The Wheel of Fortune – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot

The rudder of a forgotten ship becomes a home for a life in the deep sea. Schools of fish swimming alongside clumps of seaweed and coral are reusing a once valuable ship’s rudder. The intricate characters around the rudder suggest that once upon a time, this boat was once steered and steered by planets that can be seen clearly in the night sky beyond the ocean floor. Now, both the planets and the rudder are out of sight. Improvements and changes have made it obsolete.

Image description on Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot

We are reminded that our purpose and roles have changed. Perspectives change, and this life, as we know it, is only temporary in the end.

II. The message of Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot in a reading

According to ancient Greek legend, the destiny of the world is held by three women. They have the task of weaving the thread of each person’s destiny from the moment that person is born. It is no wonder The Fates are a spinner because the Wheel of Fortune is a metaphor for the subtle transitions in the life of each of us. This is also the main theme of the 10th Tarot card.

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot is one of the very few Tarot cards in the Major Arcana that does not have a human focus as the message hidden inside this card belongs to the categories that are not under human control. It belongs to a much higher class where all the destinies of people intertwine and form a tragic sheet of life.

Although all Tarot decks or other forms of prophecy determine that each person’s life is their own choice. But there is still an implication that everything that has happened and is happening is subject to the law of cause and effect of life, and they are only a small part of a larger overall circle. It is it that governs and causes us to encounter things such as relationships, things, events, opportunities, including events (which we humans often call “unexpected accidents”). But in reality, they are all part of a larger picture that has been pre-planned by the Holders of Destiny.

In a reading, Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot can refer to a vision or perception that is strongly affecting you. If you are stuck with a problem or a difficult situation, this card is trying to convey the message that you will find the right answer if you take a step back and look back at everything with a wider perspective. The Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes unexpected events or sudden turns of fate that are coming. You will not be able to predict what will happen next, and you will only know when it is very close.

In fact, all 10th Tarot cards carry similar mysterious and unexpected messages that things to come are like the workings of the rotations of a wheel – move by spinning, then change direction and continue to rotate at a faster and more rapid speed. When the speed of the wheel reaches its maximum, you will feel that something is coming! And it seems that everything in your life is slowly picking up speed. You will be grabbed by a tornado and can be dropped anywhere.

III. The Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

Things that were once on the peak are now time to plunge down. What was once lost or broken will eventually be found and given new life. Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot is a reminder of the transient nature of our bodies. Everything will change, rotate and move. Nothing lasts forever, and time flies whether we like it or not. Surely in the future, you will find yourself in the position you are currently in. Whether you accept them or not, they don’t last forever, so enjoy the moment the Wheel of Fortune gives you or hold on to hope that things will not always be the same if you are in unexpected circumstances.

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot tells you that in general, it seems that everything is slowly turning around. In the vast majority of cases, these seem like necessary and positive changes. But for some people, these changes can put them in a very difficult, even uncomfortable situation. This is also the time to believe in the Law of Cause and Effect. Remember that change is always part of a natural cycle!

Inside the wheel are the Hebrew characters YHVH – Yod Heh Vau Heh – also the name of God. Alternating between the Hebrew characters is the letter TORA (if read counter-clockwise) or TARO (if read clockwise) and can be converted to the letter TAROT when we combine TARO with the first letter T. This card also always reminds us that everything will pass! Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, all will pass. If all of a sudden you feel like you are on top of the world, remember this is like everything else in life: They change eventually!

Yod Heh Vau Heh tarot

Live passionately in the present and appreciate what you have been given. There are many things in life that are not up to you to control. But that has its good side, after all, because it helps that both the good and the bad will pass, and you will not be hurt. Let’s immerse ourselves in the upcoming change and think positively!

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot refers to the fact that all things tend to move in cycles. There are good times and there are bad times. Even if the outside environment is difficult and challenging, you will still have a good time breathing and can focus on creating joy and comfort. The lesson from this card is that you need to accept the ups and downs in life. If you want everything to be fine all the time, you will not appreciate what you have. Sometimes difficult times will present the contrasts and attitudes needed to realize that you are still very fortunate. So, when the good time comes, enjoy it but don’t be complacent because this advantage can always change. When you are in a difficult situation, don’t be discouraged because even when things get worse, life still offers a perspective that everything can get better!

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot implies that you should not just stand still and accept what life has to offer. You can actively maintain the active part of this rotation. When things go negative, instead of waiting and hoping that things will gradually get better, you should actively improve the situation and speed up the recovery process. Finally, the Wheel of Fortune suggests that you should not let yourself fall into a sense of depression in the face of adversity. Adversity is a natural part of life and is always present from time to time. In fact, when bad moments happen, you should not worry. Accept that and don’t necessarily act like you have a problem. Instead, find ways to face and overcome those difficulties. If the problem you are facing cannot be solved, then this card can be a hint for the solution of that problem.

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot symbolizes that there are many external factors affecting your situation that you may not be aware of or cannot control. It is as if the Universe is just doing what He likes at this point, and as a result, you are unpredictable or feel out of sorts (especially when you want to be in control of everything). This is one of the challenging aspects of this card because no matter which direction the Wheel of Fortune turns, it cannot be tried to change. Therefore, you should accept what is happening and adjust accordingly.

