The Emperor – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Emperor Mermaid Tarot

The god of the sea, Poseidon, sits on a throne surrounded by jewels in the place where he rules. This is a reminder of the price to be paid to those who come to him for help. He holds this trident tightly in his hand as a reminder of his power as he is the master of all four elements: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. He controls the weather and the waves and is constantly building up his empire little by little. He is more than a leader. Like the old father of all mermaids, it is his duty to keep his children safe, protected, and secure. That is when he carries the peace and happiness of his people on his shoulders. Looking at his face you will understand that he does not take this task lightly.

Image description on The Emperor Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of The Emperor Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot symbolizes structure, order, and law – power is a must-have element to counterbalance the free flow of abundance that resides in The Empress. He advocates the establishment of an orderly world where the train is always on time, the participants in the game always have to obey the law and the person on duty must be respected. In turbulent situations, The Emperor can show you what the organization really needs. He is capable of tightening everything and shackling all the rebels. In the event that things were already out of control, he would certainly do whatever he could to find a way to restore everything back to normal.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot can symbolize unexpected powers or just an object that assumes power and controls everything. He is a man of the law, is often involved in matters related to the law, and always acts with discipline and controls the officials in every way. He can also stand alone in the role of a father – the protector and breadwinner of the whole family – or a symbolic image of a person who acts as a guide for everyone.

III. The Emperor Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot is the image of the leader of the Tarot deck. He is the “pillar” that protects and defends what he loves. He establishes a strong family lineage and is often seen as the patriarch of a vast system of family members. He gives advice, direction, and reason to others, demonstrations of his power and profound knowledge. His wisdom is gained through experiences of the world and of life. He was “there, and did it,” and has had battle armor to demonstrate the experience. He takes what he has learned and passes it on to the next generation so that one day they can become as wise, competent, and strong as he was. He brings safety and well-being to those around him.

These are things that you and only you can do. Those are the important things and they need all of your attention. You are building something sustainable for your life. There are some responsibilities that require your attention while some don’t. In order to ensure that you have a solid foundation on which to grow and expand your own empire, you must take your personal responsibilities and focus on that. Make sure every step of your path is fortified with strength and sharpen your empire-building skills.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot is also a symbol of texture and stability. He can bring order to the mess by sorting through his thoughts and mapping out what needs to be done to solve the problem. He is a systematic and strategic thinker. He is also highly organized and cooperative in problem-solving. He is committed to a plan and is sure to succeed until the very end. Therefore, this card implies that you have a strong desire to see your ideas manifest physically in the form of achieving or accomplishing goals. An opportunity will come and it will probably be the foundation of a very successful future.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot reflects principles and regulations. He establishes rules and regulations by applying principles or guidelines to a particular situation. He prefers to work within a well-defined structure with specified limits and respects common habits and follows a particular regimen or rule. The reason beyond emotion is sometimes not expected or even avoided, but for The Emperor, this is essential and even welcome. If you are faced with difficult choices, then you need to maintain your focus. Be assertive and trust your self-control and focus. Remember that if you can control yourself, you will not have much trouble controlling the world and everything in it.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot is a brilliant leader who aspires to power and dominance. He feels most comfortable as a leader where he can command and direct others. He wants to be placed in a position of power where he can apply his control and bring a sense of organization to the activities he carries out. He often represents a solid establishment built on solid foundations. As a leader, he governs consistently but also fairly. He will listen to the advice of others but the final conclusions will be made by him. He is not afraid of war and/or conflict and he will not hesitate to use his power and strength to protect those he cares about. Those in his favor always repay him with the loyalty and respect he deserves.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot also implies status, success, and fame. You will have an ardent desire to be recognized as a strong, successful, and powerful person without any doubt. You will want to be known as an influential unit, leader, and “expert”. Stay fully focused on your goals and be careful not to reveal any weaknesses. If you happen to see The Emperor in your own life, get ready to make an impression! He will direct and govern the area you want to move forward. You cannot achieve your dreams and goals without the support of The Emperor. With his support, you will have a much better chance of realizing your dreams and may begin to benefit from the structure he has established. Sometimes, he can represent the power of the government or a department that is in charge of important matters. There is also a force within you that governs your actions. These forces include willpower and self-control. You can hold discussions regarding contractual arrangements, profit sharing, allowances, or management.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot shows us that it is often not a choice to let reason overwhelm the heart! However, in some cases, it is very necessary, even recommended to apply whenever The Emperor appears. When faced with tough choices, that í when you need to stay focused. And this stage will allow you to do just that. Enjoy the feeling of confident decision-making, self-control, and focus that this card is guiding you. Go ahead and do what you think is best. If you really know what you need, you will never have a problem making sense of the world and keeping everything you have at hand.

