Six Of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: victory, rise, pride, acclaim.

On Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a blue and green butterfly hovering in the clear sky. This butterfly looks peaceful and free, but the dark pile of wands at the bottom of the card shows that she has earned this experience by going through many ups and downs in life. The Six of Wands can really indicate a sense of pride in who you are and what you stand for. At this moment, our butterfly is flying around without inhibition. The blue-green color conveys intuition and inner calm.

Image description on Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

The six wands below are a throwback moment of the discord and complexity of the Five of Wands. They look like a chaos trap, a predicament our butterfly was able to get out of (both literally and metaphorically). The wands below go into darkness while the butterfly comes out into the light.

Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot shows times of victory, both internally and externally. There are times when others recognize your victory and the outside world supports your actions. But perhaps the times of inner victory are even more important – the times when you do what you have to do not to win approval from the outside, but because you truly believe in your way.

Out of the darkness and tangled branches appeared our butterfly. New life also soars from here. If you have not revealed in the joy of success, soon you will. Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a card of glory and the rise from discord and conflict. Obstacles keep coming, but now is not the time to look back at them. The more pressing question now is: Where are you going with your new wings?

II. The message of Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Sixes in Tarot is generally about finding a new sense of harmony after the breakdown of matches. As the suit of Wands is associated with motivation and instinct, Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot can indicate a return or reaffirmation of one’s self-confidence. The 6 of Wands Waite-Smith Tarot version shows a rider, the villagers surrounding him raising their wands of victory as if to celebrate his return from an important battle. Sometimes this card indicates that you have the support of your folks. No hero really takes action alone, and sometimes this card is a reminder to harness the motivation that comes from the right people in your life.

That said, on a deeper level, Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is geared towards tapping into an internal sense of self-approval. This is important because no wins will energize you in the long run if they are only performed to outside praise. Six of Wands invites you to connect with a part of you without apologizing for who you are. Go ahead and be as cool and badass as you really are.

In a reading, sometimes this card is a reminder to look for evidence of how great you really are. You may have felt it already, and if so, let that momentum carry you forward! But if you lack confidence or are unsure of yourself, it is important to confirm with yourself that you are actually doing well.

Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot encourages you to follow the butterfly’s sample and explore your mental strength when you face adversity. Don’t wait for approval or permission from the outside to soar. Let yourself fly simply because it is a reflection of your true nature. The meaning of the Six of Wands predicts success in the present and future as personal efforts will be rewarded. It also symbolizes recognition of dedication to work. Your endeavors will be rewarded accordingly, this is the stage of enjoyment.

III. Meaning of Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is all about success, victory, and recognition. Not only are you successful in achieving your goals, but your efforts have been recognized by everyone around you. You may have recently received an award, obtained acclaim in public, or got recognition from a colleague for the work you have done. It could even be just a pat on the back or praise or recognition for your work. This contributes to increased self-confidence and gives you the strength to keep going.

Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you have harnessed your strengths and talents to bring about a successful result with your efforts. You have managed to get through the difficulty of Five of Wands, minimize distractions, and focus on the main quests. You have overcome the challenges along the way, and now you are focusing your energy on a goal to pave the way to success. This is your time to shine and rise to the top.

Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is also a positive source of encouragement to believe in yourself and the accomplishments you have achieved so far. Don’t let fear or guilt get in the way of your conquest. You should feel proud of what you have accomplished. Hold your head high with confidence and feel proud of others’ attention.

Besides, Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot focuses on creating success and building your personal brand and reputation. You want to be successful at what you do, but at the same time, you also want to make sure that other people know about it and recognize your abilities. You may need to motivate yourself more often by sharing your success stories with others and encouraging them to follow a similar journey. If you have not already, you will soon have some great success stories to share. You may even be interested in applying for a scholarship to aid in branding.

In the upright position, Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot sends the message of triumph. Not only will you reach your goals, but you will also be acknowledged and admired by everyone. You may receive prestigious awards or titles in the coming time. The biggest reward you can get is public praise that boosts your morale, monetary rewards also appear according to the card.

The downside of Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is arrogance and egotism. With the victory, you may think that no one can do better which leads to your ego becoming too big in the end. If you go over this attitude, someone may want to bring you down and criticize you, bringing disappointment and potential discredit later on. If you empower the energy of the Six of Wands, remember how you would feel if someone made you feel bad or brought you down. Tame your ego and make your victory truly sweeter.

Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that you will be admitted at work, therefore, financial abundance will soon come to you. If you are still struggling with your passion, the card encourages that with perseverance and effort like now you will be rewarded. On the other hand, the card suggests that you are enjoying the victory, and you are happy with this. However, pride and self-aggrandizement make you complacent somehow. You cannot admit your shortcomings, and if you continue with this attitude, your achievements will soon fade into oblivion and you will have to taste the bitter fruit of failure.

In terms of love, Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is not a card that symbolizes a beautiful relationship or the cooperation of both in this relationship. This card represents the individual and the successes and results that will come to the individual. Therefore, this is not the ideal card for couples and individuals who are on a journey to find their other half.

You are seeing your love life as a challenge to conquer, not a harmony or a long-term commitment. This could be because you are still in the early stages of your relationship when you want to prove yourself more than live peacefully with your partner. The two of you may have disagreements in your mind and you or your partner are letting your ego take over. However, the card thinks that it can be completely saved if both of you are willing to yield and sympathize. Often couples will have to go through this period of ups and downs in order to reach a peaceful destination together.

In terms of work, Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position announces fulfillment in career, all your efforts are realized and there will be worthy rewards. You will be in a higher position in your career, even Six of Wands supposes that you can completely receive a great prize or title in the coming time that will be the premise for a great milestone in your career path.

However, the card’s warning that a colleague or a worthy opponent will soon appear. Humility is never superfluous whether you succeed or not. Be a pioneer with both virtue and talent who brings trust and respect to your subordinates. You can gossip with close friends or family about negative things in the work environment, but when you are at work, be professional and mind your own business first.

In terms of money, your financial situation will be relatively abundant due to your career success. However, any investment decision or encroachment into another market should be carefully considered. Irrational or unorthodox investments will cost you a fair amount of money if the market fluctuates or investors withdraw from that market. Besides, business contracts also need to be carefully considered before signing. If you are going to make a long-term deposit to earn monthly interest, the card tells you not to hesitate as this can be an effective way to save money.

In terms of health, this is the period when your health situation is stable and your energy source is at its peak. If you are in the healing phase, do not worry, the signals from the card show that everything will be fine. If you have been expecting some news or waiting for a test, Six of Wands says it is probably good news. The only advice is to stay calm or avoid getting overly emotional, use your energy sensibly. In addition, you should be careful with your statements in the future to avoid unnecessary problems that make your mind tired and exhausted.

IV. Meaning of Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

With Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position, you will find yourself doubting your abilities. You may feel negative about yourself, as well as think that you are badly affecting everyone around you. You are lacking in confidence, and need the support and recognition of others to give you strength. The reversed Six of Wands suggests that you have lost your reputation and are not received as expected by the public. You may not get a response for your efforts, or if you do, just negative feedback. 

You were hoping for an outcome, but the truth is it is just a waste of time and everyone criticizes it. Now, your confidence has been crushed as has your professional reputation or at least your perception of your own reputation. If a particular project is not as successful as expected, it is better to move to a new environment so that you can rebuild your personal brand and reputation, not try to fix your mistakes in the old fields.

The reversed Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you have been trying to accomplish too much at once and have not been able to do it all as well as this commitment. It may be best to focus on just a few things and do them well. This will help you feel inspired and fuel the activities you commit to. Six of Wands in reverse may reflect the temporary nature of success. At one point, you are on top of the world because you have accomplished great things, but then you expect too much and when you make a mistake, you will be kicked to the ground and get all the blame. When you achieve victory and feel great, never fall asleep but keep trying until everyone recognizes you.

The more brilliant something is, the more hidden corners it has. The same goes for success, you may doubt your own abilities and larger ambitions make you unsatisfied. On the other hand, flashy things make you egotistical. You think that your knowledge has reached a level that no one else can keep up with. A humble attitude and a willingness to learn and cooperate with people of lower rank are impossible to you at the moment. Accepting mistakes when doing wrong is also not what you will do. The higher you go, the stronger that pride becomes. 

The advice from Six of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is that there is always a higher mountain to climb. You have to be unpretentious and keep learning if you want to maintain this success. You are just a drop of water in the vast ocean, so join the big waves and let them take you to explore the vast horizons and many new things in this world. Practice humility, humanity, and charity so that you can receive great spiritual values and realize the noble philosophy of success.

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