If you are facing an inevitable crisis, remember that in every difficulty there are opportunities. When you are forced into a new direction, you should know that all roads lead somewhere, even if you don’t know where that place is. Things like that are simply out of your control, and if you can get over them, things will get easier. If you resist, the wheel will “crush” you. So keep following the wheel of fate!

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot implies that for maintaining optimism and belief in Everything that the situation will be handled in the best way. You need to stay as optimistic and think positively as possible. Through meditation and reflection, the Wheel of Fortune can assist and strengthen your intention to bring abundance, luck, and prosperity into your life. This archetype allows your life to take a more positive turn if you are willing to grow and expand on it. This is also a “lucky” time in life when you feel the influence of fate on you and vice versa. You may even witness a miracle or a string of good fortunes.

The wheel represents destiny and reminds you that “whatever comes will come”. In a straightforward sense, you can be in a positive state but don’t become complacent either. You need to behave in ways that are appropriate or “good” in nature to ensure that luck and positive things are always on your side.

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot raises an important point in your life where positive choices can arise. The appearance of Wheel of Fortune signals that change is not only possible but certainly imminent. In general, the change shown in this card is a significant change in the established order. These changes are personal and may require you to embark on a new path. You may also need to change your current situation, turn things in a different direction, or change things around to ensure that you are producing results that work for your life. A great affirmation for the Wheel of Fortune is: “Through all the changes that Everything has brought, I feel the center of stability within me.”

In terms of work, if you are looking to start a business, it seems that fate is giving you a hand so that all your efforts and struggles can be rewarded. If you already have a job and want to make a change, this is the right time. Because no matter how good the job is, your heart is no longer for it. You are getting the urge that you need to change everything, no matter what the outcome.

If you have a desire to do something other than the job you are currently doing, then have the courage to find someone you trust for advice. Surely you will be surprised how easily your request can be accepted by that person! In case you are having trouble at work, the Wheel of Fortune says everything will quickly pass smoothly. If you are starting a new project, luck is on your side. However, the card also reminds you that don’t become complacent to the point of missing and losing more precious things.

In terms of money and finance, if you are in a period of financial distress, do not be discouraged as the Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot says that things are about to change for the better. This card is a good omen for anyone who is having financial difficulties recently. The Wheel of Fortune means that your circumstances are dramatically changing for the better. But on the contrary, if you are in a period of financial abundance, you should be careful as there may be some risks in the coming time that will make you lose money. Or maybe the amount of money you earn will be slightly reduced. If so, be prepared to save up for the tough days. In the long run, of course, things will change again.

If you are looking to take out a loan, this seems to be the right time. However, if you are looking to lend money to someone at this stage, it is not advisable as it seems that this will bring you troubles. And if you are preparing to participate in an event, then you should calculate a bit of money to spare. As the costs incurred are often unpredictable, if not depreciated in advance, it will make you unable to turn back and mobilize to compensate, adversely affecting your entire plan.

In terms of friends and colleagues, the Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot suggests that you may be about to make some new friends or join a new group/community. The joy they bring to you is great, but you should still be careful about money-related issues. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to uncover the dark side of your friends or know what they are trying to hide. This can leave you high and dry. The card advises you that you should consider your friend’s human nature and their feelings for you. Think carefully before deciding whether to maintain or end this friendship!

In terms of family and loved ones, this is a card that signals a disturbance in the family. Maybe your family or loved ones are being affected by external factors, causing internal turmoil and conflict. The advice is that you should find a way to help them see clearly the nature of the problem so that you can reconcile the disagreements. On the contrary, in case your family has pre-existing unwarranted arguments, this card brings a message of a change in current status for good. On the other hand, the card also implies that good fortune is coming to your family and loved ones!

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are single, this is a good time to find out and start a new relationship. To seriously find yourself in a relationship, you need to clearly define the type of person you want to date then go out into society to create opportunities for yourself to meet that person. Maybe you will have a friend introduce someone for you. 

If you are in a relationship, remember that love is a matter between two people, so don’t let external factors affect your relationship and cause a rift. On the other hand, Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot also recommends that you should try to find new ways to change the current boredom, helping your connection to be strengthened more wonderfully. It is also possible that your current relationship is in need of serious talk, or it is no longer living up to your expectations. This does not mean that you have to give up. It is just that right now, you need to take serious action to make sure everything turns out okay. Tell your partner about your own feelings and your deepest desires.

For married couples, this card shows that there are many external factors affecting your relationship. In the good case, it seems that everything is being maintained at a stable level. Meanwhile, in the bad case, things make both of you feel bored and tired because there are too many inexpressible confidants. The advice for you is that both of you should share, care and communicate more confidently so that your bonding becomes stronger and more substantial. Love is not a silent sacrifice from one side, but sharing everything together.