In addition, this card also implies the appearance of an elderly man in your current situation. This person can be your co-worker, your father, or someone like you. Maybe this person has a special feeling for you. However, do not rush to cut this person off your life just because of the age gap. Maybe this person is in charge of the “imposition of the law” – having almost everything in hand – and is always making you feel unbearably suffocated. But actually, that person is just trying to show you that any law or order in the world, once created, has its own reason and value. And this will definitely make your life better. Above all, this person will tell you that the benefits of using logic and structural systems will yield unexpected results, far beyond the whims of human desires and emotions.

In terms of work, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot foretells that if you are in the start-up phase, you will probably meet someone with experience. This person will guide and help you a lot. Sometimes this card also portrays yourself at work as s leader of the ship, always making decisions and having to take responsibility for everything. There is another case where your boss is awesome. Although he/she may be quite strict, he/she will certainly guide you very well. And if in the case you are starting a new project, this card is a signal of smooth facilitation.

In addition, your work is going well and your efforts are not ignored at all. Pay attention to everything happening in your workplace, try to think about everything logically to complete all assigned tasks to the end. Your results will be outstanding! And if you are looking for a new job, this is the time when you need objectivity and sobriety in thinking. Step out and see yourself from the perspective of others, and answer the question why should the recruiter hire you? There is a high probability that you will find a new job smoothly if you are logical enough and maintain patience right now.

In terms of money and finance, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot gives you a piece of advice that you should take control of your finances! All expenses must be carefully calculated. You should focus on a specific goal, don’t be too greedy to carry out multiple goals at the same time. In addition, this card also shows that you need to think in a more disciplined and logical way in arranging financial management. For instance, what things will you focus on spending money to purchase when life gradually improves? Have you appreciated the money you make? Do you know how much money you have saved in your account? Where did they go?

Ask yourself such questions. Don’t focus on what is missing because it will only increase when you work hard. Focus on managing all that you have and be the best housekeeper for your own money. And if you are looking for a financial loan, this may not be the right time. At the same time, the card also advises you not to lend to others at this stage because the withdrawal will be more difficult and complicated than you thought and there might be conflicts arising.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot may be referring to the big ego of you or of a friend, leading to unnecessary conflicts and arguments. Not only that, but the card also has a warning meaning to the hidden jealousy of those who are clinging around you just for the sake of money and status. Regarding colleagues, you are having the opportunity to prove yourself at work, but you will encounter hostility and isolation from your coworkers. There is nothing you can do but stick with your work diligently and ignore everything else. However, if things go too far, do not hesitate to stand up and draw a boundary to protect yourself. This is not the time for you to yield to those who are not worthy.

In terms of family and loved ones, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot implies that you care very much about your family, but do not know how to express it and vice versa. Big-headedness, short temper, and lack of understanding can make conflicts between you and your family/loved ones worse. The advice for you is to yield to the older people and show tolerance to the younger ones to make all disputes quickly resolved. However, yielding and tolerance here does not mean remaining silent. Everything should be explained by everyone so that you can understand and love each other more.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are single, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot signals that you may soon start your relationship with someone who seems more experienced and older than you. This person may be attracted to your discipline, logic, and ability to organize things. Of course, the attraction may not come from both sides at the beginning, but if you are patient and persistent enough, chances are this relationship will develop well. If you are in a relationship, then the stubbornness and arrogance of one of you are causing the other to suffer. Sympathy and giving in at the right time will make everything better. In a deeply connected relationship like husband and wife, this card is a reminder that you should spend more time with your family.

In terms of health, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot is a warning that anger will adversely affect your energy. On the other hand, you should allow yourself time to rest. And if you are in the process of healing, this card shows a good sign. Besides, the pressures from work or life have made you very tired of choosing and making decisions. You need to learn how to become more assertive. In addition, establishing order and discipline in your daily life will be very helpful for you at this time. For example, if you are stuck with a health problem, write down your symptoms and check for yourself to see if there are factors in your lifestyle that have contributed to it. Besides, you also need to consider adjusting your diet by finding out if there are foods/drinks that cause your body to react badly.

In terms of duties and superiors, you should finish the assigned tasks with all your might. They may look quite simple and easy to handle, but that does not mean that you have the right to disregard them. The boss you are working with is a challenging and strict person, but he/she is also very fair. What you put in the effort to do, he/she can see.

In terms of accidents and loss, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot does not refer to any physical damage. However, you should beware of disgraces caused by jealousy of your subordinates. Another aspect is that sometimes your overconfidence can also make people uncomfortable, getting you in trouble without you realizing it. The card also signals that the battles you have to face are coming your way, so you better be prepared.

In terms of spirit, you should take time to satisfy your need to develop your spiritual path. Don’t just focus on other aspects like logic, principle, or order, but listen to the voice from within as well. However, if skillfully manipulated, logic will also be able to guide you on the way to the spiritual world. Reflection and meditation (which requires a lot of discipline) will become much easier if you put in the time and effort.

