The Death – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Death Mermaid Tarot

As above, so below. What happens on the ocean’s surface has a mysterious and profound effect on the underwater world. Pollution and human expansion have created additional harm to both sides. However, just like on land, beneath the waves are mermaids who take on the duty of care and protection, and work as tirelessly as their “finless” friends onshore.

Image description on Death Mermaid Tarot

The irony is that they both need each other in times of crisis. In other words, when Death comes, he knocks on both sides at the same time. Maybe those who stand in the way of Death can be rescued and healed. But sometimes it is not. Regardless of the danger, the risk, and the rotten mess that Death leaves in the aftermath, there will always be those who take risks for the chance to start over.

II. The message of Death Mermaid Tarot in a reading

Death Mermaid Tarot really possesses such a powerful energy source! Here, we will face our life’s greatest fear – the biggest mystery no one can know if we are still alive! If you are suddenly startled by Death, it is because you are looking at it as Destruction. In the Tarot (and in life as well), Death is not the final ending, but just a transition to the next stage. The nature of life is eternal, one way or another, it will always work in a loop: Reproduce – Grow – Move – Survive – and then, in the end, we have to “Finish” the old to make way for the new to be “Reborn”.

It is a very obvious fact that the Major card numbered 13 in Tarot has nothing to do with physical death. And of course, a competent reader would never look at things in a spread that shows Death Mermaid Tarot in this short-sighted way. If you come to such a conclusion, it means that your vision is narrow! Death is something that does not only happen once to the body of all living things in this universe, but it always happens at many different levels, not merely the effects of destructive action on the body. Because every moment in the present, right now, we ourselves are “dead” to reveal the future to come.

In a reading, Death Mermaid Tarot often symbolizes the end of important issues to usher in a great change. It signals the preparation for the end of a new era, and also the moment when the door of the present is slowly closing. At times like these, feelings of sadness and reluctance are, of course, problems that we all cannot avoid. However, relief and definite determination will also be immediately present. Death also advises you to get back to the foundation of the beginning, and giving up is the way to help focus on the things that really matter!

This card is also a reminder that you need to know how to let go of things that are no longer needed! And Death Mermaid Tarot further emphasizes that you must accept the absolute effects that are coming because Death is inevitable! And sometimes, we will encounter things that we cannot avoid even though we don’t want to! When these things happen, the best way is to be flexible, to skillfully steer our own destiny, and wait and see where it takes us.

III. The Death Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

Death Mermaid Tarot always leaves behind things that need to be cleaned up. Whether you like it or not, the dirt that is sticking to your skin and seeping into your lungs are all leftovers from Death’s actions, and they need to be cleaned up. Like the animals in this card, you will probably need someone to help you with this process. Look for people who do the cleaning and healing of the energies left behind in the old cycles. Let them assist you in leaving behind the things that make you weak and vulnerable, and allow them to restore and strengthen you. Those people can be friends, family members, or spiritual mentors – not excluding anyone, just ask for support and let them show up.

Death Mermaid Tarot does not necessarily imply physical death. Tarot readers who understand the meaning of the card in that way will be considered superficial. As we are creatures with the freedom to create our own destiny, no one will have the right to decide for us all that happens to us. This card is simply aimed at transformation and change. This is definitely a time when things will change quite dramatically, both internally and externally. Circumstances, things, people that you are always familiar with and believe in as the truth may no longer exist. Or it is still there, but it will not be the same. Accepting big changes like this can be quite a difficult experience for some people, especially when they are still not determined enough to face the obvious facts that are happening right in front of them.

Death Mermaid Tarot represents something that is always fair and indiscriminate for everyone, which is death! This is something that no one in this world can escape from, but each person will have their own ways to deal with it! This is a card that represents the inevitable transitions in each human life. The more you learn to accept and let go of your desire to control everything around you, the easier this time will be for you! Often, the things you need to let go of the most are complacency and a lightheaded attitude that causes you to inadvertently set limits on yourself. Many times you will not be able to know how much your own perspective has unintentionally hurt you. And if you admit to yourself that everything used to be like that, then the Death card is a wake-up call for you.