In terms of health, Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot warns that being afraid to change bad habits will adversely affect your health. If you are working too hard, you should set aside time for yourself to relax. If you keep working non-stop, gradually, your body will start to appear with bad symptoms. A healthy diet, proper rest, meditation, or yoga are all very beneficial solutions for you at this time. If you are in the process of treatment, this card signals that your health will improve. In case your loved one is sick, be aware of external factors as they can cause his/her illness to develop in a bad way.

In terms of duties and superiors, the card implies that maybe you have to perform a task that has a significant effect on your future work. You will get a lot of help from outside. As for your boss, it is likely that you are working with someone who is quite talented but is not mentally stable. The advice of Wheel of Fortune is that you should try to be patient and persistent to convince your superiors to change their mind if it is feasible and beneficial for the common work of both parties.

In terms of accidents and loss, Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot does not explicitly address this issue. However, it is possible that you will encounter some problems during your travels. You should be careful about paper contracts and money. Or there will be disparaging things happening that make you feel frustrated, but you cannot find out who is silently destroying your image!

In terms of spirit, this card wants us to understand that we ourselves have contributed to creating the things that happen in our lives. Things rarely happen naturally, and we are almost never pitiful victims of fate. Acknowledge your own fair share of responsibility and move on. However, it is true that sometimes things do come naturally. If this is the case, remember that you are not alone in the world and go seek help from those around you. What you need is always right there!

IV. The Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Do your best, you can’t stop the Wheel of Fate from spinning. Everything has to change. People come and go, and the situation will evolve. Whether you like it or not is completely unrelated to when Wheel of Fortune appeared. Keep fighting and this change can be painful; What was once overwhelming joy will turn into an arduous journey through the quagmire of your ego.

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot in reverse means that there will be changes in things, events, and circumstances to come. In the vast majority of cases, these seem like necessary and positive changes. But for some people, these changes can put them in a very difficult, even uncomfortable situation. If you need people’s help to cope with the changes to come, ask them for help. Don’t force yourself to be alone! Don’t face the waves alone! Be flexible to change to go with it, and accept the fact that change is an inevitable law of life! There is no point in going against it on purpose!

Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot in reverse means that the change will not happen as quickly, strongly, and inevitably as the upright card, but it will certainly come. Remember that everything will pass! Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, all will pass. It is important that you think positively and expect the best to come. 

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, luck is no longer on your side. Changing events that are not favorable for you are causing you many difficulties and changing your world dramatically, seemingly for the worst. Usually, the reversed meaning of the Wheel of Fortune implies that there are resources out of your control, making you feel powerless and vulnerable. However, there are a few situations where it is not. If luck spirals out of control, the bad times you are going through can also be seen as the result of decisions you have made in the past. Think about the actions you have taken and see if they play a role in your current situation. What can you do to improve your luck and regain control of your destiny? Despite your setbacks, you can learn a lesson in life and prepare for a time of many ups and downs to come. Take responsibility for the present and the future and look for ways to produce more positive results.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot can also reflect resistance to change, especially if this change is being imposed on yourself. The appearance of this card shows that the change has created a significant sense of stress for you and you are trying to stop this process both consciously and unconsciously. This is also not the time to gamble with decisions when you may not be able to reap good results. You need to be more cautious than before, spending more time focusing on looking at your options and making the safest decisions.

In terms of work, when Wheel of Fortune is reversed, there is still a possibility (though not as high as the forehand) that you will eventually quit your job because you no longer love it. Think about what you are dreaming of doing. Let your mind go beyond the daily tasks. Although reversed, the card still shows that you are very close to the time of change, and this may be a huge change.

In terms of money and finance, despite appearing in reverse, Wheel of Fortune Mermaid Tarot is still a good omen for anyone who has been experiencing financial difficulties recently. Your situation is gradually changing markedly for the better! But on the contrary, if you are in a relatively wealthy financial period, you should be careful as things may be likely to happen in the opposite direction, and the money you earn will be slightly reduced. If so, be prepared for tough days. In the long run, of course, things will change again.

In terms of romantic relationships, you have come to the conclusion that your previous relationship with this person is no longer the way you want it to be. At the very least, you have to take time to reflect on your feelings right now. And finally, if this is still a relationship that you want to preserve, then you need to take action now. Communication is the key to the problem. Similar to when this card is in the upright form, if you are looking for a new relationship, first clearly define the type of person you want to date, then go out to create your own opportunity to meet that person.

In terms of health, resistance to inevitable change can be harmful to our health. This does not mean you just ignore it all and let what comes will come. However, you need to be aware of what an equal battle is. Try everything you can to manage your stress. When things get tough, remember to go back to the basics such as proper nutrition, regular rest and exercise, and be ready for any challenge.

In terms of spirit, it sounds like you are the type of person who never really knows how to take responsibility. Instead, one way or another, you will always find a way to blame the circumstances. Acknowledge your own fair share of responsibility and move on. Don’t let yourself wallow in negative emotions and be fooled by them. Life is not always fair. It has never been like that. But life is always changing. Gently let yourself go with the flow of life, and feel the joy gradually spreading in your heart. And then you will have more peace of mind!

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