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I. Image description on The Devil Mermaid Tarot

We all become sinners when pursuing beauty, luxuries. We spend all of our time yearning and trying to get the latest and greatest shine. We have all allowed our desires to trap us and make us prisoners of consumerism. Everything is so charming. Owning things can also make us feel useful, necessary, and part of the physical world we live in. Even mermaids are guilty of pursuing things that they cannot live with or use forever, and often a lot of them have actually been their own worst enemies.

Image description on The Devil Mermaid Tarot

Look closely, and you will see that most lust traps don’t have locks. The mermaid can get out of there any time she wants, as she keeps staring at the treasures in front of her as if she is imprisoned in bewilderment by her own uncontrolled needs.

II. The message of The Devil Mermaid Tarot in a reading

Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Satan, the Dark Prince, or whatever we call it, The Devil Mermaid Tarot will always be a symbol of the evils that no one wants to face. From a human perspective, we will see that this world always has a struggle between light and darkness. Often, we will want to defeat the bad in order for the good to prevail. In fact, good and bad are two sides that cannot be separated, just as you cannot cut a shadow out of its real object. Darkness comes when the light is dimmed, and lies are created from mistakes in hiding the truth!

This 15th Tarot card shows us those mistakes! Specifically, first, ignorance – not fully understanding the truth and not realizing that we really don’t know. Second, materialism – the belief that material is the most basic substance in nature and is nothing but material. Third, idealism – every human being tends to rely on the help of the Divine. But if you only trust the external things that your senses perceive, you may lose the close connection between mind and body and be unable to know the truth about the source of true strength. Finally, it is at this very moment that hopelessness makes the darkness in each person’s soul gradually appear. They take the joy out of our hands, and at the same time block our progress and prevent us from going where there is light.

According to legend, The Devil symbolizes the evils of this world. One thing to emphasize, however, is that this card does not have all of the above terrible meanings to include in the spread in which it appears. Therefore, do not arbitrarily assign thoughts that this is a completely negative card. The Devil Mermaid Tarot shows that it seems that your health is in a state of less optimism and stagnation or maybe your spirit is being enveloped in darkness by something. And the lack of understanding of the nature of truth is the important meaning that this card is trying to convey to you. Or maybe you will be obsessed with a certain person, idea, material, or image that you yourself know will adversely affect you (or you are not sure yourself). Sometimes, this card also reflects that negative thoughts are the reason why you are always worried about yourself and your future.

In addition, we humans often tend to hold on to our own mistakes in life and do not want to reveal or share them with others. The Devil Mermaid Tarot says that practice to recognize which mistakes are serious enough to make us pay attention or vice versa. When we see The Devil, consider all your current theories very carefully. Make sure that you absolutely do not let the images of your wrong thinking (if any) adversely affect your situation or life. Quickly enhance your vision to assess who you really are.

III. The Devil Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Devil Mermaid Tarot always leaves an open door, unclosed locks, and clearly marked exits. But amazingly, a lot of people almost never find a way out of the cage of lust. One thing that is quite spectacular is that you can get whatever you want whenever you want, and no one can judge you. Almost like that when you are with your friends. Meanwhile, The Devil simply gives space for you to explore your desires. It will not judge or insult, it really does not do anything to you. It leaves you to decide your own actions. So what will you do? Will it be like that mermaid and stay in the trap or will it open that door and move on to something other than those garnet sparkles?

The Devil Mermaid Tarot is a card with symbols that look quite “terrible”. However, we should not interpret this card through drawings alone as on most other Tarot cards. The image in The Devil depicts a slavery scenario. But the “slavery” in this card often implies the oppression of the inner mind, not the outer body. And when this card appears, then you should pay attention to consider the aspects of truth that are hidden deep inside, not just what is showing on the outside. In addition, The Devil also emphasizes that when you are in control of yourself, you are still holding the key to finding freedom in your own soul. So, in any adversity, try to motivate yourself, and don’t be discouraged and give up all hope.

The Devil Mermaid Tarot represents the deep black hole of the collective unconscious consciousness from human desires. When appearing in a reading, The Devil often represents the negative aspects that come from ambition, blindness, and voluntary debauchery. The deeper meaning of the card is the dark evils inside our human souls are gradually rising and the urge to get out. If in each person, desire inherently belongs to the instinctive part of animal nature, then mastering it is the brave part of humanity. As long as there is still blindness because of lust, that means we are still blind in our minds and will continue to be corrupted in the human world. And when we are enlightened and brave enough to recognize and accept to give up everything, the path to awakening will immediately be opened. 