The main energy source that Death Mermaid Tarot wants to send to you right now does not simply change or destroy, but rebirth. While it is true that every time one door closes, another opens, do you have the courage to step through the next door? Death is perhaps the scariest and most misleading of all the Tarot cards, in fact, it is one of the best and most positive cards. Death symbolizes the end of an important period or aspect of life and can bring about the beginning of something more valuable and important. You have to close one door to open another. You need to leave the past behind and separate it from your path, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. 

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of the past but you will soon see the benefits of doing so as it helps create innovation and positive changes in your life. If you resist the necessary endings, then you may feel pain, both mentally and physically; but if you maintain creative thoughts and see a new ending possibility, more constructive and positive outcome patterns can emerge. Likewise, Death Mermaid Tarot symbolizes the moment when some important transformation, change, and transition occurs. You need to change yourself profoundly and erase everything from the past in order to bring in something new. Any change at this time will be welcomed as a transformative, positive, and tangible endeavor in your life. The ending and removal of limiting factors can open the door to a more enjoyable and broader experience of life.

Death Mermaid Tarot contains elements that imply sudden and unexpected change. You may feel as though you are stuck on the path of high-impact change with no way out. Although momentary thought will lean towards the negative, the end does not mean failure. Loss can be a series of unexpected surprises that put an end to an uncertain or difficult period. You feel like you cannot continue where you are and want things to change completely. Many changes will take place to allow a new direction to emerge.

Ultimately, Death is a sign that you should learn to let go of an unhealthy lifestyle to make way for a fuller, more perfect life with deeper meaning and importance. Death tells you that you should give up the way of life that is no longer suitable to move forward. This is a perfect card to symbolize breaking bad habits or types of behavior. This is the time to get rid of excesses and unnecessary things in your life. This can also be a good time to let go of your old possessions, memories, and “baggage” along the way.

In terms of work, if you are still looking for a job that is right for you, Death Mermaid Tarot implies that a change is about to come to you. Maybe in the coming time, due to economic pressure, you will be forced to accept a certain job that you do not want. If you want to start a new project, you should plan specifically so that it is clear and detailed in case there will be unexpected developments and sudden changes that you cannot control. Be careful!

And if you have a stable job, but you cannot see your career advancement path, it seems that this is the right time to start looking for yourself in another direction. Or if you are feeling unhappy with your current job or realize that what you are doing is not enough for you, but do not want to quit just because this place provides you with a stable source of income, then the card brings a message that maybe eventually, you will be forced to the point of deciding to give up! Of course, this will lead you to a new job with more good things. But if that is the case, then why don’t you just leave first? You may benefit more from deciding to radically change things that no longer work for you. Be assertive and make a choice. You absolutely can do it.

In terms of money and finance, if you are in a tough financial situation, this problem will quickly turn in a good direction. On the contrary, if your financial resources are abundant, Death Mermaid Tarot implies that you need to be prepared and accept sacrifices to deal with the upcoming losses in your own finances. However, you should also seek out people with high expertise or strong financial resources to ask them for advice. Of course, there are some force majeure changes that you do not want to happen, but the most important thing is to find a way to deal with them.

If you are looking to borrow or lend money to someone, now may not be the right time to do so. It may take some sacrifices to help you have the strength to face the upcoming financial hardships. You can do it. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel it is really necessary for you. Don’t get yourself stuck in trouble just because you want to handle everything yourself.

You don’t have to trade everything for a probable potential transition, although there is still a good chance you will have to accept a financial loss. It could be for reasons like getting fired, stock depreciating, or an unstable market. Anyway, it is best not to choose the solution to escape reality, even if these bad things really happen. Try to define clearly what is the essence of the problem you are about to face and from there find a way to solve it. Try to do the best you can. After going through this lesson, you will definitely get back more than what you spent. Thanks to that, your next journey will become easier.

In terms of friends and colleagues, Death Mermaid Tarot means that you are going to have quite profound conversion problems with your friends. In the first direction, you can see the essential aspects of your people thoroughly. From there, it will help you understand more about them so that this friendship enters a new stage. The next direction is that you will clearly see the bad things they are doing behind your back. As a result, you may decide to end this relationship. Don’t be sad because that is exactly what you should do. In terms of colleagues, you will encounter a big change that makes it difficult for you to continue to get along with everyone. However, you need to find a balance between reason and emotion so that you can behave in the smartest way to keep your work from being affected.

