Eight Of Cups – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: continue, find meaning, continue.

Most of Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot is filled with a dark, high, towering mountain. The craggy peaks look ominous at first, but in the dark, we cannot really tell what these peaks can hold. At the foot of the mountain are eight cups in different states of brokenness and confusion.

Image description on Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

There is a sense of disappointment with this card. The cups appear to have been left in the rain. They still retain some of the elegant beauty they once held, but beauty has now given way to deterioration. We can imagine that these cups were once treasured and cherished. They serve a purpose and have meaning.

Wild Unknown offers a simple phrase for this card: continue. Sometimes, moving on is an easy process. Situations come to an end, we have a proper ending, and everything is fine. But more often than not, moving on can feel heavy, sad, and difficult.

In this image, broken cups can no longer serve us the way they once did. Even so, we might wonder if they are really unrepairable. The next step is the hardest when the situation is not all bad. We may wonder if a situation is salvageable even when we know in our hearts it is time to seek a deeper meaning.

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot sends you an urgent message to pack up and move on. There is no hope left to rekindle what has been lost. You need a fresh start. This card also indicates a period of illness and physical stagnation. The message to you could not be clearer: There is nothing better for you here. Raise your gaze further and let your feet guide you forward.

II. The message of Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

One notable difference in the Waite-Smith Tarot’s description is that the cups don’t break like in the Wild Unknown version. Sometimes your heart knows you need to move on even if there are some good elements left in your situation. Moving on is one thing when you know things are falling apart, but it is a more nuanced process to continue when the situation is not so impaired.

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot is associated with the soul seeker’s never-ending journey. You may feel in your heart that you are here for a purpose, and you may feel a longing in your heart to find meaning in your experiences and in the universe. The Eight of Cups shows the depth of this energy.

In a reading, this card may suggest that you consider where you find meaning in your life. Have you ever been in situations that were no longer as satisfying as before? Is your emotional energy draining? It may be time to assess what you need to leave behind to move towards the next stage of completion. Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot also means departure. The card predicts that you will have to let go of everything present and start over. You have to leave a relationship or a familiar lifestyle to start a new journey.

III. Meaning of Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot usually has a more negative connotation. At this stage, you are forced to leave a relationship, withdraw from a project, end love or friendship. Also at this time, you are often stressed and tired. Only by letting go of the things that are holding you back can you move forward. The good news is that you are aware of your current situation and work hard to live the life of your dreams.

The card is the result of boredom, you realize what you once wanted and sought did not bring the feeling of satisfaction as imagined. The empty ground in the card represents life’s challenges. It also shows separating oneself from others for self-development and self-improvement.

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates the time of transition. This is the period after a long journey, people will contemplate new life philosophies. You are not satisfied with your current life and want to try new things. You move from one choice to another, tasting the wine in different glasses. You realize that you have to move away from the familiar in order to improve yourself.

This is the time to ask yourself what you can do to bring satisfaction and joy to your life other than money and material things. You are searching for the true meaning of life and are focused on finding out who you are. You want to escape the hustle and bustle of life and pursue a higher spiritual goal. You are willing to give away material possessions in return for something more meaningful. As such, the Eight of Cups often reflects the beginning of a journey of discovery, especially the spiritual aspect.

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot also indicates that you are so frustrated that you can give up everything you have built so far. Be it in love or materialism. It could also indicate that you have exceeded your limits and become emotionally exhausted. Maybe you have tried your best until today, but right now, you feel like you don’t have the energy to go on so the only option is to give up. You feel frustrated with yourself, but this is what to do before you completely burn out. You may also feel that you are giving too much but not being compensated properly.

In terms of love, if you are in a relationship, this could be a period when the two of you feel bored and don’t have the same enthusiasm for each other as at first. The trust you and your partner have in each other is shaking, worse, signs of betrayal are gradually appearing. You should pay close attention to your partner during this stage to recognize if he/she is acting strangely or not. However, things may not be as bad as you think, your partner may only have a short-term fling rather than necessarily he/she is cheating behind your back. The Eight of Cups in love says that if you both still have feelings for each other, talk openly and respectfully to find a solution to the problem. Only when you or your partner give in and trust each other will the cold war end.

