The Empress – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The Empress Mermaid Tarot

Yamaya is the gentle mother of the sea, the one who gives birth to fish. Her Venus is the light that helps all fish return home. She is the ruler of the waters and all creatures that live under the protective waves of the water. Her mission is to bring new beings and things to the world and keep the sacred and noble blood of human beings unadulterated. Her beauty is incomparable, and everyone who knows her wants to be like her. She is emotional and compassionate but she also knows how to scold and punish when the situation forces her to do so.

Image description on The Empress Mermaid Tarot

She holds a conch that represents fertility, and with a song, she can plant seeds of hope in your life. All she wants to know is if you can see it from conception to delivery. Will you allow these seeds time to germinate, grow at their own pace and flow, and bear fruit at the right time? Like all mothers, Yamaya wants you to have your heart’s desires, but she also knows that for that to happen you need to be committed and loyal to the possibilities she has to offer.

I. The message of The Empress Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The High Priestess and The Empress Mermaid Tarot are the two halves of the female element representation in the Major Arcana. In which, The Empress represents fertility, proliferation, a mother giving birth to life, the abundant natural domination and the rhythm of the Earth. From Her emanates all the contentment that joy from life and every aspect of life has brought. The Empress card encourages you to strengthen your connection with nature – The foundation of all things.

Sometimes it is the glitz and glamor of modern life that separates us from nature. Let The Empress Mermaid Tarot remind you of the connection to life you have always had. In a reading, The Empress can relate to all aspects of motherhood. She herself is a mother. However, similar to the other cards of Major Arcana, she goes beyond mere motherhood and also guides the way to the heart of this sacred work – creating life and nurturing it in love and protection.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot also symbolizes all forms of abundance. She brings a sense of satisfaction, especially to things that can be perceived by the senses such as delicious food, joy, beauty, etc. Although people can easily give you material rewards, you can only receive them when you really understand that wealth comes from a generous soul, ready to give and open to all people. The Empress requires you to always pay attention and follow the laws of life to enjoy their abundance.

III. The Empress Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

The Empress Mermaid Tarot is full of potential both literally and figuratively. All she does is bring creative energy which is full of love into the world. She comprehends what it takes to be able to see something grow from an idea from an invisible thing to a tangible substance. She understands the amount of time, energy, and agreement involved in the creative process. Now she is asking you to understand that too. Nothing worth creating can be done quickly and easily. It can take what it needs and push you to your limits or even beyond.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot knows it is all worth it in the end. As an element of female power, she is very mysterious, unpredictable, symbolizing fertility and attraction. This card also warns about the desire to touch the feminine side of each person by listening to intuition, emotions, and passions. She is also a sign of abundance. This card represents emotion, mystery, and fertility, respectively, as it means people are more attracted to you than usual (in every way). Chances are someone will come to your door and ask for advice or simply lend them a shoulder to lean on. This is extremely beneficial because you can see yourself from the perspective of those around you – a wise, discerning, and giving person. Do not hesitate to share with everyone the aspects that hardly anyone can possess (except you). Always understand that your wisdom and sharing are very precious in this life.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot expresses a deep connection to our feminine element. Femininity can be understood in many ways – beauty, sensuality, fertility, creativity, caring – and is an essential element in creating harmony between men and women. The Empress card reminds you to connect with the feminine energy in you, create beauty in your life, stay in touch with your passion for pleasure through the senses of taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight, and rely on these feelings to experience pleasure and full satisfaction. Give yourself a day at the spa, learn how to get a massage, enjoy a great evening out, or simply spend more time with your partner. Explore new ways to express yourself in a creative way, for example by engaging in painting, trying out music, drama, or other art forms. This might be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby that can allow you to tap into the feminine part of yourself.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot also implies pregnancy or childbirth. Look at other cards in the spread to confirm whether there is indeed pregnancy or childbirth (for example, the Ace of Cups, Page of Cups, or Four of Wands) or whether it is a metaphor (for example, the Ace of Wands). In the metaphorical case, The Empress can imply the birth of a new idea, a product, or a new spirit. New ideas and projects will be carried out successfully. Realize the ideas that are growing and rising within you.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot encourages you to spend time in nature. During your vacation, don’t just hang around in hotels in bustling cities, but instead, explore nature by camping or climbing mountains. Give yourself the time and space to enter another state of mind where you can truly connect with Mother Earth and welcome Her into your heart and mind. Travel to a natural area you love, such as a forest, a sea, a mountain, or a lake, and simply sit for a few minutes, hours, or even days to breathe the energy around you while enjoying the beauty of nature. The Empress card also emphasizes that you are connected with the material side (a stable influence), but you can still access even higher aspects of consciousness through your connection with nature. You have the potential to connect to the Earth and Everything.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot is a card that symbolizes nurturing and caring. If you are a mother, you may be discovering your motherhood role even more deeply than you have before and truly appreciate the gift you have been given. You are blessed by motherly love, loved, and protected by everyone. For fathers, The Empress card encourages you to take care of your children and expand the range of communication between you and your children. Encourage your child’s development and be there to cheer and guide him when needed. In addition, the card encourages you to connect with others by caring, leading, and supporting those around you. Find ways to spark communication and create an atmosphere to express your feelings for people.