In terms of family and loved ones, this is a card that implies great changes are coming in your life. In the case you are inherently lacking in family love, the good news is that you can soon be able to make up for things in life that you never received before. If you are always cared for by your family, it may make you feel suffocated like a bird in a cage, and wish to be free to fly and jump with your own feet. However, cross the line subtly, because if you don’t express your wishes, how can people understand and support you?

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are still single, this is the best time for you to find ways to change and freshen your look as this could also be the time when your crush will show up. If you are in a relationship, things used to be very happy, but now everything seems to be in a state of depression and stagnation because of the lack of attention from both sides, and you don’t know what to do to save the situation but only stubbornly hold on to the good memories of the past. This is the time to change! Think carefully about the root causes of this problem, and at the same time, you also need to be frank with your partner to find a solution for this relationship. 

Regarding married couples, equal roles in the family seem to be a very good thing. However, if you put your ego too high, it can easily break that happiness. When you have a family, you not only live for yourself but also for others. If you have done something wrong with your spouse, then strongly acknowledge it and find the right time to correct your mistake. If you keep silent, sooner or later your partner will know all the truths hidden inside. Find a way to handle every fact tactfully and delicately! Of course, no one is perfect. Therefore, it is almost natural for you or your partner to make a mistake. Use true love to strengthen your bond and fix your mistakes!

If you are trying to do everything just to stay in a relationship when it really does not make you any happier, it is just because you don’t want to lose something that has almost become a habit of yours, or more simply, because you hate living alone. Everything has indirectly confirmed that continuing to maintain this relationship actually makes no sense for both of you. Let’s talk frankly with each other. If your partner or you don’t want to break up, but you cannot change anything to save the relationship, then maybe it is really time to let it go! If you have the courage to break out of the “comfort zone” of this relationship, you will probably find a much better future. But you need to deal with the old problem first and try to work things out in the smoothest way. Not every relationship can be “fixed”! Don’t run away! Then you will know what is “enough”.

In terms of health, you should not ignore any strange signs your body is trying to tell you. Because if you do, your health may turn in a bad direction. If you are in treatment, spiritual factors or religious beliefs at this time can help you turn the situation into a much better state. While Death Mermaid Tarot may seem like a card with an unfriendly name, it is not all about bad luck. In addition, according to some beliefs, this card also implies that you may be too immersed in sensual pleasures, and that is the cause of your health trouble. Stress management is the best way to help you to heal during this period. Start working on all your physical problems, don’t choose to avoid them! You should get enough rest and don’t poison yourself with alcohol or the like. If you want your health to be restored quickly, you should pay attention to taking care of both physical and mental aspects. If you are still single, this is a good time to seek out the feeling of being cared for and loved (physical attachment) by your loved ones. This will really help you out a lot!

In terms of duties and superiors, Death Mermaid Tarot means that you are facing a huge task that can completely turn your life to a new page. However, you need to think carefully before taking action, as well as always keep balance and calm in all cases. Regarding the superior, it seems that the affection and effort that you have put into the work is recognized by this person. At the same time, they will find a way to repay you properly. And if you are holding a high position in the company, when transferring personnel, you need to pay attention to avoid losing talented and loyal people!

In terms of accidents and loss, for the most part, Death Mermaid Tarot brings messages that signal an imminent rotation, and this will usually happen at regular intervals during the Wheel of Fortune. Very rarely, this card signals a real death or bad luck in the readings. However, according to some Western occultists, when Death is accompanied by cards such as Ten of Swords, Four of Swords, The Tower. That is when Death is implying that the querent’s life is like a field that has come to harvest. Death will come to them in tenderness! Don’t be too sad as being human, everyone has to die, and it is only a matter of time!

In terms of spirit, you should cultivate positive attitudes towards life and understand that even if you are lost in the fog of your soul, everything will pass. Don’t try to resist change. Allow yourself to feel what it really is, but don’t wallow in despair either. If you really need help to pull yourself out of any pain or loss, first, step out bravely. There is someone out there ready to share everything with you. Even if you always feel you are so lonely, the truth is there are more people who care about you than you think.

