The Temperance – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Temperance Mermaid Tarot

Under the power of the eclipse, the potion master concocted her most powerful potion. Timing is everything – one wrong move or dose can change the potion completely. The ingredients she uses have all been thoroughly researched, hand-selected, and measured three times before it is carefully crafted, the exact moment the moon begins its journey to fill the sun. Every detail is an important part of the potion that Temperance prepares, which is why she has to do the concoction on the water – the chemical reaction that occurs between that potion and the atmosphere above.

Image description on Temperance Mermaid Tarot

The surface of the water is an important ingredient that makes up the potion. But, what is Temperance concocting? What is this potion used for when it is made? We can only know once the potion is finished, and Temperance has not made it to that stage yet. There are still a lot of steps such as mixing and balancing that Temperance needs to go through.

II. The message of Temperance Mermaid Tarot in a reading

There are people who are really brave, they may not talk much when they are caught in troubles in life, but still continue to handle things calmly. The presence of such people will bring a sense of comfort to everyone, for their behavior is very moderate and controlled. This is also the source of Temperance’s energy! The balance card promotes moderation – the ability to control emotions and maintain composure for reason – of each person. In a world filled with passion and attraction, we always need a cool head and a hot heart to find the limit of our balance.

The energy of Temperance Mermaid Tarot does not seem to cause any obvious effects on the outside but only helps to bring peace like when we are standing in the middle of a storm. Even though everything around is stirring up intensely, at the center of the eye of the storm, everything remains in balance.

In a Tarot spread, the Temperance card can represent a need to find a way to balance and harmonize all things, especially when there are more explosive energy cards present (such as Knight cards). This card can also show a need for emotional restraint. In conflict situations, Temperance says compromise and cooperation are essential at this time. Look for opportunities to bring the two opposing sides closer together.

In fact, moderation can mean the equivalent of adjustment if the problem is added with some new catalyst. By combining and reducing all conflicts, we will create an ideal harmony or solution that unites everything in life! Temperance Mermaid Tarot is also a card that symbolizes abundant spiritual resources and good health in all different aspects (such as physical, mental, and emotional).

Whenever you are in a situation of sickness or disease, Temperance brings the message that everything related to your own vitality is promised to rise stronger in the future, and helps give a feeling of satisfaction and satisfaction!

III. The Temperance Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

Temperance Mermaid Tarot sees her interesting place in the Major Arcana, and it is that position that is key to her understanding of the full power within her. Temperance lies between The Death and The Devil as a bridge between the old and the new. She accepts you after your ego has passed through the gates of Death and she will show you the possible situation in life by handing you over to The Devil. This card is not meant to judge or make suggestions on how you should act from now on. Temperance, on the other hand, is more interested in actions than words. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to everything she does when she appears in front of you. Let’s see how creative she is. Learn from well-organized and instructive actions. As you watch, you probably won’t be tempted as she takes you to the next stage in The Devil’s world.

Temperance Mermaid Tarot is a card that tends to favor balance under the types of relationships (friendship, family, love, colleagues, etc) as well as different aspects (common concerns of people) in life. This is also a card that talks about special types of psychic powers (alchemy) or purposes of mixing and combining things together. You may have to try a few different methods to check what is likely to happen before you find what is really right for you.

Overall, even though all of your relationships seem perfectly fine right now, it might still be a good idea to take a deeper look at your personal issues, to see if that is the case. Are they getting in the way? And if that does happen, how do we fix it and put it all together? Right now, the best idea for you to deal with any problem is to do what you feel is necessary to achieve your own balance in all things (relationships, goals, and passions).

Temperance Mermaid Tarot shows that you are learning balance, patience, and moderation in life. You can follow the middle path, avoid extremes, and maintain a steady-state in life. You have learned to stay calm in stressful or anxious situations, and you leave the impression of a swan squirming wildly in the water but appearing graceful and elegant on the surface. You don’t let things control you, and you feel at ease when you can keep things in order when they get messy. Your appreciation of balance and stability will help you achieve and experience your life to the fullest. Your temperament will remain neutral, and at the same time, you will show wisdom and stability in your outlook on life.

Temperance Mermaid Tarot implies that you are a person who has a clear and far-sighted vision of the goals you want to achieve. You don’t waste time with extraneous details, rather you spend time making sure the job is done in the best possible way. This card also implies that you gain higher lessons from what you are doing, and at the same time, proves that you experience a lot of things on your journey. You are satisfied with what you are doing and everything is going very smoothly. Your inner voice gently guides you to the right outcome, and you are patiently listening and following that call. You have a very balanced and stable view of the current situation and are in a good position to make the right choices.

In relation to others, Temperance Mermaid Tarot symbolizes adaptation, cooperation, and peaceful external influences. Maybe you get along well with others at work and can cooperate well in group activities. You can connect resources with people to bring them all closer together. Synergies in work will foster a harmonious combination of talents, experience, abilities, and skills together. The card requires you to be patient to be able to take action at the right time and correctly. Patience and moderation will create a good foundation to manage everything. There is no need to rush, just let the situation develop as it is.

