The Tower – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Tower Mermaid Tarot

A slight tremor that can be felt by all animals occurs before an earthquake occurs. This tremor warns the species of impending danger and allows them time to find somewhere safer. There are no mermaids in this card because they disappeared by the time their instinct felt they needed to move as the towers collapsed and fell onto the empty streets below. Earthquakes are an inevitable part of life on this ever-moving planet. But they still accept it because it is their choice. The mermaids know what in their lives can be rebuilt and what cannot. Can you say something similar?

Image description on The Tower Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of The Tower Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Tower Mermaid Tarot represents major life changes or a quick and sudden shift (even a reversal) of the wheel of fortune. Usually, changes tend to happen gradually, giving us enough time to adjust to upcoming events. But sometimes, things happen all of a sudden! That is what The Tower wants to warn you about. After trying everything but still not bringing good results, sometimes pain is the most effective solution to help us wake up and get out of a certain situation that is no longer suitable for us, whether we want it or not.

Unexpected events are the way that life picks you up. As of now, some things are not going the way they used to, and you don’t have the move to reinvent yourself to be able to adapt to those changes and still deliberately let things go. The message that The Tower Mermaid Tarot wants to convey is that are you too stubborn in deliberately not wanting to change with the times just to satisfy your ego? Are you trying to suppress your frustration and keep it inside? Are you living in a rut and afraid to take the initiative to change things? 

Before the events that The Tower Mermaid Tarot brings to your life, the pleasant experience and course of the event will depend on how you react to it. The breakdown happens now because it is necessary. It is true that wanting you to agree to all the changes that are happening right now is a bit too much to ask. But you can learn to accept it gradually by looking at the positive in it. In fact, what The Tower gives you is a relief, not a punishment. You should think more carefully about the current situation you are stuck in. What good and bad events will happen if you decide to continue? And is it worth it for you to trade everything to keep it? If you bring yourself to such mindsets, you have also reached a new level of understanding.

III. The Tower Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Tower Mermaid Tarot reminds us that things have fallen and broken, especially things that were once built on rigid foundations or are close to faulty emotional and spiritual paths. Destruction is a fact of life, none of us can escape it. Everything ends, crumbles, and disintegrates right in front of our eyes during our lifetime. For whatever reason, you have forgotten that everything is temporary. Something in your life needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Its current structure no longer served its purpose and it was demolished. This is a good and necessary thing for something new to find its way into your life.

The Tower Mermaid Tarot is simply a card about change. Just like The Devil, Death, or other cards in the Mermaid Tarot deck, it is not a scary card or brings bad omens or bad news. The card only warns you that right now, trying to hold on to a certain situation (which is no longer suited to you) is not only making you fatigued but also bringing other disadvantages to yourself. You should know how to follow the change of times and go with the flow.

It seems that in life, there will be certain people or circumstances that make you believe that things will never change. It is definitely always a place where you can fully rely on and put your trust without any doubt. And what if unfortunately one day, everything suddenly changes completely? When that time comes, of course, you will no longer be able to rely on those people/situations. This problem is not necessarily something so terrible as change is the essence of life. You must be able to adapt to these things if you still want to move on with life.

And it is futile when you try to act to prevent change from happening. This is similar to the scene where the people on the boat are trying to move against the current, while there are no paddles. If you are having similar fantasies, now is the time to come back to reality. You will be in trouble if you keep letting your soul wander in the clouds like that. Instead, you can try thinking about more realistic dreams or goals to make it easier to turn them into reality. It is better than trying to hold on to illusions about things that you yourself are gradually realizing are impossible, especially at this stage.

Dreams are very important things for individuals. However, living in real life is equally important. Then you will get through this time. Especially when you realize for yourself that you already have all the resources you need to be able to handle all the to-dos or problems in life.

How many times have you settled into the constraints of life, comfortable in your current thoughts, beliefs, and expectations? Then suddenly something shocking happens that completely destroys the image of peace and harmony you are seeing. It sweeps your mind and puts you in a vicious circle. Suddenly you feel as if the comfort you are experiencing is based on a distorted base of perceptions, beliefs, and actions. This is a self-deprecating, fearful but necessary experience.