IV. The Death Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

You may think that you are capable of doing this alone, but you are not. Surely, you can wallow in your disintegrating mess for a while, but you cannot stay that way forever. At some point, you will have to wake up and move on with this life, which means you need help, support, and someone to encourage you in finding a new normal. Whether you like it or not, you are not like you were before Death Mermaid Tarot knocked on your door.

The Death Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Similar to when in the upright position, the appearance of the Death card in the reversed position does not necessarily indicate physical death. If any reader always translates the Death card in this sense, it is really irresponsible. As we are creatures with the freedom to create our own destiny, and there is no force that can decide for us. Therefore, this card, whether placed in the upright or reversed position, has only one purpose to convey the meaning, which is towards the transitions and changes that are about to happen in the lives of each of us!

Death is a connotation of transformation and new life and often symbolizes the need to start over more fully by forgetting the past. The reversed Death Mermaid Tarot implies that you are on the verge of an important change, but for some reason, you are resisting that change. You may be reluctant to let go of the past or you may not know how to change. You are still suffering from the bad side of the past that hinders your chances for a fresh start. You refuse to accept change and you are resisting any change that may come into your life. As a result, your life comes to a standstill and you feel “stuck” in limbo and dilemma.

Evaluate how you approach change. You may find that you are in fact balking at many of the changes that will benefit you. You may be afraid of new things, but make sure the time is right to be ready to accept them. It is also very important that you analyze and resolve any issues that are preventing you from accepting change as soon as you can so that you are then free to begin your new journey because pursuing new expeditions without solving past problems can lead to undesirable results.

When Death Mermaid Tarot appears in reverse, it is normal, but changes in the querent’s life will be milder and a little less harsh than in the upright position. The energy that the Death card brings at this time is not merely changing and destruction, but all used to prepare for rebirth. Almost in every transition phase in life, we all have to go through a situation with different experiences. Although it is true that every time one door closes, another one opens. But do you have the courage to step through the next door?

In terms of work, it seems that at the moment you are quietly suffering from dissatisfaction with your job. The reversed Death Mermaid Tarot does not mean that you should ignore all these feelings, but it also advises you to seriously consider how exactly you are feeling, why you have to accept these, and what you can do with it. The card says that maybe, in the end, you will be forced to the point of deciding to give up. However, you may benefit more from deciding to radically change things that no longer work for you.

In terms of money and finance, there are a few issues looming. Don’t be afraid, just make sure that you are only using your own money no matter what situation you are in. If your finances are going downhill, it will not last forever! Just keep doing your best, and everything will be fine! Don’t expect money to grow on the tree.

In terms of romantic relationships, similar to the upright card, if you are trying to do everything just to stay in a relationship when it is really made you no longer feel any joy, it is just that you don’t want to lose what has become almost a habit of yours or more simply because you hate being alone. There is no reason for you to be forever in a dead-end relationship. Let’s talk frankly with each other. Maybe it is really time to let it go and find a new chance in life. In addition, you also need to change the way you see yourself, as well as become more confident to be able to accept a new love coming. Try to think things through clearly.

In terms of health, Death Mermaid Tarot tells you to control your stress levels. If you are having health problems and trying to cure yourself, the card signals that soon the time will come when you will need the help of medical professionals. Don’t hesitate. It is no big deal. Sometimes after that, you will even ask yourself why you did not go to the doctor sooner?

In terms of spirit, this is the period when you need to pay special attention to cultivating positive attitudes. Even if you are lost in the maze of negative emotions. Tell yourself that whatever happens, it all shall pass. Things will go by faster and with less damage if you allow yourself to seek outside help. Don’t try to resist change. Allow yourself to feel what it really is, but don’t wallow in despair either. If you really need help to pull yourself out of any pain or loss, first step out bravely. We were not sent into this world just to suffer forever. Even if it seems like we really don’t own anything more precious than this body, there is always a place waiting for you to step into. Go ahead and help others get on their way. You actually have more to give than you think!

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