While Temperance helps us to recognize and know ourselves, The Devil Mermaid Tarot dares to face and recognize the evil lust instincts inherent within each of us. What you learn when you come to the card is how to help free yourself from being tied or dependent on those things. The important thing about this card that you need to remember is in any situation, we always have a choice, and giving up or continuing is up to us. The first thing is never to believe that your options are always limited. Assuming that leads to such a conclusion, it must be your own making.

Another very important thing that The Devil Mermaid Tarot wants to convey is that you are the only one who can free yourself from whatever is holding your soul. And that is also something that you need to keep in mind. Of course in life, sometimes you will have the feeling that you cannot control your own life. Solving problems is beyond your power. Those bad things are all the result of your actions or the consequences of your own inertia. Therefore, try to practice self-control of all your actions and meanings at all times, especially when you are about to step into any problem. Don’t let your guard down because of your subjectivity, even in extremely small things. 

The Devil Mermaid Tarot represents the hidden power of invisible negative forces that force and deceive you into thinking as if you are bound by external forces beyond your control. The card is a force inside each of us. It represents fears, temptations, and other harmful enchantments. The card is a leader in lies and tricksters on which you unknowingly become dependent.  

When you see The Devil Mermaid Tarot in your reading, ask yourself where you are feeling a block or a restriction in your life. Maybe you are suppressed in the belief that you are being controlled by outside forces when in fact you have created chains of your own bondage and helplessness. Feelings of hopelessness can accompany the appearance of The Devil. You feel hopeless and have a pessimistic sense of life because you feel as if there are too many things out of your control. You fear the worst, and this means that your fears are holding you back and preventing you from leading a fuller and more optimistic life. What temptations and constraints are preventing you from being as free as The Fool? Are you delusional about feeling helpless and hopeless? Always remember that you have the power to be free from dependence on The Devil.

The Devil Mermaid Tarot often reflects temptations and real dependencies in your life, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, unhealthy relationships, excessive spending, and the like. You feel the need for something and are willing to do anything to get it despite going against what is right and right. You want to break free from these negative patterns of behavior by becoming aware of the effect they have on you and the negative impact they are having on your life. Often they include behaviors that provide immediate gratification but will cause lasting damage to your inner self-fulfillment.

In general, The Devil Mermaid Tarot shows that you are obsessed and determined to follow a particular idea, situation, or action. You overinvest yourself in one area at the expense of other areas of your life. Often The Devil shows an over-reliance on material wealth. You can become too ambitious about the prospect of becoming a millionaire or owning a car while forgetting the importance of investing in your relationships. You create a belief that value lies in how much money you make or how much property you own. You have created an unhealthy connection through these material desires and are being controlled by that feeling of compulsion.

In terms of work, if you are looking to find a job or start a business, you need to be sure and clear about your purpose and how you are going to do it. Do not blindly decide to disregard just because you want to run after immediate profits because this will certainly make you fall into a situation of depression and sorrow later. Maybe you also feel very clearly that you are tied to a job that you do not like. But at the same time, you yourself are not strong enough to decide to leave this job just because you don’t want to lose the security it brings.

Consider whether trying to keep this job is worth the trade-off. At the same time, the issues that make you unhappy in it such as working time, allowance, age, workload, etc, are they really worth the sacrifice? If you choose to stay, then you have to realize one thing that the uncomfortable problems you are suffering in this job are entirely due to the choice you have made for yourself, not by any other person or any mysterious force that has been imposed on you!

And if you feel that your trade-off is not worth it, and want to completely quell your discomfort in this matter, then boldly leave to change the current situation. You are completely unfettered by anything unless you have allowed yourself to be. If you are doing a job that has almost completely stopped you from seeing the direction of growth, you should think about a change option. Maybe you will feel nostalgic for losing the things that are still holding you here, remember that nothing can drag you down unless you allow it.

If you have a big project coming up, you should quietly prepare in advance for all the good and bad problems that are likely to happen. This can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble! In addition, the essence of work is still the result of the effort and dedication you have put into it. Therefore, if you use cheats, sooner or later they will be exposed.