Temperance Mermaid Tarot can also imply a period of self-assessment to re-examine the priorities in your life. You are currently seeking a further balance between your inner and outer souls, seeking meaning and higher purposes in life. During this transition, you may also experience a tug-of-war between the old and the new in you. Sometimes you feel confused about the directions and about what is really important to you. You will consider independence, and mindfulness as a way to achieve great things. You will avoid pain, conflict, and distractions as well as reduce your stress and anxiety. Facing your heart will help your spirit recover. There is nothing to fear as it is part of the process and nothing cannot be changed.

In terms of work, Temperance Mermaid Tarot indicates that you may be facing a big challenge, and what you need to do now is to be calm, think through everything, and control everything to find a perfect solution to deal with the force majeure problems that are taking place! It seems that you have set your goals too high, while you are still not really ready or current conditions still do not allow it. The advice for you is that you should set goals that are more suitable for your ability, instead of trying to chase things that are too far away.

Setting big goals is not a bad thing. But don’t be so delusional about yourself or everyone else that you will get what you or they are not capable of. Work with patience and endurance. Your merits will not be overlooked. And then you will achieve well-deserved results in the long run. In case you are looking to apply for a job or start a business, Temperance Mermaid Tarot implies that everything in the future will face many difficulties and obstacles. However, try to be persistent because what you have worked so hard to do will eventually pay off!

In terms of money and finance, Temperance Mermaid Tarot reminds you to find a way to balance your financial resources. Think carefully before spending or investing in a new area. If you are wondering whether or not to ask for a raise, now seems like a good time to get some recognition for your hard work. You can boldly propose a salary that is commensurate with your ability. However, this is not the right time for you to borrow or lend to others as this can cause you to have a financial deficit, as well as find it difficult to get back your money.

There seems to be a very reasonable balance between what is going to go and what is coming into your life. However, if you need to find a way to increase or regroup your earnings, it is imperative that you stand up and ask for what you deserve. Be courageous and proud.

In terms of friends and colleagues, be careful not to accidentally get caught up in the wrong things in the matter of friends as this will hurt you deeply. Usually, you will be inclined to avoid facing these troubles directly by choosing to pretend you have lost your memory (intentionally). However, this card reminds you that evasion is only a temporary improvisation, and sooner or later you yourself need to accept being forced to face these problems directly. With colleagues, you should not completely believe everything you hear. It is necessary to be selective and think about the deep metaphorical purposes of their words. Because if you are hasty and impulsive in expressing your reactions, you may unwittingly get yourself into even bigger trouble.

In terms of family and loved ones, if you are still dependent on your family, then maybe everyone’s attention sometimes makes you feel extremely tired and stifled. However, you should try to avoid having a direct argument with your family members about your future being something they have purposely arranged in advance. When you are mature enough, you can still walk on the thorny road of life with your bare feet without anyone’s support. And if you are a rather busy person, Temperance Mermaid Tarot reminds you that you should organize and balance your time for your family.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are single, then you should not start a relationship with someone you don’t really love just because you are afraid of being alone. If you are already in a relationship, Temperance Mermaid Tarot advises you to balance between love and life, avoid getting too caught up in love and affecting your studies or work. And if you are married, what you need most is courage and tolerance. Have the courage to confess your mistakes to your partner, and use tolerance to forgive the mistakes of both of you.

Everyone has to make a few mistakes in life. So considering the choice between not letting go of your mistakes and the person you love, which is more important? In order to truly let go of hatred, we can only use our loving tolerance. Often, in order to have a sense of peace and experience in your relationships, you need to have some inner calm first. Review the reasons that make you feel sorry for the mistakes you have made in the past. Then forgive yourself and let them go.

In terms of health, ask yourself are you eating well, getting enough sleep, playing, working, and exercising in moderation? See if you are having an imbalance in your health care to find ways to correct it. Moderation is the best option for your body at the moment. Balance is the key to good health. Try to find the right amount of time between work and rest. As pressure is not something we can bear forever, sometimes it is necessary to let go to renew ourselves. If you are in the treatment phase, Temperance Mermaid Tarot implies that combining small exercises can help your body get used to movement and stimulate blood circulation. Just by seemingly small and simple actions, you can help your health gradually recover.

In terms of duties and superiors, you need to balance your personal life with work, not letting your feelings affect too much of the tasks you are carrying. This can make your boss have a bad impression of you. In case you are holding a high position at work, you should review and reconsider your behavior towards all employees. Unbalanced bias can get you into extremely awkward situations.

In terms of accidents and loss, Temperance Mermaid Tarot tells you that you should watch out for getting sick due to season changes or fatigue from long trips. At the same time, enduring pressure for a long time will also make you exhausted. In addition, you should also balance your spending so that it is suitable for financial income. If you spend a lot more money than you make, this can lead you to unreasonable indebtedness.