In terms of work, the current job begins to reap the first sweet fruits after hard work, but you don’t seem to be satisfied with it. Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises that if you do not feel confident in the path you are going, then start looking for another direction. You should not hang around with things that don’t benefit you. Patience is good, but don’t confuse it with bigotry. Perhaps you have been in your comfort zone for too long to make a breakout or leap. If you are willing to give up what has long ceased to work and is of value to you, you will receive greater rewards. 

In some cases, some people are so absorbed in the sense of security that their work provides that they forget the core values ​​and true passions of their career path, which makes them regret it in the long run and lose their happiness in their work. If you don’t want to be in such a situation, think carefully about your big goal in the future and figure out for yourself that in about 10 years, where will you stand?

In terms of money, Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position announces that your financial situation is at a stable stage. You can completely invest in a new field because opportunities always appear ahead. The card suggests that you should try investing money in a new way or research projects that you were not previously interested in, maybe you will receive great profits. In the modern age, there are many ways you can passively increase your income, such as setting up a bond account or investing in new markets. You can read more about them to learn and remember to choose safe, low-risk, orthodox ways and limit borrowing from the market. You can also consult experienced people for useful investment advice. In addition, you can donate money to social projects that both generate profits and still help those in more difficult circumstances.

In terms of health, Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position does not carry any negative signs with the current health situation. If there are just normal stresses created by work, then you should not worry too much. In addition, insecurity and lack of trust make you restless. Your steadfastness and patience are not so great, so you are easily distracted by external factors, and worse, they can cause you to become disoriented, have no clear purpose for what you are doing, and affect your mental health in the long run. The suggestion of the Eight of Cups is to join meditation or yoga classes to regain balance and recharge your energy. If you feel that the situation is not good, you can turn to a psychologist for proper and reasonable advice. Don’t underestimate the long-term symptoms of anxiety, they can stay in your head forever causing you to become depressed one day.

IV. Meaning of Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Uncertainty keeps you from identifying what is most important, you wallow in choices or paths that don’t pay off. You are realizing what you need to do. Some things in your life have stopped providing joy and hope, and you know you need to leave them behind. However, the thought of leaving what was once familiar makes you nervous. You are afraid to experience feeling lost, afraid of feeling change. Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position suggests that you are stuck in the middle of important decisions. The advice is to be confident in yourself, you must have the courage to believe that you will get more joy than you expected if you go on a new path.

Meaning of Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse says that you are feeling confused about your choice. You want to explore new horizons and new possibilities, but on the other hand, you feel afraid of missing out on what you already have. You know when to use your hands in time because what you are doing will not bring the results you deserve. While there are still some fundamental issues left unresolved, you know for sure that no matter how hard you try, you will fail. You will probably feel a lot of pain when you have to give up everything, but this is the best decision. Sometimes, nothing can guarantee that you will leave, maybe today you want to but re-think it tomorrow.

The reversed Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot still emphasizes that there are many problems in the relationship. Simply, you cannot figure out whether you should stay away from your partner or at least try to get rid of the trouble. Obviously, you are hurting, but you think if you and your partner break up, you will have to be single for the rest of your life because no one else will want to be with you for long. In short, you lack confidence, sometimes self-esteem. This is also tied to your partner’s feelings. He/she does like you, however, he/she is not confident enough to be with you.

Eight of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can reflect hopelessness and floating from place to place without a clear purpose just because you cannot stay in one place for too long or cannot stand someone forever. You may fear closeness and attachment and have trouble keeping your promises and commitments. You begin to find it easy to give up and have nothing to do with the barriers that are holding you back. Satisfaction with what you already have makes you falter and afraid to venture into a challenging new environment. Perhaps you think you don’t belong in your current environment or people have overestimated your abilities.

When things get too difficult, you quickly get out and leave your problems behind rather than confronting them directly. This does not help solve your problems, on the contrary, it also makes you lost and your image deteriorates in the eyes of those around you. You must have faith in your own abilities and assert your core values. Re-examine yourself with purpose and meaning in your life, affirming who you are, where you are, and what you want. You don’t just come here to wander aimlessly or do errands and then leave, you can create much greater value than that and deserve higher positions. Have the courage to stand up and accept responsibility, you can always rely on the help of people around you. Think back to see whether your approach is correct, whether you are setting a limit around yourself that makes it difficult for others to reach you, or are you in your shell for too long so that you forgot about the connections on the outside. Think of the difficulties that come about for nothing but to help make you stronger and more resilient.

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