Four Of Cups – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s keywords: selfishness, greed, withdrawal, indifference.

We go from the landscape colors of the previous card to the monotone scene. Four cups lay on the bottom of the card, and a rat sprawls across the entire area on its own. Rats are often associated with being sneaky and generally mean. This mouse definitely looks like it is trying to hoard these cups for itself.

Image description on Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

The lower part of the card is dark, giving the impression that the mouse is in a lower dwelling, perhaps a sewer or a hole. But the bright white light of the moon extends to the top half of the card. However, the mouse has no eyes on the illuminated world – its focus is on the lower abdomen.

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot is clearly one of the cards in the deck that confuses readers more than the others. It certainly conveys the keywords the deck’s creators put forth (selfish and greedy) but it doesn’t open up to as much complexity as the Waite-Smith Tarot deck’s description of the card.

That said, there are two ways to view selfishness and we can use both of them as a prism to interpret this card. In some cases, selfishness is merely selfish. The rat is protecting what he has, not wanting to open himself up to other possibilities, keeping himself focused on his own emotional context.

Outsiders can look into your life and see supportive relationships, contentment, and even a touch of luxury. But you don’t think so. Instead, there is dissatisfaction, blandness, and even more greed. Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot warns you not to underestimate your position and those who have always supported you. Take a look around yourself. What are the things you really want? Let’s name it.

II. The message of Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot represents depression, this card appears when you are feeling unhappy and have no motivation to do anything. You are bored with your current life and cannot find any direction. The card predicts that there will not be any satisfaction when you do not take action to change. The Waite-Smith Tarot version shows a person sitting under a tree. A hand reaches out from a cloud in the sky, offering a cup towards the person. He does not seem to know about (or completely ignores the offer). His arms and legs crossed, his body language suggesting boundaries.

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot tends to get a bad reputation, but it has a very nuanced message. In some cases, this card suggests a person who has no chance. Being too immersed in your inner world can be a disadvantage, causing you to miss out on golden opportunities. Disconnection and lethargy are possible in this card.

But from another perspective, emotional withdrawal does not necessarily signify a form of negative apathy. Sometimes you need to dig deep, forget about the bright things the outside world is bringing, and let your emotions settle. After all, four is the amount of structure and stability, and the cups are the emotional fit. So Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot can advise you to return to your own emotional center.

In a reading, in some cases, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to consider whether you are whining, sulking, or apathetic. It is very easy for you to get stuck in a pathetic mindset and if that is the case, this card may ask you to re-evaluate your attitude.

In other cases, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot can indicate that a healthy drawdown is in order. Instead of looking to outside factors to fix you, this card may show that you need to return home to yourself. Especially if you are feeling emotionally shaken, this card may ask you to give yourself space for your emotions to be processed and integrated.

III. Meaning of Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The meaning of Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that your present and future life is quite boring. Business problems or delays leading to profit deficits or relationships that are slowly losing interest are what you will have to face. Sometimes, the card represents a period of crisis and a deadlock in life. The only thing you can do is covet living someone else’s life, comparison and jealousy clouding your reason. But sometimes, jealousy makes you use it as a motivation to be better every day.

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position says that you are losing motivation to live and the road ahead seems to have no direction. Your current life is stagnant and you are bored with all your original passion. Whatever happens now is of no interest to you, the indifference to it all is your current state. The card also implies that by just observing and looking up, you will see a solution to all problems. You have a way out but stubbornly refuse to find out. The card advises that you should regain a positive attitude as every problem has a solution. Life always has ups and downs, our job is to create joy for ourselves.

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot usually appears when you are bored or unhappy with the status quo. You may feel disengaged, lethargic, or unmotivated. Life has become stale, bland and there is nothing to excite your will. To remedy this, the Four of Cups shows that you need to reassess the situation and look deep into your own soul to find the meaning of life. Stay focused and away from distractions so you can focus on finding the truth you want.

Similarly, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot shows disappointment in someone’s heart or in a particular situation. You may feel tired and bored with a difficulty that has lasted too long in the past. As a result, you slowly withdraw and leave within yourself in search of peace and quiet. If you are becoming depressed and desperate, the Four of Cups is a call to action. This is the time to wake up, stay awake, and be open to new experiences for a more positive outcome.