When you allow yourself to truly experience your connections with Mother Earth, your femininity, and the people around you, you will create abundance and splendor in your own life. Take a moment to show love to those around you, and accumulate this energy to add more love to your life. Remember that love is limitless. A great affirmation of The Empress is “I create my creations with joy. I love and nurture them until the day they bear fruit.” Similarly, The Empress Mermaid Tarot also indicates that universal energy will appear in your life. This energy may be just enough to give you a glimpse of a miracle or you may notice more. You may or may not know who or what brought you that luck, but the care and support are no accident. Things that appear to coincide with luck may actually be the result of a series of positive choices you have made. You have the power to let things go the way you want them to and are filled with luck and you feel supported. Know that you are worthy of this love.

In terms of work, if you are looking to start a business, this is a very favorable opportunity. And if you are in the working phase, the results will be worth what you have spent. At the same time, if you are planning to expand your business, The Empress Mermaid Tarot is also a positive signal. Don’t miss the chance! In addition, there are also some views that this card signals that you will receive help from a noblewoman. This card also indicates that everything will be fine. Your ideas, passions, and the way you work will help inspire those around you. Let your inner voice speak. The Empress will show us how to use joy to light the way and attract other related things.

In terms of money and finance, this card signals that this is a good time to invest in a project that you love. Listen to your instincts and reap the fruits that you have worked so hard to plant. Money will come a lot. During this time, if you are intending to borrow or lend money to others, do not hesitate. And if you have a decent amount of money but you don’t have a clear plan to use it, this card is a warning that you can waste money mindlessly. Plus, learn ways to give what you have to get more back and share your wealth with those around you, you will surely get even richer.

In terms of friends and colleagues, the keyword of this card is “care”. Pay attention to your friends, if they are struggling, this is the time to help or share advice with them. As for your colleagues, do not hesitate to discuss your creative ideas, this will help bring inspiration to them. In addition, if it is you who are in trouble, do not hesitate to ask for help.

In terms of family and loved ones, The Empress Mermaid Tarot is a symbol of a happy family thanks to the care and attention from the women in your house. Conflicts in relationships can be easily resolved with tolerance. And if you are a workaholic, this card is a reminder that you should spend more time with your family.

In terms of romantic relationships, this is the ideal time for love. Take the opportunity to do something romantic with your loved one. Your relationship will become sweeter, deeper, and more practical. In addition, if you are married, this is the right time to express the feelings that you have cherished for a long time. The advice that the card gives is to spend time with your family! If you are single, this card is a signal that you will find passionate and sincere love. This is when your true love may appear. The person you are looking for will suddenly come to you. Pay attention, things are looking very promising in the coming time.

In terms of health, if you are trying to get pregnant, now is the best time. And if you are still not ready to become a parent, and currently, pregnancy is not what you are expecting, then be careful not to fall into an unwanted situation. If you are in the process of healing, this card is a positive sign of recovery. In addition, if you feel stressed, the advice from this card is that you should go on vacation and be in harmony with nature to help relieve all the pressures from life and dispel fatigue. Consider carefully what your body is trying to tell you.

In terms of duties and superiors, maybe in the coming time, you will have to work with a boss/senior partner who is extremely thorough and demanding. So, if you are assigned a job during this period, try to do everything effectively instead of showing an attitude of resistance to unfair and draconian demands. Do more and talk less! Maybe that person is deliberately trying and observing to evaluate your ability!

In terms of accidents and loss, this card does not entirely deal with problems related to these issues. However, beware of those who are taking advantage of your trust!

In terms of spirit, intuition may be trying to send you a message. Pay attention to any messages or warnings that may come to you through your inner voice. It is important that you listen carefully now to learn about that message. And if that requires you to spend time alone, even though the people around you always need your presence, then the choice of being alone should still be a higher priority.

