The Hermit – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Hermit Mermaid Tarot

In the dark area of ​​the ocean, where the sun’s rays never reach, The Hermit is patrolling here. In the dead darkness, he shines the light of the flaming pearl lantern into the caves under the sea and out of there, for he can pave the way through contemplation in the dark as he walks. The odds of him finding someone or something bothering him are extremely low. He finds peace here, a little ironic, that he cannot hide anything from others.

Image description on The Hermit Mermaid Tarot

Down in the darkness of the sea, the only thing he has to hold on to is himself—his thoughts and everything he is attached to. This is the perfect place for him to go on an introspective journey to find his true voice, to find his burning fireball in the space that sunlight has forgotten.

II. The message of The Hermit Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot symbolizes the desire to separate from the outside world and focus on the inner world of each person. This hermit will seek answers from within. And he knows that the correct answers will come from silence and solitude. Sometimes in life, we will have a feeling of doubting what seems to be inherently so. At that time, we suddenly realize that there are truths that are hidden very deeply, and want to start the search for answers. This journey is solitary. The answer that we really need is not in the outside worldview but in the inner world.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot is reminiscent of Diogenes the Confucian character – he is a Greek philosopher, and also one of the founders of cynicism – through the image of an ascetic monk walking with a lantern in hand in search of hidden messages. In addition, Diogenes is also a symbol of the search for truth that the character in the Hermit card always wants to discover by breaking all layers and removing things that distract his thinking. In a reading, The Hermit always demands to be alone. These silences will help him re-introduce himself when the distractions have mostly been reduced or disappeared. In the midst of this energetic world constantly moving, he chooses to stand still to find his balance.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot also shows people a message that this is the time when you need to retreat from the flashy things in your outer life and hide yourself to realize the precious things that exist inside of you. Moreover, The Hermit also symbolizes all kinds of searching, especially searching for things that are hidden deep inside of problems with their understanding or doing whatever it takes to realize the truth behind each situation that is different from what it is trying to show us. “Search, you will find!” We have all been taught that! And the meaning of The Hermit card is also guided by that advice. We can get helpful help from our wise teachers. And in return, we need to help others as well.

III. The Hermit Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Hermit teaches us that there is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely and that we need time to be alone, a moment where no one is there but ourselves, a space where no one or anything can bother us, a place where the only sound we hear is our own. Because The Hermit only understands things clearly when we slam the door, walk away and drown out the noises that we don’t know which part of the story is about us, and the rest is the stage of others.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot uptight meanings

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot is a particularly sacred card and is often associated with events related to large agencies or organizations, such as banks, temples, Catholic churches. This card always deals with issues of an idealistic nature, even if you are an atheist. It can be related to any aspect of “spiritual” things happening to you, even if to you, “mental strength” is no different from “expressing emotions”. Maybe you are trying to figure out the “truth” about an object (about someone or something) that is pretty important to you. Don’t think you can do everything alone. Seek help from people if it helps you gain new information or perspectives on life.

Like the Strength card, you are finding strength by sinking deep into your mind and need time to experience it. Don’t worry about anything, just do everything as you want. Even simply spending about 5 minutes walking around the house to relax and clear your mind will do. The focus of The Hermit is to go above and beyond to uncover hidden truths. Just make sure what you are doing is the right thing to do. And “the right thing” here means at the same time it has to be really true for yourself. Don’t just focus on other people’s wishes and aspirations.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot shows that you are in a stage of introspection, attention, and concentration of the mind in search of answers. You have a strong need to know, not only on the surface level but really want to know the inner problem. The Hermit implies that your awareness has gone inward and now it is time for you to realize that the truth and understanding you are looking for lies within you, unaffected by the world outside. This is a good time to look back on your daily life and reflect more deeply on your own motivations, principles, and values.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot reflects your soul-searching phase. You want to seek the truth at all costs. You yearn to find a new direction in life, so you have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. When we feel doubts about our current situation, remember that there is always a deeper meaning to it, and we will begin to look for it. This search is essentially a solitary process, for the answers lie not in the outside world, but within ourselves. So, The Hermit refers to a time when you feel as if you are separate from others. You need to be alone and want to withdraw from the world around you so that you will be able to become more and more reclusive and experience your own world on a higher level.

