Father Of Cups – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: supportive, diplomatic, emotionally intelligent.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot (traditionally called the King of Cups) is as entrenched in the sensory world as the Mother of Cups, but he sees it from a different angle, literally and figuratively! While the Mother faces to the left, indicating acquisition, the Father faces to the right, indicating activity. He has an adept level of emotional intelligence and exhibits this awareness as he interacts with the world.

Image description on Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

This card has a white background with black vertical lines that could be the raindrops. While the Mother of Cups’ background is mostly dark, the Father’s background is mostly light. Interestingly, each of these backgrounds contains a colored portion of the rest, reminiscent of yin-yang. There is a little bit of the opposite on each side of the spectrum.

While Mother is a white swan, Father is a black swan. He looks ready and productive at the same time. He is able to face situations with dignity and leadership while remaining attentive to the needs of all parties. He understands the emotional context of the outside world and thus interacts with others diplomatically. He has a calming and steady presence and tries to create peace.

A black cup is located in the top center of Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot. In contrast to Mother’s ornate cup, this cup is quite simple and straightforward. The Father of Cups is a master of the emotional realm and is capable of directing emotional energy from a focused and egalitarian frame of mind.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot really has a very unique and dynamic personality. He is the most motherly Father of all the Fathers in the Court family members and has always been the guardian of the arts. He is a respectable man who is always supportive of his family as well as the community. The only thing that is not so good about this man is that the insecurities are deeply rooted in his heart, they are too big and affect his character in ways we cannot expect.

II. The message of Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Most Tarot decks use the title King of Cups for this card. As the last of the Court cards, the Kings/Fathers have attained a high degree of proficiency in their suits. So the King of Cups/Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot is above all someone with high emotional intelligence. Not only does he feel the emotions of others, but he also senses how he can best interact with these emotions.

At his best, he can be a compassionate leader, a mentor, or even an activist. Father takes his understanding of his suit and imposes it on the outside world. Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot apprehends what others really need and strives to be an influencer for positive change.

In a reading, when you see a Court card, it may ask you to consider how you can manifest the card’s positive traits. Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot, therefore, may ask you to approach a situation with your head held high. You can be sharp while maintaining your leadership. If the Father of Cups adopts a slogan, it may be “calm and move on”. He is a protector and a motivator. Keep moving forward and focus on your approach.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot also symbolizes emotional maturity, this is the period when your qualities will be most evident. Your emotions will also grow and gradually reach a state of balance.

III. Meaning of Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The meaning of Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position represents the balance between intellect and emotions. This is the time when your intuition becomes sharper and more accurate than ever. The card represents maturity in character and affection. It symbolizes loyalty and devotion, you can trust and set expectations on the men in your life. More negatively, it implies you are being controlled. You cannot do anything but just clean up all the mess caused by others.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot shows emotional stability but at the same time implies that repression will cause fluctuations. The Father of Cups offers emotional balance, you can control your emotions and have a deeper awareness of yourself. If you are facing challenges and are lost among hardships, the card appears to remind you that you can completely control the current situation if you try harder. On the other hand, it refers to the help of men for you, it can be your father, your colleague, or your significant other. The card implies that you should maintain this maturity when facing difficult situations in the future.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position, like the other Court cards in the Cups suit, expresses emotions, creativity, and the unconscious. But different in that, he shows much more restraint in his emotional state. He is a master of private emotions and can control his emotions. However, this does not mean that he suppresses his feelings and emotions. On the contrary, the Father of Cups symbolizes the balance between emotions and intellect. This card often indicates a strong connection in a relationship based on patience and understanding.

As such, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot signifies that you feel your emotions are well balanced and under control. You have a very deep understanding of your feelings and emotions and are able to connect with them when necessary. When you try to play your role well in the play called life, feelings, and emotions, you become more mature day by day which gives you the strength to overcome all difficulties. In addition, this is a great gift that God has given you because you can use your maturity and composure to share and help those in need. If you are facing challenges, the Father of Cups is a sign that you need to create balance in your emotions.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position represents compassion, one of the most powerful and beautiful qualities of the spirit. Ask yourself, “How can I develop a stronger sense of the unconscious without being overwhelmed by its power? How can I develop a strong sense of compassion without falling into the trap of affection?” The Father of Cups encourages you to be considerate when working as well as consulting and confiding with others. You need to learn why your feelings are so strong again and how to deal with them wisely. It is important not to suppress emotions but to explore them with an open and generous heart.

Sometimes, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot describes an older man in your life. This card portrays a businessman, a legal professional, or someone who is kind, caring, and willing to take responsibility for his actions. Although being somehow patriarchal, he is quite sensitive, generous, soft-spoken, and loving to others. During a crisis, he can listen to everyone’s opinions and respond calmly. What he used was his brilliant diplomacy to convince others, not force to suppress them to do what he wanted!