When you see The Tower Mermaid Tarot in your reading, you may feel fear, shock, and insecurity. You feel confused when you want to find out how wrong, naive, or blind you are about a particular situation right now. Now, what will you do and how will you manage this unexpected reality? You may be experiencing sleepless nights, stress, grief, anger, and conflict. These are normal reactions to major changes in your outer and inner worlds.

An experience of The Tower Mermaid Tarot will be one that shakes your current sense of security and/or forces you to reflect on your own beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. It can be a divorce, the departure of a loved one, financial failure, health problems or job loss, or any event that can penetrate to your inner core, affecting your mental and physical health. The card often describes turmoil, division, emergency, or crisis, and has the ability to bring chaos to the final outcome of an event. Ask yourself, “What structures in your life are weakening?” Surely, you will immediately recognize where the chaos and breakdown are happening, but sometimes this sense of awareness is fleeting or just on a subconscious level.

The most important thing about The Tower Mermaid Tarot is that with any destruction, the card generates creations. Moreover, The Tower represents awakening and implies inspiration, freedom, reality, and liberation from dependence. This is a real and true card, appearing like a lightning bolt hitting you through a certain event in your life that shocks you and has a strong impact on your soul. It implies a necessary experience that forces you to get out of your comfort zone and go beyond your current level. The Tower’s sudden destruction demonstrates the immediacy of change, its disorienting effects. Once you fall into despair, the choice is yours.

You can return to the destructive Devil, a sense of bondage, or reach the transformative and inspired stage of The Star. When you can reach The Star, you will realize that your true security and strength lies in who you are and in your relationship with All Things, not in the direction of false beliefs or in a world full of illusions. Through the experience of The Tower Mermaid Tarot, you can be sure that you will become stronger, wiser, and more at peace as you begin to develop a whole new perspective on life that you don’t even know if it exists or not. These moments are essential for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Truth and honesty will bring about a positive change, even if you experience pain and anxiety during the process.

The Tower Mermaid Tarot also represents the internal and external structures you have just built. These structures represent your personal shields, which create a socially acceptable “somebody” by hiding your true inner thoughts and feelings. It is like smiling politely when your boss jokes around, or on a deeper level, covering up your sexual feelings, especially if you feel that they are inappropriate in a collective environment. Through times of stress and tension, these structures will be challenged and at risk of destruction, revealing your true inner nature to those around you. So you need to be careful about how you try to hide, remember that one day all will be revealed.

The Tower Mermaid Tarot will require you to break the existing structures around you. It can be a painful and difficult process if you resist external forces that are pushing you to reveal more about yourself. Breaking this overlap can be frustrating, but remember that like it or not, The Tower will fall because you have reached your limit in this area and can no longer afford it.

Similarly, The Tower can refer to your ego and the illusion that you consider yourself better than others. When the card has the meaning related to destroyed ego, deception, and illusion, you will be free to face the truth and reality without getting caught up in false passions. Are you suffering from a shift in awareness? Are you starting to look at things in a new way? Take the opportunity to accept change and move into a positive state of mind where individual freedom will prevail.

In terms of work, if you are looking to start a business, you should beware of possible troubles that you cannot anticipate. And if you are working right now, this is the time when you need to stay calm no matter what as being angry, impulsive, or hasty will only make your situation worse. And in case you want to start a new project or job, now may not be the right time. Your plans are very likely to be delayed, or worse, fail as you will encounter external factors that you cannot control. The negative energy of the universe at this time tends to lead you to arguments or conflicts in unnecessary situations. Try to keep your moods under control. Situations of unexpected turns or reversals are likely to happen right now.

However, The Tower Mermaid Tarot is by no means a card that delivers scary things. The potential bad signals when this card appears is actually a warning that it gives you to help you better prepare for dealing with your own problems. Even if you think that you have a good job with a stable income that ranks among the safest in the world, you should picture yourself in a situation in which what will you do if everything disappears tomorrow? What kind of job can you switch to immediately if you are forced to leave your current position? Thinking things through right now before you get into a real crisis can help you avoid falling into an abyss. And if you are feeling unhappy with your current job, think about whether to change it or not. 

In terms of money and finance, this will be a difficult time for you. It is possible that in the coming time, you will encounter some changes in a bad way. You should prepare yourself a backup plan. If you have abundant financial resources, you should carefully consider all risks before deciding to invest in new areas, and prepare a plan to deal with the worst-case scenario when it happens as The Tower Mermaid Tarot represents destruction when the old ones have completed their cycle in order to let the new ones begin. If you are at the peak of your career or finances, this card warns you to make a backup plan for possible rainy days.