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot sometimes speaks of defense. Consider the opportunities you are passing up and ask yourself if it is really not working or that you are afraid to take it. Be careful when you decide to close your heart to something. The worst meaning of the Four of Cups is an ungrateful and stubborn person. Whether you are huddled in your own little world, depressed, selfish, or nursing wounds from a previous relationship breakdown, isolation is self-imposed. You only care about your own troubles and problems and ignore the needs of others. Be clear headed again. Remember, there is always an opportunity for you to connect with the world around you.

Usually, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot implies that an offer has been presented to you but you are delaying making a decision or commenting on the opportunity until there is enough time to think and consider. Now is the time for reflection, research, and meditation, so you don’t have to rush to make a decision. The Four of Cups is a reminder not to give up on life. Numerically, the number four represents a solid foundation for oneself and a strong sense of stability and security. However, sometimes this can turn out to be a disadvantage. It warns you that there is a lot of love in your life but if you don’t continue to nurture and cherish it, you will lose it all.

Most of the time, people don’t realize they have got too much. They always care about what they want, don’t have time to look at life, and appreciate what they have. A lot of disappointments in life stem from bottomless greed when you already have everything you need. The key to overcoming this frustration is simply to appreciate the good things in life and be thankful for them every day.

In terms of love, if you are in a relationship, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts the arguments that make you two tired and the prolonged silence that makes you two grow apart. You or your partner are trying to understand each other, but the distance between you two seems to be gradually widening. The advice from the card is to take the time to re-evaluate the situation and rethink the sweet time you had so that you can start over. If you are single, this is not the right time to start a relationship. While there will be plenty of opportunities to come during this period, you won’t find anyone who makes you feel truly connected or compatible. You should consider whether you are really ready to enter a relationship.

In terms of work, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position heralds new changes in work that may surprise you. Careful consideration and thorough investigation are advisable before joining into a separate contract or business investment. You can ask an authorized third party or your attorney to clarify the terms of the contract. On the other hand, the card is a good sign that this is the right time to start a business. You should plan carefully to avoid any trouble arising during implementation. The only advice is to work and research slowly and carefully, abruptness and carelessness can ruin all of your efforts.

In terms of money, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position signifies financial difficulties will occur, but you will be helped by your loved ones. You should consider carefully before spending because this is not a favorable time. You may overspend on unnecessary items just to satisfy a temporary need or relieve stress. If you are intending to borrow, the card advises that this is not necessary. Your financial ability can still be maintained until the situation is really stable again, so limit borrowing from outside. You will not be able to anticipate events that will cause you to pay more than what you borrowed, worse, it will also damage your relationship with the person who lent you.

In terms of health, you are disregarding the strange manifestations of the body. Sudden pain or unusual complications can be a sign of dangerous diseases. You should not be indifferent to your body, even a strange mole growing somewhere on the face can become a big problem later. Therefore, you should go for regular health check-ups and consult a doctor in case of need. If you are undergoing treatment, Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts psychological effects that will greatly influence the effectiveness of therapy. You should not get discouraged or give up. Encouragement and support from family and friends will be a great spiritual strength to get you through this period.

IV. Meaning of Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position shows dissatisfaction with relationships, you hate all the things that used to motivate you. Lack of interest and lack of enthusiasm cause mental exhaustion. The reversed card, therefore, represents the desire for a new beginning. You can completely give yourself a new opportunity if you listen to your own voice. The advice is to stop looking at other people’s lives and take it as jealousy and envy. The comparison is only good when you use it as a motivation to thrive.

Meaning of Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot also shows that an opportunity is present, but you must work hard to seize it. It is in front of your eyes, so don’t miss it! You are so focused on your own problems that you miss this opportunity or don’t even know it exists. Be open to all options and focus on your ability to take them.

Four of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse also reflects a time when you don’t want to open up to someone or express your true feelings, instead, you rather withdraw and isolate yourself from others. Be aware that this may affect those close to you and be considerate of their needs as well as your own. On a more positive note, if you have been through a period of stagnation, depression, or fear, you will start to feel insecure and want to get out of this rut. Get rid of any negative thoughts or disappointments. Seize the opportunities that have been offered to you. Get back in touch with others and let them know how much you appreciate them.

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