In terms of money and finance, money is really important, but don’t sacrifice everything you have for it (such as ethics, dignity, relationships). Remember that dirty money that is not created by our own efforts is not something that we can keep, as sooner or later it will go away. Things related to your finances can become very stressful in the coming time. Try not to get angry when unfortunately you are in adversity. Instead, deal with things in a calm and rational manner. Be patient and take one step at a time.

The Devil Mermaid Tarot also refers to financial troubles that are making you feel extremely uncomfortable. Stay calm to find ways to cope, and at the same time throw away things that are no longer useful. On the contrary, if you are currently seeing that your financial situation is quite abundant, the card reminds you to be thrifty in spending to prevent difficult days that may come at any time. In addition, if you are looking to borrow, do not hesitate, as long as you remember to keep the commitments you have made with your lender. If you are in need of financial help, do not hesitate to ask. Everyone around is always ready to support you.

In terms of friends and colleagues, your friends’ hidden movements can make you heartbroken. It can even lead to extremely bitter conflicts. The main advice is to be careful about money matters with friends. You should limit the back-and-forth arguments, and instead, think about whether to continue or end this relationship. About colleagues, you should not rush to believe everything they say, but look at how they are behaving. At the same time, if you are not satisfied with their attitude, try not to let your emotions rule as this can get you in trouble at work.

In terms of family and loved ones, it seems that you are feeling tired of excessive attention from family members. You really want the freedom to do things the way you want, but you still cannot afford to be completely independent and take care of yourself. The advice for you is that instead of enduring everything in dissatisfaction, you should express all your thoughts or accumulate to realize your dream of living independently. Avoid arguments or conflicts as disagreements between you and your family probably will not be resolved with words. Everything can only be proven when you are mature enough and can take care of everything for yourself. Or conversely, if you are the head of the family, ask yourself if your excessive attention is making family members stifled or not.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are still searching for the true love of your life, then you should be careful with what looks “close” to it – your ideal type. If you make the mistake of doing that, then you may be caught tightly in the series of extremely painful days to come. And if you have found your other half, then you still need to find a way to always balance economics and love. If you are too rational in love, then this love story may be lacking in romance and mutual understanding for each other. Therefore, it is very easy to have situations that make you or your partner hurt.

The Devil Mermaid Tarot also warns that when we let greed, calculation, and self-interest lead the way, causing our minds to generate too many unreasonable demands on the other side, that is also when you are accidentally embarking on the preparation of the most terrible poison in the world, which is capable of completely killing your relationship. If you are in a long-term relationship, it is possible that one or both of you feel like you are tied to your current condition. If you are the one who is having such thoughts, then go and talk to your partner clearly to save this relationship.

We always have a choice, and you should take the initiative to decide so that miracles have a chance to happen. And if you are in the process of finding the love of your life, this card can be a signal that maybe you are leading yourself astray in hopelessness. Right now, it is clear that your stubborn attitude and blind actions are driving all the people who really love you away. If you find that you are indeed in this situation, then take some time to reflect and consider whether you should decide to get out of this relationship. This can help you learn more about yourself, and also give you the opportunity to find someone else who is a better match. Return to the continuing quest for true love when you feel you have the patience to do things slowly but thoroughly, instead of rushing through and being impatient. 

Regarding married couples, the card is reminding you that although both are living together, every human being has a separate space in their soul. Therefore, we need to respect the other’s own preferences so that everything in the marriage can always be maintained in a happy state. Moreover, unlike when you were still lovers, getting married and living with each other will make you see the good and also the bad things about your partner. So, if you have decided to marry someone, you need to take that person whether in sickness or in health. In addition, The Devil also implies that your love is entering the stage of showing all negative emotions in contrast to the feeling of happiness, such as pain, misery, or sadness because of putting too much emphasis on physiological needs and ego.

In terms of health, The Devil Mermaid Tarot implies that this is the right time to take some time for yourself to rest as it seems that your body and your mind have become burned out due to a heavy workload. Your work is very important, but your health is much more meaningful. If you lose this job, you can find another, meanwhile, if you lose your health, you lose everything. Try to practice gentle exercise, meditation, or yoga a little bit every day, this can help you improve your health significantly.

If you are having a chronic illness, try not to let it put you in a negative mood. Factors such as spirituality or lifestyle will also greatly affect your current life. Remember that you have more things in life to take care of than just looking at an illness. As a human, no one can escape the law of birth, old age, illness, death. Every time our body is weakened, the disease will come. Therefore, bravely facing illnesses with a calm and acceptive attitude (if there is no better way) will help you effectively control their outbreaks.

