment and enlightenment. Don’t limit yourself, you are capable of more than you realize!

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