The Judgement – Mermaid Tarot

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I. Image description on Judgement Mermaid Tarot

The shaman of rebirth blows a piece of ancient music with his conch shell, filling the waters with unselfish waves. For those with open hearts, it frees them from the bubbles that hold them back and allows them to swim freely. Only those who feel that burdens deserve to be removed will feel reborn, renewed, and ready to start over. Only those who find that their sins are too heavy and too great to be forgiven will be stuck forever in their self-created suffering. Fortunately, the magician will play this song again and always give everyone a chance to be free and reborn.

II. The message of Judgement Mermaid Tarot in a reading

Judgment Mermaid Tarot is a card of results and critique, this card will bring the final answer to life’s problems. The arrival of Judgment marks a major change, a milestone in a romantic relationship, work, or other aspects. When Judgment appears in your reading, it shows that your efforts have come to fruition, however, the results can be either good or bad. All your actions and decisions in the present will affect your future success or failure.

Looking at it positively, Judgment wants to remind you that all your success is determined by you, you are the one who makes the final judgment thanks to the process of implementing your own wishes. However, if viewed from a negative perspective, this card indicates that what you are pursuing is meaningless, you will not gain anything no matter how hard you work.

III. The Judgement Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

How do you interact with the energy of Judgment? Are you comfortable and permissive with your behavior and then it is the turn of others to do the same when that energy appears to judge you? Or you are selfless, compassionate, and empathetic, more precisely, behaving the way you want others to treat you when you are beyond the glare of judgment. Judgment is more like a way of thinking. It is the standard we set for how we determine what behavior is good and what is bad. When it is our turn, Judgment will lead us to decide how those behaviors should be punished or acquitted.

Everything seems fine until you fall prey to your own rules. Think very carefully about how to deal with today’s Judgment – ​​in which case you may be the magician, helping others release their burden of guilt and shame. Judgment Mermaid Tarot evokes images of a moment of reflection and self-evaluation. Through the process of contemplation, or mental contemplation, you can come to an understanding of common situations throughout life and what you can or can change to avoid encountering these situations in the future. Judgment tells you that you are very close to reaching a very important stage in your personal journey.

The meaning of Judgment Mermaid Tarot tells you that you have experienced a mind-opening process or a moment of “awakening”, specifically when you suddenly realize that you need to live your life in a different way, and need to be honest with yourself and with your own needs. You have opened up for yourself a new potential, with the prospect of creating a full life to be able to satisfy the increasing needs as well as create inspiration and hope for those around you. You feel as if life is “calling” on you, and you are getting closer to the moment you need to take action. Something slumbering inside you, perhaps some kind of subconscious knowledge or truth, is time to be awakened and come to light.

With the theme of awakening to a new life, Judgment Mermaid Tarot shows that you have considered and evaluated past experiences and have learned many lessons from the past. All the pieces in your life finally come together to form a unified picture of your own life story. This union heals all wounds, and now it is time to leave the past behind. The memories will stop haunting you, and you will be able to understand and respect what happened to you, the lessons for life accumulated from the past. Now, you are ready to face all the unfinished problems in life, remove all misunderstandings, and look forward to a future of peace, of clear insights in your mind.

Judgment Mermaid Tarot carries the meaning of atonement. Through the self-assessment phase, you will feel as if every “guilty,” wrongdoing or a personal mistake has been washed away. You are freed from all past sins and sorrows. This liberation is meant as a cleansing process, making your mind at ease, ready to accept the new challenges ahead.

Judgment Mermaid Tarot often prompts the need for life-changing decisions, but unlike the logical aspects contained in the meaning of Justice, the types of Judgment decisions require a delicate combination of both intuition and intellect. You may be feeling confused and embarrassed because every decision you make will bring about very important changes. The choice of which decision to make may be very obvious, or it may be the only possible choice. You know that a decision has to be made, and you are facing that choice yourself with maturity and composure. Your own judgment will be perfect at this time, and you can have complete confidence in it while also being aware that you are on the right track. If you still need a clearer direction in this situation, try to look back at what you have experienced in the past and the lessons that have been accumulated so far to find the right path for yourself.

