Six of Cups – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot

It is fun when you find new things to play with and explore, especially when you have no idea what you have found to be used for. The little mermaids play freely without knowing what they are playing, and none of the children cares about it. Their experience right now is unrestricted, not bogged down in making sense. This is simply a time when you can be silly and creative, and let your imagination run wild.

Image description on Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot

You may recognize the objects found in this card as cups, but that is because you already have a memory related to the concept of what cups are. When you were a child, someone pointed to a cup, told you what to call it, and explained to you what it was for. The other person’s concept then became yours, and those so-called “Cups” had a shared story.

Little mermaids do not share that story with you. They do not have any stories to explain about the cups, so they are just free to explore the cups however they want.

II. The message of Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot in a reading

Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot is known as the card of childhood, nostalgia, and pure happiness. Although you long to relive the happy memories of the past, in the end, each person needs to live for the present and the future, not daydreaming about the past. Besides, this card can also reflect the present inner emotional state and show the child’s desire to experience joy. Even as an adult, the child’s soul is still alive and needs to be cared for and nurtured.

In a reading, the combination of the Six of Cups and The Empress shows a home full of love and happiness. There is a high chance that you and your partner will decide to go further in your relationship, even getting married and having children. With The Wheel of Fortune, two cards recommend recalling childhood memories to be able to find your own mission, especially for those who are stuck or feel unhappy with their present.

With the Seven of Wands, this duo shows your potential in the educational and social fields. Not only will you be highly successful, but you will even find joy and passion in this direction. With the Three of Swords, two cards appearing together show your childhood traumas. This combination implies that if you do not entirely heal this damage, you will live forever with the ghost of your past.

III. Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot offers stories that focus on your childhood and stories that are probably never really yours. Maybe those stories were told to you in a way that your connection and interaction with the world around you were formed. But, right now, that story will no longer be felt the way it used to be. Like the children of mermaids, you are impatient to write a new story, one that is truly yours and your own. Get out of the rules that other people have explained to you and get rid of the concepts of others.

In the midst of change and crisis, the upright Six of Cups shows that looking back on what you have suffered is also a good way because you will still experience the same things and will overcome them as you did. After the loss in Five of Cups, the Six of Cups shows that you need to take time to heal and look back on the past and all that was good before. During this stage, you do not need to focus on the negative sides. Instead, bring all the positive energies from the past into your present and future. Unlike the fifth card of the Cups suit, the cups are now full and neat. Looking back now, the road ahead will be much brighter and better.

The upright Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot can also speak to your inner self and shows your desire to experience the joys of childhood. The inner soul still has childish and adolescent aspects that include all the experiences and emotions that we have gone through. This can lead to the child of the soul reacting strongly to specific experiences, current situations, and emotions, based on what happened in the past. Feeling the different aspects of your soul and knowing the emotions that come from them can change and enhance your choices in magical ways.

The Six of Cups almost radiates an aura of joy because it represents the past with all its memories, the present with all its gifts, and the future with all its magical chance. The card in the upright position, therefore, can signal a gift you are given or some other similar actions. You may be inspired to act kind or do charity or set a good example for others. You are more open to sharing what you have with goodwill to help people.

In terms of work and finance, this is a ripe time for creative jobs. If your current job is not creatively applied, at least try to change how you see problems or handle situations. This innovation promises to make everyday work much more productive. At the same time, you should take advantage of the present time to improve your own abilities and encourage the progressive spirit of those around you. 

In the financial field, the upright Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot shows that you are about to receive a certain amount of money. No matter how the situation plays out, the outcome is definitely positive because the card brings a feeling of optimism and positivity.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a romantic relationship, the card can indicate that this predestined relationship seems to be on the verge of a dead end. Let’s explore and experiment with new things together because only then can both of you lead to a happy ending. 

In addition, sometimes the card also implies the reappearance of someone in the past. This person does not necessarily have to be in a romantic relationship with you, but can also be your ex-acquaintance or ex-classmate. Still, whoever it is, there is a high possibility that the return of this person causes past obsessions to come back, thereby causing your emotions to swing like a roller coaster. If you really appreciate the happiness you have now, then completely stop emotional ties with your ex. The card also advises us not to ruin the good things we have for our own good.

In terms of health and spirit, if at the present time, you are having problems related to health, especially mentally, the upright Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot encourages you to really reminisce about your childhood to be able to find the root of the problem. Besides, this can also be a sign that you are feeling stuck and pressured when the surrounding pace of life is happening too fast.

Spiritually, the card means that you need to keep spiritual practices simple. Our spirituality is an intrinsic part of who we are but sometimes in our eagerness to connect with the spirit, we can over-complicate things. If you are having trouble connecting, get back to the basics. The card can also signify that you may find yourself rediscovering rituals or traditions from childhood and integrating them into your spiritual practice.

IV. Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Memory is a lie, especially childhood memories. If you have siblings, you will only know very well how different you and your siblings remember specific events in your childhood. Things that can cause you pain and discomfort can be fun and exciting for one of your family members. Again, you do not need an extended family to experience the difference in shared memory.

Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

The Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot in reverse is asking you to reevaluate a memory or two that seemed to be triggering emotions in your childhood. It is time to disentangle yourself from the inner child stories and rewrite them with the adult version of yourself that you experienced.

The reversed card can indicate that you are clinging to the past. There may still be some issues from the past that you still have not resolved. It is important to reflect on and decipher memories of the past, but do not let them become a burden. The ideas and beliefs that you have built up in the past can slow your progress. Use the past as a guide for the future and focus on living in the present.

The Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot in reverse is a card of nostalgia, childhood love, generosity, carefreeness, and also naive dreams about life. On the contrary, it suggests that you may have unrealistic ideas about a particular stage in your life, based on your dreams and ideals from a young age. For example, you always picture yourself starting a family at 25, then when you turn 25, you have another goal in mind. Or you may be frustrated that you have reached a certain age but have not been able to fulfill your childhood dream.

The card also can indicate fertility problems or issues related to children. If you already have children, you are probably trying to raise them according to a certain framework. At times, it can indicate child abuse or sexual abuse in order to feel young. You are still trying to work through these problems and free yourself from the negative memories. Alternatively, you may be working with people who have problems with repressed memories from their childhood.

In terms of work and finance, the Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot in reverse shows that your career tends to stagnate, even stand still for a long time. You should come up with an essential plan to decide whether to leave or stay. However, in any situation, it is important to avoid repeating the negative patterns that have followed you throughout the past period.

On the financial aspect, this card often appears for people who are living with their family but are ready to move out on their own. However, if you are still living with other people, it is best to learn how to save and manage your financial expenses to avoid a serious deficit.

In terms of romantic relationships, the reversed Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot implies that you are likely to soon face some problems related to the emotional aspect that you have been deliberately avoiding for a long time. Or it shows that you are still immersed in the past instead of putting everything aside to move toward the future. It seems that the broken pieces of old love still make you not dare to open your heart to anyone else. However, this may be a bit unfair to your current partner or potential future partner. Try to let the past rest in peace otherwise, you will be able to find true love.

In terms of health and spirit, this reversed card is considered an instruction related to some health problems that you are bearing. This could be a genetic condition or a manifestation of unresolved trauma. Also, if you are married, the card in reverse can represent problems related to fertility or conception.

Spiritually, the reversed Six of Cups Mermaid Tarot could point out that now is the time to explore new beliefs and try new things rather than clinging to beliefs or traditions you learned in childhood. Keep what works for you, but also be bold to branch out and incorporate new ideas that appeal to you.

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