Through meditation, reflection, and introspection, you can begin to re-evaluate your goals and change your overall direction. You will see life with a deeper understanding and from there start to change certain priorities from the beginning. There is certain spiritual wisdom associated with the Hermit card. The appearance of The Hermit Mermaid Tarot in a Tarot reading shows that you need to develop the mental strength that resides deep within your subconscious. Be content with being alone or just cooperate and associate with people of the same level as you. Do not waste time and energy on people or problems who are not ready or worthy.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot has learned to help others with love and compassion. This Tarot card implies that you have passed an important milestone and you can now understand and appreciate the different paths people have chosen to all lead to higher goals. You have already reached the point where it is enough to enlighten yourself and don’t need to convince others of what they should do. You can lean towards silence and let your inner light shine on others as a medium of communication. The process of contemplating the card shows you how to enhance your own wisdom. You need to find your own light source, shine it into your soul and create your own path. Through meditation and intuition, The Hermit allows you to connect with the wise human part that is always available to you.

In terms of work, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot reminds you that this is a rather sensitive period, and you need to be very calm to be able to make correct decisions. If your work is going smoothly, you should look for a backup plan as in the coming time, there will be some possible troubles. On the contrary, if your work is still in a difficult process, the card signals that success is gradually approaching. And in case you are about to start a new job or project, you need to give yourself time to consider and calculate the risks and advantages in the next steps.

It is quite paradoxical that one’s own true success is something that needs to be recognized by others. Do your best to produce high-performance results and achieve tangible results. This will help you, although it may not be clear to you right now what specific effects it has. Just do the right thing even when no one is watching. Remember that you need to keep track of what you do yourself!

In terms of money and finance, this is not the right time to invest money in new areas or decide to borrow more from outside sources. In case you are still dependent on other people’s finances, then you need to review your income and expenditure so that it is reasonable. Maybe in the coming time, your provider will consider and find a way to reduce it because they feel unhappy about the inappropriate use of your money. If you are looking to lend money to others, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot warns you to consider things more carefully, and at the same time should not let emotions influence your decisions.

This is the time when you need to be cautious before deciding to make financial related transactions. When The Hermit appears, it seems that money is not your number one priority at the moment. If you are looking to invest, try putting your money in highly safe markets as this is not the right time to take risks.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot shows that you are feeling very lonely inside even though you have many friends around. What you need is a soulmate who can understand you. The card advises that you should open your heart to give others the opportunity to understand you. Get into the habit of trusting others, even if this means accepting the possibility of deception. Of course, you will be hurt by someone, but there are many others who are willing to count on you with all their guts.

For colleagues, you should try to communicate more with them to create relationships that are conducive to your own work growth. Although you may not like them very much, don’t forget that they are still people who are working in the same place as you. Just keep dealing with everyone in the workplace genuinely and properly!

In terms of family and loved ones, it seems that the excessive care and protection of your family is making you feel tired to the point where you just want to withdraw into your own world. The advice for you is that you should have the courage to break out of your comfort zone and go out into the world to see other good things in life. On the contrary, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot also shows that receiving help and guidance from elders possessing erudite knowledge in the family will help you in all things such as study, work, and ways to handle life situations.

In terms of romantic relationships, you are quite sensitive, always yearning for tenderness and romance. However, you do not show those interests of yours to the outside. You want your partner to have to guess all their own thoughts and many times it is this that has pushed you into unwanted situations. You need to be frank so that your partner knows what you want, instead of just guessing and then messing things up. And vice versa, you also need to be aware of the other’s needs. Maybe your past love story is tending to rekindle. Do you really want that? It seems that getting into a romantic relationship with an ex is not your top priority right now. 

If you are in a relationship where both parties are clearly committed, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot implies that maybe two of you are going in different directions. Make sure you put in enough time and effort to maintain the connection. As for married couples, this seems to be the time to rekindle the feelings of both sides. Let’s give each other sweet and romantic moments, instead of just repeating boring daily activities.

In terms of health, this is the period when you should try to keep your body from experiencing sudden temperature changes. If you plan to move to other places, you need to be careful because the weather can make you sick very bad. The Hermit also reminds you to take time to rest to restore your vitality. In the event that you or your loved one is undergoing treatment for a long time, the positive spirit is an important factor in the healing process. Habits that are cyclical in nature are likely to work for you right now, like reading for an hour every Saturday night or walking for 30 minutes every day. Health problems are more likely to stem from your lifestyle than from environmental influences. For example, having a lot of back pain could be because you are trying to “carry” too many responsibilities, emotions, problems, or the like on your shoulders.

In terms of duties and superiors, this is the time when you must not let your emotions overwhelm your reason. The Hermit Mermaid Tarot says that this is when you need to complete a task at work that seems to be quite easy, but is actually very challenging. You need to be very calm because haste will only ruin things. In case you are in a high position at work, you should be careful in guiding and training your subordinates. Try giving them power and slowly observe what kind of person they really are! And the most important thing is that you need to make sure that everything is still under control.