IV. The Emperor Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

In the reversed form, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot is overusing the powers around you at this time. He can be surprisingly overbearing and rigid in thought. This can come from you or another person, often an employer, partner, or father figure. It can be a man who is mentally unstable and in need of control. You may feel helpless when the reversed Emperor appears in your reading. You will experience difficulties at this time in dealing with power, and whether these difficulties manifest as an influential partner or you having problems with your father or conflict with employees, you will also appear to be making no progress. The paradox is that in the present comfort lies in such structures. This is not the time to resist, instead, try to approach your own need to control events and deal with problems in the most sensible way.

reversed the emperor mermaid tarot

Occasionally, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot in reverse also suggests that you stay in power and know that you are not always trying to solve problems in the most traditional way. You may get bored with a boss who is too “annoying” or an organization of too many class divisions and you will be forced to join a more flexible and adaptive environment. You may also feel the urge to work independently, perhaps starting your own business to escape the collective life and oppressive bosses! 

On a personal level, the reversed Emperor can indicate that you lack the self-control, ambition, and qualifications to deal with any kind of power. In fact, you may have a slight disregard for rules and disciplines. However, you may need to introduce more order into your life at this point. Things have been pretty messy lately, and it is time to obey the rule again. Maybe you are trying to put your responsibilities on someone else’s shoulders and you think you don’t need to be actively involved in the process of creating your goals and dreams. You may want to rethink your way of thinking. A leader who is not likely to take the lead is a weak one, and a weak leader will put everything under him/her on a disastrous path. It may be better to delegate small tasks to others, but when it comes to creativity, your empire, you have to do your best. Otherwise, all you will be left with is a messy bunch of things that could have been created.

The Emperor Mermaid Tarot in reverse is telling you that you are letting your heart take over, so you have made unreasonable choices, even going against what reason and logic are trying to tell you. All in all, this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, to idealize everything around you, it is imperative that you know how to balance the two. Use both mind and heart, that is what this reversed card is all about. You may find it difficult and distracting right now, just as it is difficult to maintain sustained focus in the long run. The reversed Emperor means that concentration is the most essential thing you need right now! There also may be a dark-haired man who is deliberately leading you in the wrong direction. Ignore the appearances and just consider what that person really brings to you. 

In terms of work, it seems that you are not in the mood to organize everything in a more structured and serious way. But of course, you may have no choice but to do these things. Do your best to accommodate and demonstrate the discipline, order, structure, and charge that your work demands. But of course, don’t forget to give yourself short breaks when needed. If The Emperor Mermaid Tarot in reverse appears in your career reading, it means that you are at a point where you want to avoid dealing with this type of person and now you are ready to discover something new. You may also be looking for a job with more flexibility and creativity. You are so fed up with your job being restricted by a particular mechanism or a designated way of doing things, so you want to get rid of that feeling.

Acting as a career inspiration, The Emperor in reverse implies that you are trying to avoid his energies in your future career direction. You may find that having to take on a powerful role every day is no longer there for you. You want freedom from the routines and structures that have become ingrained in your life and hold you back. You want to allow yourself more space to explore the creativity that exists within you, instead of getting bogged down in the insignificant details and routines.

In terms of money and finance, if you are in financial trouble and accidentally draw the reversed Emperor, then you are in dire need of outside help. Look for someone who is good at logical reasoning, has a good temper, and is clear in setting up financial plans and dealing with taxes and cash flow. Surely you will not be able to solve the situation if you continue to work in an unplanned, messy, and indiscriminate manner like this.

In terms of romantic relationships, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot in reverse suggests that you may be in an unbalanced relationship and this makes you lacking in happiness in the long run. Your spouse may have become overly possessive, dominant, powerful, and totally crosses the line. While you are looking for a companion who can take care of you and give you a stable foundation in the future, reality has gone too far and you feel as if your independence and freedom gradually disappear. Your partner becomes stubborn, always based on principles, and likes to argue. This is straining your relationship and preventing the creative flow of energy between the two of you. He/she feels generous to you but at the same time has tough suggestions towards you.

Problems in love at the moment most likely stem from a lack of organization and order with this relationship. If you consider yourself a very orderly person, then you may be in love with someone who has none of these traits at all (or this could be about to happen). Consider in what ways and how can you compromise and empathize with each other? Otherwise, this relationship may not be able to continue.

In terms of health, when you draw this reversed card, it proves that you are in need of advice from a person with logical reasoning and clear thinking to help you rearrange your health care regimens. Raising and improving self-awareness will also bring many benefits to you. If you are having a health issue, try writing down your symptoms and checking your daily habits to see where the problem lies.

In terms of spirit, The Emperor Mermaid Tarot in reverse signals that there may be a mentor who can help you (seems to be an older man than you) and that person is just surrounding you. But be careful when taking his advice because no one in this world is perfect and has to take the responsibility for your life! And most importantly, you should still listen to your own heart, no matter how much others praise the advice from that mentor. And even if someone has just entered your life, keep your spirits up. Although you can learn a lot from this person, do not listen to all his words and ignore your own wishes.

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