Mother Of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: attractive, vibrant, dedicated, passionate.

On Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot, we can see a snake curling protectively around the nest and a wand held at an angle appears to act as additional armor. This mother is someone you don’t want to mess with. Although she can be kind and warm, she is fierce, loyal, and is not afraid to stand her ground.

Image description on Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

She always holds her values ​​in her heart and is not afraid to live her life in a way that fits her code of ethics. She does not do anything half-heartedly as she works to win. She puts all her love, originality, and unique energy into everything she does. She is a true artist, more dedicated to her craftwork than everything else.

The background is filled with horizontal lines, transparently colored with orange and red. It gives Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot strong and stable energy. She is so vibrant that she almost has an energy area around her. But unlike the radiating energy of the Son of Wands, her energy is steady. She channels her energy in a more efficient way.

More than any other depiction of the Queen/ Mother of Wands, this card gives us the impression of someone who has always stood by their beliefs. She is willing to fight for what she knows is right. Even so, she knows how to have fun. She has a warm energy and a pleasant cheerfulness that attracts others to her.

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a passionate woman and a happy mother. Family comes first in her world – she tends to be highly protective and is the one in power in the family. Despite her pride and determination, she has enough grace and beauty that you can hardly notice her strong nature. Many times she has experienced extreme pain and deep trauma in her life. The important thing is that it does not develop on her bad side.

II. The message of Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot radiates the energy of the Wand suit from the inside out. Devotion is one of the keywords associated with this card: she understands her passions and is dedicated to nurturing them. Others gravitate toward her inner warmth. She is a shining example of living a creative, passionate, and radiant life.

In many decks, the Mother of Wands/ Queen of Wands is shown with a sunflower. This symbolizes her blossoming will to live. She knows who she is and lives safely from her glowing center. She does not forget life’s hardships – she is willing to stand up completely for what she believes in, even if it is risky or uncomfortable. But even so, she remains an eternal optimist, always looking for the good in herself and looking for the good in others.

In a reading, Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to follow her example. Practice appreciation and protect the things that are important to you. Keep a bright attitude and good things will come to you. Live your life wholeheartedly and be purposeful for your path. You are not here just to do ridiculous things or live a temporary life. Let your passion for life color everything you do!

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot represents the queen of power and ambition. The woman is carrying the ambition to reach the top of her career or master her world. The card refers to people who are emotional, intelligent, and have leadership abilities. When the card appears, it means you are at the peak of your desire to conquer challenges.

III. Meaning of Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is the feminine energy that governs the fire element. She is not afraid to prove her strength to others nor does she shy away from any challenge. Therefore, she is a strong leader, always focused and determined to achieve her desires. So the Mother of Wands speaks to your strength, independence, ability to take care of yourself, and maintain your creative vision, even in the face of adversity. You know what you want and how to get it, and you are a master at partnering with others to achieve your goals. Your talents are determination and your ability to stay focused on your goals while remaining friendly and upbeat to everyone around you.

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a source of high energy and leads a busy and active life. She is full of life with an abundance of energy and inspiration. Mother or Queen is a born intelligent leader who actively inspires and drives others. She is seen as a source of inspiration to influence others through her vision, courage, and determination. She instills confidence in you and gives you resilience and certainty that you can achieve anything you desire.

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises you to be strong and courageous in your undertakings and actions. Your creative energy is quite high and you have a good sense of direction in your life. You are very optimistic, confident and full of ideas, and ready to implement and share with others. You are capable of expressing your passion with great authenticity and boldness.

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a natural extrovert and likes to be the center of attention. She is an attractive person who always makes a strong impression and makes her friends fall in love with her sweetness, warmth, and charm. She wants to be famous as she has rich diplomatic abilities and attracts people to her with charisma and positive energy. She has dreams of becoming a celebrity in any field. The downside of Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is that she can become stubborn at times, especially if she pursues ambitions or goals for too long and burns herself in the process. At times, she can also be deceitful, domineering, irritable, righteous, and even tyrannical, especially if you criticize her bad side. She also has a fiery and spirited personality with a hot temper. She can get mad, scream, and then hug you tightly, all within an hour.

