The High Priestess – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot

The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot sees it all, though sometimes this feels more like a curse than a blessing. When she works alone in front of the altar, she understands that magic always has its price. When you demand something from the sea, you have to trade it for something else. What would you be willing to give? The goddess Calypso knew that the less you give, the less you receive. The grand vision that you hid from deep within will cost you and possibly even disillusion you. Do you want to get it by all means?

Image description on The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot

When the goddess works, she doesn’t care about your fears, doubts, and concerns; she sees that you cannot do that. Be careful when you summon her because she will ask you to read the terms of the agreement and she will wait for the day you “pay” her.

II. The message of The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot in a reading

The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge, and understanding. The character of The High Priestess is often described as the guardian of the subconscious. She represents spiritual and spiritual enlightenment, prophetic knowledge, and wisdom. She has a profound intuitive understanding of All Things and uses this knowledge to instruct rather than control others. She often appears in Tarot readings when you need to listen to and trust your inner calling.

The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot represents a link with the subconscious mind, which cannot be penetrated through everyday life but only through dreams and symbols. When this Tarot card appears in a reading, focus on your dreams and intuition. Consider aspects of your life, areas where you are out of balance, or fields that require foresight and wisdom. You cannot overcome this by logical thinking and reasoning but through your own intuition, so take the time to meditate and listen to your inner voice. Your intuition at that moment will bring useful information and help you get closer to your subconscious.

Especially for a male querent, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot implies that he must learn about his “self” or feminine side, otherwise, he will not develop. As for a female, The High Priestess shows that she must know how to believe in herself and be truly feminine, instead of succumbing to pressure to act like her male side. The card can also imply uncertainty and that your life is changing. Things that were once taken for granted are no longer guaranteed. A few puzzling mysteries are gradually becoming clearer but they are still unrevealed at this time. On the positive side, you will find that your intuitive abilities are gradually increasing and you can be inspired to create. Therefore, the card is particularly favorable for those who are engaged in the field of arts, such as artists or writers.

III. The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

When The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot in the upright position appears in your reading, you can rest assured that the universe knows all of your thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, and fears. No truth can be hidden from her, for she deals only with the energy of your soul. But don’t expect her to tell you anything. She can see everything, but she knows that experiences speak louder than words. She is the guardian of the unconscious – the only thing that separates us from the spiritual world that is hidden deep within each of us.

She who holds the secret of all things and is silent. This sends us the message: “Stay there and know that I am God.” The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot belongs to the female element, bringing gentle femininity to balance with the masculinity from The Magician. The archetype for the feminine element in the Tarot deck is divided equally between The High Priestess and The Empress. The High Priestess brings an element of mystery to women, especially this is often evident in today’s society which focuses only on material things, not on preserving fine traditions. Meanwhile, The Empress card symbolizes the absolute role of women in society.

In a reading, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot challenges you to dig deeper to find things that are different from what is known in the present. You must know how to separate things that are one-sided (only on the surface) to find things that are still hidden or covered in a mist. She also requires you to re-evaluate your unlimited potential, and always remember the infinite possibilities within you. In addition, she can also symbolize a necessary silence to wait and accept everything that is happening around her. The best way to get there is not always about taking action. Sometimes, stillness is also the key factor for everything to develop properly and use it at the right time.

The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot is a card of the Spirit, often with an implication of lust. It is possible that the querent is stuck in the stage of being attracted to the other person’s appearance. The card is closely associated with the Moon, femininity, and mysterious inspirations. This is the time to rely on your intuition to find out what is going on inside rather than from perception or rational speculation. Pay attention to your dreams. The moment of consolidation could very well be now. When The High Priestess appears in the reading of a male querent, it is likely that he is very much in love with a woman that he can hardly have.

In terms of work, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot speaks of a good job that needs to be built on a solid knowledge base and guided by an experienced person. It also indicates that work is progressing well. Chances are there will soon be a pleasant surprise coming your way at work. There could also be a new job opportunity. You may also find a new system or workflow that makes your life less stressful and tedious. However, remember to stay away from gossip at work and don’t get caught up in them. In the case of starting a business or starting a new project, you will receive help from someone of higher status. On the contrary, if you are in a high position, the card is a notice about the appearance of hidden talents. The advice is that you should pay attention to your surroundings and use your intuition to find and avoid missing talent.

In terms of money and finance, if you are looking to invest but still have doubts, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot foretells that there is someone who will appear to help and advise you. And in case you are in need of a loan, you will get the opportunity. However, pay close attention to the paperwork and contract issues. The card can also indicate that someone is not completely honest with you about your financial situation. You are missing key information. Dig deep and do your own due diligence to ensure that whenever you do financial work, you are only giving out the information you really need and nothing else.

In terms of friends and colleagues, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot indicates that you will get the help you need from them. However, if you are having trouble with your friends, this card advises you to be calm and tolerant so that you can sympathize and understand their situations, thereby thoroughly solving all problems. In the case of colleagues, you will also receive help through new relationships, as well as continue to keep in touch well with existing connections.

In terms of family and loved ones, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot shows care and dedicated guidance from someone who has a greater role than you in the family. Therefore, if you are in the phase of deciding on a path for the future, focus on family traditions as that is to your advantage. Or you can also seek advice from elders who are experienced and close to you.