In terms of duties and superiors, The Devil Mermaid Tarot implies that your superiors have a lot of faith in you. In the coming time, they may give you quite important tasks which later bring you a great deal of income. Therefore, you need to be wholehearted to fulfill the assigned responsibilities to the best of your ability. Your shady tricks will certainly not be able to fool over your boss, or they already know but deliberately ignore it. The advice for you is don’t lose your conscience and long-term future for the immediate benefit. And if you are a person holding a high position at work, you should be wary of your subordinates as they may be taking advantage of your credibility to do horrible things.

In terms of accidents and loss, The Devil Mermaid Tarot reminds you that you should be careful with possible traffic accidents when you cannot control the speed due to overdrinking. There is also the possibility that you will lose some money just because of your absent-mindedness and carelessness. At the same time, be careful in helping others as they may be taking advantage of your kindness. Every time it appears, The Devil also often refers to problems related to love and material that are about to happen to you, and they can cause you to become frustrated in a dead-end situation.

In terms of spirit, keeping a positive attitude is very important to you at this time. Affirmations are very meaningful and a good mind will work in your favor. The Devil Mermaid Tarot advises you to look at the people around you. Do you prefer to stay close to people who are always optimistic and spread positive energy to everyone or those who are overly critical of everything and always find ways to criticize others? Think and determine carefully before deciding what kind of person you will become.

IV. The Devil Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

At some point, the mermaid will have to find a way out of that trap. She cannot stay there, and whoever sets the trap there knows she will never live in it, so why isn’t the cage locked? She will eventually wake up from her dream and realize that her life is more important than all the things she pursues at sea. Her mind will clear and she will return to the sea. There have been times when you have had such clarity, and while it is not easy to say goodbye to something or someone you have been longing for, you know it is the best thing you can do right now.

The Devil Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Especially when appearing in reverse, The Devil Mermaid Tarot is not a card with scary meanings at all. This reversed card is reminding us that in any situation that makes us always feel suspicious and as it seems that everything is ensnaring us, in fact, it is an illusion. We always have a choice, and support from everyone is always available when called for. When The Devil appears in reverse, it suggests you take a closer look at things as there may be some situations where what is being shown on the outside does not fully describe its true substance. Things may not be as bad as you think.

In particular, when The Devil Mermaid Tarot is reversed, you should know that in reality, life is always changing, and things that change are not necessarily always negative, sometimes it even helps steer us towards positive things quickly. You may feel like you are losing control of your emotions at the moment. The first step is to take a deep breath and stay calm, then the next step is to take action. Do whatever it takes to get things back under your control, no matter how slight the chances are. Don’t let your guard down because of your subjectivity, even in extremely small things. And don’t always view The Devil as a negative card, especially when it appears in reverse.

This reversed card appears when you are feeling yourself falling into a whirlpool of problems such as unhealthy or overly dependent relationships, debt, undeveloped career, unhealthy lifestyle, temptations, or materialism. The Devil Mermaid Tarot in reverse means that you are aware that you are currently bound by these chains and that you wish to be freed from them. You may now be ready to accept changes in your life and accept new perspectives. 

However, this will not be an easy journey. You will need to fight your inner fears and anxieties to free yourself from the shackles of unhealthy habits. You need to re-examine your life and get rid of a lifestyle that you know is harmful to you and your soul. It can be creating a more nutritious diet, watching less TV, quitting smoking, spending more time with the people you love, or focusing more on your goals. Take this opportunity to bring positive change to your life by providing yourself with encouragement and motivation to move forward. You must maintain faith in your freedom goals.

If you have not yet stopped resisting bad habits or temptations, then be careful about opening yourself up to these temptations in the future. Stay away from anything that could put you in debt or be controlled by others. Stay away from things that can harm your body, such as alcohol, tobacco, or any other form of addiction as these can be difficult to get rid of later. You may think these addictions are temporary and they work to get you out of your personal problems, but in the long run, they can turn into serious problems that lead to many disasters for you.

The reversed The Devil Mermaid Tarot also refers to the Buddhist principle of detachment. Seclusion, non-attachment, hatred, or delusion, is a state in which you let go of attachment to material desires, people, or world concepts in order to attain a higher realm of truth. Those who have escaped from the world are the happiest people because living without greed, hatred, and delusion is living in true freedom. However, it is very important to note that the Buddhist principle of detachment does not mean that you are no longer concerned with everything else or other people, but that you are in fact merely separating your own existence. Get yourself out of those objects in some way and still maintain interest, but you are not dictated to or directed by their existence.