IV.  The Empress Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Following the process means taking it one step at a time. Every step is important and if you skip any step or rush forward, you will find yourself with nothing but anger and resentment. You have most likely grown impatient with the way things are going in your life. You may even think that you are standing still and not moving at all. This is the time to test your resolve and commitment level. Give up now if you want, but The Empress Mermaid Tarot in reverse knows that what is needed will come at the right time and it does not depend on whether you want it to or not.

The Empress Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

In the reversed form, The Empress is an element of female power. This card shows that you are focusing too much energy on the inner masculine part that forgets the feminine part, so pay attention to it. Everyone has both of these energies within them. The Empress in reverse implies a loss of personal ability due to relying too much on the emotional or material needs of others and neglecting one’s own. The reversed form of this card refers to hesitation in other matters and the possibility that there is confusion about the direction of a certain relationship. You may also find it difficult to cooperate with others. The reason for this lack of harmony seems to lie within you, and so introspection is essential.

In general, The Empress in reverse means that you are feeling dissatisfied because something is missing or neglected in your life or because you want to find something creative, noteworthy, meaningful, or pleasant to do but you don’t know what it is. This card can represent a creative impediment. You may feel depressed or negative. The work itself seems too heavy and trivial. This is not the time to think, but act or do. You are becoming overwhelmed and your spiritual pursuits will not give you what you need. Trying harder to follow what your argumentative intellect or thinking tells you will only cause disappointment or lead you astray. The Empress in reverse can also refer to problems related to childbirth, specifically, it can mean the possibility of infertility or unwanted pregnancy.

Maybe you are misjudging yourself that you are not attractive at all! If you are in such a state, then give yourself a break and check back. You always have distinct attractions in the eyes of others. Have some confidence in yourself! The Empress in reverse suggests that you should be more connected to the good things both outside and inside of you. Think and meditate more!

In terms of work, your work is being respected and appreciated by everyone, but maybe you have not realized it yet. Take care to know that others trust you, and you also need to trust yourself. Admit what you deserve!

In terms of money and finance, sometimes, you don’t need to know the details of how everything will turn out, you just need to keep the faith that they will happen! The Empress Mermaid Tarot in reverse is a warning of one of these special times. When this reversed card appears in a financial spread, pay attention to your sense of prosperity. Believe that the universe will have a way to satisfy your desires. The universe is a rich resource that will guide you through what needs to be done. That is all you should do. The “mad calculation” gives you only a modest view of a part of the whole picture of reality.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are looking for love, congratulations, there are many people interested in you right now. And if you are in a serious relationship, the card reminds you to pay special attention to your intuition! Once again, the message of The Empress Mermaid Tarot in reverse is to trust your intuition, instincts, and follow your heart. If not, there will definitely be times when you will feel regret!

In a relationship spread, The Empress in reverse also indicates that you are feeling challenged because you are not able to express your true thoughts and feelings. You have to repress them into the depths of your soul. Do you have a close friend you can trust? You need to share your feelings with someone so that you can identify those feelings and understand your innermost self. This card can also refer to dependence on other people’s feelings, it also implies that you may have to use a delay plan to see how your partner reacts and what emotions he/she shows. It is best not to do this but instead express your feelings independently of him/her.

If you are having trouble in a relationship, the first step is to take some time for yourself to restore your own energy and confidence. Unfortunately, your previous relationships have impacted the way you view yourself and limited your ability to truly love and trust others. As a result, you may be questioning your inner beauty and losing sight of your passion for creating beautiful and loving relationships. You may also be “withdrawn” too much from someone you love and this is draining your inner energy and your desire to stay connected. Be aware that you are not going to be a claustrophobic and demanding mother. Are you “taking care” of your spouse, partner, or family as if you were their “mother”? Be careful not to overstate the characteristics of The Empress in the upright form. You may need to follow the example of The High Priestess, who listens to your inner self to find a solution.

In terms of health, your subconscious is trying to tell you something that you may not have heard. Try to be quiet and listen. Sometimes, health-related information comes to you in very odd ways. Always pay attention to suggestions from both the outside and the inside to be able to take better care of your health.

In terms of spirit, the women around will be a source of motivation to support you in this matter a lot. Pay special attention to their words and thoughts about spiritual matters. You should also try reading books by female authors if you are seeking inspiration. The power of women will help bring unexpected benefits to you, no matter what gender you are.

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