In terms of romantic relationships, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot does not bring good news. One or both of you are holding in your hearts many hidden thoughts and secrets that the other one still cannot fully understand. Therefore, if you are in the process of getting to know each other, it is possible that you and your partner have not yet seen all the good and bad sides of each other yet. And if you are in a relationship, this card signals mysteries, sometimes implying apathy and indifference. The advice is that you should find out the causes of problems instead of just avoiding facing them.

In addition, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot can also refer to the current period of time, which is an extremely magical and mysterious period for finding a new love. If you are dating a girl, it is possible that she is the one who is deliberately creating distance, and you will be hard to reach. Trust your instincts. If you are a girl, it is possible that someone is constantly giving you the signal that they want to be with you. Think wisely before making a decision, the hint is that this love story also promises to meet quite a lot of interesting things!

In terms of health, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot tells you to take care of the health of the women in your family or your own (if you are female). It is possible that excessive repressed emotions have caused your or your loved ones’ health to decline. If you are in the treatment phase, it is advisable to find out the root cause of this disease as it is influenced by many different factors and has not been clearly defined. On the contrary, if you are in a serious illness and need to find a good doctor, the signals are that everything will be okay! There are many things about your body that you may not know.

If you feel like something is wrong with your body, take better care of yourself. You will need to see quite a few doctors to know the current situation. And if there is an exercise or therapy that makes you feel uncomfortable, absolutely do not continue to do it. Listen to your body signs and make sure you are still getting enough nutrients and exercising regularly.

In terms of duties and superiors, maybe in the near future, you will have a change in position or place of work. Therefore, you should withdraw to see things, absorb useful knowledge and build necessary relationships. In addition, your boss/senior leader can be an extremely difficult, unpredictable, and moody person, so you need to pay attention to your every word and action in the coming time.

In terms of accident and loss, hidden things, private items, or even confidential documents related to you/your work will soon be at risk of being exposed or leaking information to the outside. This will get you in a lot of trouble. First, keep quiet to grasp the situation, find a solution and try to completely overcome all those problems.

In terms of spirit, messages may be coming to you from everywhere. Look at the mental world in ways you have never seen before. Talk to people whose experiences and beliefs are different from yours. Also step out of your comfort zone. It will help you see what you have got.

IV. The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Cheating, magic tricks, and deception cannot be applied here. Honor the goddess with all honesty and integrity or be careful with the gifts she gives you. Everything has a price, especially the deep, dark lies that are hidden. In general, even when viewed in reverse, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot is a card that favors the Spirit, often with an implication of lust. In the reversed position, maybe in some form, the energies of power, attraction, and intuition that The High Priestess brings will be more difficult for you to grasp than usual. However, the source of energy is still right there. Find it, feel it and let it guide you!

 The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot in reverse can mean that you are not listening to your inner voice and that you may be in need of time to reflect and meditate. Although your intuition is pushing you, for some reason you have “snuffed” it and are no longer really listening to what your subconscious is trying to convey to you. 

Accept The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot as your inner meditation center that has not been exposed to the outside world and trust that she will always be there when you need it. You may not have much time to connect with her, but she is still an important part of you. Whenever you feel like things are getting out of control and you are faced with impossible choices, find a quiet place and listen to your inner voice. If you stop thinking about your problems or give yourself some “blank” space and time in your thoughts, the answers will come to you without you even having to think about it. So, try listening to your own “subconscious” and see what happens to you. There are a number of important answers that you can access to the source of answers immediately.

The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot in reverse also implies in a Tarot reading that you are normally an intuitive person connected to your inner self, but in recent times, you have lost this connection. You may be rushing and worrying too much about fringe problems and other people’s troubles and distracting from your own needs. You are no longer listening to your inner calling and that is leading you astray. The strong message here is that you need to spend some time with yourself so that you can activate your own inner voice and reconnect with your subconscious. Mindfulness meditation and study can help with this. This Tarot card can also represent pent-up emotions, overdependence on the opinions of others, and an unduly high need for approval and confirmation. It is essential to have a higher belief in yourself and a strong belief that the answers are already within you and that you don’t need confirmation from others.

In the reversed form, The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot may mean that you have only received occult knowledge on a superficial level without understanding its true meaning, perhaps just enough to impress others. The card also implies that you are not listening to your intuition or are trying to ignore things that deep down in your heart, you know are true. Both of these situations will cause you a lot of trouble. On a deeper level, The High Priestess reversed can mean that you have not been able to accept yourself as a woman. If you are a man, it can imply a harmful refusal to accept your own feminine, emotional, and intuitive side.

You may also have trouble listening to what your intuition is saying. In this case, it is a clear reminder that you need to slow down. Take time for reflection, meditation, and alone time to reflect. Or you can look for other approaches, like journaling or doing yoga. What you are looking for is still there, so believe in yourself and listen to your inner voice. Finally, the mysterious nature of The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot can turn negative when this card is reversed, implying that there may be rumors, hidden aspects, or problems going on on the surface. Ask to know the truth and prevent others from “circling around,” hiding secrets and other information from you.

In terms of work, when The High Priestess Mermaid Tarot appears in reverse, you are most likely feeling bewildered and confused with what is going on. If so, do not hesitate to seek the truth from your boss and colleagues. On the other hand, if your intuition tells you to humble yourself a little, then do so. Then everything will gradually become clearer to you.

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