The meaning of Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position represents burning passion and ambition. The card will bring the most accurate and matched prediction if you are female. At this stage, you are possessing abundant energy and you desire to conquer challenges. You always try to balance your emotions before making any judgment or decision you have to think carefully.

You are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and conscious of keeping fit and healthy. This helps you to become a complete perfectionist, you are changing in a positive direction. However, the card gives a warning about you being too ambitious and domineering. You try to control everything, putting pressure on everyone around you and yourself.

The card represents the strength, reason, and intelligence of the queen. Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position informs you that you are very courageous and intelligent in handling troublesome matters. You meet successes at work. If you are still struggling to find a job, the card predicts that a woman who directly affects your career will appear. Sometimes it is the female boss who sees your abilities and gives you lots of room for growth. On the other hand, the card implies that you have a burning ambition to succeed, you have the qualities of a leader and know how to see things logically.

In terms of love, Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position warns you or your partner that you are too focused on your work and forget about your partner. Although you and your partner didn’t mean it, the busyness of both makes the relationship appear gaps. The two of you gradually find it difficult to share feelings and sympathy for each other. On the other hand, one of you is creating pressure on the other. You expect your partner to do the same things or achieve the same achievements as you or vice versa, which makes either of you feel pressured and stifled in the relationship. 

The advice from Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is that love must come from mutual understanding and cooperation, accepting partners for who they are and their nature. No one is obligated to live up to the expectations of others. If you are single, you are quite busy at this stage, moreover, the requirement for the perfect partner is quite high leading to you having few choices. Consider, relax and open your heart a little, you will see a lot of suitable people around.

In terms of work, Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is a good sign for business. You possess a wise mind that will come into play during this time, which will bring achievements to be proud of. You are responsible and keep a serious attitude towards what you do, moreover, your competitiveness is at its peak. During this period, all your inner strength will be strongly promoted. However, in some cases, the Mother of Wands brings rather unpleasant news. Specifically, right now you are too focused on a certain issue and are always pushed. Some work-related problems can come up unexpectedly and hinder your progress. You are under a great deal of work pressure, this helps you to unlock your hidden abilities but also makes you fall. Be really careful and calculate at this time. You have to impose martial law on yourself more than ever.

In terms of money, this is the period when you will face some financial troubles. Specifically, business opportunities come quite unexpectedly but bring many risks as well. Consider carefully before deciding whether to invest or borrow, this is not the ideal time to take risks. Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position suggests that you should handle all money-related issues objectively, avoiding letting your own emotions affect borrowing and investment issues. You can consult with experienced people or family members, they will give you the most objective and useful advice.

In terms of health, Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position announces that during this period, you will have health problems. The intense focus on work and dedication in any given project leaves you with very little time to take care of yourself. Some money troubles and stress in your relationship make you tired. You will experience some health events, so you should establish a reasonable rest regimen to relax and recover. Besides, you should not take any medicine of unknown origin without the guidance of a doctor. Give up bad habits that are harmful to your health. How you treat your body now is how it will serve you in the future.

IV. Meaning of Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot describes a situation in which a person behaves in an egotistical or selfish manner. Either you are in a chronically bad mood, be it angry, resentful, or jealous or you may be attacked or bullied, or behaving this way. Perceptions and facts are distorted into lies. Someone who is making strict demands, taking control, or acting petty and narrow-minded in your life.

reversed mother of wands wild unknown tarot

Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position also indicates that you have recently lost confidence in yourself and have become timid and fearful. You shy away from the limelight and worry others might think you are unattractive. You have even been disgraced and a little embarrassed about your reputation. What you need to do is restore faith in yourself. Release positive energy from within and remember that you can fight anything when you put your mind to it.

Besides, excessive ambition makes you autocratic and likes to impose on others. Sometimes Mother of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse shows greed in love, finances, and status. You may have a hard time making progress because you are conservative, self-righteous, and won’t listen. The advice is to be strong to overcome all obstacles, learn hard, balance energy, reason, and emotions. When you have awakened and realized the truth of life, you will reach the peak of success. Sometimes you do not realize your mistake with others and wonder why they are alienating you. You can ask for the opinion of someone close to you to get the most honest answer. Your positive and sincere change will be a joy to everyone.

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