In terms of work, The Devil Mermaid Tarot in reverse tells you that this is an important time for you to realize that any job that you thought would bring a stable and secure income over the years, at this very moment, it seems that definition is no longer accurate. Of course, in addition to warning about the upcoming bad message, The Devil also gives you extremely useful and practical advice, which is always updating your information and knowledge. Get the power to conquer everything. The destination of each individual is something that only you can decide for yourself. Spirit and willpower are both things that can be trained. If we go in the right direction, they will become a very solid support for us to develop our true strength. In a time of strong economic growth, it is not difficult to see how many people are stripped of promised bonuses and benefits quickly, simply because their values have been regressed too quickly compared to the elimination rate of society.

The best way to avoid these things is that you must always develop and hone your skills to increase your self-worth. Absolute assurance is something that comes from within, not from the outside world. You may be in a situation that makes you feel like you are tied to a job that you do not like, but at the same time, you are not determined enough to quit just because you don’t want to lose the security it brings. In fact, you can completely become stronger and more powerful than you ever thought. So never think that you cannot leave your current job because this is the only place where your income and benefits are guaranteed. And if you feel that it is not worth it to trade your freedom, start extinguishing the above thinking and find ways to change your current situation. You will not be bound unless you yourself allow yourself to be so. There is always the right choice for you.

In terms of money and finance, similar to the upright meaning, The Devil Mermaid Tarot in reverse also indicates that your financial condition may be very tightened in the coming time. Try not to get angry when unfortunately you are in adversity. Instead, deal with things in a calm and rational manner. No matter how bad your situation is, it will not last forever. If you are in need of financial help, do not hesitate to ask. On the contrary, if this card is drawn while your money is still circulating well, it is still a warning to be careful in upcoming financial problems. You should save money just in case something bad happens.

In terms of romantic relationships, The reversed The Devil Mermaid Tarot can be a sign that concerns about negative issues are vaguely arising in your life if you are in a relationship. One or both of you may be starting to feel that your relationship is slowly becoming an invisible chain and is tying you to an unwanted situation. This horrible stage will appear more clearly if the real needs of both are not taken seriously by the other. It is necessary to find an opportunity as soon as possible for both sides to confide in each other’s feelings and emotions that are pent-up in each person’s mind if you really want to save this relationship. 

If you are looking for love, you should consider whether it is because you feel lonely and despite everything to find a way out of this situation or not. The fact that you let your mood go wild and push things too far out of control may be the reason why your potential partners back down. People who are too clingy will lose their attractiveness in the eyes of others. Therefore, before deciding to seriously pursue someone, you need to make sure that you will not make such mistakes. At the same time, if possible, try to see if you can stop looking for dates for a while until you feel completely comfortable and self-conscious. 

In terms of health, the severity of the prolonged stress implied when The Devil Mermaid Tarot is in the upright position will not be as severe as in the reversed position. This is an important time when you need to review whether you are working too hard, too tired, or too stressed. Exercising, meditating, doing yoga, or whatever makes you enjoy it on a regular basis. As long as it can help you get out of the situation of dragging yourself into negativity by petty issues that are not worth it.

At the same time, this card shows that your body may be carrying strange symptoms or your soul is wounded. Worse, these bad things happen because you allow them to be. Therefore, in addition to trying to speed up the process to help improve and restore your health, you should also stop torturing yourself mentally. It seems that your physical strength has gradually reached its limit. Let everything happen naturally as it is.

In terms of spirit, even if The Devil Mermaid Tarot is reversed, it still means that your positive attitude and worldview are still very important at this time. Especially if you are having a hard time maintaining a calm mood because of the events that are taking place in front of you. Try to practice regarding the nature of the people around you, and find out who is your true friend. Also, you should be surrounded by positive people to learn from their optimism. That will help you more instead of reluctantly accepting that you are surrounded by toxic ones who always like to complain, criticize or scoff at you excessively on the points that you still have not done well. Think carefully before determining what kind of person you will become. Even if you are actually restricted, people cannot force your spirit, soul, or mind to be limited. Use the freedom you already have within to make the right choices!

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