The Hierophant – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot

Can you imagine a world without any historical records? There is nothing that can tell us about how the world we live in was conceived, molded, and developed. All the stories and colorful characters of history would not be told without someone making the effort to record them. Each generation has a story to tell, a lesson to share, and knowledge to impart. To think of a world in which we have no access to information seems unrealistic.

Image description on The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot

The Hierophant understands the importance of documenting people, places, and events far more important than we do. We are the product of those stories. Without them, none of us would have a sense of our identity and purpose. We would not have anything to base ourselves on in the dimension and time in which we exist.

II. The message of The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot in a reading

Except in rare cases, usually, each of us grows and develops in a social environment with a long cultural tradition. And we all survive by living with other people. The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot symbolizes formal learning, especially in groups. She is a person capable of interpreting mysterious knowledge to others. The Hierophant is one of three cards that focus on groups. (Three of Cups and Three of Pentacles are the other two cards).

In a reading, The Hierophant often symbolizes studying with experts or teachers with erudite knowledge. This card also represents empires or organizations with the same value. The Hierophant is symbolic of the desire to follow rules or fixed situations. The appearance of the card indicates that you are stuck with a problem that you cannot make a breakthrough or are free to do as you please. Depending on the situation, a group can support, cultivate or suffocate you. Sometimes, we need to respect the rules. And there are times when we need to believe in ourselves.

III. The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot presents itself as an age-old potential for access to the gods and guides of ancient doctrine and wisdom. She is the link between us and the divine world, and for this reason, she is often referred to as the Pope in some traditional decks. The traditional role of the Pope was to mediate between God and man. Thus, The Hierophant embodies a spiritual teacher who helps us to approach the Divine.

Unlike The Magician Mermaid Tarot, The Hierophant is simply the one who shows the way. She is a reliable guide, guiding us by hẻ hand and leading us to our religious goals. She represents the gateway to higher levels of consciousness in a ritualistic manner. She only teaches us things that can be learned with words and parables. The Hierophant contains all the moral and spiritual details – marriage, union, deadlock, submission, kindness and goodness, inner and outer conscience.

In terms of work, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot is a card that refers to challenges at work. If you are looking to start a new job, this card is a warning sign that you will meet an extremely strict teacher/instructor. And they will both teach and challenge you at the same time. And if you are looking to change jobs, this card indicates it is time to join a new working environment where you can learn many new things. However, you still need support from others. The teacher/instructor you are looking for will appear. Or vice versa, you will become someone’s teacher/instructor. This is the time to join a group, even if you don’t think you are the type for group activities because you will realize that actually, you have a lot to learn from them (in a very positive sense). This will give you the ability to organize and arrange everything according to standard rules, so your work will go well!

In terms of money and finance, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot says that now is not a good time for you to earn money quickly. However, it also implies stability and principles. Therefore, you need to follow the established rules or invest in traditional, not risky new ventures. If you are looking to borrow money, you should seek advice from people with financial knowledge.

In addition, if you have a case of signing important contracts or documents, this card is reminding you to pay attention and consider everything carefully. This is the time to play the real management game according to the rules, similar to when you participate in virtual financial games. It is better to use conventional and traditional ways to manage your money. Seek advice from bankers, financial managers, or anyone with more experience in this matter than you. This is a quite suitable time to invest, provided that there must be a stable and sustainable plan and policy. And this is not the time to risk your luck with some form of chance or “unusual” stocks.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot says that you will probably meet wonderful new friends. On the other hand, you should keep a balance between friends and family. As for colleagues, there may be disagreements between you and them at work. The main solution is that you should boldly express your thoughts so that your job is completed in the best way.

In terms of family and loved ones, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot is a card that deals with cultural traditions in the family. Your loved ones may seem strict, but they really care about you. And in the case that you have just been married, this card indicates the challenges that need to be overcome to be able to integrate into your spouse’s family.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are single, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot encourages you to take action instead of just sitting there and waiting. And if you are in love, you should refrain from only promises without delivering, instead, show acts of caring for each other. If you are married, this card reminds you to pay attention to spiritual issues in the family such as cavalry, death anniversary, feng shui, grave, ancestral altar, etc.

In other aspects, you should also spend more time with your family, such as talking with your partner, spending time taking care of and educating your children. When this card appears, your love life seems to be getting better, although everything seems a bit lacking in “newness”. You should behave in a way that other people would probably make the same choice in your own situation. The warning is that you should not do something strange and out of the ordinary.

In terms of health, if your body shows any strange signs, you should not be subjective but go to the hospital for an examination. If you have psychological problems such as chronic stress and anxiety disorders, activities that require concentration and flexibility like yoga can help relieve them. In addition, you can also use the Tarot deck to illuminate the subconscious and soothe the soul. If you or a loved one is in treatment, the card bring good news. Belief in religion will also contribute quite a lot to the healing process. On the other hand, the card also warns that you should not participate in unhealthy community groups because it will lead you to incurable diseases. Discipline is just what you may You also need to bring the practice of sports into discipline, routine, and commitment to completely solve long-standing trouble, both physical and mental. “Traditional” remedies are likely to help you succeed at this point.