If you have endured many challenges recently, Judgment Mermaid Tarot will imply that you can take a break from those challenges. In fact, you may feel more comfortable sharing what you have been through with others and finding ways to heal in a group setting. The bottom line here is that there are actually many people who have gone through the same experiences as you. They will give you advice on how to get yourself out of trouble. Ask for their guidance and help.

In terms of work and finance, your efforts are being watched by others, so this is an important time to demonstrate your dedication. If you have been working hard to dedicate yourself to your work and have been recognized, chances are you will receive good results. However, if your work is somewhat distracting and inefficient, it is time to correct yourself. Your finances have also recently shown many positive signs when job opportunities always come to you. Continue to maintain this, don’t hurry to break the rule, or else you will want to pay a heavy price.

In terms of romantic relationships, if you are in a relationship, Judgment Mermaid Tarot tells you that you will gradually realize if this works for the long term or not. You should be clear about what you want from your life and current relationship. If you are looking for love, a new relationship is likely to come in the coming time. But you need to be careful to make sure that you are not jumping to conclusions about everything.

In terms of health and spirit, it is time to let go and forgive the past, let go of resentments for the mistakes others made. They only make you more burdened and tired, therefore, so forgiveness is a way for you to free yourself. You can find new ideas and spiritual direction you never thought of, so you too can find more wisdom. Be open to new ideas and experiences as they can be useful in ways you never expected.

IV. The Judgement Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

Being the judge or judging others may seem like a lot of fun, but when someone else does it to you, it is not fun at all. Judgment is a binding form of judgmental energy that does not depend on whether you are the judge or being judged. This energy creates only a small isolated void of shame, suffering, and torment. Then the act of judgment will undermine all the good and potential that the person being judged has and will show. Remember that while you are taking pleasure in pointing and smirking at the adoration of others, one day you will receive the mercy of that magician.

The Judgement Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings

When in reverse, Judgment Mermaid Tarot tells you that you are allowing yourself to whirl around in doubt and self-reflection. Your caution is making you lose many new opportunities waiting in front of you. The momentum that has accumulated after what you have achieved will be able to help you go further. If you act now, those motivations will not be lost. So this is not the time to be too careful or withdrawn from life, instead, move forward with confidence and pride in yourself.

On the other hand, Judgment Mermaid Tarot in reverse also shows that you should take time out of your daily routine and busy work to stop and think about your life up to this point, as well as the lessons you have learned from life. The reversed Judgment indicates that you are not giving yourself enough time and space to really see through and learn valuable lessons from the past. Besides, this card signifies that you may be being too hard or too strict with yourself instead of allowing yourself to really learn from your past mistakes. You may have made a few mistakes in the past, but see them as rewarding experiences rather than serious failures or mistakes.

Maybe you have had a bad time, isolated yourself, or have had trouble overcoming barriers. You may be forced to deal with the consequences of past decisions in order to learn valuable lessons. You may also be afraid to make a decision. Change is inevitable. If you are not willing to accept change, then you yourself will not be able to grow, but instead, stagnation will drag you backward. Unwanted changes can make you feel like you are no longer in control or a feeling of powerlessness overwhelms your mind. You may be reluctant to release a relationship, job, or event that is no longer relevant to you at this time.

In terms of work and finance, when you draw the Judgment Mermaid Tarot in reverse, it is time for your attitude at work that will determine the results you get. Your every action is being tracked and recorded by others. If you want to keep this job, pay attention to a humble attitude and work hard to work effectively, your efforts will be rewarded. If you are neglecting your tasks, you need to re-focus to avoid an unwanted departure.

In terms of romantic relationships, in the reversed position, Judgment Mermaid Tarot still implies that it is time to reconsider your relationship, the success or failure of this relationship will depend on your true desires and your ability to solve problems. If you are single and want to start a new relationship, this card shows that the connections around you are in the process of change, you should not be too strict with your standards. A new relationship may come at the right time, but you should not rush to judge anything. 

In terms of health and spirit, you are really accepting that you can make mistakes, which makes you feel more comfortable and less hard on yourself. The reversed Judgment Mermaid Tarot is a reminder to not resist change, to accept the fact that the past is over, and to let go of anger so that you can feel better. This card in reverse again wants you to know that you need to be open to new ideas and experiences. In life, change is inevitable, it does not mean you have to change everything quickly, just that you will have more benefits if you approach it in a new and different way.

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