In terms of accidents and loss, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot wants to say that it is due to the too careful and thorough calculation that makes you always shy and afraid with everything. This makes you an extremely skeptical person and often misses out on opportunities to advance or develop your career. Thinking carefully is a good thing. However, everything that exists in the world has its two sides, negative and positive. It is important that you realize when you need to be reckless and decisive, and when it is time to give up. Because in life, the opportunity is probably the most precious thing that we only encounter once!

In terms of spirit, there is a high possibility that someone will appear as a teacher or guide for you on the path of spiritual search. Although that person probably will not “teach” you directly, you will still learn a lot on many different levels. Prioritize your need to withdraw from your daily life for a while as the process will not take too long, and you will soon feel the need to get back into society. However, don’t force yourself to be around a lot of people right now, unless it is absolutely necessary. And this month, you will feel your spirit restored and more alert, especially in the spiritual aspect.

IV. The Hermit Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

In the upright form, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot is calling for loneliness, but if it is a reversed card, then it is time to stop being alone. Regardless of how you are feeling, it is time to re-integrate with the rest of the world. Now you have heard everything you need. Take what you learn away and use it when you get back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your break is over. When appearing in reverse, The Hermit is still a particularly sacred card and is often associated with events related to large agencies or organizations. 

In addition, when appearing in reverse, the card is warning that you may be too focused on looking at the “truth” behind certain issues while it is better to just let it go and continue living as usual. Like Strength, The Hermit alludes that sometimes you need some alone time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Do not be afraid! Controversy can of course still arise. However, when a person needs too much time alone, is afraid to be around people, or always has a feeling of insecurity because of being easily attacked when there are people around, then that person is suffering from psychological problems of great concern. In this impermanent life, there is always something that can easily hurt us.

The Hermit Mermaid Tarot in reverse can represent one of two ideas. You are either not spending enough time on personal reflections or you are spending too much time on them. If you are working to create a deeper connection with your own spirit, the reversed Hermit encourages you to take more space and time to be able to meditate and reflect on your own spirituality. This is the time to take a deeper look at yourself and rediscover your greater meaning and purpose in this real life. Perhaps you are too busy dealing with everyday problems that you forget to reflect on yourself and listen to your inner voice. This Tarot card wants you to search deep within your soul to help you find your way back and focus on rebuilding your spiritual level.

If you are spending too much time introspective, the appearance of The Hermit Mermaid Tarot in reverse will mean that you have sunk in too much solitude for too long. You are really becoming a hermit and isolating yourself from the people around you. While this time will help you mentally, you may still feel isolated and experience temporary loneliness. Don’t underestimate the value of staying in touch with others even while you are on your own spiritual journey. Also, be mindful of the needs of those around you. Don’t become so dependent on yourself and your difficult situations that you forget your family and friends.

In terms of work, maybe at this point, you have finally reached the bottom of the problem that has plagued you at work for so long. Don’t hesitate to ask those around you to better understand what is going on or reflect on yourself as really this is how it has to be. Be aware of the fact if anything is wrong with your work today, you may be a part of it too!

In terms of money and finance, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot in reverse warns that this is the right time for you to seek advice and wise analysis about your financial endeavors. This is not either the time for you to “make a mess” arbitrarily and of course, everything will be okay in the end. And if you don’t understand how your cash flow will come and go (confused about which channels to invest in), then this is the perfect time to decide to hone your own financial knowledge and experience.

In terms of romantic relationships, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot can imply unfriendly isolation. For example, one person wants to be left alone or withdraws from a relationship, while the other wants to cultivate the relationship to become stronger. You will need to respect each other’s space, but also be there to help each other out when he/she needs it. Also, the idea of ​​being alone and independent is very difficult and unappealing at a time when you are trying to do everything in your power to stick together. Even when there are challenges in the relationship, both of you don’t want to be apart because separation will only bring a feeling of emptiness.

If you have broken up for a while, the reversed Hermit can indicate that you are ready to explore a new relationship as you realize that you have had enough time to reflect. If you are still single, you are probably feeling tired and lonely, and most of all, a strong desire to have a relationship or a lasting connection at this time. Even in the reversed position, The Hermit still implies that maybe your past love story is tending to rekindle. 

In terms of health, The Hermit Mermaid in reverse indicates that your current work/daily habits are the cause of your health going downhill. Consider taking small steps to improve, such as spending more time taking care of yourself or correcting bad habits. Likewise, Rome is not something that can be built overnight nor positive incremental changes. Let’s just try to do it step by step!

In terms of spirit, The Hermit Mermaid Tarot in reverse indicates that you seem to be too lonely. Though spending time alone is very important, building friendships with like-minded people is just as necessary. Immerse yourself in the outside world, you will be glad you did!

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