In terms of duties and superiors, it seems that you are facing a rather challenging task and this challenge may or may not be publicly announced by your superiors. Therefore, you need to try to complete this task well in the shortest time possible. This can be a good opportunity to help you score points in the eyes of your superiors. Even if it is more favorable, you might get a promotion. If you are in a high position at work, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot warns that you may be too strict and rigid to others. This makes your subordinates not dare to come up with breakthrough and bold ideas. In other cases, your boss may also be conservative and obstinate, but you should not argue with them. The best thing you should do is to both consult with others and process everything to get the job done in the best way.

In terms of accidents and loss, this card does not specifically address issues related to any physical damage. However, beware of those who take advantage of your trust to create scams. If you are the head of a business or group, be careful that disgruntled people will secretly sabotage your organization from within. The advice for you is not to directly confront those hiding in the dark, but to compromise and step back to slowly learn the truth about who exactly that person is.

In terms of spirit, you are very interested in finding a spiritual path (even if you currently have no religion or follow any sect). Be calm and let your soul be open! The point here is to set a rule for it to be cyclical, for example, every day, every week, or every month. Whenever you have time, try to feel the change in worldview. They will lead you to your spiritual path as a result of this process.

IV. The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Maybe it is time to consider writing a new chapter for an old book. It is destiny that principles must be tested and changed, and history begs to be rewritten. Make sure you have considered all the consequences before you commit to writing it down. Remember that what you do now affects not only just you. When appearing in the reversed form, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot is still leaning more towards the aspect of “doing the right thing”. However, it turns out that your levels of skepticism and confusion about what is really the “right thing” are much higher than usual. The answer is still within you. The point is that you need to have all the information. The reversed card advises you to dig deeper into every problem to see what it really is. 

The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot in reverse points out that people don’t seem to understand the starting point of what you are doing or why you believe in certain actions/severities. These people are not always the ones you love or are closest to you. In other words, they are not always the ones who can understand you every time you make a tough decision. So don’t pay too much attention to what others say.

The reversed Hierophant suggests that you are feeling limited or constrained by fixed structures and rules, and so you feel like you have lost much of your versatility and sense of initiative in your life. You have a strong desire to go against the rules and break away from traditional principles. Or maybe you are tempted to take an unorthodox course of action to do something that is out of character or against social norms. The reversed Hierophant represents breaking the rules and challenging the status quo. You no longer accept the rigid structures, traditions and doctrines around you, you look for opportunities to protest and retaliate. You want to confront ideas and concepts that you once thought would last forever.

The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot in reverse also implies doubting tradition and you are asking yourself if what you are doing is really the right thing to do. Maybe up until now, you have been doing things spontaneously and with the general trend, but now you realize that perhaps things don’t necessarily go the way they were supposed to, and now is the need for change. According to this interpretation, the reversed The Hierophant is like a rebellious teenager or young person who is beginning to raise social doubts and engage in political activities. There may be conflicts or confrontations with your parents or people with greater authority. The reversed Hierophant sometimes also reflects pressures in society or in groups. You are forced to obey, but you disagree with that basic belief system.

The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot in reverse also represents a person in the role of a leader or in a position of authority. He/she could be a religious leader, a public figure, or even a boss. When the card is in the reversed form, you can immediately see that this person is ruling with an iron fist in a velvet glove, forcing others to follow the rules, fears the prospect of opposition, and does something different or confront the status quo. If this person is in power, then you will have no choice but to heed.

In terms of work, although you are being taught/shared by very knowledgeable and trustworthy people, The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot in reverse shows that you should change your perspective with a few tips on aspects of someone’s life. Believe in yourself, that is the right thing and also the most important thing that the reversed card is trying to convey to you right now.

In terms of money and finance, just like the upright card, it is time to play the real-life management game by the rules, similar to when you are in virtual financial games. Use the conventional and traditional way of managing money. Seek advice from bankers, financial managers, or anyone with more experience in this matter than you. This is a quite suitable time to invest properly and reasonably, not to try your luck with some form of chance or “unusual” stocks.

In terms of romantic relationships, when The Hierophant Mermaid Tarot is in reverse, you may be tired of the same routine over and over again. And maybe you are so desperate to get out of that vicious cycle that you are even willing to accept new roles and events. However, appreciate your current relationship. And if you feel that improving this boredom is really necessary, then take the new moves slowly and methodically. If you do things too hastily and carelessly, you may lose the most precious things.

In terms of health, it sounds like you are in need of a change in your health care regimen. You need to have better habits and have to maintain the mentality of having to carry out the processes in an immutable way to get good results. And if you have a pre-existing health problem and still have not seen any improvement, then it may be time to try something different and rarer, from traditional massage methods, oriental medicine doses, or strict and pure nutrition. This helps your body to absorb minerals and nutrients more efficiently to make big changes.

In terms of spirit, like the upright card, the reversed Hierophant says that you are very concerned about your spiritual path ahead. Be still and listen to your inner voice to know what you really want and how to do it right. You can start practicing these mental methods regularly as a habit and try to maintain them for a long time. Whenever you have time, try to feel the change in your worldview, not only yours but also those around you. They will lead you to your own spiritual path. And if you are tired of sitting around thinking about how to start, the simplest way is to just try it and experiment with different ways to figure it out. 

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