Likewise, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position gives you a wonderfully potent potion of love, sympathy, and delicate, gentle manners. He is powerful in the business world and loves the rule very much. If you are having a difficult time, he will definitely be the person you need. Father of Cups has excellent diplomacy and political activities. His talent lies in being able to balance the needs of many people and help them work together harmoniously and effectively. He knows how to show his care and delicacy to guide others towards a common goal. He always knows what people think, what they want and always tries to meet their emotional needs. 

If you are having a hard time, the Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot demonstrates that you need to maintain emotional maturity when dealing with negative energies from others. You need to know your limits and be aware of what you can or cannot do. The Father of Cups is the first King who can control his emotions. He uses his emotions to make smart decisions and does not allow circumstances or whims to affect his beliefs and morals.

​​In terms of love, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings good signals to those who are expecting a stable emotional relationship. At this stage, you will find your ideal half. The card reassures that your intuition about your partner is correct, he/she comes to you with honesty and kindness. If the two of you are having a conflict, the card comforts that this phase will pass quickly. Be patient and take the initiative to talk to your partner. The advice for you is to be careful with outside agents and keep your relationship under control, don’t let other people’s interference in your problems. The opinions and decisions of the two are what matters, the other’s words are for reference only. Trust your intuition, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities.

In terms of work, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position represents people who have good communication skills and intuition, but sometimes they are too rigid in the way they organize and operate their work. Your way of working is very professional that makes others admire you, but sometimes this professionalism creates a restrictive and stifling pattern for those around you. The Father of Cups card also warns of betrayal, sharing of benefits, ready to trade everything to get success without regard to professional ethics. This is very dangerous and can ruin what you have built so far, you should moderate your way of working and thinking.

In terms of money, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position believes that you are at risk of losing a large amount of money during this period. The card warns of some legal scandals and the cunning of business partners will make you lose money. The card also warns of bad play from petty people that will seriously affect your financial situation. Be extremely wary of lucrative deals and business contracts. It is best to get help from an authorized third party or your attorney for confusing contract terms. Besides, the card shows that this is not the ideal period to invest. No matter how confident you are that you understand and have experience in the field you plan to invest in, external influences can make you unable to keep up with. So be really careful, and it is best not to throw your troops into battle during this stage.

In terms of health, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position warns that your health will be affected by the surrounding factors. Betrayal or bad manners from scoundrels will cause you to have a mental breakdown and fall into a state of severe anxiety. Besides, your intuition seems to be no longer sharp, so you feel attacked and always not alert to everything. The advice is to try to balance your life and minimize outside influences. Take a break and stay calm with unexpected storms. Agitation only makes your health grow worse. Think of these as stages that everyone goes through in life and their purpose is to make you stronger and more resilient. You are not at the bottom as you think, focus on the things that make you feel better about yourself and get you in a better mood. Negative things will not stop happening, you just have to choose to forget them and put them aside in your path.

IV. Meaning of Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot represents the most negative aspects such as imbalance and volatility. You may be mentally disturbed, losing the balance inherent in this period. You cannot maintain your kindness and friendliness with everyone. The card shows signs of coldness and indifference. There will be people who will come and give you a lot of different advice. However, remember that when the person out there is not in your shoes, all advice is for reference only, so be careful.

reversed father of cups wild unknown tarot

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position shows an extraordinary ability to control and manipulate emotions. This is someone who is grumpy, moody, sulky, and easily alienates others, especially if things don’t go his way. When he hates someone, he is able to punish them by manipulating their emotions. He uses his emotions to intimidate and control someone to do his way as well as promote the plan he has set. He makes you feel distrustful of yourself and think that all mistakes are your fault. This leads to instability in your emotions. If this reminds you of someone you have met in the past, it means you have to keep working hard to get rid of that person’s influences.

Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can also portray a person who is mature and full of love, and lets emotions begin to take control of his or her life. Father of Cups can depend too much on others and always tries best to keep his image in their eyes. He may fall into delusions or resort to addiction or alcohol to cope with the emotional pain. This could indicate that you are stuck in a relationship with someone and their dependence and affection. You are either lying to yourself or being deceived by others, and the most important thing in this situation is to objectively see what that person is doing and how he/she is treating you.

In a relationship spread, Father of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position reveals that you are quite confused about your relationship and your emotions are out of balance and out of control. You are uncertain about your true feelings, and they change every day like a roller coaster so you are completely disorganized. You need to be more careful in your words and gestures so that the other person does not think that you are an unusual and unpredictable person, in a bad way. It is best to keep your distance from them now until you understand your feelings and can control them.

Ultimately, you need to take control and take responsibility for your feelings. Right now, you let them manipulate you and overturn all your usual views. You want to take charge of your life but then let go and let fate lead the way. If you feel everything is too difficult to cope with alone, you can completely ask for the help of a psychologist or loved ones. You need care internally and externally right now. When others reach out to you to help, take it instead of sinking deeper into the mire of negative emotions.

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