In addition, the seemingly good things you own are slowly becoming a prison for your own growth and development. In case you are looking to borrow or lend to others, this may not be the right time. The Tower reminds you to consider all situations that lead to possible troubles before making a final decision. This is not the time for risky investments such as gambling, betting, or relying on the lottery to solve your immediate financial issues. Even if you know something bad related to your finances is about to happen, stay calm to figure out exactly how you deal with it. Things may not be as bad as you think. However, to avoid unnecessary risk, you should solve the problem step by step by looking closely at its core. It looks simple but this is the best solution for almost any problem.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The Tower Mermaid Tarot advises you to try to stay calm in arguments with friends. Because if you get angry and want to express your ego too much, it can lead to arguments that get out of control, take things too far and completely destroy this relationship. In terms of colleagues, it is better to frankly resolve conflicts or disagreements between you and them, instead of keeping silent and leading to a situation of disagreement. Avoiding dealing with the issue between the two of you will only make things worse in the future. If you are the wrong person, you should frankly admit your mistake, otherwise, you should sympathize and tolerate your colleagues (when everything is still in moderation, of course) as they are the ones who will work directly with you.

In terms of family and relatives, The Tower Mermaid Tarot signals quarrels and conflicts in the family due to external factors. These controversies may revolve around inheritance, business, or financial intentions. Arguing about your own interests or disagreeing is often difficult to avoid. However, the most important thing is to find a solution that can handle all problems equitably so that everyone in the family will no longer have problems and continue to love each other as before. In addition, it is also necessary to watch out for splintering factors (inciting, detracting) to cause internal disturbances. It is best not to let any outsider get involved in your family issues as maybe they will easily cause emotional divisions among family members.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are single, The Tower Mermaid Tarot reminds you that this is the time to have a radical change in everything, from your look, communication skills, to thoughts. Accepting to let go of the old to create conditions for the new to come is essential for you at the moment. You need to cultivate yourself, inside and out, to be a great person before you meet a great partner. 

If you are in a relationship, things will change in two directions. In the first case, there might be a big controversy between you and your lover. However, you two can ease the problem by confining honestly and genuinely to each other. In the second case, you two will get into a serious and big fight, which will lead to hurtful words and heavy emotions that cannot be saved. Therefore, if you have lost your feelings for each other, let’s face the truth to avoid offending each other and tormenting yourself later.

Regarding married couples, the card also reminds you that you need to have sharing, sympathy, and tolerance for each other. You or your partner should not secretly sacrifice for the other person as this will inadvertently put pressure on both of you and lead to more difficult problems later. The card sometimes is a sign that a relationship is likely to come to an end. If you don’t want to end things, this is an important time to control all the possible risks. At the same time, both of you should take some time to clearly find out what is going on with each other and how your partner is feeling. Don’t just make your own inferences or make vague assumptions.

In terms of health, The Tower Mermaid Tarot warns you to pay more attention to your health. You should eat and live in moderation to strengthen the body’s resistance and prevent minor illnesses caused by weather allergies or moldy air. In addition, you should also be careful with addictive substances as they are really very harmful to your health. If you are in the process of treatment, you should be mindful as there may be external factors that make your health condition change in a bad direction. You should pay attention to what you consume in your body and the types of exercises you are doing, and always maintain an optimistic spirit to get through this difficult period.

Paying attention to what you are doing can be just as urgent right now. Your nerves may be getting too tense. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself down and keep things steady. If you know what your health problems are caused by (accidentally caused by yourself, allergies, approved medications by your doctor, etc), consider trying relaxation with traditional methods and folk remedies. 

In terms of duties and superiors, maybe you are facing an important task that will have a huge impact on your career future. Therefore, you need to be careful in everything as you are likely to walk on thin ice in this period. Only then will it help you to preserve all your efforts so far, otherwise it will all fall apart. In case you are holding a high position at work, The Tower Mermaid Tarot says that it seems like your way of thinking is gradually going into a rut, so it is time to renew it. Things are always changing. If you don’t adapt yourself according to it, you being eliminated is just a matter of time!