In terms of spirit, this is a very important time for you to reflect and listen to your inner guiding voice. And if you are in need of help, don’t hesitate to ask for help from very close like-minded people you know. Dig deep into how to connect with the Higher Self –the divine aspect fully connected to the Universe, this awareness of extended presence can help guide and support us in a specific way to reach the highest vibrations of life – your own and from others too.

IV. The Temperance Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

When you are no longer interested in Temperance or you have not devoted your time to her, you may find that all of life’s preordained events look a little different. There was no preparation at all. People in this life are still lost in each other. The places you want to go always seem so far away, and the things you need will no longer seem to fit into your rich flow. Everything seemed to be no longer interesting, no longer in tune, and missing an important piece of information. Maybe next time you will need to pay more attention to Temperance and her actions.

The Temperance Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Like in the upright position, the reversed Temperance Mermaid Tarot is also a card that talks about balance under the relationship types (friendship, family, love, colleagues) as well as different aspects (common human concerns) in life. When Temperance is in the reversed position, it even encourages us to experiment more freely with different areas of our lives than the upright card. You can try a number of different options to test the possibilities before you find what works for you.

Temperance Mermaid Tarot in reverse will symbolize a time when something is out of balance in your life, a conflicting or overwhelming problem that you are facing, thus causing you stress and easily excitable. Look at the other cards in the spread to understand what is out of balance or contributing to the feeling of imbalance. The reversed Temperance can also be a sign that you are following a path that may lead you to an imbalance. You may act impatiently or reject gentle, moderate methods. Be careful with this type of hasty action because this will only aggravate the imbalance.

The reversed Temperance Mermaid Tarot can also mean that you lack a long-term vision and/or purpose, and as a result you feel unstable. This is the time to think about what changes are needed in your life to create greater purpose and fulfillment. Go back to the energy of the  Death card to find out what problems from the past you need to get rid of and what changes you need to make in the future.

The people you are working with are being uncooperative or you may feel as though your interests are in conflict or in competition with them. Finding the right path between you seems impossible. You are all trying to express yourself in very different ways. There are many energies around you right now, but none of them are being actively used. The conflict between you and those around you is not yet apparent, and indeed you may not realize it, even though you still know that something is not right. These conflicts can manifest themselves in the form of role swapping. At first, one of you had the upper hand, but now another is trying to take control of the group. A mere debate may be necessary to renew the environment and establish new rules.

Even when Temperance Mermaid Tarot is reversed, it still looks like all your current relationships are almost completely good. You may have received (or declined) some really constructive criticism that has been completely beneficial to you. Take a look at your deeper problems to see if they are holding you back. And if that does happen, how do we fix it and put it all together? Right now, the best idea for you to deal with any problem is to do what you feel is necessary to achieve your own balance in all things. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.

In terms of work, in particular, every time the Temperance Mermaid Tarot appears in reverse, it means this is not the right time for you to work independently! You need to consider teamwork and make an effort to work well with everyone even if you can completely do all the current jobs alone. In the meantime, no matter how difficult your problems may appear on the outside, all your hard work will not go unnoticed.

In terms of money and finance, Temperance Mermaid Tarot in reverse means that there is still a very reasonable balance between what is about to go and what is coming into your life. Of course, things will not be as simple as just sitting back and waiting. You have to stand up to demand what you deserve. 

In terms of romantic relationships, when Temperance Mermaid Tarot is in reverse, it is time to rethink that are you and the relationships in your life completely balanced? And this is also a good time to rethink all that your partner has brought into your life or vice versa! You may feel that you are the one who has to give up to 300% in a relationship. It is quite unfair that meanwhile, your lover has not even given 100%. But realize one thing that your lover may be seeing things in a completely different light from you. And if you are in the search for love, the reversed Temperance appears to send the message that perhaps you are acting too rigid and gradually becoming alienated from everyone. Be yourself first. No one will ever be totally perfect as you want him/her to be.

In terms of health, even in reverse, Temperance Mermaid Tarot still reminds us that balance and moderation are the keys to strong health and whole life. Ask yourself are you eating well, getting enough sleep, playing, working, and exercising in moderation? If you are having worrying physical symptoms when this card appears, then there is something in your health area that is almost certainly out of balance. This is the time to consider what it is and what is the best way to change it.

In terms of spirit, Temperance Mermaid Tarot in reverse sends a message that you can benefit greatly by finding a partner to accompany you on your spiritual journey. This does not mean you need to go to church or temple regularly, but it is a great way to help you get there. Whether the benefits in spiritual awakening completely manifest within each person’s self, through spiritual orientation, by whatever means or form, you need to be constantly updated with information to ensure that what you believe in is always correct. Don’t try to do all of this alone, and don’t forget to give yourself some time to relax too.

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