In terms of accidents and loss, The Tower Mermaid Tarot is a warning to you about accidents similar to falling from a high position, and can cause quite serious injuries. At the same time, natural disasters or unfavorable weather conditions can adversely affect your work. Being involved in drugs or stimulants can also contribute to accidents or problems in your romantic relationship. In addition, you should also be careful in financial matters.

In terms of spirit, The Tower sends the message that this is an extremely necessary time for you to always maintain for yourself the most positive attitude possible. New insights and realizations can come to you in the blink of an eye.

IV. The Tower Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

If the upright card implies that there will be a breakdown on the outside, the reversed Tower Mermaid Tarot can indicate a hole from the inside. Stress, anxiety, and resistance wreak havoc on our bodies. Pay attention to how your body is communicating with you right now, as it can send you warning signs that things are not going as planned and that trouble is on the way. The problem could be a weakened immune system, stress-related headaches, digestive issues, or other bodily reactions.

The Tower Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Even when appearing in the reversed direction, The Tower Mermaid Tarot is still a card of change. This is your time to get caught up in the events of historic change. Trying to do everything you can to maintain a certain situation to prevent it from changing can be unforeseeable, not only for you but for your loved ones as well. Know how to follow the change of times.

The upright Tower indicates a period of great chaos and destruction that will eventually bring about change and rebirth. However, when reversed, The Tower Mermaid Tarot implies that you are delaying some necessary “destruction”. You need to get through these tough times to learn an important lesson. Don’t resist it. No matter how shocking and challenging it is to deal with, it is an important part of your life’s journey.

Similarly, The Tower Mermaid Tarot in reverse also shows that although you want to consciously change and transform, you still seem to be afraid to face these things. You feel they can bring devastation and hurt, and so you resist them. You may realize that in order to make the huge change you are looking for, you will need to overcome discomfort, but you also seem to dread the existential stage of the dissatisfied feeling. Now is the time to think big and not be afraid to face it. The risks are certainly high, but if you really want to achieve the change you desire, then you need to accept some of these risks.

The Tower Mermaid Tarot in reverse can also reduce the extent or impact of a change that is about to enter your life. You may be forewarned or you may have an intuitive feeling that something extraordinary is about to happen, and you can plan ahead to avoid this destruction. You may be lucky enough to prevent this calamity, although it will be quite strenuous.

In life, there will be certain people/circumstances that make you believe those are the things that will never change. It is definitely always a place where you can fully rely on and put your trust without any doubt. Try not to think too much about these changes. It is not necessarily something too big or terrible, but sometimes it is just a few small transformations. You have absolutely all the resources you need to be able to solve all the to-dos or problems in life!

In terms of work, The Tower Mermaid Tarot in reverse means that the people around you are usually experiencing stress, controversy due to inherent conflicts or misunderstandings, thus leading to unpredictable consequences. The important thing is you should not act in your own selfish ways, don’t let yourself be taken over by your ego, or get involved in unnecessary conflicts. With The Tower in reverse, it is especially important to think carefully before communicating.

In terms of money and finance, Just like when The Tower Mermaid Tarot is in the upright position, this is still not the time for risky investments or games of chance. In general, the reversed card shows that the upcoming financial problem may not be as bad as you think. However, to avoid unnecessary trouble, you should solve the problem step by step. In addition, if you feel you need help to solve financial problems, do not hesitate to ask somebody around.

In terms of romantic relationships, The Tower Mermaid Tarot in reverse says that in order for things to have good results and lasting growth, you must put effort into them, especially in relationships. Don’t expect big and positive changes from your partner if you don’t do the same. Consider how you can contribute or improve the negative part of yourself in the relationship first. Just patiently go one step at a time and don’t lose your enthusiasm.

In terms of health, the reversed Tower shows that your health problems are somewhat less serious compared to the upright card’s indication. However, in the next few days, you should still be careful and pay attention to what you are doing to minimize possible troubles. And if by chance, you are forced to do jobs that are likely to put yourself in danger such as driving in a stressful situation, climbing up a steep hill, or even mowing the lawn while you are not mentally alert, tactfully decline or seek help from another person.

In terms of spirit, The Tower Mermaid Tarot in reverse tells us that this is the time to maintain the most upbeat and optimistic attitude possible. No matter what is happening around you, always trust in the blessings that the supreme beings are giving you. And don’t do jobs that are not meant to be done alone. New insights and realizations can come to you in the blink of an eye.

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